This person truly possessed remarkable abilities.
They could get the vehicle registration on the same day they bought the car.

Gu Xizhou didn’t continue to pursue this line of thinking thoroughly.
Despite the fact that he’d already been keenly aware of the change earlier, in the end, there was still Ji Ji.
Dating and whatnot… it was better not to think about it for the time being. 

Two days later——

“Here, thanks,” Gu Xizhou said to Si Yu, putting the car keys on the table.

Si Yu nodded faintly, accepting the key.
The three of them spoke for a while, and then with the usual short dizziness, they entered the mission world.

Gu Xizhou held his breath.
In the next moment, a field of heavy snow appeared before his eyes.
The wind screamed loudly in his ears, piercing into the front of his clothes and bringing an icy chill. 

He knew that he’d entered the mission world, but Gu Xizhou never thought there could be a blizzard like this inside.
Importantly, in present-day Ningqing, it was hot enough to make people sweat.
The frigid cold abruptly replaced the heat and made Gu Xizhou shiver.

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He was now in the midst of the ice and snow.
Fortunately, the mission world was still a little humane.
He wasn’t wearing short sleeves, but a thick knee-length down jacket.


After waiting a bit, Gu Xizhou adapted to the weather.
He stood outside, and several people behind him were removing things from a car.
One of them said to Gu Xizhou, “Hurry up, go into the hotel.
Don’t dilly-dally.
The snow is piling up more and more.”

“Okay.” Gu Xizhou looked at the man carefully.
This man clearly wasn’t Si Yu, and he also wasn’t Fang Zhi.
He was probably an NPC from this mission world. 

The biting cold from outside was dispelled in an instant once they entered the hotel.
Gu Xizhou had time now to size up the people who came in with him.
There were no less than one hundred people.
Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but be surprised.
There shouldn’t be so many people here.
Fang Zhi’s mission world couldn’t be that difficult.

He fell into thought as he looked around.
Then, he noticed a group of people gathered together who were obviously different from those carrying camera equipment.
These should be his teammates, and the ones with equipment ought to be NPCs.

Gu Xizhou had just taken a step when he suddenly caught sight of a beautiful face, the type whose beauty is nearly overwhelming.
Furthermore, her dark eyes seemed as if they could squeeze out water at any moment.
Combined with her lovely face, it simply forced people to feel distressed.

“I’m so scared…” 

“Where is this, ah?”

Then, Gu Xizhou watched the young woman lean against Fang Zhi, who was too slow to dodge.
He was directly bumped into by the other, and he simultaneously garnered the hatred of the other men.

Fang Zhi’s ears immediately turned red.
He hastily lowered his voice and explained to the trembling and frightened woman, “This is the mission world.
Don’t be afraid.
Look, is there a line of numbers that says 00:00:01 in your line of sight? This represents your life countdown.
All the people who enter the mission world are on the verge of an unexpected death…”

The young woman couldn’t stop crying.
She recalled, “I-I just heard the sound of a car horn.
Don’t tell me I, I’ll be run over by a car?” 

Fang Zhi nodded and said, “Don’t be afraid.
As long as you can successfully leave here, you won’t die.
Every time you complete a mission there is a corresponding time reward.”

The young woman wiped her tears, leaned against Fang Zhi’s chest, and sobbed, “Thank you for telling me this.
I’m so scared.”

“What are you looking at?”

A sonorous and familiar voice asked from behind him. 

Gu Xizhou turned around and saw Si Yu.
Si Yu smiled at him and turned his head to look at Fang Zhi.

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When Si Yu saw that young woman clearly, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Although her succubus-like face wasn’t similar to the fourth world, this woman bore a remarkable resemblance to Fu Yiran.

Gu Xizhou remembered that previously Fu Yiran had always urged him to tear away the newspaper and took a look at this young woman’s resemblance to Fu Yiran.
He felt a little uneasy. 

Gu Xizhou still remembered the note Fu Yiran gave him: ‘6 means life, 1 means death’.
Up until now, he still hadn’t used the note, and he’d always been curious about what it meant.
Of course, Fu Yiran could’ve just been messing with him.

Let alone that… Gu Xizhou really thought this womenswear addict could do such a thing just to tease him.


“I’m Li Yan,” said a confident man, reaching out his hand to Fang Zhi and the weeping young woman.

Fang Zhi shook hands with him and replied quietly, “Hello, I’m Fang Yuan.” 

Li Yan seemed very interested in the weeping woman, and this man’s appearance could be considered handsome.
He lowered his voice and reached out again.
“Hello, what’s your name?”

The young woman’s eyes were red, and she looked like a startled little rabbit.
She shrunk her head back and whispered, “I’m Fu Yiran.”

“Then I’ll call you Xiao Ran.
You’re a newbie so remember to look for reliable people to team up with.” Li Yan’s implication was self-evident.
“I’ve experienced eight mission worlds.
If you need help, you can ask me.” 

There were also several more men looking over, making it clear that they could carry Fu Yiran.

But Fu Yiran tenaciously held Fang Zhi’s sleeve, unwilling to let go, and shrank into his chest.
“Fang Ge, I’m scared.”

Fang Zhi looked around and found himself pinned by gazes that held obvious hatred in their eyes.
What a pain in the ass.
“…….” I’m also very scared.

However, when Gu Xizhou saw this scene, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, silently rolling his eyes. 

Fu Yiran. Fu Yiran.

There was no need to think about it.
It was definitely him.

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