Ch102 – Looking At Him

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Translated by: Dust Bunny

Edited by: Crooked 

“Wuwuwu…” Liao Jun’s mother’s face was lifeless, her eyes lacking any energy as she wiped away her tears with a hand withered like tree bark.
She looked like she was about to faint at any moment.

Liao Jun held his mother patting her on the back as he gripped his father’s shoulder to support the old man step by step over to the car.
After helping them into the car Liao Jun said to his wife, “Help me take care of my parents.”



His wife nodded, her eyes red as she watched him go.
She stood in front of the car and burst into tears.

“Officer…” Liao Jun said, walking over to Gu Xizhou.
As soon as he stopped in front of Gu Xizhou, his words got stuck in his throat, unable to say a word. 

He quickly wiped his tears from his cheek and sobbed, “Please find the murderer! If you need anything, you can call me at any time!”


Seeing him cry so broken-heartedly, Gu Xizhou felt a little guilty for doubting him.
Maybe it was just that the old man was too sad just now to admit his mistake… Liao Jun’s grief didn’t look like an act.
Of course, maybe his acting was just too good.

Gu Xizhou didn’t dare jump to conclusions and nodded.
“Okay, keep your phone on you.
I’ll contact you if necessary.”

“En,” Liao Jun replied as his tears began to fall again, using his other hand to cover his mouth as he wept silently in front of Gu Xizhou.
It took a while before he wiped his tears from his face and calmed down, his other hand pressing gently against his chest as he struggled.


On the other side, Fang Zhi conveniently handed him a tissue.

He took in a deep breath and seemed to feel better.
“Thank you, I think I will go find my parents… they must be so broken up.
I’m also… I’m also finding it difficult to bear.”

Gu Xizhou watched Liao Jun’s back as he left, furrowing his brows.
His tears just now didn’t seem fake.
Maybe he was just being overly suspicious.


Gu Xizhou retrieved his gaze and turned to find Xiang Yuan chatting with Si Yu.
Xiang Yuan handed everything over to his little assistant Li Yan without exception.
This guy really had no shame. 

“How did you two meet?” Xiang Yuan smiled strangely as if he had discovered a whole new world.

Sitting in front of his Maybach, Si Yu replied, “We got to know each other at the police station after glass fell at one of my shopping malls and killed someone.”


“Oh,” Xiang Yuan said as it suddenly dawned on him.
He recalled that Gu Xizhou had previously been pursuing two fugitives when the fugitives were crushed to death.
One of the fugitives had a family member who ran to the police station to complain.
That day he had heard a few female police officers talking about a tall, rich, handsome man who dealt with it. 

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Speaking of which…at the time he had looked down on the young girls for their shallowness, but now he examined Si Yu closely.

He had no choice but to admit, this person really was good looking.
Not only that, but he had a very immaculate personality.
Lots of people were handsome, but not everyone had such a unique temperament.

No wonder the young women were a little reluctant to leave.

“What happened next?” Xiang Yuan gossiped. 

Si Yu didn’t mention the things in the mission world and talked about the cement corpse case.
Hearing about this case Xiang Yuan patted Si Yu’s back and lowered his voice, “This really is an unlucky year for you.
How much money did you lose?”

“It’s not too bad,” Si Yu replied casually.


Xiang Yuan saw that he was unfazed and felt that he was a little bit of a pain in the ass as he continued to gossip, “Oh right, what’s the situation between you and Lao Gu? Now that you’ve kissed, are you together now?”

Si Yu heard him and his gaze lowered slightly, “We are just friends.
The kiss was an accident.” 

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“An accident?”

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“P vbc’a xcbk.”

“Tbe vbc’a xcbk?” Wljcu Tejc gjlrfv jc fsfygbk jcv aegcfv ab ibbx ja Vl Te.
Glvc’a atfrf akb qfbqif xlrr? Ktlcxlcu yjmx bc Xe Wlhtbe’r yftjnlbg, kjr tf gfjiis atlcxlcu abb wemt? 

Si Yu saw he was surprised and explained, “I’ve never been in love before.”

Hearing Si Yu’s words, Xiang Yuan was stunned.
His gaze fell on Si Yu and he looked him up and down carefully.

It turned out that this hot guy was the same as Lao Gu? He had never been in love?

Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou who was busy assigning tasks to the others and their eyes met accidentally.
When he met Gu Xizhou’s gaze, they maintained eye contact for three seconds before retrieving their gazes and continuing in silence. 

Gu Xizhou finished assigning tasks and walked over to Xiang Yuan and Si Yu asking, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing,” Xiang Yuan said, embarrassed.

“Okay, ba,” Gu Xizhou grabbed Xiang Yuan and pointed to Li Yan who had already taken off her lab coat and said, “You ran over here to take a break leaving everything to a girl, have you no shame?”

“What’s so embarrassing about that?” Xiang Yuan said, “You criminal police treat women as men and men as animals!” 

Gu Xizhou glanced at him before turning to look at Si Yu, who was sitting in the front of the Maybach.

“You’re still here?” Gu Xizhou said as he walked over.
Maybe he was thinking too much, but as soon as he heard his voice, Si Yu seemed to be a little entranced.

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Si Yu got up and walked around the Maybach and said casually, “En, you haven’t eaten yet, right?”

“I haven’t…” Gu Xizhou glanced at Si Yu as if he didn’t understand what he was trying to ask. 

“What do you want to eat? It’s my treat.” Si Yu glanced down at his watch to check the time.
It was already past seven.
“Relax,” Si Yu continued, “I’ll have my people watch this place 24/7.
I won’t let anyone destroy the crime scene.”

Gu Xizhou caught Si Yu’s movement and also glanced down to look at the time.
He looked around at the rest of his colleagues and said, “It’s already pretty late, let’s eat and go home, ba.”


The police officers still stationed on the scene all glanced at one another, their hearts all secretly moved: Their team leader Gu could remember the time!

Si Yu glanced at him and repeated his question from earlier, “What do you want to eat?” 

Gu Xizhou shot him a glance, not self conscious in the slightest.
He was already used to mooching off local tyrants anyway.
“Let’s go upstairs and eat whatever with a few of my colleagues, if you don’t mind, ba?”

“En,” Si Yu said, the corners of his mouth curling slightly as he nodded to Gu Xizhou.

Gu Xizhou followed Si Yu upstairs to a family restaurant in the back of the shopping mall.

Xiang Yuan came in after them, and when he saw the menu, the corners of his mouth twitched.
Lowering his voice to speak to Gu Xizhou he said, “This is “whatever”?” 

“How was I supposed to know this mall doesn’t just have whatever,” Gu Xizhou said helplessly.
It was only after he came up that he realized that this shopping mall would only have this kind of thousand per person restaurants.

Xiang Yuan felt bad, and left some of his colleagues behind, but there were still more than a dozen people there, ah!

Then he turned around to see Gu Xizhou ordering food unceremoniously with practiced actions.
He didn’t treat himself as an outsider at all.

After eating, the other team members began to call taxis and depart.
The remaining girls caught a ride from Gu Xizhou and took the elevator down together.
Just as they reached the car, Gu Xizhou heard the screech of tires immediately followed by the sound of a collision. 



That screech was unpleasant for the ears.
Gu Xizhou watched as a car that had just started to move came to a halt and a man Gu Xizhou recognized as Si Yu’s new chairman Yu Yang got out.

Yu Yang’s face looked distressed as he got out of the car.
He raised his head, catching sight of Si Yu like a mouse seeing a cat. 

Si Yu frowned slightly.
He glanced at Yu Yang and asked, “Why did you get out?”

Yu Yang: “President Si… It’s nothing.
I wasn’t paying attention when I started my car and accidentally smashed the headlights of the Land Rover next to me.”

Hearing this sentence, Gu Xizhou implicitly looked for his car in the parking lot.
His headlights… were broken…

“You can’t leave with a broken headlight.” Evidently, Si Yu also recognized Gu Xizhou’s car.
“I’ll drive you home.” 

In the end, Si Yu drove everyone who was catching a ride with Gu Xizhou and Gu Xizhou got into Si Yu’s car.

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Sitting in Si Yu’s car, Gu Xizhou massaged his forehead and said, “Isn’t this the second time someone has hit my car around you? I’ll have to take a taxi to work tomorrow again.”


“You blame me?”

“En.” Gu Xizhou was noncommittal. 

Si Yu started the car and asked, “You don’t want to take a taxi?”

Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes, “Duh.”

Si Yu’s gaze deepened as he glanced at him, following Gu Xizhou’s directions to his house without speaking.
When they reached the gate to his community, Gu Xizhou looked at his home and remembered the question he had posed yesterday.
Suddenly, he didn’t want to go home.

“Do you want to go get a drink?” Si Yu suddenly asked as he stopped the car. 

Gu Xizhou was surprised, “En?”

“Your mood isn’t so good.
I can keep you company.”

“You can tell?”

Si Yu’s lips curved up as he looked over at Gu Xizhou and said mildly, “You don’t have to be a criminal police officer to have good observation skills.” 

The two left through the neighborhood gate with Si Yu in the lead.
It was only then that Gu Xizhou realized there was actually a bar not far from his apartment.
Additionally, the lights and the wine here were green, making one feel as if nothing was real.

The bar was very loud, and the people there all wore revealing clothes.
Gu Xizhou didn’t really like these kinds of places, and clearly neither did Si Yu.
He raised his eyebrows and grabbed Gu Xizhou’s hand, walking quickly down the street to a quiet bar ten minutes away.
There was no one inside or outside the bar.

Gu Xizhou went in, and the two ordered wine and found a spot in a corner of the bar.
Si Yu quietly accompanied Gu Xizhou to drink.
Every time he drank he would just sip at it.
More often than not, he would simply watch Gu Xizhou drink.

Gu Xizhou had been worried about how he should answer if Si Yu asked him why he was upset, but he was worried for nothing.
Si Yu accompanied him to drink without asking. 

Gu Xizhou’s gaze only rested on Si Yu for an instant before he noticed another man with a couple of wine glasses coming over.

“Hello, I haven’t seen you before.” The man said politely, setting the two wine glasses in his hands down on the table.
“Please, have some wine.”

Si Yu glanced at him indifferently, pushing away the glass of wine in front of him, “No need.”

The man paid no mind to Si Yu’s rejection.
It was Gu Xizhou he was after.
“You and I live in the same community.
I’ve seen you many times…” 

Gu Xizhou interrupted the man before he could finish.
“I don’t care who you are.”

“Okay, ba.” The man rubbed his nose, embarrassed.
He didn’t care about rejection, he just regretted it.


After the man left and went to go sit in a corner, Gu Xizhou stared at the wine glass before suddenly opening his mouth to ask Si Yu: “In the mission world, are there any props that can bring people back to life?”

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“No,” Si Yu replied without any hesitation. 

Gu Xizhou heard Si Yu answer so quickly and fell into a daze.
Actually, in his eyes, the mission world was quite magical.
It could replenish the life of the dying, so it could also be possible to resurrect someone.

Then Si Yu glanced at Gu Xizhou and amended, “At least, not that I know of.”


In the hallway stood two tall silhouettes. 

“En… En?” Gu Xizhou’s footsteps were unsteady.
“This is it… 705… Thanks… for sending me home.”

The man supporting him gave a small laugh.
His voice was bright and clear despite carrying a trace of intoxication.
His eyes curved slightly, watching Gu Xizhou intently.
“You’re welcome.”

After Si Yu found Gu Xizhou’s key, opening the door with a click, he stood outside the door supporting Gu Xizhou.

Inside the apartment, Gu Ji Ji heard the sound and turned his head to see two figures standing outside the door.
His eyes were fathomless, obscuring his emotions in the depths of his eyes.
He sat on the sofa unmoving as he quietly watched the man help Gu Xizhou into the room. 

After a while the man came out of the room and dug out his cellphone.

“En, send someone over to pick me up.
I had a little bit of wine.”

Gu Ji Ji sat on the sofa sizing the man up carefully.
He recognized him at a glance.
This was his comrade from the mission world Si Yaoxing, the man who Gu Xizhou looked for everytime, Si Yu.

Si Yu looked at the things on the coffee table in Gu Xizhou’s living room, noticing that there were a lot of used sticky notes, several pencils, as well as one information booklet. 

Gu Ji Ji watched Si Yu take out a ring of keys and set it on the table before racing out to pick up the things on the table, furrowing his brows subconsciously.
The table was covered in books and notes that all had things written on them, and Si Yaoxing was sure to catch sight of something troublesome… Gu Ji Ji’s outstretched hand hovered in midair.
He was just about to grab the sticky note, but his opponent was quicker.

Si Yu didn’t read the contents of the note, seemingly uninterested in the conversation written on it.
He picked up a pen and wrote a few words on it.

Gu Ji Ji leaned over to look at the note.
Written on the note was: I left my car downstairs.
When your car is repaired, return it to me.

The car broke down? 

The house ghost’s expression changed slightly.

Twenty minutes later, Si Yu’s car had already arrived at the gate of the community and he opened the door to leave.


Noticing Si Yu’s actions, Gu Ji Ji got up to go check on the hungover Gu Xizhou.
He was looking at Si Yu standing at the door for a moment when a trace of surprise flashed suddenly in his eyes.


The door closed.

Inside the room, Gu Ji Ji furrowed his brows, wondering if he was thinking too much.
Just now, in the instant the door closed, Si Yu seemed to be looking at him…

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