He was well spoken and was thoughtful enough to send me home.
After we met several times he told me that he had a good impression of me and I was too muddled to figure out how to respond.

“Who would have thought that not long after we were together I would find out that he was a green fucking ambassador!” 

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows and turned to Fang Zhi, “Continue to question her.”

Fang Zhi asked Li Na gently, “Can you elaborate?”

“Ai, you police won’t tell anyone, right?” Li Na asked with some anxiety.

“Relax, of course not.
We have professional integrity.” 

She hesitated, the silence on the other end beginning to drag out before she spoke up again, “That day I accidentally met his Gege and his wife.
At the time I was shocked.
He blamed me for being careless and causing a misunderstanding between his Ge and his wife and told me off.”

“As a result, a month later I found that he was keeping another cell phone behind my back full of chat records of him flirting with other girls.
I was angry and broke up with him the same day.”

Gu Xizhou thought for a moment before speaking up, “When you were together, did Liao Shuang ever gamble?”

Li Na thought for a moment before saying, “Him? He doesn’t like cards.
One time a friend and I tried to get him to play cards, but he refused.
My impression is that he hasn’t played.” 

Gu Xizhou asked again, “Last question.
Can you tell him and his Gege apart?”

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“To tell you the truth… No.
The day I ran into his Ge and his wife, I heard his Ge say that he had a Xiongdi but I didn’t believe him.
I immediately took out my phone to call and verify it, and I can swear his Ge didn’t touch his phone.
After that he quickly hurried over and I believed his story.”

“Thanks for your cooperation.
Please keep your phone on.
We may contact you at any time.” Gu Xizhou said lightly to Li Na on the other end of the phone.

“Oh, okay.” 

Fang Zhi hung up the phone and couldn’t help frowning.
“The deceased truly is two-faced.”

Gu Xizhou thought it over and remembered Liao Shuang’s very pretty female assistant had a good evaluation of Liao Shuang’s character.
She made it clear that Liao Shuang had a good reputation inside the company and that he didn’t sleep around.
But in his girlfriend’s mouth he became a green ambassador.
The red flag wasn’t planted at home, but fluttered in the breeze outside.

Gu Xizhou said doubtfully, “A person can’t possibly go to two different extremes.
Li Na’s Liao Shuang didn’t like gambling, while we learned something completely different from the staff at the casino.”

Hearing what was said, Fang Zhi furrowed his brows subconsciously, “It really is odd.” 

Before when Gu Xizhou had told Xiang Yuan to check the brothers’ fingerprints, he had only asked him to examine the ones on the phone.
However, he had overlooked one problem.
The phone was the deceased’s, of course the fingerprints matched!

But the phone wasn’t Liao Shuang’s!


Gu Xizhou furrowed his brows.
He would have to ask Xiang Yuan to check the brothers’ handwriting and fingerprints again tomorrow.

The next morning.
Gu Xizhou studied the report on the handwriting and fingerprints in his hands intently, and felt that his heart was much brighter. 

Xiang Yuan’s complexion wasn’t very good.
“There is definitely a problem with these two brothers!”

They found that the brothers had different company contracts with both their signatures.
After investigation of the handwriting and fingerprints, it was certain that the documents had been signed by two different people.
It was strange that both companies had the signatures and fingerprints of both brothers.

Clearly both brother’s had exchanged identities conscientiously and had been doing so for a long time.
No… it shouldn’t be a long time ago.
Gu Xizhou narrowed his eyes, suddenly remembering what Yunyun had said: two years ago their parent’s began to mix them up.

Gu Xizhou ordered immediately, “Have the companies provide the signatures of these two people from two years ago.
I don’t believe that the Didi and the Gege can’t be told apart!” 


Before the lab results came out, Gu Xizhou’s phone rang.
He listened for a moment before letting out a “motherfucker” telling the people around him, “Go to Liao Jun’s home! He said there was a suspicious person at the door.”

“Okay!” Fang Zhi frowned and followed up, “What’s going on? He isn’t trying to throw us off, right?”

“I don’t know.
He didn’t say.
We should go take a look anyway, just in case he’s in trouble.
It’s hard to say.” Gu Xizhou said while walking. 


Gu Xizhou drove straight to Liao Jun’s house.
When they got there there were already several police cars there and Liao Jun’s family were talking with the police.
‘Liao Jun’ didn’t seem hurt and the officers were asking him questions.

Because they were scared, the faces of Liao Jun’s family looked rather pale.
Gu Xizhou walked over and asked, “What’s the situation?”

Liao Jun’s heart had yet to recover and he trembled in fear as he spoke, “This morning I heard someone knock at the door.
I immediately asked who it was, but the person outside the door didn’t answer.
After a moment they knocked again and I hurried over to look through the peephole, but it was obstructed by something and it was pitch-black.” 

“I remembered what you said before about how maybe they meant to kill me and got the wrong person.
I was scared and called the police at once before quickly calling you.”

Gu Xizhou glanced at him deeply and said solemnly, “So, in other words, you didn’t see who it was?”

Liao Jun shook his head, “I didn’t see them, but we have a security camera in the hallway here! It caught it! There was someone outside in a black cap and a face mask!”

Gu Xizhou ‘en’ed and went to go ask the local officers about it.
Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi showed their ID’s and the officers introduced themselves without hesitation.
Gu Xizhou watched the monitor carefully.
According to the recording, there really was a man dressed in black.
His distinguishing features and appearance were also close to the murderer.
Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi exchanged a look. 

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At that moment Gu Xizhou’s phone rang.
He said only a few words before handcuffing Liao Jun.

“Officer, what are you doing?” Liao Jun asked, his face hopelessly lost.


“Liao Shuang, we’ve already compared the fingerprints, the deceased is your Gege.” Gu Xizhou explained that Liao Shuang was a serious suspect.
Not only had they discovered that Liao Shuang had reported the loss of his debit card this morning, but he had also changed all of his debit card pins and transferred a large amount of money.

“What are you saying, I’m Liao Jun.
My Didi is the one who died!” 

Gu Xizhou said, “I suggest that you stop pretending.
You and your Gege majored in different things.
Do you know anything about computer science? Want me to ask you about something you know? Additionally, twins aren’t exactly the same. STR analysis can be done; it’s just a little troublesome.”

The man in front of them fell silent for a long time.
Finally he bowed his head angrily, knowing that he could no longer deny it and admitted, “I am Liao Shuang, but I didn’t kill my Gege! The person that man really wanted to kill was me.
You have to believe me!”

Gu Xizhou glanced at him deeply before paying him no mind, taking directly to the police car.

When Liao Shuang was brought to the interrogation room, Gu Xizhou sat across from him and asked, “Why did you two brothers switch identities?” 

With no alternative, Liao Shuang said, “It’s not my Gege’s fault, he was very good to me, and he just liked to play around.
He kept many women outside.
There were several incidents after my divorce where he used my identity to date other women.”

“He used your identity to cheat on his wife?” Gu Xizhou stated simply and clearly.

“En.” Liao Shuang nodded, and admitted, “After I got my divorce… He immediately began to use my identity to cheat on his wife.
In the beginning it wasn’t too bad, but later, sometimes he wouldn’t return home.
If he didn’t return home his wife would find out that he was… He asked me to go home in his place.”

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows: “He Yuyun didn’t notice?” 

Liao Shuang shook his head and said, “I don’t know if my sister-in-law found out… At any rate I replaced him a few times.”

“A few times?”

“Okay, ba, I admit, it wasn’t just a few.
It happened frequently.” Liao Shuang raised his hand and admitted in defeat, “By last month, he and I had practically exchanged places completely and I was living in his house everyday.”

“What about the day he died? Did you exchange places like before?” Gu Xizhou asked. 

Liao Shuang lowered his voice, “We met once that day and swapped clothes in a bathroom.”

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s the day He Yunyun arranged to talk with Liao Jun about the divorce.
Did he ask you to take his place for that?” Did he also need you to tuck him in at night, ah?

Of course Gu Xizhou didn’t say it so bluntly, but he was beating the drum in his heart.

“I know that,” Liao Shun said helplessly, “The night before he died he suddenly sent me a message asking me to switch with him.
I couldn’t resist him, so I ultimately agreed.” 

“Why didn’t you just tell us that you replaced your Gege?” Gu Xizhou asked.

Liao Shuang fell silent for a while before speaking, “He asked me to help him with the divorce, and I went…”


“At the time, I saw the division of property between her and him.
My Ge had forty millions worth of assets.
I didn’t know my Ge had so much money, even after the divorce he would still have twenty million.
But, in the case that my Ge died… the money would all go to my Gege’s wife.
After all, there was no formal divorce, only an agreement was signed.

“On top of that, then I received a telephone call which struck me senseless.
I wanted to say that it was my Ge who died, but at the time, my head was filled with the details of the divorce agreement… When I thought that no one could tell us apart anyway my mind went astray.
But please believe me, I didn’t kill him.
He was my Ge; if I went mad I wouldn’t start with him!” 

Crooked: Hello, I have arbitrarily decided to change all of the ‘older brother’ and ‘younger brother’ to ‘Gege’ and ‘Didi’ because this case is driving me bonkers with all the switching and who’s who.
And also bc I can just, do that.
I am mad with power.

Also TIL there’s apparently a whole other TLer called Dust Bunny, that’s so funny.
Anyway my Dust Bunny is not that DB, in case anyone also knew that and was confused.

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