ct, nor was he an eyewitness, he didn’t have the evidence to keep the other behind.
He touched the badge inside his pocket but let the other leave.

After waiting for him to go, Gu Xizhou whispered, “Didn’t that girl just now also have a snake spirit face?”

Si Yu couldn’t help but reply, “Just because you look down on the snake spirit face doesn’t mean you don’t like it, understand?” 

Gu Xizhou: “…I really don’t understand this.”

Fang Zhi raised a hand weakly, agreeing with Gu Xizhou.
“I don’t understand either.”


Si Yu didn’t feel like paying attention to them, merely sweeping his gaze over the departing figures of You Tianyi and the girl.
When he stood up, he inadvertently overturned the whole table to the point that You Tianyi’s wine glass fell to the floor and shattered.

A waiter hurried over.
Gu Xizhou watched Si Yu silently expose the black wristband and easily fish out some cash to hand to the waiter.
He said with the utmost courtesy, “For your trouble.” 

Gu Xizhou looked at the waiter who was grinning from ear to ear and once again bowed before the wicked power of money over man.
He was a little sour.
“All that work for nothing in the end.
You Tianyi didn’t know the two victims… Even if he did, he didn’t have any impression of them.
What do we do now?”

“Just because he doesn’t remember doesn’t mean the others don’t.” Si Yu smiled at Gu Xizhou, directly leading him to a place nearby where a few girls stood.
“Good evening.
Can I ask you a favor? You should have all heard just now, right?”

Si Yu took the photos of the victims from Gu Xizhou’s hand and spoke, looking distressed, “They borrowed money from me here, and I came to look for them to repay me.
It’s been several days, but I haven’t seen them.
Is there anyone that knows them?”

When Gu Xizhou looked at these girls, he realized why You Tianyi kept looking behind him earlier.
He really was a ‘Gun King’. 

When the picture was placed on the table, Gu Xizhou noticed that each of the girls wore a small, round medal.
These girls were employees here and should be familiar with many people.

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As expected, when the photos were placed down, one of the short-haired girls pointed at Hu Shanshan’s photo and said, “Oh, her, ya, that slut.
Last month, You Ge had originally promised to go out with me, but he changed his mind at the last minute and went with this woman!”

Gu Xizhou was surprised.
Hu Shanshan’s bracelet was clearly similar to his.
Hu Shanshan only came once and spent the night with You Tianyi?

“They all look almost the same, but you can recognize them.” He struggled to avoid looking stupefied. 

The employee said indifferently, “How could I not! We don’t look even the slightest bit similar, humph! After all, outstanding older brothers like you are also a hot commodity here.”

The other girls also teased Gu Xizhou’s group.
“If it’s the three of you, we can, too, ah.”

Fang Zhi was frightened into shrinking his neck, and he hid behind Gu Xizhou like a startled chick.

Gu Xizhou went stiff, and he waved his hands, saying, “No need.” 

Si Yu thought for a moment and asked, “Do you have You Tianyi’s contact details? Can you give me his number?”

“This isn’t good, ba?” The girls hesitated.

Si Yu silently took out a card.
“No cash, is a credit card okay?”

Gu Xizhou watched as Si Yu spent more than 10,000 on You Tianyi’s phone number, feeling sick… He muttered, “You won’t get reimbursed for this, ah! I don’t have the money!” 

Si Yu: “…Don’t worry about it.”

After swiping the card, the employees directly gave You Tianyi’s phone number to Gu Xizhou.


Si Yu returned the card to his pocket.
When he had taken only a few steps away with Gu Xizhou, he suddenly turned back and said to the staff members, “Oh, that’s right, I’ll remind you.
Go to the hospital to get an examination.
Take medicine early, treat the disease early.
You can consider this money my donation, ba.”

The staff members cursed him in unison: “Psycho!” 

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow and asked Si Yu, “Why get an examination?”

Si Yu: “Use your brain.”

Gu Xizhou: “……”

“We have the phone number, so let’s go back, ba,” Si Yu said mildly.
“There are too many women here.
The two of you can’t handle all of them.” 

“Is this number vital?” Gu Xizhou looked at the phone number worth 18800 in his hand.

“You’ll use it.” Si Yu looked confident.

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
“Do you think he’s the murderer?”

Si Yu said indifferently, “Maybe it’s him, or maybe it has something to do with the people around him.” 

“The people around him?” Gu Xizhou was silent for a moment before he came to a realization.

Si Yu drove him back to the parking lot.
Gu Xizhou looked at the departing sportscar silently, looking thoughtful.

By only knowing how to say ‘use your brain’, doesn’t this person know that he’s in dire need of a spanking by saying these words? 

After Gu Xizhou sent Fang Zhi home, he returned to his own house and went to bed.
As expected——a new victim showed up.

It didn’t take long for them to identify the victim this time because Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi recognized her at the crime scene as one of the girls from the club yesterday who Si Yu told to go to the hospital for an exam.

Xiang Yuan crouched by the corpse wearing white gloves.
Seeing Gu Xizhou, he immediately explained the situation to him.
“From preliminary observations, the technique is the same as the former two murders, but she…”

Gu Xizhou gestured for Xiang Yuan to stop.
Compared to the previous two corpses, this one was obviously much more pitiful.
The hair was a terrible mess, there were bruises on her body, and there were bloodstains on her lower body.
“She was raped.” 

“That’s right.” Xiang Yuan pointed at the evidence bag on the side.
“This is the semen withdrawn.
Maybe it can help solve the case today.”

Gu Xizhou stood up and beckoned over the busy Fang Zhi.
“Is the victim’s phone still in her purse?”


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“The phone is missing, and the purse is still here, but there’s no money in it.”

Gu Xizhou turned and walked back toward Xiang Yuan.
Xiang Yuan tilted his head quizzically and asked with a grin, “What is it? Did Captain Gu think of something important? Get a headache?” 

“The DNA identification isn’t urgent.
Instead, examine the pathology of the three deceased and check whether they were all infected with the same disease.” Gu Xizhou recalled the dialogue from last night at the club and added, “For example, HIV.”

Xiang Yuan was at a loss, but he still nodded.
“Okay, I’ll arrange it.”

Gu Xizhou wanted to understand why Si Yu refused You Tianyi’s wine yesterday and even reminded those girls to go get an examination.
A month-long cold wasn’t good, and it indicated a weak immune system.
AIDS’ alternative name was ‘acquired immunodeficiency syndrome’.
The destruction of lymphocytes made the body’s immune system gradually weaken!

Yesterday, when Si Yu flipped over the table and the wine glass, that was probably on purpose! 

It was too horrible to contemplate, ahhh!

As Gu Xizhou pondered, he felt a chill down his spine, and his scalp felt numb.
Did this person think of it yesterday?

He took out his phone and called Si Yu.
After a brief busy tone, the call connected.

“Did you already figure out that You Tianyi might have AIDS yesterday? The people who had sex with him might be infected, and the killer shouldn’t be You Tianyi since he picked up a little sister yesterday and wouldn’t have time to commit a murder… So the murderer should be someone infected by him? …So that’s why you told those girls to go to the hospital yesterday?” 

Listening to the questions raining down on him from the phone, Si Yu set down the document he was holding and squinted at the sun outside.
He spoke indifferently, “So you still have some brains.”

Gu Xizhou ignored Si Yu’s jab and continued, “This morning, a third body was found… We met her at the club yesterday.
She was one of the girls.”

“Short hair.” Si Yu asked a question, but his tone was flat.

“Right, her.” Gu Xizhou was surprised, and he asked, “How did you know?” 

“Not important.”

Gu Xizhou said lowly, “If you’d told me yesterday, she might not have died.”

Si Yu frowned on his sofa.
“You blame me?”

“That’s not what I mean… I know the murderer kills according to the situation.” 

“If I said I didn’t know she would die, would you believe me?”

“I’d believe you.”


“That’s good enough.” Si Yu’s expression relaxed, and he reminded Gu Xizhou, “It’s not me you should be calling right now.
You have to call You Tianyi.”

Gu Xizhou listened to the dial tone and felt very angry.
Then, he silently took out the phone number worth 18800.
He turned to see that Xiang Yuan had already covered the victim with a white cloth… 

Suddenly, he realized——President Si’s money was stolen, dammit.

It was just a coincidence, but Gu Xizhou still felt it was a little uncanny.
He dialed You Tianyi’s number, but his phone must have been shut off.

“Have the tech department investigate this number,” ordered Gu Xizhou, handing You Tianyi’s number to Fang Zhi.

Fang Zhi didn’t ask before he called the tech department to tell them to investigate.
Only then did he ask Gu Xizhou, “Gu Ge, didn’t You Tianyi go out for the night yesterday? It shouldn’t be him, right?” 

Gu Xizhou nodded and said, “It’s not him, but it’s definitely related to him.”

“I seem to have heard the same thing from someone yesterday…”

Gu Xizhou glared at Fang Zhi, who shut his mouth with a grin.
After about a half hour, the telephone card was put through the identification system and verified You Tianyi’s name and company.
Gu Xizhou took Fang Zhi straight to the ground floor of You Tianyi’s company.

The author has something to say:     Gu Xizhou: I heard that my CP is Si Yu? 

Si Yu: Don’t listen.

Gu Xizhou: I’m a little flustered to fall in love with him, ah!

Si Yu: ^_^

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