Ch94 – Don’t come near me, annoying mortal

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Translated by: Dust Bunny

Edited by: Crooked 

“But…” hearing A-ke’s words, a few people who clearly couldn’t stand it, opened their mouths as if they wanted to speak.

Next to her, Si Yu swept his gaze over the others, his eyes calm.
He clearly didn’t take these people’s words to heart.



Gu Xizhou: President Si’s gaze is this lethal? You just shut up?

The surrounding people saw his indifferent expression.
Clearly he didn’t take them seriously… The holy bitches exchanged glances simultaneously and shut their mouths, quiet as chickens. 

“Look,” Si Yu passed the paper to Gu Xizhou, who took it absentmindedly, his eyes falling on the essay.


《My Mama》

My mama works very hard.
She wakes up at five o’clock everyday to go to work because she works far from home.

My mama is very strict.
She comes home from work everyday and still supervises my studies.
Actually, I don’t like to study, but for mom I try very hard!


My mama makes breakfast for me in the morning and lulls me to sleep in the evening.
She is the best mama in the world!

Gu Xizhou glanced over the content of the essay.
It was written by an elementary school kid.
The essay was written on grid paper in big elementary school kid letters.
It was clear that the essay had undergone countless corrections and there were still traces of eraser marks.

Gu Xizhou furrowed his brows slightly.
There didn’t appear to be anything special about the content.


“What does it say?” It was only natural that Ma Qi would be concerned with finding clues.
After all, the quicker they could solve the mission world, the faster they could leave Death Amusement Park. 

“See for yourself, ba.” Gu Xizhou handed the essay to Ma Qi and the surrounding people also gathered around so that they could see the content of the essay.
They showed a thoughtful expression and then, a moment later, an expression of confusion.

Everyone discussed it in low voices:

“That’s all it says? It makes no sense!”

“This is a kid’s essay for school, ba? Is there anything else we haven’t seen?” 

“This is the crucial prop, ba?!”

Si Yu heard these people and sneered.

In fact, from the moment Si Yu handed him the essay, Gu Xizhou knew it was probably useless.
Aside from the content of the essay, when he saw them fighting so vigorously over possession of the essay he wanted to laugh.
If it was really useful, Si Yu would never give it to them.

Gu Xizhou was about to jeer at the idiots when Si Yu started to quickly walk away, dragging him from the carousel. 

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The others suddenly went silent and pointed behind Gu Xizhou, simultaneously swallowing hard.

“Gu Ran, you, behind you…”


“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t look now,” Si Yu lowered his voice and said, “That ghost is watching you.” 

Gu Xizhou: “?”

Taking no notice of Si Yu’s repeated warnings, Gu Xizhou turned his head to see a dead person’s face.
As soon as he turned around he came face to face with it, a pair of bloody eyes staring at him unwavering.
“You lied to me… you told me I would die! You told me I would die!”

Gu Xizhou’s brows furrowed slightly.
He used his hand to block the ghost’s face and thought back carefully.

What the fuck, how could he forget? This was the ghost that just gave up his seat for him! 

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Xe Wlhtbe: “……”

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Just when everyone thought Gu Xizhou was going to be unlucky, they saw him put a hand on the unlucky ghost’s shoulder with the familiarity of a brother and say, “You and I are brother’s, how could I lie to you?” 

“Come, come, follow me and I’ll send you to hell!”

The unlucky ghost looked at Gu Xizhou skeptically.
At first it thought that Gu Xizhou was playing a trick on it, and was therefore skeptical and hesitant.
It’s blue and purple face was expressionless as it stared at Gu Xizhou coldly.

Gu Xizhou pulled the unlucky ghost over and said to the ghost who had just begun to operate the carousel, “Lend me your office, I have to deliver it to hell.”

The operator ghost who had been beaten by Gu Xizhou stepped aside silently, leaving enough space for one person and one ghost to pass. 

Everyone watched as Gu Xizhou entered the staff office with the unlucky ghost and shivered a little.

A-Ke felt sick at heart and said, “Gu Ran won’t meet with misfortune, ba?”

“He should… not, ba.
Isn’t there still the ticket? It can’t hurt us, right?” Ma Qi’s eyelids twitched.
He knew that Gu Xizhou was very brave, and he had met ghosts inside the park grounds before, but he didn’t expect him to have so much courage that he could be so daring as to shut the door and talk to a ghost about life, ah!

Ye Shu furrowed her brows and said, “Let’s just go take a look.” 

“Who will go, ah?” a man asked, “Do you dare to?”

Ye Shu’s face paled as she glanced at the man.
She didn’t speak, walking directly towards the office.


“Wait, wait,” Si Yu shouted at Ye Shu.
“Stay here, I’ll go.”

Si Yu had just reached the door of the office when it was suddenly pushed open, and Gu Xizhou walked out.
Everyone looked at him astounded and asked, “You? Are you alright?” 

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Gu Xizhou stood where he was and cocked his head to the side, “Why wouldn’t I? Didn’t it want to die? I just helped it die.”

When Gu Xizhou finished speaking, he grabbed Si Yu’s wrist to prevent him from investigating.
He looked at him and shook his head, “You don’t want to see what it looks like now.
Let’s go to the next ride first, ba.”

Seeing Gu Xizhou standing in his way and a pool of blood, Si Yu was silent a moment before nodding.

When everyone left, the unlucky ghost laying on the ground stared at the ceiling of the staff office silently, and doubted its ghost life.
It was assaulted! 

Just as the unlucky ghost was questioning its ghost life, it heard a faint sigh.
Its one eye that had fallen on the ground saw the owner of the voice—— It was the amusement park ghost employee.

That blue clothed worker ghost sighed with feeling, “Ai, why can’t you figure it out?”

The unlucky ghost felt like it was being sympathized with, and it just wanted to say thank you when it heard the ghost worker say— “At least I wasn’t the ghost that got beat up.
Finally I’m safe.”

Unlucky ghost: …… 

Just moments ago it had been beaten mercilessly in this office, and that man had still asked,

“You want to die, right?”

“Hey, Xiongdi, are you dying? Squeak!”

“How does this fist feel?” 

Humiliated, it declared three words, “I am dead.”

After that, that person looked proud and said, “I told you you were guaranteed to die! Right, ba? I’m a person who keeps his word!”

The unlucky ghost wanted to swear: Keep what fucking word.

Ten minutes later, everyone made it through the crowd to the bumper cars with great difficulty.
There was no trace of the little boy from earlier.
Clearly that little boy had lined up at a different ride. 

Lu An and his muscular partner who were lined up in the back weren’t surprised to see Gu Xizhou and the others.
The tickets had already changed, which could be considered one kind of hint.

After the carousel number changed to 33/33, the number for the bumper cars also changed to 0/25.
This meant that twenty-five people had survived.


“Did anything change after you finished the carousel?” Lu An asked in a low voice.

A-Ke gave Lu An a complicated look.
In the end, she wasn’t like the other bickering people and told them about the essay as well as its content. 

“Let me see the essay,” Lu An said, reaching out to the girl who had the essay.

A-ke lowered her voice seriously, “Hand it to Lu Ge.
We have to work together to be able to leave.”

Lu An and his partner looked it over and told everyone about the current circumstances.

“After we went on the carousel, we wanted to find the child, but before we did, we found many rides on the back of the ticket.
After that we rushed to the bumper cars.
At once we saw those ghosts bumping around blindly.” 

“Oh, and when they collide… En… Sometimes their hands and feet, or head fall off, and they drive back to pick them up.
You just said that the carousel eats people, my guess is that these bumper cars are going to run over our limbs.
That’s all we know for the moment.
We are almost there, you should line up quickly.”

A-Ke thanked Lu An.
She was trusted by the others as a representative, and had a thick enough face to ask Gu Xizhou and the other four people with VIP tickets for help.
Ma Qi also didn’t want to embarrass her.
When they came, she was the only one kind enough to tell them what was going on, whereas the others paid no attention to them.

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Lu An was deeply confused, “what VIP tickets?”

Everyone all started explaining their VIP tickets and Gu Xizhou’s at the same time when Lu An and his companion suddenly realized what they were saying. 

Ma Qi opened his mouth to try and mediate the conversation, “Gu Ran, forget about it, ba.
Let’s take them to jump the line.
That way they can find clues faster.
Otherwise we will have to waste time while we wait with them in line.”

Gu Xizhou thought about it.
What Ma Qi said was right.
Everyone must go through the amusement park rides to get clues.
Rather than let these people line up and waste their time waiting for them, he might as well beat up a ghost and skip the line.


If there happened to be a stubborn fool here who wouldn’t go on the rides, maybe he’ll just drag them to die together. 

Gu Xizhou en-ed, and Ma Qi watched him give in and let out a long sigh of relief, saying, “I’ll take the ticket and try to find it!”

“No, wait a minute.
Pay attention to the rules, and wait until you figure them out.
It’s not urgent.” Si Yu put a hand to his chin, squinting at the bumper cars.
There were white circles painted on the field, and countless bumper cars collided with each other.

The other people also watched and all began to discuss it at once:

“Is it based on sex? Suppose the weight of a man is 2 and the weight of a woman is 1.
See, the weight of that man and woman is 3, and it was hit by two male ghosts weighing 4 and it went flying!” 

“It seems so, ah!”

Hearing this, the people who had originally got tickets with a man and woman felt a little uneasy.


Gu Xizhou furrowed his brows, turning his head to look at Lu An and asking, “Did you already see this situation?”

Lu An shook his head slightly, “No, ah.
I remember clearly seeing a car with a male and female knock down a car with two male ghosts! I don’t think it’s a question of sex.” 

Everyone quarreled endlessly while Gu Xizhou waited for Si Yu to speak.
Si Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, “Lu An is right.
The rule shouldn’t be a question of sex.”

“What’s that?” the man who had just been fighting with Ye Shu roared impatiently.

Si Yu didn’t reason with him, rather he continued to observe what was happening on the field.

“Tch, be all mysterious,” the tall man muttered under his breath and then began talking to someone else, but it was unclear what he was saying. 

Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu, “What now?”

“Take the tickets to jump the queue I think, ba.”

After Si Yu said this, Gu Xizhou turned to him and revealed a smile, “Good, President Si! I’ll go at once!”

Ma Qi, who was originally going to go, shrugged his shoulders and went along with it. 

Gu Xizhou trotted away, grabbed the ghost running the bumper cars, said something, and entered the office with the ghost.
Less than two minutes later, the ghost followed Gu Xizhou out.

It was just that… its clothes… seemed a little ruffled.

Looking at the change in the clothes and such, they reckoned that something had happened in the office, but what, they couldn’t say.

The ghost seemed a little downcast as it opened the gate.
A big man had just sat in one of the cars, and another man sat beside him. 

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“Eh? Zou Jue, you and I are on the same team, ah!” one of the girls said, knitting her eyebrows slightly.

That man called Zou Jue lacked a conscience and looked away.
He clearly didn’t want to team up with this girl…

Si Yu glanced at the two people laughingly, and then said to the others, “Don’t panic.
It’s not about the weight.”

Those two looked at Si Yu at the same time, as if they were waiting for his answer, but Si Yu didn’t tell them.
Instead he pulled aside the others and spoke in a low voice so that those two people couldn’t hear. 

Unexpectedly, the young girl who was abandoned by Zou Jue teamed up with Mei Xiao.

“What did you say? Tell me?!”


The girl who was just abandoned by him rolled her eyes at him, and scolded, “Fool, get lost for laoniang!”

When she was finished, she entered the bumper car ring in silence. 

Each car was a different color.
Gu Xizhou took the passenger’s seat, sitting with ease.
Si Yu drove.
He reclined serenely, not needing to think.

Si Yu looked at his contented face and asked, “Don’t you want to know how to judge it?”

“Each car’s color is different… Forget about it… Don’t want to think about it.
Anyway, you think clearly, and I’ll follow!”

When Gu Xizhou finished, Si Yu looked at him and shook his head in exasperation.
“You, ah… It’s important to learn to think for yourself.
If I wasn’t here this time, you’d be miserable!” 

“But you are here, ah.
Which goes to show that I’m lucky! To come across you like this!”

Si Yu heard what he said and paused, saying, “You really are lucky.”

Still, Si Yu explained, “Actually, it’s quite simple.
You could say that the ghosts driving have no pattern, but based on the color of the car we can avoid collisions.
For example, our car is red, so the path taken by the white and blue cars is the death route for us.”

“After each lap, the death route will be reset.” 

“You’ve experienced that world before, so you shouldn’t find it difficult,” Si Yu said faintly.

Gu Xizhou: “……”

Gu Xizhou thought that his brain might not be able to keep up!

He understood the death routes! Before he encountered this world! 

You only looked for a moment… and you’re so sure? This rule is more complicated than the last one!”

But, unexpectedly, Si Yu stared at the field for ten minutes before he discovered the death route.
It was unscientific!

Si Yu shot him a glance and said, “I couldn’t have thought of it without the experience of the previous world.
But it’s not bad, ba.
I could write down each circle they walk past, which would take more time at most.
So it can’t be considered extremely difficult.”

Gu Xizhou: “……” Sorry, he took back his previous words.
The difference between him and Si Yu was not the ability to judge or act! 

At this moment, Gu Xizhou turned towards Si Yu, he felt that Si Yu’s body radiated one thought—Don’t come near me, annoying mortal.

Gu Xizhou, who only knew violent ferocious ghosts, felt miserably that his whole IQ had been crushed.

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