hat these people were connected to him.
He would certainly suspect me, first.
After all, I’m an anaesthesiologist.
I wasn’t trying to prove to you that I wasn’t there.
It was him who I didn’t want to know I was there.” 

When the woman spoke, the Jinluo police department officers monitoring from outside all let out a cold breath.
From the beginning, she only wanted to catch everything in one net, even if it wasn’t simple at all to kill several people.

If not for Leader Gu fixing his attention on You Tianyi so quickly, the woman could have continued her murder spree!

“Leader Gu, come out for a bit,” said Lao Guo, opening the door to speak to Gu Xizhou.

After Gu Xizhou went out, he asked, “What is it?” 

“There’s a phone call from the hospital.
The victim wants to talk to you.”

Gu Xizhou took the phone.
The person on the other side was silent for a long time.
Gu Xizhou could hear the faint sound of weeping.

“Police officer comrade, is it my fault she killed those people? …Because I fooled around outside, and I infected her?”

“She had already confirmed the diagnosis several months ago.” 

You Tianyi sat on the bed holding a recently obtained hospital report.
HIV positive.
He had just been diagnosed with the disease.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Gu Xizhou listened to his inarticulate weeping and repetitive apologies.
He wasn’t sure who You Tianyi was apologizing to.

After Ruan Shuyun pled guilty, the case was clarified bit by bit.
She only had one request.
She hoped they would notify her hospital and have those sick patients she had contact with be examined to see whether or not they were infected. 

It was already ten o’clock at night when Gu Xizhou left the police station.
He parked downstairs in the neighborhood.
A downpour cascaded outside.
Raindrops pelted the car roof like small pearls falling on a jade plate.
The sound was noisy but peaceful.

At this time, Gu Xizhou’s phone got a WeChat notification.


Si Yu: How is the case?

Gu Xizhou: The murderer was brought to justice. 

Si Yu: That’s good.

Gi Xizhou: Thank you.

Si Yu: For what?

Gu Xizhou: If you hadn’t helped me, I would probably have to work overtime for many more days. 

Si Yu: Oh, don’t mention it.
Next time you ask me to help, don’t buy me noodles.

Gu Xizhou: You mean I can ask you for help at any time as long as I don’t buy you noodles?

Si Yu: I didn’t say that.

Gu Xizhou: When do you go in next? 

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Sitting in his drawing room, Si Yu held his phone and thought.
“Wait until your time, ba.
Mine isn’t urgent.”

Gu Xizhou: Ok.

Si Yu: En.

Their dialogue paused at the word “en”.
Gu Xizhou was about to put his phone away when it went off again. 

Xiang Yuan: WTF, this case was actually solved in three days.
When did you get so awesome?

Gu Xizhou: Who hasn’t had a time when they’re smart?

Xiang Yuan: Haha, I won’t argue with you.
The sperm found in the body of the third victim has been identified.
You’re all set to investigate, ba.”

Gu Xizhou looked at Xiang Yuan’s message and rubbed his aching temples.
The chest cut murder case and the rape case were separate.
According to Ruan Shuyun’s confession, she never directly killed the four victims. 

After cutting off the three women’s chests, she just threw them aside into the underbrush.
She also couldn’t rape them on her own.
Gu Xizhou guessed that after the third victim, Cao Li, was cut apart, she was actually found by a passerby.
However, the other person didn’t save her.
Instead, he took advantage of her comatose state and raped her.

Investigate, it was only natural that they investigate.


Gu Xizhou got rid of the matter in his head and went upstairs.
Just before he took a shower, his work schedule was placed on the table for Gu Ji Ji to look at.
After he finished bathing, he directly fell asleep.

In a sleepy daze in the middle of the night, he heard a sound inside his room… It was a ghost closing the window. 

But, Gu Xizhou didn’t see the ghost.
He turned over and said, “Thanks, Ji Ji.”

The other ignored him.
After shutting the window, Gu Ji Ji moved to the bedside in complete darkness, silently watching Gu Xizhou for a while.
Then, he left the room, closing the door behind him.

For the next two days, Gu Xizhou and his team conducted a blanket investigation around the third victim, Cao Li’s death site.
After two days, the owner of the sperm was finally identified.
He was a scavenger nearby.

After finding Cao Li, cut apart and unconscious, the man didn’t save her, but instead took advantage of her comatose state and raped her.
Such a brutal act made one shiver with fear. 

Gu Xizhou finally closed this chest slasher serial murder case.
Suddenly, someone knocked on his door.
Xiang Yuan energetically rushed in.

“Lao Gu, you’ll never guess who just came to our police department!” said Xiang Yuan.

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow, gesturing for him to break the suspense and spill.

“That one You Tianyi came here and said he doesn’t want to prosecute Ruan Shuyun!” 

“It makes no difference if he presses charges or not,” said Gu Xizhou indifferently.
“Ruan Shuyun killed three people.
She’ll definitely get the death penalty.”

Xiang Yuan agreed, “Yes, ah, but don’t you think he’s very contradictory? He’s the one who went out to find women, and he infected his wife, and now he’s the one who’s been maimed and doesn’t want to press charges to show his understanding.”

Gu Xizhou thought: You Tianyi’s eccentricities don’t stop there.
What do you think is in his head every time he puts in the code to unlock his phone!

“Okay, don’t gossip,” said Gu Xizhou. 

“Dong dong dong.”

Someone knocked on the door.
Xiang Yuan got up to open it and saw Ma Qi holding something in his hands.
He came in.

“Am I disturbing you?” asked Ma Qi.

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Xiang Yuan took a drink of his jujube juice and said, “No, I’ll leave first.
You have something, you two talk!” 

Once Xiang Yuan left, Gu Xizhou invited Ma Qi to speak.

“The narcotics department over there looked at the information you gave them and already determined which employees at Jinfen Shijia were involved in the drug dealing.
They asked me to say thank you.”


Although the drug dealing case was only coincidentally involved, the surveillance video they got through Gu Xizhou and the others was very useful, and it was a big help.

Ma Qi and Gu Xizhou were chatting when they suddenly heard several police officers outside. 

“Ma’am, you can’t go in!”

“Why can’t I go in? Oh, I know.
He knows I’m pregnant, so he doesn’t want to see me?”

“N-no, you mean you’re carrying Leader Gu’s child? But your stomach…” is very flat, ah! Where do you look pregnant?

The officer didn’t dare to speak frankly.
After all, the woman was very beautiful, and maybe she really was in a relationship with Leader Gu! 

Ma Qi pointed outside, silently asking if he wanted to go take a look.

WTF, when did I get someone pregnant? How did I not know?

Gu Xizhou moved quickly and pushed open the door.
After he got a clear look at the woman outside, he was slightly stunned, raising an eyebrow.
“It’s you? I don’t know when our relationship got so close.
Accurately speaking, this is the third time we’ve met.”

The woman didn’t refute him and en-ed.
She took a step forward and said, “I helped you twice before.
It’s only fair for you to help me once.” 

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
Strictly speaking, the woman really did help him twice.
The first time was the Phoenix Mountain dismemberment case, and the second was the chest slashing case.

“What do you want me to help you with?”

“I want you to accompany me to the next world.
You’re my only hope.
I don’t want to die.”

“What hope?” 

Gu Xizhou looked at the woman.
He guessed they were similar.
She went through mission worlds to replenish her life just like them, but he didn’t understand a lick of the other things she said.

The woman stepped forward and grabbed Gu Xizhou wrist, saying ,”Sorry, it’s almost time.
There’s three minutes left on the countdown.”

Ma Qi tried to get the woman to let go, but he didn’t know that the woman lied when she said there were three minutes.

The woman grabbed Gu Xizhou, and Ma Qi grabbed the woman. 

Ma Qi felt a familiar spell of dizziness, and there were only three words in his heart: fuck your uncle.

When Gu Xizhou opened his eyes again, he was surrounded by a cacophony of noise, and there were many different voices.


This was…

An amusement park? 

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