Ch99 – Snitch

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Translated by: Crooked

Edited by: Dust Bunny 

Next weekend, there was no case, so Gu Xizhou took a vacation.
He slept past dawn without getting up.

Until someone pulled open the curtains.
Sunshine shone down on Gu Xizhou’s arm, and he rubbed his drowsy eyes, sitting up.



The curtains were clearly opened by a ghost.
Gu Xizhou originally wanted to tease Gu Ji Ji a bit, but when he opened his mouth, he chose to swallow down his words of ridicule because of yesterday.

After he finished washing up, Gu Xizhou heard the sound of the news from the living room.
He glanced out the door.
The TV was on, and Gu Ji Ji was watching the news. 

It wasn’t until Gu Xizhou ate lunch that the human and the ghost exchanged words, or rather, it was Gu Ji Ji’s unilateral command.


Gu Ji Ji: Rookie, go throw out the trash.

“Okay okay okay, you’re the boss.” Gu Xizhou actually didn’t argue and took the trash downstairs.
Bowing his head, Gu Xizhou looked at the black trash bag in his hands.
Opening it up to take a look, he noticed that the balls of paper inside had all disappeared.

Gu Xizhou had just finished throwing out the trash when his cell phone went off.
He picked up and hurriedly spoke with the person on the phone.
Then, he hurriedly returned home, grabbed his keys, and told Gu Ji Ji, “A corpse was discovered in the underground parking lot downtown at the mall.”


Gu Xizhou heard the name of the shopping mall and couldn’t help but shake his head.
He knew this mall, ah.
Gu Ji Ji was pursuing some criminals when a glass pane fell from a high altitude and crushed them to death.

Si Yu owned this mall.
Who knew how he was feeling now.
Before, it was glass that fell and crushed two criminals to death.
Later, there was the time with the body hidden in the cement, and now there was a corpse found in the shopping mall.

Gu Xizhou shook his head and drove to the scene while he made a phone call.



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In a meeting, a handsome man heard his phone go off.
He pulled it out of his pocket.
When he looked at the caller ID, he was surprised, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

He walked out of the conference room without regard for the meeting and answered the phone.
“Hello? What is it?”

“Why are you looking for me so soon?”

Gu Xizhou sneered.
He hooked up his phone to his car with bluetooth and said to Si Yu, “Am I that kind of person? I don’t call you until I need your help?” 

“You are.”

Hearing the other person’s unrestrained words, Gu Xizhou said helplessly, “Whatever you say, ba.
I just received a report.
There was an accident at your mall.
Did you know?”

After Gu Xizhou finished talking, the other side was quiet for a long time.
Gu Xizhou said in his heart: Seeing as Si Yu is like this, he definitely didn’t know about it.

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“Vbwfbcf’r vfjv.” Xe Wlhtbe jrxfv, “Vjs, sbe rjlv sbe kfgf iemxs, yea tbk mbwf P offi ilxf fnfg rlcmf P’nf wfa sbe, P’nf cfnfg rffc sbe tjnf jc fjrs alwf?” 

“Ktf olgra alwf kf wfa fjmt batfg, j qjcf bo uijrr mgertfv akb qfbqif.
Ktf rfmbcv alwf, atfgf kfgf ybvlfr tlvvfc lc j cflutybgtbbv sbeg mbwqjcs vfnfibqfv.
Ktlr alwf, rbwfbcf pera vlfv lc sbeg qjgxlcu iba.”

Outside the glass window, the man with hair as black as ink touched his nose.
He disregarded Gu Xizhou’s words about the dead body and spoke carelessly, “Don’t say I haven’t discovered it yet.
I noticed that ever since I met you, my luck’s been terrible.”


“Bullshit,” Gu Xizhou was dumbfounded.
“I don’t feel like dealing with you.”

Hearing the ‘click’ of the phone hanging up, Si Yu put away his cell phone.
He didn’t return to the conference room, leaving behind a large number of bosses prepared to show their faces in front of him with dumbfounded expressions, looking at each other with dismay. 

What happened with the big boss?

Gu Xizhou drove as fast as lightning to his destination.
The mall was located on a flourishing road.
People in the surroundings came and went, and there were still people shopping outside the mall.
The lights were splendid beyond words, and the whole mall was suffused with a kind of elegance and class.

It was unbelievable that a dead body could actually appear in a place like this.

Gu Xizhou felt the police should have been here for a while.
Fang Zhi was standing to the side with a man in leisure clothes, pen and paper in hand, taking notes. 

Gu Xizhou raised the police tape and went inside.
Xiang Yuan approached and said, “You came?”

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Gu Xizhou nodded and asked, “What’s the current situation?”

“The body has two knife wounds.
One slashed the larynx so the deceased couldn’t make any noise, and the other directly impaled the back of the skull.
The murderer’s technique is very practiced.
The entire process wouldn’t have taken more than a minute.
I believe this isn’t the murderer’s first kill.” It was the first time Xiang Yuan had seen this kind of efficient and neat murder technique.
He added, “Furthermore, the murder weapon is actually a very common fruit knife.
Finding the murderer based on the weapon is essentially impossible.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Xiang Yuan continued, “There were no fingerprints on the fruit knife.
The murderer should have worn gloves to commit the crime.” 

In response, Gu Xizhou glanced at him indifferently.
He took a pair of gloves and walked toward the deceased’s car by the side.

The car was an Audi.
The owner’s finances were obviously pretty good.

Gu Xizhou looked at the body inside carefully.

The deceased was in the driver’s seat.
Blood flowed down his neck, and his suit was soaked in it.
The entire interior of the car looked like it had just experienced a rain of blood.
The window was sprayed with blood from the man’s neck. 

His mouth was open, as if he wanted to say something before he died, but there was no time for the words to escape.
He’d already been killed.

For the police officers, this corpse couldn’t be considered dreadful in the least, and it also wasn’t the most terrible way to die.
However, the murderer’s neat and tidy technique worried them.

The murderer commited the crime in the city center efficiently and neatly.

Was the killer a hitman, or possibly an escaped criminal who’d killed countless times? 

Gu Xizhou was frightened by his thoughts, and he looked down at the body again.

When he moved back, he noticed the lock behind the driver’s seat showed signs of being pried open.
The murderer should have found the car, then picked the lock and got into the backseat to wait for the victim to return.
Then they immediately killed him.


The murderer didn’t only show professional skills, but also the ability to pick locks like this.
Even if they weren’t a hitman, they must have been an escaped killer.
Gu Xizhou thought up to here and felt his head begin to ache.
Is this mall poisonous, ah? Last time, glass dropped from the sky and crushed two criminals.
Can something like this still happen in the parking lot?

Gu Xizhou turned and opened the back seat.
As he thought, the door lock was already pried open, and there was no need for force.
He looked inside and grabbed a bloody fruit knife from the seat. 

Gu Xizhou turned and found Fang Zhi off to the side.
Fang Zhi was interviewing the one who made the report.

The one who called the police was the young man in casual clothing Gu Xizhou saw when he came in.
Not far away from that man stood a young woman, shivering all over.

At that moment, the young man was describing the events to Fang Zhi.
“Today my girlfriend and I came here for a date to have a meal.
After we ate, we came down in the elevator, and I found my parking spot.
The victim was in the car diagonal from mine.

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“At first, I didn’t notice anything, but my girlfriend did.
When she sat in the car, she pointed at the diagonal Audi car and said that the window looked weird, like there was blood on it… When she said that, I noticed there were a few drops of blood on the glass.
I got out and wanted to take a look.
Who would have imagined… 

“God knows what happened! Anyway, I went over for a look and saw a dead body all covered in blood! It scared me to death!”

“Do you come here often?” Gu Xizhou asked.

“Yes, ah.
All the good malls are around here.” The man explained, “If you want to buy luxury goods and whatnot, you have to come here.
The other stores have nothing.
My girlfriend likes this place, so we come here a lot.”

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows.
“When you found the body, were there other people around besides you?” 

The man thought for a moment before shaking his head.
“I didn’t see anyone.
At that time, it was almost noon.
Most people were all in the mall eating lunch.
I didn’t pay attention under the parking lot though.
I’ll ask my girlfriend.”

The man pointed to the girl in a pink dress standing in the distance.
After he went over, he gently touched her back and spoke with her.
When he came back over, he told Gu Xizhou that they hadn’t seen anyone.

After questioning the two people, Fang Zhi had no doubts about their story.
After he registered their personal information, he subconsciously looked at Gu Xizhou.
Gu Xizhou stepped forward and wrote a note on a slip of paper for them.
He said, “Thanks for your help.
If you think of any other clues, please contact us.”

“Okay.” The man took the note and glanced at the phone number.
He didn’t stay any longer, holding his girlfriend’s shoulder and steering her out. 

After sending them off, Gu Xizhou turned around and carefully examined the body.
Then, he looked up at the distant infrared monitor.
He already understood the basic situation.
The only thing that remained was to visit the surveillance room.

“How the hell are you managing things? Ah? How can such a big problem happen?” A middle aged man spitting in anger was fuming at a fat man beside him.

“I’m sorry, Chief Yu, it was just a moment’s negligence… We already called people to take a look.
The murder took place in under a minute, and no one noticed…”

“No one noticed? What do you think I asked you to do here? Freeload?” 

“It was lunch time.
People were coming in and going out of the mall all the time.
Who would have imagined that someone wearing a face mask and black clothes would come in to kill someone?”

“Is your explanation useful at all right now?” The man called Chief Yu angrily smacked the wall.
“I tell you, the big boss already knows about the dead body at the mall.”


“I also don’t know which bastard blabbed to the big boss… Don’t let me find out, otherwise I…” Yu Yang rubbed his balding head, panting with rage.

“It wasn’t a big problem at first, but now that the big boss knows, someone is definitely out of luck!” 

“He didn’t even finish his meeting at his subsidiary company, and he’s already on his way.
Someone definitely needs to take responsibility for this.”

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Just as he spoke, the four high level shopping mall managers caught sight of Fang Zhi, dressed in uniform, and Gu Xizhou in casual clothes.
They immediately collected themselves.
The one called Chief Yu inquired very courteously, “Officers, is there anything you need us to do? We’ll coordinate completely with your investigation.”

The tone and attitude of the new president Si Yu hired were very sincere.
It was clear that he really wanted to solve the matter as soon as possible.

Gu XIzhou glanced at him, speaking casually, “First, take us to the surveillance room, ba.” 

“This… wait a moment, I need to wait for our group lawyer to arrive…”

“That won’t do,” Gu Xizhou said indifferently.
“I don’t have time to wait for you to deal with public opinion.
Divide up responsibility.
I need to see the monitoring as soon as possible.”

“This…” Yu Yang said, “The lawyer company hasn’t come.
I really don’t dare to act.”

Gu Xizhou looked at him and raised his eyebrows.
Obviously, he didn’t intend to wait for the lawyer.
Yu Yang spoke again, “Then I’ll call the lawyer first and ask him.
It’s my first time dealing with this kind of thing.” 

“You just said your big boss was on his way?” Gu Xizhou glanced at Yu Yang.
He really wanted to tell Yu Yang that he was the snitch…


Gu Xizhou asked, “You said your big boss is Si Yu?”

Yu Yang heard Gu Xizhou say Si Yu’s name and stared at him in surprise.
He nodded instinctually.
“Yes, that’s right.
Officer, do you know our boss?” 

Gu Xizhou grabbed his cellphone and called Si Yu.
After the busy tone sounded for a moment, the call hung up.

Gu Xizhou: “……” What’s wrong with him?

As soon as he thought this, he watched a black maybach pull up, parking in front of him.
A person stepped down from the car, speaking with a sonorous and slightly hoarse tone, “Don’t fight.
I’m here.”

“Why are you here?” Gu Xizhou asked. 

“When you called me, I was in the neighborhood.” Si Yu gazed at him with deep eyes and said, “Fortunately, today I was listening to another company’s report not far from here.”

“I came over to see the situation.
If you want their help, just say so.” As soon as Si Yu spoke, Gu Xizhou keenly felt a line of sight fall on him.


Yu Yang looked at Gu Xizhou with a smile uglier than a face in tears: This was the snitch! He was afraid he couldn’t keep his job, ah!

Gu Xizhou looked at him confidently and returned his smile.
“Let’s go, your big boss has spoken.
Take us up, ba.” 

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