Ch91 – VIP Ticket

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Translated by: Crooked

Edited by: Dust Bunny 

Opening his mouth to the sudden kiss, Gu Xizhou’s mind went blank.
The searing breath pressed closer as Si Yu’s eyes narrowed, his long eyelashes drooping under his deep brows.
That handsome face leaned in close to Gu Xizhou, and he could feel his breath.

Slowly, the kiss became deeper and deeper.
Their breath became scorching hot, and their lips fit closely together.
Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but open his eyes to look at Si Yu as they kissed.
He didn’t resist, simply remaining motionless… Just like Si Yu when he kissed him earlier.



“Hu… hu…”

The two started to breathe heavily.
Si Yu narrowed his eyes and tightened his hold on Gu Xizhou’s waist.
He could feel that Gu Xizhou had already begun to pant, and he leaned down to nibble on Gu Xizhou’s lip.
He released his grasp as Gu Xizhou pushed him. 

Gu Xizhou hung his head, flushed for the first time.
After Si Yu released Gu Xizhou, he hooked the corner of his mouth and asked, “Look at your expression.
Don’t tell me this was your first kiss?”


Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes.
His expression seemed undisturbed as he spat out two words, “It wasn’t.”

Seeing Gu Xizhou’s denial, Si Yu simply said, “Oh.”

“You… What does “oh” mean? You don’t believe me?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.


Si Yu: “……”

Seeing Gu Xizhou’s reaction, Ma Qi, who had been feeling depressed this whole time, stifled a smile until his expression was deformed.

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Gu Xizhou: “…You’re not allowed to smile!”


Despite Gu Xizhou’s words, Ma Qi’s smile grew more and more exaggerated until it split the sides of his mouth.
Finally, he simply grinned toothily and burst into uproarious laughter. 

“Hahaha, Gu Ran, you looked like a virgin!”

“Confess! Haha.”

Gu Xizhou sucked in a breath and glared at Ma Qi fiercely.

So hateful, ah! 

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Gu Xizhou spoke through clenched teeth to the ghost in the hat.

The ghost in the hat who had taunted Gu Xizhou was quiet for a few seconds, his gaze flicking from Gu Xizhou to Si Yu.
After a while, it reluctantly tore down two free tickets and handed them to Gu Xizhou and Si Yu. 

One after the other, the other teammates all obtained entrance tickets.
There were still five minutes before four o’clock.
It still wasn’t clear what they had to do in this world.
All they knew was that they had to enter the amusement park by four o’clock.

Before they left, Gu Xizhou was somewhat surprised when he looked over at the line of ghosts.
What are they still doing lining up without tickets?


“What are you looking at?” Si Yu asked softly, walking over beside Gu Xizhou, ticket in hand.

Gu Xizhou pointed at those ghosts who were still lined up and said, “Just now, I saw that there aren’t any tickets on the table for those ghosts.
The ghosts also looked disappointed, but it’s strange.
They’re still lining up…” 

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“You actually reminded me.” Si Yu raised an eyebrow slightly then scowled.
He turned and looked at the ghosts lining up in front of the red house.
Suddenly, he grabbed Gu Xizhou’s hand and dragged him back.

The rest of their teammates stared blankly.
Obviously these two had already gotten their tickets, so what were they going back for?

A-Ke looked at the time on the digital clock.
There were less than four minutes until four o’clock.
Except for Ye Shu and Ma Qi who caught up with Gu Xizhou and Si Yu, the others all took and glance and then chose to enter the theme park without hesitation.

Gu Xizhou was just about to ask Si Yu why they were coming back when he noticed a pair of ghost lovers emerge from the red tent walking with tickets in hand.
The tickets were different from theirs. 

“There are still other tickets?” Gu Xizhou scowled.

Si Yu nodded and said, “If we go in with the free tickets, then the mission world will give us money to use.
However, the props in the mission world always have a purpose.”

The two people went in, and Si Yu pointed at the VIP tickets on the judge’s table.
He leaned his head toward Gu Xizhou and said, “I think the purpose of the money is to exchange for those!”

Si Yu walked over to the nearest ticket seller and took out 200 and handed it to the ghost.
“I want to upgrade my ticket.” 

“Are you sure you want to spend 199 yuan to upgrade your common ticket to a VIP ticket?” The ghost looked at Si Yu like he was an idiot.

“Yes,” Si Yu answered confidently.

It carefully scrutinized Gu Xizhou and Si Yu, then shrugged, taking Si Yu’s tickets back as well as the 200 yuan.
It efficiently tore down two VIP tickets while taking out one yuan from the drawer and handing it all to Si Yu.

Meanwhile, the numerous ghosts looked longingly at the ordinary tickets Gu Xizhou and Si Yu had just returned… 

“Isn’t spending money good?” Gu Xizhou teased.
As he spoke, Si Yu stuffed a ticket into his hand and motioned for him to take a look.

Gu Xizhou turned over the ticket and looked at the back: VIP ticket, free pass to avoid death (survive the first death)

“That was money well spent!”

Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu and suddenly realized the gap between them.
He only would have found it strange when he saw the ghosts lining up, but because of the time limit, he wouldn’t have come back to confirm.
Si Yu, however, was different.
He could think and speculate about the reason. 

There was a huge chasm between him and this bigshot.

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Gu Xizhou thought about the previous case.
If he hadn’t looked for Si Yu’s help and let the police determine the scope of the search for the murderer, he definitely would have wasted much more time, and many more lives would have been lost!


Ye Shu came in and looked at the VIP ticket in Gu Xizhou’s hand, and just like Si Yu, pulled out 200 yuan to upgrade her tickets.
They all looked at each other and, without consultation, rushed toward the amusement park gates in a mad dash!

There were still two minutes left! 

The four people sprinted wildly——

“Fuck, wait up for this old man, ah!” Ma Qi felt crushed.
Even if he couldn’t outrun two young men, one of which being a police officer, why couldn’t he outrun the woman in high heels?

Gu Xizhou disdained Ma Qi.
His body was obviously the same as a young person’s while in the mission world.
Didn’t he feel ashamed to spout nonsense?

Gu Xizhou rushed inside the park entrance at the last minute at lightning speed and violently knocked against a ghost so hard its left arm fell to the ground. 


The ghost glared coldly at Gu Xizhou.
It looked like it had just crawled out of the depths of Hell, and the corners of its mouth split open in a smile, all the way to the back of its head.

The ghost thought the guy in front of him would be scared witless, but it didn’t at all expect that the one who ran into it would turn around and kick it ruthlessly.

“Fuck off, don’t block the way!” Gu Xizhou kicked the ghost while pushing away another standing in front of him, grabbing Si Yu’s hand and passing through the ticket gate in the last 30 seconds. 

The ghosts standing outside the gate glared coldly at Gu Xizhou and the others, but they seemed to be afraid of something and didn’t dare to enter the amusement park.

Gu Xizhou noted that the ghosts outside the park could only be considered a horde of hundreds, while inside the park, there were thousands, tens of thousands of ghosts.
It was the first time he’d ever seen so many ghosts.
It was a first for Si Yu, as well.

In the beginning they could remain calm, but after a while, Ma Qi couldn’t bear it any longer and was the first to speak.
“Ai, fuck.
My legs are going soft.
Why are there so many ghosts, ah!”

After Ma Qi spoke, the other three glanced at each other and looked around vigilantly. 

Who knows? The only thing they could be certain of was that this world was very difficult.
Si Yu had experienced over a dozen worlds, and this time there were no less than thirty other people with them.
Furthermore, there wasn’t a single newcomer!

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Obviously it was a problem.

Entering the amusement park, Gu Xizhou looked around by habit.
By the entrance was a roller coaster.
The roller coaster was fully loaded with ghosts, and it spun in the sky at high speed.
The ghosts on the ride all raised their hands as if they were enjoying the thrilling moment.

Gu Xizhou watched for a while and noticed that when the roller coaster reached its peak, the ghosts, as if they’d discussed it in advance, all reached up and untied the safety restraint on their bodies… 

Every ghost was instantly thrown from their seat, flying out with the inertia and crashing into the roller coaster track with a slam.
Bones were shattered, heads were decapitated, bodies were split into seven or eight pieces, disorderly flying into free-fall!

One of the ghosts was directly thrown into a flowering shrub by the amusement park gate.
The surrounding ghosts didn’t even blink.
They continued to calmly queue up in line.


“What the fuck! How is this a roller coaster, ah? This is a death coaster!” Ma Ge paled, resisting the urge to vomit.

Gu Xizhou was silent for a moment, and he walked over to the greenery.
He noticed that the ghost who was thrown into the shrub had broken its neck and was already deathly still.
However, despite its tragic death, it still had a strange, wide smile on its face. 

It was as if——it was freed?

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow at his own guess.
He turned toward Si Yu, as if seeking an explanation.

“Do you remember the expressions of those ghosts when we asked to return the tickets earlier?”

Gu Xizhou en-ed.
“Very excited.
They were all fighting over our tickets.” 

Si Yu pointed at the ghost who had fallen to its death and said, “Early death and early rebirth tickets.
They enter the deadly amusement park in order to die, and the VIP tickets can be used to exempt the first death.
This means they would have to queue up more than once in order to die.”

Gu Xizhou realized that none of these ghosts wanted the VIP tickets because they wanted to die, while Gu Xizhou and the others doing the mission world wanted the VIP tickets for just the opposite reason.
They didn’t want to die.

As they discussed, Gu Xizhou heard several alarmed and hysterical screams.

A thin and weak girl was dashing wildly through the crowd.
She gasped for breath, running in zig zags without pausing until she couldn’t bear to run any longer.
She collapsed and sat in front of Gu Xizhou.
Fear filled her eyes, and she looked like her spirit had reached its limit, her mind already collapsed.
Her words were incoherent. 

“S-so many ghosts… So many ghosts! We’re all going to die.
No one can escape.
Why is it so difficult… We’ll die…”

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