Ch108 – Isn’t it good to live well?

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Translated by: Dust Bunny

Edited by: Crooked 

“Gu Ge, do you suspect the deceased’s wife He Yunyun?” Fang Zhi furrowed his eyebrows, a trace of shock flashing through his eyes.
He hesitated for a moment before he said, “But we’ve already investigated He Yunyun’s bank account and there was no problem.”

“It’s only a guess.
Let’s let Liao Shuang use Liao Jun’s identity to take us back to his and He Yunun’s home first.
Maybe we’ll find something,” Gu Xizhou said as he nodded his head slightly, “Yan Lichun’s transfer needs to be followed up on.
If we can’t find clues at He Yunyun’s, we can only monitor their bank accounts.”



“Okay, got it,” Feng Zhi said, nodding.

Gu Xizhou started the car and went straight to the police station where Liao Shuang was currently being detained.
When Liao Shuang saw Gu Xizhou returned so soon, he tensed, following his movements closely through the bars. 

“Was it him?” Liao Shuang asked after a while.


Gu Xizhou didn’t directly tell Liao Shuang what had happened, “We still need to investigate.
Oh right, after the accident did you go back to your Ge’s house?”

Hearing Gu Xizhou’s question, Liao Shuang shook his head, “No, I didn’t go back.
I went straight back to my parent’s home to be with them.”

“Do you have the key to your Ge’s house on you?” Gu Xizhou asked.


“I have it.”

“Good, take us to your Ge’s house,” Gu Xizhou said straightforwardly.

At this, Liao Shuang looked shocked.
He didn’t say much and nodded.


Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi took Liao Shuang to Liao Jun’s home.
At this time it was already eight in the evening and there was a light on in Liao Jun’s home. 

With practiced motions, Liao Shuang went up stairs and took a key from his pocket opening the door.

“Who’s there?”

Hearing the sound of the door opening, He Yunyun hurried out.
When she saw who it was, she breathed out a sigh of relief.
“So it’s you.
You scared me.”

At the moment, Liao Shuang wasn’t handcuffed.
Following Gu Xizhou’s plan to have him pretend to be Liao Jun he said, “It’s the two officers who asked me to come over.
They think the hitman might have gotten the wrong person.
Originally they wanted to kill me, but they weren’t careful and got my Didi, so they wanted to come here to see if there were any clues.” 

He Yunyun nodded slightly and said, “Oh, but what clues could you possibly look for here… nevermind.
Look around as you like, I’ll continue tidying up.”


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Liao Jun’s home was a high end apartment that should be for the convenience of working.
Instead of choosing a Villa in the suburbs they chose a high end apartment in an urban area.
Almost all homes used SmartHome, and it was clear that the couple knew how to enjoy it.

The kitchen trash was filled with plastic take-out boxes.
Apparently He Yunyun had take-out today.
It didn’t seem like anything important, and Gu Xizhou didn’t expect to find any evidence in the kitchen. 

In the master bedroom there was a laptop and Gu Xizhou asked, “Who’s laptop is this?”

Liao Shuang glanced at He Yunyun who was tidying up and said, “It’s mine.”


Gu Xizhou asked, “Can I open it?”

“You can, but there’s a password.” 

Liao Shaung said in his heart: What am I gonna say, no? What a waste of time.

At this time He Yunyun came over and furrowed her brows saying, “Why do you care about this computer, it’s for the office.”

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“Ofa’r ajxf j ibbx,” Xe Wlhtbe gfqilfv.

Xe Wlhtbe vlvc’a lwwfvljafis ugjy atf ijqabq rlcmf Lf Tecsec kjr jigfjvs j rerqfma, jcv veglcu atf lcnfralujalbc atfs jii kbgf uibnfr ab bqfc atf ijqabq.
Ktf ijqabq kjr nfgs mifjc.
Pa kjr j mbwqeafg erfv obg kbgx.
Lf jrxfv Oljb Vtejcu ab milmx bc j ofk olifr.
Mlcjiis tf wbnfv atf wberf ab tbnfg bnfg atf ygbkrfg, milmxfv bc la, jcv atfc milmxfv bc atf rfjgmt yjg qeiilcu eq atf rfjgmt tlrabgs. 

‘Can a regular person tell the difference between twins?’

When Liao Shuang saw this search record, his heart began to pound.
He seemed to realize something and subconsciously glanced towards Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi.

He quickly explained to Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi, “This really isn’t my search! It really wasn’t me!”

Off to the side, He Yunyun saw this search record, her expression becoming rather strange as she opened her mouth to speak, “You’re the only one that knows the password to this computer…” 

Liao Shuang felt there was nothing he could say to argue.
He was so anxious that he was on the verge of tears.
“It’s really not mine! Please believe me!”

At that moment He Yunyun walked up to Gu Xizhou glancing at Liao Shuang who was currently defending himself warily.
“Officer, I have something to tell you!”

“What is it?”

He Yunyun didn’t respond right away.
She pulled Gu Xizhou to a corner of the room and lowered her voice, “Remember when I told you that my husband and I were talking about getting a divorce?” 

Gu Xizhou nodded, his nerves stretched thin.
He figured that He Yunyun should have realized something was wrong while they were discussing the details of the divorce.

“When Liao Shuang had his accident a few days ago, Liao Jun and I still hadn’t finalized the divorce.
When we were breaking up the assets, I discovered that Lao Liao seemed a little unclear about our assets.
Everytime I said something to him, he was in a daze.
In addition to that, he didn’t know what we had invested in.
Obviously there were some properties that had already been sold off, but he didn’t seem to know about it…

“As I asked those questions, I- I had an unexpected thought: what if this Liao Jun is fake? He’s probably Liao Shaung, ba? Is the one who died then the real Liao Jun?” He Yunyun spoke with a deathly pale complexion, biting her lip as a shiver raced up her spine, seemingly very afraid.

Gu Xizhou pretended to be astonished, lowering his voice to ask, “Then why do you think he was killed?” 

He Yunyun said heavily, “Maybe for his money?”

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“Over the years after my husband and I had made some money we started to invest.
Under his name he has about 40 million yuanworth of assets and under my name I had an additional 10 millionin real estate.
Together we had 50 million or more in assets.
We were still breaking up the assets when he died, and the two brothers had a very good relationship so I think it might be like this…”


Liao Shuang had been listening to Gu Xizhou and He Yunyun’s conversation the whole time and spoke up anxiously, “Saozi, I admit it, I’m Liao Shuang, but I didn’t commit murder! This isn’t my search! It’s not mine!”

Hearing this He Yunyun looked at Liao Shuang blankly, “What did you say? You’re- you’re… really Liao Shuang?” 

“But only Lao Liao knows the passcode to this laptop.
How do you know it? How can you pretend to be him? No, ah… that day you and I talked about the details of the divorce…”

He Yunyun’s face paled, as if she’d been bewitched.
She couldn’t clear her head and shook it hard.

Gu Xizhou asked He Yunyun to come to the police station to make a testimony.
He Yunyun directly agreed to Gu Xizhou’s request bringing along Liao Shuang who kept explaining himself incessantly.

Gu Xizhou asked Fang Zhi to put the laptop in an evidence bag and bring it back to the station.
Fang Zhi sat in the back quieting down the incessantly complaining Liao Shuang while He Yunyun sat in the passenger’s seat. 

Gu Xizhou had started the car when he suddenly slammed on the brakes.
He Yunyun looked at him strangely and asked, “Aren’t we going to the police station? Why did you stop?”

“Why didn’t you tell us your guess before?” Gu Xizhou asked seemingly thoughtlessly.

“Ah?” He Yunyun said in surprise before she continued, “At the time I didn’t think much of it.
It only crossed my mind when Lao Liao forgot his families assets and today when I saw the search history.
I didn’t expect that he’d admit it right away.”


He Yunyun urged him, “Let’s go then, ba.”

“It’s not urgent.
I want to know who’s been following me.”

“What?” He Yunyun looked shocked.

“There’s a taxi behind us.
It’s been following us since we left the police station,” Gu Xizhou said. 


Tension in the car was high.
He Yunyun and Liao Shuang both tensed at the same time and showed frightened expressions.
The cause of the alarm however was different.

Gu Xizhou pushed open the door of the car directly and locked the door before heading straight for the taxi, blocking it’s path.
Inside the taxi sat a man dressed in dark clothes, a black cap, and a mask.
This person was dressed exactly like the person in the security footage.

“What’s the matter?” The man in the taxi lowered his voice. 

“Why are you following me?”

Realizing he’d been exposed, the man in the taxi looked up at Gu Xizhou, only his eyes exposed and for a second he subconsciously tried to evade him, “I wasn’t following you, who even are you, ah? I don’t know you!”


However he didn’t expect the man in front of him to pull him right out of the car and handcuff him.

“What are you doing? Can the police just arrest anyone on a whim?” 

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Gu Xizhou looked him in the eyes and said, “I don’t think I ever told you I was a police officer, ba? How did you know?”

“I- I…” The man realized he’d said something wrong and stared at him blankly, his face turning pale.

At this time Gu Xizhou took out his phone and called the other officers for back up.
Smoothly taking He Yunyun, Liao Shuang and the strange man into the police station.

Jin Luo Police Station— 

Gu Xizhou walked inside the interogation room watching the suspected murder intently and said, “Speak, ba.
Why were you following me?”

“I already said, I was just passing through.
I wasn’t following you!” The man explained emphatically.

Gu Xizhou put down the taxi driver’s transcript in front of the man, “I think you don’t see the coffin and that you don’t shed tears.
The taxi driver told me that you told them to follow my car.”

With no other option the man said, “Fine, ba, I admit it.
I was following you.” 

“Why?” Gu Xizhou asked.

“Can’t I follow you because you’re handsome?” Suddenly the man placed both of his hands on the table, leaning in towards Gu Xizhou’s face.
If Gu Xizhou hadn’t reacted in time, he would have kissed him!

“You! …You fucking…”

Gu Xizhou had plenty of experience with heavy rain, but he’d never encountered such a guy before.
If it weren’t for the camera’s in the interrogation room he really would have beaten this bastard to death. 

“Officer, you swore,” the man smiled sweetly.

Gu Xizhou didn’t say much.
He just asked one of his officers directly to investigate the man’s ID card and confirm that it was false.
When Gu Xizhou reentered the interrogation room he looked at the man who was relaxing with his eyes closed.

The man saw Gu Xizhou and shouted, “Little Officer, you came back? You’re not afraid of this rogue?”

“Don’t talk nonsense with me.
Your ID card is fake.
Needless to say, your identity has been called into question.
What ordinary person would carry a fake ID on them?” Gu Xizhou said, raising his eyebrows, “Your DNA is being tested, so long as you’ve committed a crime before, we can verify your identity immediately.” 

The man heard what Gu Xizhou said and was all smiles as he spoke, “How can you be so sure that I’ve committed a crime before? What if I don’t have a criminal record?”

“Because you seem like you’re no good.”


“Just because of this?”

“Is that not enough? Don’t worry, if you don’t want to admit it, we can wait until your DNA test comes out.
Then you’ll have to answer.” 

The man fell silent for a moment before saying dejectedly, “Okay, ba, you don’t have to check.
I do indeed have a homicide on my record.”

“You killed Liao Jun?” Gu Xizhou immediately pursued the matter.

The man generously admitted, “Right, only my original target was his Didi Liao Shuang.
This woman really is ill, she’d kill her husband and her little Shuzi.”

“Why did you show up again after the murder?” Gu Xizhou asked. 

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“My employer told me… because I got the wrong person, she wouldn’t pay my fee until three years later.
I wanted to find a chance to kill Liao Shuang and demand payment.”

“Who is your employer?”

“The very same woman you brought into the police station today,” The man said resolutely, concealing nothing, “It’s all her fault for not giving me the money.
If she wasn’t going to wait three years I wouldn’t have been caught!”

After interogating the murderer Zheng Yuan, Gu Xizhou went to see He Yunyun saying, “The murderer has already confessed.
You don’t need to hold out.
Just confess, ba.” 

He Yunyun stared at Gu Xizhou, watching him intently for a moment before she suddenly began to cry, wiping away her tears with her hand as if admitting defeat.
In a shaky voice she said, “I made thousands of calculations, but I never expected he would be caught.”

After He Yunyun admitted to hiring a hitman, Gu Xizhou asked her for a few details, “I’m certain that you wanted to kill Liao Jun, so why did you ask Zheng Yuan to kill Liao Shuang? How did you ensure that they wouldn’t switch on that day?”

He Yunyun fell silent for a moment, “The day before we discussed our divorce we were both at home.
I deliberately left my phone out when I went to take a shower to let Liao Jun see the contents of my purchase of the hitman.
At that time I had told the hitman I wanted him to kill my husband.”

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
In his heart he wondered why Liao Jun didn’t call the police.
He Yunyun gave him a reasonable explanation. 

“Actually at the time we were in the middle of an argument over property division.
He actually didn’t want to get divorced, but it wasn’t because he loved me, it was because he hated to part with his money.
To tell you the truth, over the years I’ve been with him, he really did make more money than me.
Not only that, but he had a good foresight when it came to investments.
In our household, he brought in the most money.
Naturally he didn’t want to give it to me.

“When he saw the message, he didn’t call the police.
As I guessed, he asked his Didi to change places with him in the divorce agreement.
After that I notified the murder to change the target to Liao Shuang.

“During the divorce I deliberately asked him questions about our assets.
As expected… he really did replace his Gege and I waited for the police investigation.
According to my calculations… I’ll explain my reasoning to you later, Liao Shuang would be the one suspected.

“But I didn’t expect to be defeated by Xiao He.
This hitman really is too stupid.
My request to pay him in three years was only an excuse.
I was worried that the police would notice the transfer of funds.
I wanted to wait three years for everything to settle down before I paid him.” 

Gu Xizhou continued to ask, “What is with the computer search? We’ve already tested for fingerprints, and yours aren’t on it.
Only Liao Shuang and Liao Jun’s.
You shouldn’t know the computer’s passcode.”

“Recently when Liao Jun came home from work I intentionally expressed doubt in front of him.
Worried, he secretly researched it.
I had installed a camera in the flower pot next to him, so I knew… Actually, I had previously installed lots of cameras around the house, but the two of them never found any of them”


Gu Xizhou fell silent before asking, “When did you figure out that they were trading places?”

“They thought they were seamless.
I really couldn’t tell them apart, but their parents could.
At first I merely felt something was off.
Later I caught sight of Liao Shuang playing Mahjong on his tablet.
Not only did I know Liao Jun didn’t know how to play this, I also knew he had no interest in it and I began to doubt him at once.” 

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows, “There must be something else that led you to this conclusion.”

Hearing this, He Yunyun’s face paled and she hesitated for a moment before saying, “Married couples… always have to live a married life, ba? One time I deliberately scratched one of their backs up a little, but there was not one trace of them on the person who came the next day… In fact, they aren’t flawless.
So long as there is a seed of doubt, you can quickly follow the vine to get the melon.

“They thought they were so smart fooling all those people, so I immediately thought to play with them as well.
Actually, if Liao Jun hadn’t traded places with Liao Shuang he probably wouldn’t have died.
He was too greedy.
He thought I would kill his Didi and then he could report me to the police.”

Gu Xizhou fell silent.
This Liao Jun really dug his own grave and He Yunyun could be considered as putting the final nail in the coffin.
These two brother’s thought they were seamless, but in reality they had already long since been seen through.
Not only did their opponent see through them, but she also thought up a plan to kill two birds with one stone! 

If it weren’t for this pig Zheng Yuan, He Yunyun could have gotten most of his marital property without retribution.

As Gu Xizhou thought, his scalp suddenly went numb.

After marriage a man shouldn’t cheat and be good, okay?

Don’t you know a woman is Sherlock Holmes? 

The author has something to say: Good night~~ The next chapter is the new mission world~

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