spray Fu Yiran again, she unexpectedly walked over and placed her hand on Fu Yiran’s shoulder, saying softly, “Xiao Ran, don’t misunderstand.
I didn’t mean that.
It’s Li Yan who thought blindly.”

Fu Yiran who’d been about to weep, stifled the tears that had just fallen.

Li Yan was speechless.

Gu Xizhou was surprised.
This is probably a woman thing?

What kind of miracle medicine is Tang Jiajia taking? Her IQ suddenly shot right up.
Look, Fu Yiran was originally squeezing out tears and had to stiffly return them and could only show a smiling face.

“Jiajia Jie… I didn’t misunderstand.” 

Tang Jiajia “en”ed, seeming to let out a sigh.
She said, “That’s good.”

Everyone was silent for a while.
On the way to the 8th floor, Gu Xizhou exchanged glances with Si Yu.
They seemed to understand the other’s meaning——


Gu Xizhou: It turns out this Fu Yiran can do more than just cry cry cry and wasn’t completely useless.

Si Yu: Useless… and can still pass through over ten worlds? 

Gu Xizhou: You’re right.

Si Yu: Let’s go take a look first.

Everyone took the elevator straight to the 8th floor.
They had just gotten upstairs when they heard that sharp “Ci La” “Ci La” noise.
Hearing such a noise made everyone’s scalps go numb.
Gu Xizhou also felt his hair stand on end.

This strange kind of sound is torture for everyone’s spirits. 

After walking for a while, they finally reached that room.
Gu Xizhou looked up at the room number, 8002.
The sound was coming from this room.

Ci La——

Ci La——

The sound of fingernails scraping came over and over.
Everyone looked at each other.
There would definitely be clues inside this room, but who would go in and what dangers they might face was a serious issue. 

“The sound is coming from inside this room.” Shen Bo was a little frightened, and his voice shook.
His body was also faintly trembling.

Tang Jiajia looked at him and said, “Yeah yeah, we can all hear it.”

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“Let’s look for clues in the other rooms first.
If we don’t find anything, we can gather again here.
Then we’ll all go in together!” proposed Li Yan.

“I agree.
This room looks very strange.
We shouldn’t just go in.
First let’s investigate the other rooms on this floor,” Shen Bo approved. 

“Okay.” Everyone exchanged glances, clearly agreeing with Li Yan.

Gu Xizhou really wanted to just push open the door and see what ghost or demon was lurking, but when he thought of the many people around, he resisted.
They separated into four groups and split up, searching the rest of the rooms in under an hour.

“Did you find any clues?”

“No, those rooms are all empty.
There are no traces of any tourists living in them.” 

“Ours too.”

Li Yan’s line of sight fell on Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.
Gu Xizhou shook his head and replied, “No.”


“Then we can only enter 8002…” Li Yan’s voice sank.
“We’ll go together.
Are you okay with that?”

Shen Bo spoke hesitantly, “The rooms on this floor aren’t very big.
We have so many people; it would be too crowded.” 

Tang Xiaoshi, who hadn’t spoken much, looked sideways at Shen Bo.
“I think you’re scared.
Don’t want to go in?”

“I didn’t mean that!” Shen Bo explained guiltily.
He really was scared.
Yesterday, none of the other rooms had an accident, but his room did… His teammate Liang Ke disappeared.

Shen Bo’s forehead shone with sweat.
He wiped it off, then discovered that even in this weather, his back was soaked with cold sweat.

“Stop talking.
If we go inside, we go together.
If there’s really something inside, then it’s all up to fate!” Li Yan said. 

Tang Xiaoshi nodded and said, “I think so too.
It’s best to go in together.
Your life is your life, not anyone else’s, right? If someone else doesn’t go in, I won’t go in!

Tang Jiajia: “I agree, too.
If we go inside, we go together!”

“Shen Bo, follow us inside, ba.
Those two girls both spoke up, so if you don’t agree, it won’t be good,” said Li Yan, patting Shen Bo’s shoulder.

“Okay… Let’s go.” 

Being watched by everyone, Shen Bo didn’t want to refuse again, so he gritted his teeth and looked like he threw caution to the wind.

The group opened the door and entered at the same time.
The strange noise inside the room disappeared immediately.

“Look on the bed,” said Si Yu, pointing at the bed inside.

These hands… were really good looking, and the person was also good-looking. 

“It’s water.
Why is there water on the bed?”

When someone cried out right by her ear, Tang Xiaoshi finally tore her eyes away from Si Yu and looked at the bed in the room.

A bed covered in water caught her eyes.
To speak accurately, it wasn’t water, but water marks, half wet and half dry.
It completely passed through the upper edge of the pillow, but it didn’t spread outward.
Tang Xiaoshi spoke hesitantly, “Why do I feel like this is a person’s head?”

Tang Xiaoshi had just spoken when she saw their teammate Si Yaoxing step forward and directly open the bedsheets. 

The sheet was also wet, and put together with the round shape on the pillow, it looked exactly like someone laying down.
But if someone was laying down on the bed, how would it get wet?

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
By this figure, it wasn’t hard to judge that the person laying here was about 1.5 or 1.6 meters tall.
They should be a man because their hair left water traces behind.
That meant the person inside was definitely not the female ghost that came to find him last night.


“Those wet areas look exactly like someone laying down flat, but what does it mean?” Even after thinking it over, Tang Jiajia remained baffled.
There was nothing dangerous after they came in, and her heart had also fallen back into her chest.

While everyone pondered over this issue, they suddenly heard a clatter.
Shen Bo jumped and turned around to prepare to run.
Then, he heard a voice say, very quietly, “I just accidentally stumbled.” 

It was Fu Yiran who spoke, sounding very vexed.
He was holding the window for support over by the bed.
Seeing everyone looking at him, he smiled at Li Yan.

No need to say it… it looked good.

Gu Xizhou watched Li Yan return the smile with a blush.
He really wanted to remove Fu Yiran’s pants in front of him to let him take a look at the so-called “Fish Out A Bigger Pair Than You” and face reality.

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He looked at Si Yu.
Very good, Si Yu didn’t even look at Fu Yiran.
He looked at Fang Zhi.
Not bad, the upright young man was completely immune to her charm. 

Gu Xizhou was very satisfied with the attitudes of his two teammates.

After leaving the room, they still deliberated over this problem until they went to eat dinner.

“There’s definitely something off with that room.
Maybe we can’t see it during the day, and it has to be night?” Li Yan mulled it over for a long time before speaking over dinner.

“Wait until tonight to investigate.
We can’t continue being so passive,” said Si Yu quietly, raising his eyebrows. 

Gu Xizhou sat on the bed and didn’t go to sleep.
Since their room had a broken bed, no more people joined them for the night.
Shen Bo and Li Yan had a room, and the two girls directly chose Fang Zhi’s room.

Fang Zhi looked very upright to most people, unlike those two perverts Shen Bo and Li Yan.
The two girls didn’t even have to think about it before choosing to room with Fang Zhi.

In the other room——

“Thank you, Fang Yuan.
If not for you, we wouldn’t know where to sleep tonight.” Tang Xiaoshi said sincerely. 

Fang Zhi felt a little awkward.
Actually, he really didn’t want to share his room with the girls.
He always felt it was odd.

Tang Jiajia: “Fang Yuan, you’re blushing!”

“Wh-what?” Fang Zhi felt his face, stupefied.

“Ai, it’s too bad the bed in Si Ge and Gu Ge’s room broke.
Otherwise we could share with them,” sighed Tang Xiaoshi. 

“You want to sleep in Gu Ge’s room?”

Tang Xiaoshi’s face reddened, and she nodded.


At that time, Fu Yiran, who was washing up in the bathroom, glanced over the situation in the room and looked at the time.
Fu Yiran tidied up, entered the room, and directly lay down on a bed to go to sleep.

“You’re going to sleep at this time? Didn’t we talk about going up to that room tonight at dinner?” asked Tang Xiaoshi. 

Fu Yiran glanced at her and said, “I’ll sleep for a bit first and wait for you to call me when we go.
Today was too tiring, and I’m a little uncomfortable.”

“Oh.” The corners of Tang Xiaoshi’s lips twitched, but she didn’t say much.

The lights were dim, and there were only two people in the room looking at each other.
Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu a little uneasily and asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

“If you’re not looking at me, how do you know I’m looking at you?” countered Si Yu.
His eyes bent as he stifled a smile, the corners of his mouth slightly raised. 

Gu Xizhou: “Nonsense.
Oh, right, did you think of anything in the room on the eighth floor today?”

“Nothing for now,” Si Yu replied.
Then, something knocked on the window of their room.

Gu Xizhou and Si Yu simultaneously looked over at the drawn window curtains, hesitating over whether to pull them open.
The window was knocked on again.

“Dong dong dong.” 

“Dong dong dong.”

Si Yu went over and grabbed the window curtains, protecting Gu Xizhou behind him.

Gu Xizhou who was blocked: ???

Their roles suddenly changed; he wasn’t used to it! 

Swish, Si Yu directly opened the curtains.

To their surprise, the window was slammed with snowballs, one after another.
The sound just now was the snowballs hitting the glass.

The two men both stared.
Outside the window, the snowman with “Liang Ke’s” scarf, making snowballs and chucking them at their window.
The snowman was chubby, and its movements were still a little clumsy.
It looked like a naughty little brat in the snow with a scarf.

The snow dumplings pounded the glass one after another… 

The corners of Gu Xizhou’s lips rose.
The ghosts of this world were really unconventional.
First, the female ghost groped him… after that, there was a snowman using snowballs to smash their window.
This world’s ghosts were really one of a kind.

“Look outside.
It seems like there’s some light,” said Si Yu, frowning as he pointed outside where the snowman was standing.

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