Chapter #01 — Resurrection of Demonic Cultivator

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“So cold.”

On the dusky and narrow single bed, a man, no, to be exact, a boy, brows furrowed and lips chapped, was talking in his sleep. 

Half awake and half asleep, Gu Xizhou struggled to get up but his body was completely strengthless, his consciousness seems to stick together and his body seems to be pressed down by an invisible force, causing him to be unable to move even a little bit.

After about a minute, Gu Xizhou finally accumulated a bit of strength and forcibly opened his eyes.

Although his vision was blurry, Gu Xizhou can distinguish the moonlight that fell upon his body.



The sound of water dripping.

Warm droplets of water trickled onto his body, a familiar, warm, and moist sensation but the him in comparison felt that his body was cold, so cold……

Gu Xizhou, with much difficulty, looked around at his surroundings.
A small narrow room, besides himself there are three other human silhouettes.

It hurts.

It hurts so much.

His neck hurts so much.

Gu Xizhou struggled, using his entire body’s strength, he finally managed to move his right hand.
Slowly, he lifted his hand and pressed it against his neck, his fingertips felt a warm and moist sensation, his nose scented in the air the fishy sweet smell of blood.

It turns out that it wasn’t water on his body, it was blood.

Gu Xizhou grabbed onto the bed rail and slowly sat up.
Entering his vision, he saw that beneath the bed were six desks placed side by side.
Piled up on the desks were all sorts of reference problem sets as well as a homework book that was left open.

This was an ordinary and can’t be any more ordinary school dormitory.

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Gu Xizhou who was shocked and at a loss simultaneously used his hand to tightly press down on his neck.
Turning around he saw his bed that was covered in blood, the blood had permeated through the bed board making it completely crimson.

He was back?


He has returned.

Enduring the pain, Gu Xizhou carefully scrutinized the pattern before him.
The scarlet bed was placed against the wall and outlined with blood, a complicated pattern was drawn out on the wall.
Gu Xizhou, as a demonic cultivator, recognized at a glance that this was a formation that offers one’s body in order to summon evil spirits.


Don’t tell him that he was summoned here?!

Under the moonlight, the corner of Gu Xizhou’s lips indiscernibly twitched a couple of times.

No matter what, he Gu Xizhou, before he was transmigrated, was a law-abiding citizen that upheld core socialist values, a three good citizen representative.
How come after visiting another world, he became a heinous evil spirit after coming back?!

Gu Xizhou supported himself on the desks and moved a couple of steps, his eyes swept the room and saw the mirror that showed to him his reflection.
He sucked in a cold breath.

Short black hair that supplely stuck to both sides of his ears, red, no…… white pajamas, with the margin between his brows excluding a youthful air.

The next second, Gu Xizhou noticed the slit on his throat and the exposed flesh that was facing outward, blood flowed down the wound on his neck, dyeing the white pajama on his body red.
Only on the hems of his clothes could he still see some hints of white.

No, this won’t do, he must stop the bleeding first.

Gu Xizhou rummaged through the dormitory room but because he was worried about waking the people sleeping in the room his movements were not too large.
If he accidentally woke them, how was he going to explain the bed full of blood as well as the wound on his neck?

Quietly without any noise, Gu Xizhous was very worried that his movements would be discovered by the people in this room but other than the two empty beds, the other three people all slept like dead pigs, completely unaware of any noise that he’s making.

After stopping the blood, Gu Xizhou suddenly thought of something.
Turning around, he searched the bed without any result.

This isn’t right, why is there no knife?

Gu Xizhou stroked the cut on his neck.
The wound on his neck was definitely caused by a sharp blade but there is no knife.
It couldn’t be that after this kid committed suicide he could still hide the knife?

Whether it’s on the bed or underneath the bed, Gu Xizhou all searched through it once but he still couldn’t find that knife.

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Without any leads, Gu Xizhou fortunately also did not want to think about this matter but when he sat down on the bedside, he suddenly found it difficult to not.

Those paper towels that he had just used, he could just throw them down the toilet to destroy the evidence but where can he throw the things on the bed? Not to mention the formation that was drawn onto the wall, if any normal person saw it they would not think it is anything good.

Gu Xizhou retreated two steps and sat down by the bedside without any strength, he grabbed at the air without catching anything.

Discovering that he had returned to the modern world, Gu Xizhou had calmed down after an only a moment of surprise and astonishment, after all, when he was transmigrated to another world, he had become a demonic cultivator in only a short amount of time.
The only thing made him uncomfortable was that in his line of sight there was an additional string of strange numbers –00:00:01

What is this?

No memories, this boy’s memory, he didn’t receive any of it.

Could it be that the sacrificial soul died too fast, resulting in that he didn’t receive even the slightest bit of memories?

This body is really too weak, leaning against the wall, he could just barely support his body up.
At this time, suddenly, Gu Xizhou heard a voice.


Gu Xizhou subconsciously looked for the source of the voice.
He unsteadily stood up and ne

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