Ch90 – Anything for a Ticket

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Translated by: Dust Bunny

Edited by: Crooked 

The noisy environment made Gu Xizhou feel like he was waking up from a dream.
He was forced to form a team.




Gu Xizhou heard Ma Si inhale sharply and followed his line of sight.
In the distance he saw not people, but rather ghosts.
Those monsters were in groups of two or three, looking vacantly in the direction of the entrance to the amusement park.

Ma Qi’s palms were covered in cold sweat and his Adam’s apple bobbed. 

“Fuck, what’s going on with this mission world?” Ma Qi said, lifting the woman who brought them in by the collar with one hand.


He was an narcotics officer, and was used to death, fire fights, and the ruthless tactics of murderous criminals, but at this moment a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time rose from the bottom of his heart—fear.

That’s right, he was afraid.

Now they were in some place with hundreds of ghosts.


The woman pressed her hand against Ma Qi’s trembling one which as if to sooth him, “Calm down, it’s just a couple of ghosts, that’s all.
Besides, they haven’t taken the initiative to attack us.
What are you afraid of?”

Ma Qi: “……”

Gu Xizhou also patted Ma Qi on the back as if to say, “What’s done is done, since we are already here, it would be meaningless to tear at each other’s faces.
It’s better to figure out what this world is like first.”


They were forced to team up with this woman by force.
Gu Xizhou also had a belly full of fire, however compared to him, Ma Qi was the most miserable.
If Ma Qi hadn’t been helping, it was unlikely he would have been pulled in. 

“En…” Ma Qi was not an impulsive person.
He calmed his emotions and let the woman’s collar go.
He massaged the space between his eyebrows, his expression displeased.
He was just about to speak when the woman started talking.

“My name is Ye Shu.”

The three of them stood surrounded by ghosts.
Ye Shu turned a blind eye to their situation, and spoke to Gu Xizhou serenely, “I am sorry to use this kind of method to make you team up with me, but there wasn’t any other way.”

Gu Xizhou’s face was calm as he asked: “I don’t sense any regret in your words.
How did you know I had been in mission worlds?” 

“Actually, I knew your name before.
I didn’t know you were like me,” Ye Shu said.
“The first time I saw you, I only regarded you as a common police officer.”

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
Ye Shu didn’t provide an excessive explanation, she pulled a note from her pocket and handed it to Gu Xizhou, “Open it, ba.”

Gu Xizhou unfolded the crumpled note.
The characters on it were very strange.
No ordinary person could have written them.
The characters were very big and there were strange waves and folds on each stroke.
There were only three characters on the note—Gu Xi Zhou.

“What is the meaning of this?” Gu Xizhou’s face fell. 

Ye Shu bit her lip and only said quietly, “This is what I got in the last world.”

“I’ve never heard of such a hint in the mission world.”


“There really isn’t.
I didn’t get it in the mission world.” Ye Shu knew she couldn’t fool Gu Xizhou.
She nodded and admitted generously, “Have you ever heard that some mission worlds have special props?”

“Speak, I’m listening,” Gu Xizhou said indifferently. 

“I have a prop…” Ye Shu couldn’t talk about it without being cautious and glanced at them warily and didn’t say what the prop was, but seeing that neither of them had a greedy expression, she sighed in relief and continued to speak.

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“I got a very special prop, it can make vague predictions about the future.”

“This prop can only be used in the mission world, so I made a habit of using it before I left each mission world to predict the next as a way to survive.”

“In the past it gave me hints about some of the rules.
Although it is vague, with these hints and my cooperation with the team, as you can see, I can get out alive more scared than hurt.” 

Ye Shu’s complexion was bad as she said, “But this time, it was different.
It didn’t give me hints for any of the rules.
Instead, it wrote your name.”

“This is the first time I have seen such a situation.”

Gu Xizhou glanced at her and said, “The pen fairy, right?”

“En?” Ma Qi looked at Gu Xizhou, he didn’t know what he was talking about, but Ye Shu’s face turned pale and she nodded under Gu Xizhou’s scrutiny. 

“What is the pen fairy?” Ma Qi asked.

Gu Xizhou didn’t answer his question.
He figured that there were pen fairies in the mission world of Ye Shu’s prop.

With the vague predictions, plus the note with his names, it wasn’t difficult to guess that Ye Shu’s prop was a pen.

However, he guessed that the use of the pen in Ye Shu’s hand was not unlimited.
The prop was consumed with each use.
However, even if it was like this, the prop still tipped the balance of power quite a lot. 

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Concerning his resurrection! 

Ye Shu listened to Gu Xizhou.
She clenched her jaw and nodded, “Good, it’s settled then.”

When the two made a deal, the only one out of luck was Ma Qi.
Gu Xizhou somehow reached an agreement with Ye Shu that allowed him to use that pen to predict the future, but Ma Qi didn’t get anything.


“I want to use it too!”

Ye Shu glanced at him and said, “You came here by yourself.
Besides, I already told you, the pen can only be used once.
Do you want to team up with me in the next world?” 

Ma Qi glared at Ye Shu.
But, then he looked at all the monsters surrounding them, and his anger dissipated.
He really didn’t want to form a team with Ye Shu.

They walked to the entrance of the amusement park together.
Other people had already gathered in groups of two or three at the entrance.
It was very easy to distinguish whether or not they were people or not.
The living people were their companions.

As they came over, the people at the gate gave them a small nod.

Ma Qi swept his eyes over their surroundings.
There were about thirty people gathered around the gate.
After taking note of how many people were there, he sucked in a cold breath.
Is this world nightmare level, ba? 

After a simple introduction, a young woman in the group called A-Ke gave the three of them a brief summary of the situation.

“Put your hand in your pocket.”

Gu Xizhou’s group heard what was said and subconsciously put their hands in their pockets.
Gu Xizhou discovered a wallet with one bill in it.
All of his other money seemed to have disappeared.
The other two, like him, found that they only had a hundred yuan.

A-Ke said, “The only thing we can be sure of at the moment is that we have to enter the amusement park, but everyone only has a hundred yuan, whereas the tickets cost one hundred and twenty.” 

Gu Xizhou heard this and raised an eyebrow saying, “We don’t have enough money?”

“That’s right,” A-ke nodded, “Lu Ge and them just went to line up at the ticket booth, but they won’t know the situation until they come back.”

Gu Xizhou turned to look into the distance and nodded.
A-Ke’s group only arrived a little bit earlier than Gu Xizhou and didn’t know much.

Everyone talked in low voices, but Gu Xizhou noticed that everyone’s mood seemed quite stable.
It was clear that everyone’s fortitude here was strong, and were very friendly towards Gu Xizhou’s group.
This kind of friendly atmosphere made Gu Xizhou feel on edge. 

After a while they decided to go to the ticket booth to try and find the others.

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It was easy to spot them amongst the group of ghosts.
Lu An came out first and Gu Xizhou noticed that he was holding a ticket.

Stunned, A-Ke asked, “Lu Ge, how did you get that?”

Lu An nodded and said, “A ticket for one person is one hundred and twenty, a ticket for two is two hundred.
In this mission world, we have to team up.” 

When they heard this, the others began to try to find someone who looked good to team up with.
At this moment the amusement park broadcast system sounded:

“Welcome to Death Amusement Park.
The carousel, Haunted House Escape, and other facilities are all open.
We hope that everyone has a great time.”


“We would like to remind all tourists to purchase tickets promptly.
The ticket office has twelve tickets remaining.
Those who do not enter the park by four will die.”

This, this broadcast…… 

Fuck, what the hell is going on, ah? Those who had been fussing over who to team up with just moments ago all turned around and rushed to the ticket booth.

Among them, two of the people who had tried to cut in line and attempted to steal tickets, but the ghosts ahead of them turned to stare at them silently.

“So you want to cut in line?”

“No, no I don’t……” 

That ghost said coldly, “You already have.”

“Do you know how long we’ve been waiting? I’ve been in line for a long time, how can you cut in line! Ah! How can you cut in line!”

Gu Xizhou only heard the sound of several voices as they let out a blood curdling scream.
After a moment the screaming stopped.
The two people disappeared leaving behind a pool of blood spreading across the ground.

“What should we do now?” A-Ke asked anxiously, her expression deathly pale as she grabbed on to Lu An’s hand. 

Lu An pretended not to hear.
He turned to look behind him at the other three people buying tickets at the booth.
He couldn’t see the faces of two of them because they were obstructed by a balloon.
Gu Xizhou stood next to Ye Shu indifferently.

Ye Shu patted A-Ke on the back, and said comfortingly, “Young lady, worry about yourself, ba.
Ask yourself for the answer.
There is certain to be another place with tickets other than the ticket booth.”

Gu Xizhou nodded slightly, “The mission world can’t possibly let us die right at the entrance.
There’s definitely another way to get tickets.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he, Ma Qi, and Ye Shu were about to go look for another way to get tickets when suddenly they heard a familiar voice call out to them.
That person’s voice was somewhat uncertain. 

“Gu Ran?”

Gu Xizhou turned around to see a familiar face appear in the crowd.

“Si Yaoxing?!” Ma Qi looked stunned and shouted the other person’s name before Gu Xizhou.

Gu Xizhou absolutely didn’t expect to meet Si Yu in this world and was stunned.
The other person also looked surprised.
The most embarrassing thing that could happen, was to form a team with someone and then meet them in the mission world before you were supposed to… 

What was going on? “Why are you here? Who are you teaming up with?” Gu Xizhou asked bluntly, furrowing his brows as he looked at Si Yu.

As one of the four people with tickets, Si Yu raised an eyebrow, “I’ll tell you later, wait.”


Si Yu said to the other people without tickets, “Whoever can give me money, my ticket belongs to you.”

“Me! Me! Me!” 

An intense fight began.
In the end a tall and sturdy man won Si Yu’s ticket.
Si Yu received the money and caught Gu Xizhou’s wrist, pulling him to the side.
Si Yu furrowed his brows and asked, “Why are you here?”

Gu Xizhou didn’t answer Si Yu’s question.
Instead he asked, “What about you? Why are you here? It’s not time yet.
Who did you team up with?”

Gu Xizhou was angry.
The big shot who formed the team was seduced by who! He was going to beat someone up!

Si Yu pointed a finger at himself and said in a deep voice, “I came in by myself.
My time is up.” 

“What do you mean?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow, “Your time was up?”

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“I don’t know what’s wrong.
The reward is less and less every time, so sometimes I enter the mission world by myself,” Si Yu explained.

Gu Xizhou was stunned.
In his heart Gu Xizhou wondered, could it be because of him? But, wasn’t the time given by the previous rewards normal?

“Why didn’t you call me?” 

Si Yu looked at him and said, “Haven’t you been investigating the rapist from the third victim of the chest mutilation case for the past few days? I know you have been very tired recently… Fang Zhi too.”

Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but be angry when he saw Si Yu’s ‘I don’t need you two peasants’ expression.

Oh, what an amazing brain, ah!

“And you? What are you doing here?” Si Yu asked. 

Hearing Si Yu’s question, Gu Xizhou’s mouth turned up in a sneer, he pointed at Ye Shu who was wearing a red skirt and said, “She forced me to come in.”

“She teamed up with you by force?” Si Yu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Gu Xizhou nodded and told Si Yu everything Ye Shu had just told him.
Si Yu listened to Gu Xizhou and looked deeply at Ye Shu.

Si Yu touched his hand to his chin and said, “This prop is actually a little useful.” 

Gu Xizhou shot him a look and lowered his voice, “I actually have doubts that what she says is true.
Is there really such a prop?”

Si Yu looked down at Gu Xizhou with a pair of dark eyes, “There is.”


“How can you be certain?”

“Gut instinct.” 

Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu suspiciously.
He looked at the four people who had just entered the amusement park and raised his eyebrows, asking, “Is that why you gave him your ticket?”

“It wasn’t because of you,” Si Yu said, glancing at him.
He pointed at a clock in the distance, and said, “There are still twenty eight minutes until four, we have time to find another ticket.”

Other than the four people who had already left and the two who tried to cut in line that were killed by ghosts, there were still thirty people who didn’t have tickets.
Everyone only had one hundred yuan and could only go in together.

But, now the ticket office didn’t have enough tickets, they only had single person tickets. 

Gu Xizhou discovered that the remaining people were all very calm.
Additionally, everyone was trying to react based on their judgement and observation of the situation.

Gu Xizhou felt subconsciously that these people and the newcomers he met in the previous worlds were completely different.
They were truly seasoned veterans.
They were relatively level-headed.
Even if they were only given twenty three minutes, they didn’t panic, rather they each looked for other ticket sources separately.

He instinctively asked Si Yu who was standing next to him, “What have you found out?”

Si Yu pointed at the digital clock hanging above the amusement park gates, “Look there.” 

“It’s a digital clock…” Gu Xizhou answered, but the exasperated expression on Si Yu’s face made him look closer and he looked at the clock again more closely.

“Today’s date is 2/14, Valentine’s day,” Gu Xizhou said.

Si Yu nodded and said to Gu Xizhou, “Look at those pairs of ghosts again.
They are holding hands.”

Hearing Si Yu’s words, Gu Xizhou looked around at the monsters and noticed that pairs of monsters were coming out of a red house with packages of tickets in their hands. 

“Red house?”

Si Yu nodded firmly.

Just as Gu Xizhou was about to call out to the others, he saw Ye Shu’s group running towards them, pointing at the red house.
She called to Gu Xizhou and Si Yu, saying “Follow me, there are tickets inside!”

Ma Qi and Ye Shu had formed a team, and Ma Qi said, “Run! Quickly, there are not many left!” 

Gu Xizhou furrowed his brows and looked at Ma Qi, pointing at his mouth, “Why do you have lipstick on your mouth?”

“You…you know,” Ma Qi started to say before hesitation, and touched his mouth.
He had already asked his wife for forgiveness in his heart!

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Gu Xizhou stood in front of the red house and looked at Si Yu.

Valentine’s day activities were currently being held inside the red house, where a pair of ghost lovers were currently kissing.
After standing in front of the judges committee, Gu Xizhou saw a ghost in a judge’s hat give them a package of tickets free of charge. 

When he entered, a ghost passed him and Si Yu a pamphlet—

Valentine’s Day exercise—

Do you still remember the feeling of falling in love with him/her? 2/14 allows us to retrieve that love.

Valentine’s day special event, kiss passionately for three minutes and get a free package of Death Amusement Park couple’s tickets.
We wish you an early death and an early rebirth. 

Gu Xizhou looked at the pamphlet.
What ‘early death and early rebirth?’

He looked at Ma Qi suspiciously and made a kissing gesture with his hands, “Ma Ge, you and Ye Shu just…”

Ma Qi wanted to deny it, but the free ticket package in his hand made him unable to refute it.
He interrupted Gu Xizhou and said, “I had no choice.
Compared with not having any tickets and dying outside the Amusement Park, is kissing really so bad?”

Like them, several other members were here.
Some of them had already lined up in front of Gu Xizhou, ready to kiss in front of the monsters and get Early Death, Early Reincarnation Tickets. 

Gu Xizhou stood behind Si Yu.
When they reached the front, the ghost wearing the hat examined them.

Gu Xizhou watched it take out its own eyes and wash them in water before putting them back in its sockets and narrowing its eyes, “You two men also want Early Death Tickets?”

For a moment, everyone inside the red house stopped talking.
All the windows in the room were tightly sealed with curtains making it appear gloomy when it questioned them.

“Do you discriminate against same sex love?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow at it. 

It shook its head and said, “No.”

Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou, and stood there as if it was nothing, but he seemed a little embarrassed.

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows and whispered in Si Yu’s ear, “President Si, everything is for the tickets!”

Their mouths were very close together, and Gu Xizhou felt Si Yu’s body stiffen.
He winked at Si Yu  as if to say: There is nothing I can do about it, in order to get the tickets President Si will have to suffer the grievance. 

The kissed Si Yu was at a loss for words.
He shut his mouth and looked away.

Gu Xizhou thought that Si Yu might feel embarrassed, but it was just kissing, it wasn’t a big deal!


Gu Xizhou silently recited the time, once he reached one hundred and eighty seconds, he released Si Yu and turned to the ghost extending his hand to ask for a ticket.

It glanced at him and didn’t give him a ticket.
Instead it pulled out a pamphlet from inside the drawer, its finger pointing at the words “passionate”, and “kiss”, raising it’s chin.
“Do you know how to read? Passionate kiss, ah.
Do you not understand the meaning of passionate kiss?” 

Gu Xizhou: “……” I really don’t understand at all.

The ghost gave Gu Xizhou a look of disdain.

Si Yu raised his eyebrows, and slowly walked in front of Gu Xizhou and pressed a hand to his head.

For a moment, Gu Xizhou felt a scorching breath on his face, and burning hot lips came close to his. 

Si Yu’s eyelids drooped, and stared at him fixedly.
He put his hand on his waist, the temperature of his palm astonishingly hot as he sucked on Gu Xizhou’s lips.

He was robbed of breath, and his eyes were dazed.
Gu Xizhou clenched his jaw shut tightly.

“Open your mouth.” Gu Xizhou was met with a pair of dark eyes that seemed to suck people in.
His voice was low, but it captured Gu Xizhou’s thoughts, “Don’t you want tickets?”

After hearing Si Yu’s words, Gu Xizhou opened his mouth in shame. 

The author has something to say: Can you guess why Ye Shu’s prompt is Gu Xizhou name, and not the rules~~

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