Ch9 – Idiots Who Deserve It

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“Awake?” A dry male voice sounded in his ear.


The surrounding atmosphere was very quiet.
Gu Xizhou thought that he had to be inside a room.




“Look at you, going for a single supplementary class and you can also get ‘raped’.
It must be because you didn’t study properly, going out to seduce men!” The man complained, getting angrier and angrier as he spoke. 


Gu Xizhou opened his eyes, only to find that he was lying on a bed.
Even though the blanket was covering him, he was cold.
Just then, the middle-aged man’s phone rang.
He glanced at the name on the phone, and ignored the girl lying on the bed, choosing to go out to answer the call first. 



“Boss, what’s the matter? It’s so late.”



“Old Lin ah, I’m sorry, I really let you down! It’s all because of my stupid son, how did I even raise up such a beast?! He actually dared to touch your daughter, this beast, I really must kill him!”


“Old Lin, you also know I only have this one son.
If I really have to send him to jail, I, I can’t take it.
Can you keep this private? I’ll give you a million…”



The man answering the phone froze, and his hands spasmed.
“My, my daughter… was raped by your son?”


The person on the other side of the phone: “Yes, yes, these young people are so bored that they go around watching those videos, I never thought something like this would happen.”


“Old Lin ah, I vow that as long as you keep this secret, only you know and I know, only Heaven knows and Hell knows, then if your daughter can’t enter university, I’ll send her overseas to study.
No one will know.
You also don’t want this incident regarding your daughter to be leaked out ba? It’s not good to know these kinds of things… right?”

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The more that man promised, the higher the man’s lips curved.
But his voice was still quiet, and filled with dissatisfaction, bargaining incessantly with the other party. 


“Are these the kind of things that I want? This is my daughter, you think these kinds of things are enough to break me?”



Gu Xizhou laid on the bed and listened until he was confused, but when the man came in, he suddenly understood what was going on.
This must be Lin Yuan’s memories, and his body had somehow attached to hers, turning him into a witness. 


Lin Yuan’s father said it was all done for his daughter, and bargained over and over again with the other party.
He replaced Lin Yuan’s rape with benefits, money, positions.
With his hand on this sort of handle, even if the other party was his boss, his boss still had to give him some face.


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Coafg j ofk vjsr, Olc Tejc gfmbnfgfv j ilaaif.
Ktf wbwfca rtf kbxf eq, rtf ugjyyfv j ojwlis wfwyfg jcv jrxfv jybea gfqbgalcu la ab atf qbilmf. 


“Gjv, ktfc klii atf qbilmf mbwf?”


“Qtfc jgf atfs mbwlcu, ktfgf’r ws rmjgo? Yc la… la tjr atja yfjra’r rfwfc, sfr, sfr atja’r fnlvfcmf!”


“Mom, I’m ready, I can go and give evidence! I can confess!”


The girl kept asking, but no one answered her question.
Even her mother that always adored her had a sudden change in attitude.


“Yuan Yuan be good, we didn’t actually report to the police.
You’re still in high school, taking the examination for college, and you can’t be affected because of this incident.
It’s okay, as long as we don’t speak of this, then no one will know about it.” Lin Yuan’s mother comforted Lin Yuan at her father’s request. 


“No, I won’t, I want to sue him! I don’t care, I can definitely go to college! I can!” Lin Yuan screamed, painfully crying. 


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After a few days, Lin Yuan secretly called the police herself when her family wasn’t paying attention.



“No, no, I’m begging you, you must believe me, I want to report to the police, I’ve been raped!” The girl desperately grabbed her family members and ran to the police at the door. 


The policemen were also helpless.
Just as they wanted to say something, Lin Yuan’s father forced her away from the police and slapped her in the face. 


“You’re not ashamed of throwing your face away, but I am ashamed!” He turned around to speak with the police, and pointed to his head.
“My daughter is abnormal here, I’m sorry, we’ve troubled you today!”


A few police officers wanted to say something, but they really couldn’t do anything.
The other party had already closed the door, and so they just had to leave.


Lin Yuan’s father grabbed her hair.
“You think there’s a point in calling the police? The scarf is with me.
Without the scarf, don’t even think about convicting him.
Listen to your father’s words, all the money your father makes now will be yours later, I’m doing this for the family!”


Lin Yuan glared at him, tears streaming down her face.


At home, Lin Yuan was desperate, wildly screaming and fighting with her family, her face always, constantly pale. 


Gu Xizhou had never experienced this sort of despair.
His most painful experience had been when he had just crossed into that strange world, but he quickly adapted to the life there.


After a few days, she calmed down and returned to school.
That was when Zhou Liu appeared.


“Lin Yuan, what happened to you?”



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“Tell me, I’ll help you!”


After Zhou Liu found out about Lin Yuan arguing again with her parents at the school gate, Lin Yuan finally opened her mouth and told her story.


Zhou Liu discussed with her, and they planned to use public outrage to force the police to conduct another investigation and find the scarf hidden in her house!


As planned, Zhou Liu deliberately spread the information on the school forum, and was taken away by the police for investigation.
When he returned, he fought with Gao Hangyi, and Gao Hangyi lost control for a moment.
He pushed Zhou Liu, and Zhou Liu fell from the building and died. 


Because there wasn’t any evidence, it was impossible to prove whether it was Gao Hangyi who had pushed Zhou Liu, or if he had fallen by himself.
The Gao family once again took out a large amount of money to give to Zhou Liu’s family, and the Zhou family immediately stopped saying that Zhou Liu’s death was a murder, and stopped trying to sue Gao Hangyi.


This matter, like this, turned into a suicide case.


Later, it was unknown how the rumours spread into Zhou Liu raping someone and then jumping from a building to commit suicide from the shame. 


Lin Yuan couldn’t allow others to vilify Zhou Liu.
She begged her English teacher to give her Zhou Liu’s family address, and skipped school to go visit the Zhou family.
But the Zhou family poured a bucket of cold water on her head and was the last straw to crush her. 


“If a person dies, he cannot be resurrected.
Even if Gao Hangyi pays with his life, Zhou Liu cannot revive.
Isn’t it for the best to take their money, and spend our days well?”


The next day in class, when the class was quietly reading, she looked around at her classmates.
She glanced at the delighted Gao Hangyi and got angrier the more she thought about it.
Why could money buy her virginity, and even buy Zhou Liu’s life?



Lin Yuan’s gaze landed on the empty seat next to her, and she suddenly put down the book in her hand.
Under everyone’s attention, she stood up and pushed open the classroom window.


She glanced back.
In the entire classroom, amongst all the people in the class, all she saw was the fear on Gao Hangyi’s face. 


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As she fell, Gu Xizhou could clearly see Lin Yuan’s face, terrified and desperate.
She stared at the people who looked at her from above, including that beast.
She opened her mouth, and said something– But Gu Xizhou didn’t hear what she said. 


At that moment, he seemed to hear the sound of chains breaking, and then all the pictures came to an abrupt halt.




Gu Xizhou suddenly woke up, and when he regained his consciousness, he realised he was running on a street.
There was the sound of a car honk, and two men running in front of him.
He hesitated, and a hand suddenly pulled him back.






The glass window at the very top of the building suddenly fell, falling from a height of tens of meters, and smashed straight on the bodies of the two men a few steps away. 


At that moment, an anxious shout came from behind him.
“Gu Ge, Gu Ge, are you okay?!”



A young man ran over.
Once he saw the scene in front, he stared slack-jawed, before turning back to carefully look over Gu Xizhou.
Visibly relieved, he said: “Gu Ge, even if you chase criminals, you don’t have sacrifice your life for it ba?”


Gu Xizhou froze. 


The man went to inspect the people on the ground, and frowned: “Fuck, these two, can they just properly fucking die?!” As he spoke, he took out a phone from his bag and compared it to the rotten faces on the ground.


“En, it should be that these two fugitives are the right one.
Fuck, coming to our city, running and killing as they please, they’re idiots who deserve it! This is retribution!”

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