Ch107 – I meet you everywhere I go

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Translated by: Crooked

Edited by: Dust Bunny 

Gu Xizhou eyed Liao Shuang carefully.
He felt that the other person wouldn’t speak.
“For now, I believe you.”

“It really wasn’t me!” Liao Shuang continued, “Ever since my Ge died, I’ve thought about whether I offended anyone, but I haven’t! But I feel like it’s possible my Ge has!”



Gu Xizhou looked closely at Liao Shuang’s expression.
“What are you thinking?”

“Right, but I don’t know for sure if it’s that person.” 

“Say it.”


“About half a year ago, my Ge’s company wanted to buy an app developed by a small business.
I don’t understand it very well, but my Ge mentioned it back then.
He said that as long as the app was promoted a little bit, it would definitely be popular.
At that time, the small company consisted of the boss and less than thirty employees, and it spent all its funds on this app.
My Ge wasn’t the only one with good sense.
The boss of this small company also knew what the app was worth.

“My Ge served as a representative to try to buy this small company for his firm, but the small company’s boss refused.
My Ge was really angry about it.
Afterwards, he- he did something shady.”

“What was it?” Gu Xizhou asked.


Liao Shuang licked his chapped lips and said, “My Ge spent a large amount of money to directly poach the small company’s developer, then had the whole company work overtime to push out this app before the other company…”

Liao Shuang didn’t need to continue.
Gu Xizhou understood the twists and turns, and he didn’t need to think to know the small company was definitely bankrupt now.

“I thought about it, and he’s the one who’s most likely to kill my Ge.
After my Ge’s company pushed out the app, it wasn’t more than a few days before the company declared bankruptcy.

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“That man once looked for my Ge, but I switched identities with him.
He beat me up, and I had two black eyes for a long time.
Because my face was bruised, I acted as my Ge during that time.
We even went to work as the other one and swapped for five days.
I kneaded my goose egg every day, but it was no use,” muttered Liao Shuang. 

“What is his name?” asked Gu Xizhou.

Liao Shuang’s mouth twitched as he shook his head and said, “I don’t really know.
I just know his surname is Yan.”

“Okay, ba.” Gu Xizhou thought: This wasn’t troublesome in the least as long as they asked Liao Jun’s secretary.
Furthermore, there was also the app developer they poached.

Gu Xizhou let someone make a call to ask.
They got a name in under twenty minutes: Yan Lichun. 

“Have the IT department investigate Yan Lichun,” Gu Xizhou told Fang Zhi.

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P vbc’a offi ilxf tf kbeiv xlii rbwfbcf.” Mjcu Itl qjrrfv atf lcobgwjalbc ab Xe Wlhtbe.

Gu Xizhou looked at the report and clicked his tongue. 

For the game that had just released one month ago, the internet said that the total income had already reached 1 billion.
The number might be exaggerated… but compared with apps and the like, games were much more profitable.

Gu Xizhou scanned Yan Lichun’s bank transfer records.
There were several large transfers recorded.
He lowered his eyes and sank into thought, glancing at the time on his phone.
Very good, there was still an hour and a half until he had to get off work.


He thought that he could stop by after work.
He called for Fang Zhi, and they drove over to Yan Lichun’s company.
As they drove, Gu Xizhou felt like he was forgetting something, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

They went to Yan Lichun’s company.
After Gu Xizhou hurried over, he directly pulled out his badge.
The receptionist was stunned, and then immediately called Yan Lichun in the office. 

“Boss, there are two men here to look for you.”

Yan Lichun was facing the computer.
He took the time to say to Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi, “Officers, I’ll trouble you to wait for a few minutes.
I need to correct something and then I’ll be right with you.”

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Gu Xizhou sat on the sofa and nodded slightly, picking up a paper cup of water to take a sip.
Fang Zhi did the same, and the two weren’t anxious at all.


Yan Lichun heaved a sigh of relief.
He interlocked his fingers and stretched his arms.
He locked his computer and got up to head for Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi.
He smiled and said, “You’re lucky you came to find me today.
Usually, I’ve long left the company by now.”

“Did something happen today?” asked Gu Xizhou, raising his chin slightly.

Yan Lichun joked, “It was just a meeting.
I was just looking at the powerpoint they sent.
Our company’s game got good ratings after it launched, so we’ve been very busy lately.
Oh, that’s right, why were you looking for me? I’ve always been a virtuous person, and I’ve never broken the law.

“Do you still have an impression of the name Liao Jun?” asked Gu Xizhou. 

“Him? I remember! I’m afraid I’ll remember this name for a lifetime.”

Yan Lichun gnashed his teeth with anger when he heard the name, as if he wished he could eat the other person alive.

Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi both thought: As expected, Yan Lichun despises Liao Jun.
The motive is very clearcut.

“Did he do something shameless once again?” Yan Lichun was curious. 

Gu Xizhou glanced at him and said, “He’s dead.”


Yan Lichun was stunned.
He was apparently completely unaware of Liao Jun’s death, but then his eyes sharpened with pleasure.
“Persisting in evil brings about self destruction!”

“The murderer’s technique was very specialized.
It should’ve been a hitman.
And recently, you’ve made several large money transfers…” 

Gu Xizhou hadn’t finished his sentence when Yan Lichun interrupted him.
“Half a year ago my company was facing bankruptcy.
I put up my house and car as collateral to borrow from a loan shark.
This money is all still the interest on that.
Our chat record is still on my phone.”

Yan Lichun pulled out his phone and turned it on, turning it toward Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi.
He said, “I know, the police suspect me, but I really didn’t do it.”


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“If I really went bankrupt, I might have taken a knife and done away with him, but now I’m not poor.
My game earned 1 billion the first month on the market, and although I only have 5% shares of my company, that’s still tens of millions of yuan, even up to 100 million, in a year.”

Yan Lichun defended himself strongly and gave an earnest analysis.
As he spoke he began to get emotional, and his neck grew red.
“I tell you, it’s completely unnecessary for me to kill him.
I earned so much money, so why on earth would I still kill him? I don’t want to go to prison!” 

Gu Xizhou looked at Yan Lichun’s phone.
It really did show him talking about repaying several people.
Furthermore, the dates and the amounts of money corresponded with the transfer records they dug up.
It didn’t look fake.

Gu Xizhou saw that Yan Lichun was getting agitated and coughed into his fist.
He said, “Don’t get worked up.
It’s just a normal line of inquiry, nothing more.”

“Ai… I know, I know.” Yan Lichun calmed down.
“Anyway, I didn’t kill anyone, so I’m not afraid of your investigation, and I’m not afraid of my own shadow.”

At this time, Yan Lichun’s office telephone rang.
They didn’t know who called, but after Yan Lichun answered the phone, he only said, “Ok ok ok, I’ll go right away!” 

Gu Xizhou turned to look at Yan Lichun, and Yan Lichun immediately answered, “My company’s big boss came.
I need to go out…”


Gu Xizhou didn’t block him.
Yan Lichun really was suspicious, but Gu Xizhou couldn’t figure out one problem.
If he hired a killer and wanted to murder Liao Jun, he should’ve known after the first day that the victim wasn’t Liao Jun, but instead it was Liao Jun’s Didi, Liao Shuang.
Why would he wait a few days before going to the Liao house to try to kill him?

Yan Lichun tidied his outfit and went out.
Gu Xizhou heard Yan Lichun’s voice from outside the door.
“President Si, you’ve arrived!” 


A voice hummed coldly.

President Si?

Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi glanced at each other.
It wouldn’t be the President Si they’re thinking of, right? 

Gu Xizhou subconsciously turned to look at the open door of the office.
He saw two indistinct figures together.
Finally, when the other person stepped forward, he clearly saw their appearance.

The man’s handsome features were slightly twisted.
When he saw Gu Xizhou, astonishment flashed through his eyes.

“Why are you here?” asked a crisp voice, surprised.

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Gu Xizhou and the man stared at each other.
Gu Xizhou: “…That’s what I want to ask.” 

“President Si, you know them?” Yan Lichun was also surprised.
He didn’t know what was going on.

“This wouldn’t also be one of the companies you invest in, right?” Gu Xizhou asked, frowning.


Si Yu nodded faintly.
“Last time I told you I was attending a meeting.
It was here.”

“Dang…” Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu strangely and said, “How come I see you wherever I go.” 

Si Yu looked surprised to hear this and appeared to seriously ponder this issue.
After a moment, he answered, “Maybe it’s because I want to see you.”

Gu Xizhou: “???”

Seeing Gu Xizhou’s surprised expression, Si Yu laughed.
“I’m joking.”

After chatting for a bit, Gu Xizhou motioned to Fang Zhi and left with him. 

The two people got in the car.
Fang Zhi propped his hand on his chin.
“If it’s not him, then who else wanted to kill Liao Jun?”

“It’s not necessarily Liao Jun!” Gu Xizhou suddenly slapped his head.
“How did I not realize it earlier! Liao Shuang misled me!”

Fang Zhi was at a loss.
“Not Liao Jun… Liao Shuang?”

“Maybe we should change our line of thinking.
The other person initially wanted to kill Liao Shaung, and killed Liao Jun instead by mistake because at this time, Liao Shuang assumed his Gege’s identity.
The hired killer thought Liao Shuang died, so the matter was settled.
However, several days later the hired killer realized they killed the wrong person, so the killer reappeared.
They wanted to kill Liao Shuang! 

“But… doesn’t this mean that someone else discovered that the victim was Liao Jun and not Liao Shuang before us?

“No, there is someone else.
She may not be able to tell Liao Jun from Liao Shuang, but Liao Shuang has a fatal flaw.”

“Fatal flaw?”

Gu Xizhou realized Fang Zhi was confused and explained.
“Liao Jun’s wife, He Yunyun.
He Yunyun discussed divorce with Liao Jun, so it’s necessary to discuss the distribution of the family’s assets.
However, Liao Shuang didn’t know how much his Gege had, and when discussing the distribution, he would definitely expose himself.” 

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