Ch111 – Sleep With Me, Ba

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Translated by: Crooked

Edited by: Dust Bunny 

Gu Xizhou didn’t believe Fu Yiran, but he believed Si Yu.
Furthermore, he wasn’t afraid of ghosts.
As long as there were no inscrutable rules and there was logic behind them, he wasn’t scared.
Out of the nine people, four decided to take down the painting.

After choosing a room, everyone left together.



Fang Zhi followed Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.
He felt someone’s eyes on his back, and Fang Zhi subconsciously glanced back.
The person staring at him didn’t have enough time to look away.
It was Li Yan, who’d hated him from the beginning.
Fang Zhi turned to look at Fu Yiran, who was still hanging on his arm, feeling somewhat helpless.

The group walked to the hotel’s dining room, which was just as the tour guide said.
Because of the abrupt blizzard, the restaurant didn’t have enough food prepared for lunch, and there were still many people in the hall waiting to eat. 

They split up and scoured the whole restaurant, looking for clues.


Gu Xizhou saw a few young women sitting in the dining hall and chatting.
They were holding filming equipment.

“Do you think the snowman legend is really true?”

“When a snowman appears, a corresponding person will disappear.
I don’t know if it’s true.”


Gu Xizhou was hesitating over how to seem friendly enough to strike up a conversation when Si Yu took a step forward and lightly knocked on the table.
He looked at the women and said, “Hello, did you come here after hearing about the snowman legend?”

“Yes, ah.” One short-haired girl looked at Si Yu and blushed.
It was clearly the first time she’d been hit on by such a handsome man.
She seemed like a good storyteller.
Right after that, she said, “The snowman legend that started to spread in the last few years is that when a snowman shows up, a person will inexplicably disappear right afterwards.”

Originally, they thought this woman would have some special insight, but it turned out that her words almost perfectly matched the tour guide’s.
Gu Xizhou watched as Si Yu listened attentively the whole time before expressing his thanks and leaving without any gains.


The two fell into step with each other, and Gu Xizhou teased, “You’ve really lost your usefulness.” 

Gu Xizhou turned to look at the NPC still gazing at Si Yu’s back, shaking his head.
The poor NPC was visibly baffled.
Even after inviting Si Yu to eat dinner together, she was mercilessly rejected.

“Losing their usefulness?” Si Yu glanced at Gu Xizhou.
“Are you talking about yourself?”

Gu Xizhou was stunned: President Si’s resentment ran very deep, ah.

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By the evening, they still hadn’t found any clues.
Everyone assembled inside one of the rooms. 

“There aren’t any clues.
Everything is just what the tour guide told us.
I carefully asked the people around, but they all came here because of the snowman legend,” Li Yan said, frowning.
He seemed to regard himself as their leader, but even without considering Si Yu and Fu Yiran, even Gu Xizhou had about the same amount of experience as him.

But neither of these two people wanted to fight with Li Yan over the position.
They had absolutely no interest in leading everyone.

They had no clues, and everyone left in a huff.
Gu Xizhou called for Fang Zhi to stop and said, “You come over with us to sleep, ba.”

Fang Zhi naturally had no reason to disagree.
He had just nodded when Fu Yiran grabbed Fang Zhi and whispered very aggrievedly, “Don’t abandon me.” 

“But…” Fang Zhi looked at Fu Yiran’s deathly pale face, as if seconds from fainting, and felt very awkward.
Actually, he really doubted whether this ‘young woman’ was really a man or a woman.

Fu Yiran directly began to sob.
Because the four of them were standing in the middle of the hall, the sound of Fu Yiran’s weeping quickly drew the attention of their other teammates.


After two of the young women among them came over, they frowned and asked about the situation: “What happened? She… Why is she crying?”

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Fu Yiran wiped her tears pitifully and sniffled, “Gu Ge, you called Fang Ge to your room, but I can’t sleep in a room with three big men, right? Af… After all, I’m a girl.” 

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Gu Xizhou: “……” 

Then, the troublesome Yao Fu Yiran helped Gu Xizhou explain.
“No, how could Gu Ge like me; it’s all because I’m no good, always crying and making him dislike me.”

“Aiya, really Xiao Ran, how about you come over and live with us.” At this time, Li Yan came out from his room and spoke, not early and not late.

“Stay with you?” One of the girls raised her eyebrows.
Initially, she didn’t like Fu Yiran very much with all her crying, but somehow seeing her weeping so brokenly, she couldn’t help but sympathize a bit.
“Do you men think we’re blind? If Xiao Ran lives in a room with any of you three, can you control your pig feet?”

Li Yan: “…I’m not that kind of person.” I really am.  

The other two male companions: “……” It’s hard to refute.

“I still see Fang Yuan as reliable.
Fang Yuan, you take care of Xiao Ran, ba.
She’s so delicate, and I see she likes you.
Maybe you can still embrace the beauty and get together,” joked one of the girls.

Gu Xizhou noticed that Fu Yiran cooperated with this and blushed.
This cross-dressing Dalao!

With no other choice, Fang Zhi could only sleep in a room with Fu Yiran.
Gu Xizhou was forced to repeatedly warn him, “Don’t believe Fu Yiran.
If something happens, come look for me next door.” 

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Fang Zhi nodded helplessly.
“Okay, Gu Ge, I know.”

In the evening, Gu Xizhou and Si Yu entered the room together.
After they washed up, Gu Xizhou directly lay down on the bed to sleep.


As Gu Xizhou was sleeping, he became aware of some light rays reflecting onto his eyelids.
At the same time, he heard the sound of the wind blowing from outside the window, where those rays of light seemed to be coming from.

He frowned, about to open his eyes and look over at the light source, when suddenly, he was shocked.
He heard what seemed like breathing, right behind him. 

The breathing grew closer and closer, and then someone lifted the corner of his quilt.
Suddenly, his back grew cold as the wind bore in, and the owner of the breathing lay down on his bed.

He habitually slept on his side, and now there was someone behind him.
The other person didn’t move much, as if they were watching him closely.


In the darkness, the bed creaked.

At the same time as Gu Xizhou heard movement, he felt the top of his quilt get pulled by someone.
In an instant, that person entered the covers. 

Gu Xizhou had his back to them, and he frowned, feeling a bit awkward.

He vaguely knew that Si Yu’s feelings toward him had changed.
He wasn’t an idiot.
Since the time he learned Si Yu bought the car, and since Si Yu said he wanted to see him, he knew this person might like him.

Although he’d never dated anyone, he wasn’t too dense.

He trusted Si Yu.
At first, he was really reluctant, but after experiencing so many worlds, they could be considered to have experienced life and death together, mutually saving each other’s lives.
While he didn’t dare to say there was love, there would always be a bit of brotherhood nurtured, no? 

Since Fu Yiran encouraged him to tear up the newspaper in the fourth task world, Gu Xizhou and Si Yu spent almost the rest of the world in the same bed at night.
That’s why he asked Fang Zhi to share a room with them today, so that he and Si Yu could share a bed.
However, because Fang Zhi didn’t come in and there was no one else in the room, they slept separately tonight.

To tell the truth, he didn’t dislike sleeping with Si Yu at all.
But somehow, even when he falls asleep properly on his side, he ended up running into Si Yu’s arms at night…

Gu Xizhou felt a little exasperated.
He wanted to open his eyes and see where the light source was coming from, but Si Yu had just run to his bed and still hadn’t fallen asleep.
Opening his eyes now would make for a very awkward scene.
Gu Xizhou had no choice but to continue laying on his side.


While he was struggling, he suddenly felt someone lightly caressing his back.
Then, they put both hands on the skin of his lower back.
Gu Xizhou immediately quivered.

This all came on too fast, just like a tornado.
Gu Xizhou felt a little overwhelmed and couldn’t help coming up with some strange conjectures in his mind.

This guy couldn’t have touched him when he was asleep before, right?

The hands on his back didn’t stop, slowly winding around his back up to his shoulders.
Gu Xizhou could hear them breathing close to his ears, lightly… tender.
A finger slowly caressed his shoulder, like a feather brushing his skin, soft and meticulous. 

Gu Xizhou was reaching his limit, and he had goosebumps all over his body.
He was at a loss.
If Si Yu touches that part, what should he do!

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So, should he keep his eyes closed… or open them, ah!

Who could tell him!

While he was thinking, the hands once again moved forward onto his neck.
Then, they suddenly touched his lips… 

Gu Xizhou really couldn’t go on with his eyes closed.
When he opened his eyes, he suddenly realized there was something wrong.
It wasn’t Si Yu behind him!

Because the hair- this person’s hair was long!



Gu Xizhou turned over in an instant, grabbing the hands on his neck and pressing them into the bed.
With Gu Xizhou’s nimble movements, the other person’s movements seemed to knock against the headboard, banging with a loud noise.
The entire bed split into pieces under Gu Xizhou’s power. 

“What’s going on?”

“Someone’s in the room!” replied Gu Xizhou.

After Si Yu turned on the lamp, he frowned at Gu Xizhou.
Gu Xizhou noticed his line of sight and looked down.
There was nothing on the bed.
When Si Yu turned on the light, it disappeared!


“What just happened?” Si Yu asked, frowning.

Gu Xizhou scowled, “I don’t know either.
I was asleep when I heard someone breathing behind me…”

“And then?”

“Originally, I thought it was you breathing, but after that I noticed that it was someone trying to lift my quilt…” Gu Xizhou stopped, unwilling to continue.
Just now he’d been fighting with his conscience, and his heart was still all tangled.
“But, I thought you were in the next bed over, so I knew it wasn’t you.” 

Si Yu listened to him and his brows knitted further.
He asked urgently, “And then?”

“After that… It seemed like she watched me for a while.
I saw that she had long hair.
Her hair hit my neck, and I suddenly woke up.” Gu Xizhou naturally didn’t want to say he was felt up by a female ghost.
After all, he thought it was Si Yu.
“I think it’s a female… en, a female ghost.”

“Let’s check the room first.” Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou suspiciously.


Gu Xizhou didn’t know his conflict was visible across his whole face, and that the tips of his ears were flushed red.

Gu Xizhou thought to himself: This female ghost didn’t cause someone’s death, but it actually groped him! It had better not let him catch it, or he would tear its head off!

Gu Xizhou didn’t let off the bed, cabinets or anywhere else in the room.
He and Si Yu meticulously searched the entire area, but they didn’t find anything.

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“Disappeared…” Gu Xizhou was worried that Si Yu didn’t believed him and hurriedly explained, “When I was asleep, I felt a light shining on my eyes, so I was half-awake.
After that I heard the breathing.” 

Si Yu found this even more strange.
He knew Gu Xizhou wouldn’t create something out of thin air, so hearing Gu Xizhou’s explanation, he frowned.
He felt like Gu Xizhou was hiding something from him.

When Gu Xizhou thought there was nothing else to do other than lay down and go back to sleep, Si Yu suddenly called for him to stop.
“Hold on, there’s something on your back.”


Gu Xizhou stared at him blankly: “???”

Si Yu walked in front of Gu Xizhou and turned him around, pulling Gu Xizhou’s clothes. 

Gu Xizhou grabbed Si Yu’s hand.
“What are you doing?” he said awkwardly.

“Let go,” said Si Yu.
His two black eyes were as dark as an abyss, and just as bottomless.
The two stared at each other for ten full seconds before Gu Xizhou helplessly released him.

Si Yu pulled up his clothes and immediately scowled.
He was clearly unhappy.

Unexpectedly, there were a few black handprints on Gu Xizhou’s back, letting him notice that the female ghost had touched Gu Xizhou’s waist and back. 

“What’s on my back?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
His clothes were pulled up by Si Yu and stared at for a long time.
Gu Xizhou had an odd feeling and had to ask.

Si Yu raised an eyebrow and asked in return, “Don’t you know?”

“What did that female ghost leave behind?” Gu Xizhou turned his head and saw Si Yu’s strange expression.
He felt a little embarrassed.
“What are you doing… using this kind of expression to look at me?”

“There are handprints on your back, all the way from your back to your waist.
You didn’t feel her groping you?” Si Yu stared at Gu Xizhou for a while, his dark eyes bottomless and his lips pursed into a thin line.
He was obviously very displeased. 

Gu Xizhou was silent for a moment.
He thought he should lie.
“I didn’t.”

Si Yu looked at him deeply.
He put down Gu Xizhou’s clothes and returned to his bed.
Patting his bed, he said, “Sleep with me, ba.”

Gu Xizhou glanced at his own bed in pieces and silently turned back to go to Si Yu’s bed.

After he lay down and the lights were shut off, Gu Xizhou suddenly heard a sonorous voice, with a gloomy and hoarse tone. 

“You just said you thought it was my breathing?”

His breath brushed against the shell of Gu Xizhou’s ear; it was itchy.
The not-yet-asleep Gu Xizhou decided to play dead, saying in his heart: Not only did I think it was you, but I also regarded you as a dead pervert.

The author has something to say:

Si Yu: You’re toast. 

Female Ghost: I’m already dead!

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