er floors, forcefully pulling people apart.


Gu Xizhou held down a twelve-year-old boy.
The boy turned and viciously bit on the hand holding him back, to the point where hints of blood could be seen.
Gu Xizhou let go, and the child immediately rushed in front of the pair, ferociously kicking.
Gu Xizhou bodily pulled the child back, this time blocking the child from biting him.
Gu Xizhou pulled the child’s hands behind his back and pressed them together.


“Return my dad! Return my dad!” The boy bitterly cried.


The pair of useless people were lucky that this was a police bureau, and that the strength of the police was the strongest in the morning, or they could be beaten to death by the victims’ families!


Wan Ao brought everyone who had been involved in the fight to the upper floor.
He glanced at those in the crowd who were still idling around, and said angrily: “If you’re done doing what you came here for, hurry up and leave.”


While going up, the child who was being carried by Gu Xizhou kept kicking, wanting to rush forward and beat the man and the woman one more time.
Gu Xizhou ended up threatening him fiercely: “Settle down!”


The boy glanced back at Gu Xizhou.
“Let me go, I need to kill them to avenge my dad!”


“What revenge? The two people are already dead, and are you aware that killing people is a crime? You’re just a young rabbit, grow up peacefully, marry someone and have kids, that will be the greatest comfort to your father.”


After bringing the people up to let them see the bodies from outside the room, the police had to deal with the matter of the fight. 



“Don’t be nervous, this is simply a procedure,” Fang Zhi said to the sitting opposite him.


“I, I won’t go to jail because of this ba?” The woman seemed to be a little uncultured, nervously and hurriedly questioning Fang Zhi.


Fang Zhi smiled at her, and lowered his voice.
“Actually, I just wanted to say that you fought pretty well out there.”


The woman burst out laughing, and she instantly wasn’t nervous anymore. 



The two useless people were only slightly injured, and their injuries didn’t constitute any sort of crime.
Considering how the victims’ families were also stimulated in the moment, in the end, the police carefully criticized and educated everyone involved. 


After the woman came out, the child that was being carried by Gu Xizhou burst out from his grasp and looked at the woman’s face.
“Mom, can Dad rest in peace?”


“Of course.” The woman touched the boy’s cheek lovingly, and looked up at Gu Xizhou, nodding faintly at him.


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At this time, Xiang Yuan came up.
He had picked up two gray-haired elderly people from the lower floor.
They walked a little slowly, but after seeing the murderers’ bodies, they burst into tears in the middle of the corridor. 


These two were the family members of the victim of the mass murder case 113.
They didn’t live with their daughter, which meant they turned out to have escaped a terrible danger, but their daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and relatives all died, leaving behind these two eldery people. 



“Thank you… Thank you… Really, thank you so much, we, we have been waiting for so long, so long, it’s been two years, and now the beasts are finally dead!”


After the two elderly individuals calmed themselves, they slowly walked towards Gu Xizhou. 


Gu Xizhou’s palm felt a bit hot, and the old lady caught him.
The elderly couple looked at him, warm and kind, and opened their mouths.


“Young man, thank you.”


Gu Xizhou saw the tears in the old man’s eyes, and felt a little unsure of what to do.
After a while, he opened his mouth to say: “It was my responsibility.”


Being a policeman isn’t half bad, Gu Xizhou suddenly thought.


Just then, a voice suddenly came out from the interrogation room.
“I don’t care, my husband died because of you! If you didn’t chase him, he wouldn’t have died! Compensation, you must pay compensation! One million and no less!”


The old man heard this sentence and peered over.
When he saw the face of the woman clearly, he straightened indignantly, loudly scolding: “It’s you two shameless things again!”


When the woman saw the old man, she was visibly a little frightened of him, but she thought about how she was in the police bureau and retorted: “I want compensation for your sake too, my family has nothing at all, if they pay me money, only then can I pay you money!”


The old man pointed at her.
“What a shameless thing! When did I ever want your family to pay?”



Both parties argued noisily, and Gu Xizhou felt an incredible headache washing over him.
At that moment, a familiar voice sounded in his ears.


“Gu Xizhou, we meet again.”


Hearing that voice, Gu Xizhou subconsciously turned back to look at the source of that sound. 


“It’s you, what are you doing here?” Gu Xizhou looked at the handsome and distinguished man behind him.


The man pointed inside, and said in a clean and pleasant voice: “Taking care of something.”


The man looked at the families of dozens of victims, and looked at the pair.
He winked at the man in the suit who followed behind him, and the man in the suit immediately went straight to the two individuals.
“Good morning, regarding the incident where the glass from the shopping mall fell and resulted in casualty, this is the compensation plan we have drafted.
One person will receive 1.5 million yuan, for a total of 3 million yuan.
Is this okay?”

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Hearing this, the two people became happy.
“Look, this is the proper and sensible way of settling things!”


The man in the suit appeared to ignore their words, and avoided the two people who were clapping their hands.
He turned to look at the surrounding victims, and politely said: “Good morning, I am Feng Zhao, a lawyer of Tiandu Fengyun Group.
If the families of the victims want to sue, my team of 137 lawyers can provide you with free legal support at any time, including going to court and other follow-up matters.”


“This is my business card.” The man in the suit took out a business card and started to distribute it. 


“What the fuck are you saying?” The two people who were delighted just a moment ago suddenly had a change in expression, grabbing the man in a suit and angrily scolding him. 



The man in a suit smiled at the two people.
“Getting more business, can’t I do that? Also, loosen your dirty hands and be more careful, or I’ll sue until you lose your house and become completely bankrupt.


Frightened by Lawyer Feng Zhao, the arrogance of the two individuals faded instantly. 


“Chief Si, I’ll be taking my leave first.” Feng Zhao said gracefully as he adjusted his collar, looking back at the man standing at the door. 


Under Gu Xizhou’s dumbfounded gaze, Si Yu coldly agreed. 


“The mall yesterday belonged to you?”


Si Yu heard Gu Xizhou’s question and nodded.


Gu Xizhou approached Si Yu, and said in a voice so low that only the two of them could hear: “Then, if you had died in the mission world, in the real world, you would probably also have been killed by the glass like them ba.”


Si Yu: “…”


Gu Xizhou: “And then, the headlines of yesterday’s news would be: Shockingly Poor Management by CEO Uncovered in XX Group, Killed by A Falling Glass Panel From His Own Mall.”


Si Yu: “…” If you can’t speak properly, you can shut up!



The man, who originally didn’t want to explain himself, glared at Gu Xizhou, who suddenly laughed.
The handsome face couldn’t keep his image, and he grit his teeth to explain: “The company is not under my management.
The manager has already been fired by me.”


The author has something to say:


Si Yu: Everyday, I’m surviving in the mission world, I have no time or mood to manage ah! Asshole! I’m not, I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense!

soya: i just kept imagining Gu Xizhou unleashing his demonic cultivator powers and messing with those two people!!! ahh!! 

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