ound of crunching bones accompanied the flow of blood and fluids down the mouths of the horses.
A pool of blood began to grow at the hooves of every one of the man-eating horses, revealing the fact that they had just eaten someone.

Ma Qi’s jaw dropped, and he gasped.
He began to rejoice that he hadn’t been on a horse in the first batch!

Ye Shu looked at those fortunate eleven people coldly.
Seven people had been eaten by the horses on the merry-go-round.
Her expression didn’t look very good, but at this time she heard the ghost employee urge, “You should go up, ba!” 

Before they went up, Ye Shu whispered, “Choose the man-eating horses! If they’ve just eaten someone, they won’t be hungry!”

Gu Xizhou turned to look at Ye Shu.
Then, he looked at SI Yu and saw him nod at him.
Si Yu approved of Ye Shu’s words.
Gu Xizhou nodded faintly.
Beside them, Mei Xiao also heard Gu Xizhou and the others’ conversation and secretly noted it in her heart.

Their position was originally at the back.
After one group of people took the lead and went to the horses who hadn’t eaten anyone, but they didn’t sit down.
When Gu Xizhou and Si Yu’s group of four came up with their VIP tickets, they all watched them closely.

Gu Xizhou, Ma Qi, Ye Shu, and Si Yu all directly walked to the bloody horses.
Seeing the actions of Gu Xizhou and Ma Qi’s group, some people with quick reactions also chose to sit on a bloody horse. 

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Someone wanted to fight over Gu Xizhou’s spot and was directly thrown over Gu Xizhou’s shoulder onto the ground.
Another got the same treatment from Ma Qi.
Si Yu didn’t seem to care about his spot and didn’t bother when people snatched it.
He simply glanced at the blond man.

A tall and strong man saw that Ye Shu was a woman and rushed over to shove her away and steal Ye Shu’s spot.
Ye Shu was no match for the other man.
All six man-eating horses were occupied by people, and the one remaining was held by a ghost.
Ma Qi looked at Ye Shu conflictedly and said to her, “Sit on mine, ba.”


Ma Qi looked at her.
“Don’t you want to live? I don’t want to go out and have a young woman jump from the roof of the department and kill herself.
It would cause a lot of trouble for our office!” 

Ma Qi was hesitant, but he still gave up his seat to Ye Shu.

Gu Xizhou’s spot hadn’t been stolen, but when he looked over, he saw the Si Yu no longer had his.
He thought that the horses would have a hard time trying to eat him, so this spot could actually be given to Si Yu.


“Come over here and sit on mine!” Gu Xizhou said to Si Yu.

Si Yu raised an eyebrow, and the corner of his mouth raised into an attractive arc.
He waved his hand at him.
“Sit down on it yourself.
I’ll choose another one.” 

Gu Xizhou frowned and saw that Ma Qi, like Si Yu, was also looking for a horse.
He waved him over and said, “Quick, come over here.
Take my seat.”

Ma Qi was shocked and asked disbelievingly, “Then what will you do? Where will you sit?”

“Sit down quickly so it won’t be stolen again.” Gu Xizhou pointed at the horse occupied by the ghost and said, “Where else would I sit!”

After giving the position to Ma Qi, Gu Xizhou walked over to the seat occupied by that ghost.
The people who hadn’t found a position watched as he leaned over to say a few words to the ghost.
Then, that ghost stood up and gave up its seat. 

Gu Xizhou patted the ghost’s shoulder and said quietly, “Don’t worry.
Go sit down in that place and you’re guaranteed to die early and reincarnate early!”

The ghost glanced skeptically at Gu Xizhou, half-believing and half-doubtful as it walked to the spot that Gu Xizhou pointed out and sat down.


Gu Xizhou hadn’t finished speaking when he was interrupted by Si Yu.
“Sit on your own seat.
There are more horses who don’t eat people in the remaining eleven.
Use your brain.
I’m afraid you won’t be able to figure it out.” 

Gu Xizhou: “……”

Gu Xizhou sat on the horse, glaring at Si Yu’s back angrily——

How is this person’s mouth so poisonous!

Six people still hadn’t chosen a spot.
Si Yu didn’t immediately choose a horse.
He stood among several and seemed to be thinking about something.
One by one, the others chose a horse and sat down before the deadline.
There was only one man who persevered and continued to watch Si Yu.
It seemed that he wanted to see which horse Si Yu chose! 

Finally, after there were only two horses remaining, and Si Yu stopped in front of one of the horses as if he’d made a decision, the man suddenly rushed forward and sat down on the horse.

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Si Yu looked at the man and, without any superfluous actions, directly gave up the seat.

In the last ten seconds, he walked over to the ghost and, just like Gu Xizhou, leaned over to whisper something to it.
The ghost gave up its seat.

After the ghost exchanged seats, Si Yu looked indifferently at the man who had just stolen his seat and said, “I wish you luck.
Actually, I wanted to tell you that neither of the horses were the right choice.” 

When the man who stole his seat heard this, his face paled, and he asked in horror, “Wh-what do you mean?”

Just as he spoke, the merry-go-round began to move, and the music from before began to play.


At the same time as the music ended, Ma Qi subconsciously closed his eyes.
Hot blood splattered his eyelids, and he clearly heard the sound of crunching bones surrounding him!

One of the thirteen people died, and four of the five ghosts died! 

There were only five hungry horses, which perfectly corresponded to the five ghosts, but there was one unlucky ghost and one unlucky person who chose the wrong seat.
Originally, they all could have survived!

Before leaving the merry-go-round, he noticed that at some time, a piece of paper had appeared on the floor.
Gu Xizhou looked at it carefully.
It looked like an elementary school assignment.

Si Yu picked up the assignment in passing and stood outside the carousel.
He pressed it smooth and looked at it, completely ignoring the stares of the people around him.

Gu Xizhou stood beside him and asked quietly, “How did you judge whether the remaining eleven horses were hungry or not?” 

Si Yu’s eyes stayed fixed on the assignment as he said casually, “Look at the ears.
The seven horses who ate the people have upward pointing ears.
When horses are happy, their ears point up.
If they’ve eaten their fill, they’d definitely be in a good mood, ah.”

Except for Gu Xizhou’s group, the eyes of the others all changed as they looked at Si Yu.
They were afraid.
They were terrified.

The one person who died was the man who had a dispute with Si Yu last.
Si Yu’s words clearly meant that he knew how to choose, but he didn’t tell the man who stole his seat.

“Everyone is on the same team… this… isn’t good, right?” someone criticized, looking at Si Yu, who’s eyes held a hint of reproach. 

Ye Shu sneered, “How is it not good? I saw that that person did everything for himself with no regard for others, so it’s good that he died! Heh, when someone robbed my seat earlier, why didn’t you help me criticize him and make him return it to me? Now you know how to speak up? I thought you were all mute!”

“If you steal someone’s seat and die, it serves you right.” Gu Xizhou looked at them coldly, and said, “You’d better shut up and listen well.
Right now, we’re working together, but if you think that my partner is too much, then you can leave and line up on your own.”

When Gu Xizhou finished speaking, the others were all silent as mice.

Who could leave the four of them? They only had four VIP tickets in their whole team, and that was the only way they could skip the line for the rides.
Without them, just the time they’d have to spend waiting in line was enough to make them despair! 

A-Ke, who had a good relationship with Gu Xizhou and the others, came out to mediate.
“Okay, okay, don’t argue.
Let’s look at what’s written on that sheet of paper first, ba! The quicker we finish the mission, the quicker we can leave, isn’t that right?”

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