is head, laughing in frustration, “That boy, why did he run when he saw me? Did he know I was coming back to talk to him, ah?”

Gu Xizhou drove all the way home. 

At home, Gu Ji Ji found that the useless demonic cultivator seemed a little off today.
Once he returned, he didn’t run from him.
Usually he had nothing to say, but today he wanted to talk to Gu Ji Ji about his former love life.

What’s wrong with this guy?

Something must have happened today!

Gu Ji Ji had a belly full of questions, but he merely looked quietly at the Gu Xizhou’s case report about the dead person. 

Gu Xizhou watched as Ji Ji flipped a couple of pages and knew that he was sitting next to him, asking him in a low voice, “Ji Ji, are you listening to me? Have you ever been in love before?”

There were a few more words in the book on the table: I haven’t.


The corners of Gu Xizhou’s mouth twitched, Xiang Yuan had hit the nail on the head… Ma Qi too!

Gu Xizhou’s face twisted and Gu Ji Ji fell silent turning to look at Gu Xizhou as he wrote: En? …Who are you in love with? 

Gu Xizhou glanced at the characters in the notebook and shook his head, “No one, just thought I’d ask.”

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Gu Ji Ji: Oh.

Gu Xizhou looked at Gu Ji Ji and asked, “Hypothetically… since your body is mine now, if one day I fell in love, and got married, would you be uncomfortable?”

Gu Xizhou watched the pen come to a halt.
For a long time it didn’t move. 

As a matter of fact, Gu Xizhou knew that this must be very hard for Gu Ji Ji, watching someone else control his body to do everything he once could.

“Sorry, just take it as if I didn’t ask,” Gu Xizhou said sincerely.
He knew that this was a hard conversation to have and that now might not be the best moment for it.

One person and one ghost sat in relative silence without speaking.
Finally Gu Ji Ji broke the silence.

Gu Ji Ji picked up the pen to ask for the details of the chest-cutting case: How did you know that the convict’s husband had AIDS? 

“Oh, when he was at the nightclub he and the girl he was with were talking about how he had had a cold for a month straight.
AIDS will cause a person’s immune system to decline,” Gu Xizhou explained.

Gu Ji Ji: Oh.

Having finished their conversation, Gu Xizhou said in a small voice, “I’ll take the dog son out for a walk.
If there is something you want to ask me, we can talk about it when I get back.”

Gu Ji Ji didn’t speak, he merely banged on the table to let Gu Xizhou know that he heard him. 

Gu Xizhou rode the elevator downstairs with his dog son in a daze.
When they reached the first floor, one of his neighbors had to remind him to get off, and Gu Xizhou led his dog son from the elevator.

The question he asked Gu Ji Ji was also the question in his heart.

If he never fell for anyone, maybe he could accommodate Gu Ji Ji.
But what if he did? What if he did fall for someone?

What should Gu Ji Ji do? The body belonged to Gu Ji Ji.
If Gu Ji Ji had dispersed from the beginning it wouldn’t be so complicated.
He could use Gu Ji Ji’s body to do whatever he wanted with a clear conscience. 

Today’s events and the events from inside of the mission world reminded him of this, causing Gu Xizhou to feel a little out of sorts.

“Woof woof woof!”


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Gu Xizhou heard his dog son barking like crazy and looked down at him.
He was trying to go up to another dog.

Gu Xizhou looked down at his dog son with disdain and said, “You are how old? And you’re already trying to find a wife?” 

Gu Xizhou dragged his pitiful dog son away and after walking the dog Gu Xizhou returned home, his eyelids heavy as he stared quietly at the empty apartment.

There was no sign of activity inside of the empty house.
Gu Ji Ji didn’t seem to be in the living room, because it was completely silent save for the gentle sound of the wind.

He thought that it must be his question that was making Gu Ji Ji unhappy.

Gu Xizhou felt a little bit guilty, but only just a little bit of course. 

However when he opened the door, Gu Ji Ji was standing on the balcony outside of the living room.
Gu Ji Ji turned as Gu Xizhou came in, his expression growing heavy.
He thought of something and turned his head slightly to look outside.

Gu Xizhou came in and unclipped the dog son’s leash.
Hearing the sound of rain outside, he went through the kitchen to bring the clothes in.
When he did he noticed several torn and crumpled pieces of paper in the trash can.

Gu Xizhou looked at the trash can and then listened for any sign of movement outside.
Then, as if gods and demons were at work… Gu Xizhou even retrieved the pieces of paper from the trash can.

Looking at the paper in his hand, Gu Xizhou wanted to open it. 

To look, or not to look?

Perhaps what was written on this paper were Gu Ji Ji’s thoughts.
Maybe Ji Ji was willing to accept everything? But once again maybe not… Gu Xizhou didn’t know.
He picked up the paper to try and unfold it, but he didn’t move.

Gu Xizhou looked at the paper in his hand, but didn’t have the courage to open it.

Retrieving the clothes, Gu Xizhou came back in and didn’t know what to say.
He sat on the sofa and ate quietly, staring straight ahead and pretending like he hadn’t seen the paper.
He also didn’t ask for Gu Ji Ji’s answer. 

Both people had a tacit understanding never to bring up this heavy subject again.

From the moment Gu Xizhou was resurrected and Gu Ji Ji didn’t dissipate this difficult question lay between them.
So long as neither of them disappeared and never came back again they would have to confront this question sooner or later.

Maybe sooner, maybe later.

Crooked: It’s finals week but the stockpile is pulling through ahahaha 

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