Ch10 – Picture

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The little policeman stared at the two dead bodies on the ground, and looked back at Gu Xizhou who was still in a daze, and froze.
“Gu Ge, did I say something wrong again…?”


As he spoke, the little policeman turned to look at the crowd around him.
If the words he had just said about the two idiots “deserving it” were recorded, then he might be on the headlines of the news channel tomorrow.
Thinking of that, he swallowed his tongue.




“By the way, thank you, I saw you suddenly reach out to pull Gu Ge away.” The little policeman turned to look at the man standing behind Gu Xizhou’s body.
He paused for a moment when his gaze landed on the man’s face.
This guy really was quite good looking.


Gu Xizhou followed the little policeman’s line of sight and saw a man.
The guy was more than 1.85 meters, tall and well-proportioned.
This guy was probably an idol or a model, something along those lines.
He looked handsome and distinguished, his entire aura standing out from the rest of the crowd.



The man glanced at the little policeman, then looked at Gu Xizhou again, saying a name with a little hesitancy.



“Gu Ge? Gu Ran?”


“You are?”



Gu Xizhou froze for a moment.
The man extended a hand and said: “My name is Si Yu, but before I used a different name — Si Yaoxing.”


“It’s actually you?” Gu Xizhou reached out to tentatively shake hands with the other party.


The little policeman said with a face full of aggression: “Gu Ge, you’re not called Gu Ran ah!”


Gu Xizhou explained stiffly.
“It was a name I used before.”


The little policeman suddenly had a face full of realisation and pulled out an old-fashioned mobile phone from his bag, dialling ”120/110.” Even if he knew that 120 couldn’t save these two people, but he still had to pretend to be earnestly calling, else once the headlines claiming that the police refused to call 120 for emergencies regarding the lives of criminals, he might have lost his rice bowl.



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They had to carry the two people to the 120 van first.
Afterwards, Gu Xizhou let the little policeman follow along the ambulance while he stayed at the scene of the crime.
He glanced up slightly to look at the place where the glass window had fallen from.
One step more, if no one had pulled him from behind, and he would also be dead.


The two of them walked to a slightly more secluded place.
Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yaoxing– no, it should be Si Yu, and his mouth opened.
“For just now, thanks.”


Si Yu shook his head.
“No, you successfully left the mission world.
Even if I didn’t pull you back, you would have escaped this disaster for some reason or another.”


Gu Xizhou made an understanding sound.
Thinking of the original owner of this body, however, the original owner actually didn’t manage to escape. 


His gaze landed on the ground where white lines had just been drawn.
His eyes narrowed, and the string of numbers in the void suddenly entered into a countdown again — 167:19:36.


This mission world rewarded 168 hours.
Gu Xizhou calculated it quietly, and realised that was about a week’s worth of time.

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Xe Wlhtbe: “…” Qtja jgf sbe agslcu ab lwqis?!


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Gu Xizhou nodded, and the man changed direction, walking back in the direction they came from.
However, he barely took two steps before he turned around and came back.
“Since we’re people who have slept together, I feel like I have to remind you of something.”



Gu Xizhou: “…” Can you speak properly ah?


Si Yu: “Next time, don’t randomly pick up chairs to hit it.
It also wants some face.”


Gu Xizhou: “…”


Si Yu: “Not every world’s death conditions are so demanding.
In some worlds, you have already met the death conditions the moment you enter, and who it decides to kill is based entirely on how happy it is.
If you want to pull its aggression and hatred like this, even Immortal Da Luo can’t save you.”


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Gu Xizhou nodded his head, and thanked him sincerely. 


Si Yu: “This time, I’m really leaving.”



At the police station, people came and left, and when someone noticed Gu Xizhou, they went over to greet him.


“Old Gu, I heard Xiao Fang say that the two people you were chasing today, that you almost ended up like them! You’re really capable of chasing them so intensely ah!”


“Xiao Fang ran so intensely that they ran out of breath, but they still couldn’t overtake you, Old Gu, you must be more considerate of the newbies ah! Are you really trying to kill your deputy from exhaustion?”



“Just wait for the test report from the forensic doctor and compare the DNA.
At any rate, it’s probably not too different, this can definitely be counted as us catching these two assholes!”


Gu Xizhou only smiled at a few people and didn’t speak.
His expression didn’t look too good, so when people saw his face, they thought he had been scared shitless, so they successively went up to comfort Gu Xizhou and invited him to drink and eat barbeque after finishing this matter at night!


Gu Xizhou didn’t know what sort of personality the original owner had, or who was in his family.
Throughout the entire process, he listened more while speaking less, afraid that someone would see through him.
What’s more, he was surrounded by policemen.
If he did something strange, he would immediately be called out.


At eight or nine, the DNA comparison results came out. 


“The deceased are two middle-aged men, both of whom are 1.70 meters tall and of strong physique.
They have been confirmed by DNA comparison as suspects in the Guangzhou destruction incident, mass murder case 113, and are also the culprits of several murder and robbery cases in our city!”


“The cause of death is the impact from the glass of the shopping mall that fell from a high altitude.
It hit them in the head, and killed them in one blow.
They both died on the spot.”


Forensic doctor Xiang Yuan held the report and pointed to the bodies.
“I have already informed them to notify the relevant parties in Guangzhou to notify all the victims’ families.”


When Xiang Yuan completed his report, all the people present let out the breath they had been holding. 


After the report, Leader Wang Ao asked Gu Xizhou to stay.
“Xiao Gu, you handled this matter well.
If the media dares to write any sort of messy report, the bureau will definitely support you!”

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Gu Xizhou nodded, and answered affirmatively.
Just as he was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped by Wang Ao–



“Xizhou, as the leader of the police bureau, naturally I hope you can help us solve cases.
But as your father’s friend, I still hope that you will pay more attention to your health and safety, and stop acting so impulsively every time! Your parents have already passed away, and if anything were to happen to you, when I die in the future, I have no way of explaining it to your parents.”


“I know.” From Wang Ao’s words, Gu Xizhou caught some important details. 


The original owner had the same name as him, and both his parents had already died. 


After Gu Xizhou left, Wang Ao shook his head helplessly.
He really didn’t know if this child actually listened to his words!


At night, several people had invited him to drink.
Gu Xizhou sat quietly at the side, drinking alcohol and eating barbeque.
Not to mention, this barbeque really was delicious.
It had been a long time since this demonic cultivator was able to eat so well. 


Xiang Yuan happily joked, “Xizhou, were you scared dumb today? Want me to introduce a classmate to you?”


Fang Zhi, who was sitting next to him, glanced at Gu Xizhou and quietly whispered: “Introduce a forensic doctor to Gu Ge, and let them talk for a whole night about the structure of the human body, or debate over where in the human body is the easier to sink your knife into?”


Xiang Yuan: “Stop talking nonsense, my classmate is a psychiatrist, not a forensic doctor!”


Gu Xizhou smiled, but still didn’t say anything.
They saw that Gu Xizhou wasn’t very interested, so after finishing off the meat skewers and drinking two more cans of beer, Xiang Yuan paid the bill and everyone separated. 


Fang Zhi saw Gu Xizhou hadn’t spoken for a whole night, and was a little worried in his heart.
“Gu Ge, do you need me to send you home?”



“Okay ah…” The Gu Xizhou who was just worried about not being able to find his home felt the urge to hug the baby face in front of him.
Where else could he find such a cute little policeman ah!


Fang Zhi sent Gu Xizhou all the way to the door of the twelfth building of Binpeng Garden, and stopped at the first sub-block.
He was about to send Gu Xizhou up, but his phone rang. 


When Fang Zhi took out his mobile phone, Gu Xizhou paused for a moment — the keyboard phone seemed to be a very old model.
Gu Xizhou remembered the phones he saw today, all of which were touch-screens, and even the one in his bag was also a touch-screen model.

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“I know, I’ll be right back.” Gu Xizhou felt that Fang Zhi always seemed like a child who hadn’t grown up, but in this moment, Gu Xizhou suddenly felt that this person looked like an adult.
It was just that he didn’t know who was on the other end of the phone.


Fang Zhi said embarrassedly to Gu Xizhou: “My little sister seems to be in some trouble, I have to go back.
Gu Ge, you can go upstairs by yourself, I’ll be leaving first!”


After he finished, Fang Zhi didn’t wait for Gu Xizhou to respond, and disappeared, barely leaving behind a trail of smoke. 


Gu Xizhou, a former demonic cultivator turned policeman who didn’t know where he lived: “…”


Gu Xizhou touched his pocket, trying to see if there was any clue attached to his key.
He found an old photo in his pocket, a picture of two men and one woman.
One of the men seemed to be Gu Xizhou, and there were three numbers written on the back of the photo — “705”.


Gu Xizhou froze for a moment.
It wouldn’t be what he was thinking ba?


After a while, Gu Xizhou stood in front of Room 705.
He took out the key and held it at the keyhole, hesitating for a moment.
Then, he grit his teeth, and decided to just try it!



The key went in, and gently turned.




The door opened. 


After entering, he took out the photo in his bag to take a closer look.
This should be the family portrait of the original owner.
He could tell that the original owner treasured this photo very much.
There was even a plastic cover on the photo.
Thinking of this, Gu Xizhou again reevaluated what he thought should be the original owner’s circumstances.


There was only one pair of slippers at the door, and all the toiletries were for one person only, having no trace of another person’s life. 


Both parents had died, there was no relationship with either men or women, the same name and the same surname.
Other than a few discrepancies with their occupation, Gu Xizhou found that the current body was essentially perfect for him!


This had to be too coincidental ba?


Gu Xizhou thought about it, and found an album of the original owner’s family in the cabinet under the closet.
He carefully placed the photo in his bag inside the album.
He wouldn’t lose the album.
After all, it was the original owner’s thing, and it still should be respected. 

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