asn’t following them, Si Yu stopped.
He pulled at his collar revealing his sexy jawline as he panted heavily.
“I shouldn’t have run.”

Gu Xizhou glanced at him and nodded, “En.”

Seeing that Si Yu was watching him, Gu Xizhou was stunned, adding, “After running for so long, I’m really tired.”

Si Yu, “…” You’re too fake! 

As they wandered through the halls, Gu Xizhou caught sight of the elevator and turned to Si Yu, “Let’s go, ba.
We can go to the 8th floor tonight.”

“Okay,” Si Yu pressed a fist to his mouth and gave a slight cough.

There wasn’t anyone in the elevator.
Gu Xizhou casually pressed the number eight.
The elevator sank before rising rapidly.
The elevator doors opened with a “ding”.
Gu Xizhou and Si Yu exchanged a glance before stepping off.

“Ci La —— 

“Ci La ——

“Ci La Ci!”


The harsh sound came again.
Gu Xizhou and Si Yu went straight to the room it was coming from.
Just before Gu Xizhou went in he caught sight of a scarlet red eye staring at them coldly through the crack in the door.

No one else was around, it seemed that everyone else had run away.
Gu Xizhou was about to go in when suddenly there was a cry in the distance.
It was a cry of extreme panic. 

The two exchanged a look before heading straight for the source of the scream.
Gu Xizhou ran over to find Tang Xiaoshi huddled in trembling all over, saying over and over, “Don’t kill me me… Don’t…”

“Tang Xiaoshi, are you okay, ba? The ghost isn’t here, calm down.” Gu Xizhou said softly.
He took another step forward, patting Tang Xiaoshi on the shoulder, but she only continued to tremble and sob.

“Don’t find me, Don’t…” Tang Xiaoshi wasn’t aware of what was happening in front of her eyes.
She had completely lost her mind.

Gu Xizhou grabbed the crazed Tang Xiaoshi’s arms.
After all, Tang Xiaoshi was a woman, and she wasn’t as strong as Gu Xizhou, so she was easily subdued.
After taking a few deep breaths, Tang Xiaoshi calmed down and was able to see Gu Xizhou and Si Yu clearly. 

Tang Xiaoshi’s nerves at the moment were weak, so when she saw Gu Xizhou and Si Yu she instantly burst into tears and clung to Gu Xizhou’s arm.
Tears streamed down her face and her voice trembled, “It- It is you.
That’s good…”

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Gu Xizhou patted her on the arm and asked, “What happened?”

“I- I’ve been hearing the sound of breathing.
That sound kept ringing in my ears,” Tang Xiaoshi sobbed, “I- I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Just speak slowly then,” Si Yu said, looking at her with a frown. 

“At the time everyone was running away, and I was running too.
I ran all the way to the third floor with that thing following me the whole way.
It followed me the whole way… Although I could only hear the sound of breathing, I could tell that it was following me.
It seemed like it wanted me to use the elevator.
It chased me all the way to the elevator, and I had the gut feeling that it wanted me to get in.
There was nothing to be done, so I got on.
When I got on the elevator the sound of breathing disappeared!”

“I thought that it would be alright, that so long as I waited a while before going out I would be fine.”

“But, I found- I found that… someone had pressed the button for the eighth floor… Maybe it wasn’t a person, but that thing.
After I left, I heard the sound of ‘Ci La, Ci La’… like the sound of fingernails scraping something.
You heard it during the daytime.
I was all by myself and scared… Slowly, I walked towards the room where the sound was coming from, hoping to see if anyone else had arrived.”

Tang Xiaoshi bit her lip and said with teary eyes, “Then I saw a scarlet red eye looking at me through the crack in the door.
It was looking at me! I was terrified, so I ran and ran!” 

Gu Xizhou helped her up and consoled her, “It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”

“Let’s go check out the room.
There really is a pair of eyes in it, but we have to go in.
The ghost that was chasing you clearly wanted you to go to the eighth floor.
There must be a problem in this room, so we have to go in,” Gu Xizhou told Si Yu thoughtfully.

Si Yu nodded and agreed, “Okay.”

“I- I can’t.” 

Hearing Tang Xiaoshi, Gu Xizhou lowered his head and saw that her legs were trembling.
She was shaking quite a lot.
Apparently she was very scared.
Gu Xizhou furrowed his brow and said to Si Yu, “Well, ba, you wait here with her.
I’ll take a look around and come back.”

“Isn’t that too big of a risk?” Si Yu furrowed his brows and asked, “Why don’t I go, ba.”


“You go?” Gu Xizhou shook his head, “Don’t worry.
I’ll be fine.
If there really is something I can always run.
You know how strong I am.”

Leaving Si Yu to temporarily accompany Tang Xiaoshi, Gu Xizhou turned the corner and walked back to the room again.
That scarlet red eye watched him coldly from inside.
It curved slightly, looking somewhat frightening. 

Gu Xizhou looked into its eyes and opened the door, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.
The eye instantly disappeared without a trace.
The room was exactly the same as it was during the day.
There was still a wet patch in the shape of a human body on the bed.
Gu Xizhou felt that there was nothing there.
Were the conditions wrong?

Just as Gu Xizhou was thinking it over, the door that was originally opened suddenly closed.
Gu Xizhou furrowed his brow and subconsciously and went over to open the door, only to find that the door wouldn’t open.

At the same time Gu Xizhou felt the air turn bone-chillingly cold.




Li Yan walked down the corridor, panting heavily.
His brow was beaded with sweat as he nervously looked behind him.
No one was following him.
It seemed that he was lucky.
That ghost didn’t choose him.

Li Yan let out a breath of relief.
He took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it.
As he smoked, his whole body slowly relaxed. 

He had once firmly rejected feudal superstitions and didn’t believe in gods or ghosts until he fell ill and was hospitalized.
On the operating table, his consciousness had blurred and he’d entered the task world.

At first, he thought he was just passing through after dying, until he met his other teammates.
These teammates explained the mission world and supernatural world to him and explained that he could treat this world as a way to extend his lifespan.
So long as he survived world after world, he could keep on living.

He once met a veteran of the mission world who believed that measuring a person’s ability by how many worlds they had completely was illogical.
Because this person didn’t bother to hide this information and according to their accent and name, as well as a few rumors, he discovered that this person… was actually a hundred years old.
The other person didn’t look old at all, but actually seemed very young.

From that moment on, he realized that maybe the mission world wasn’t so simple.
If the mission world could help people continue their lives, and even let them live forever, then it wasn’t such a terrible world, but a world of luck. 

But no one could guarantee that they would be safe forever.
He paid silent attention to that veteran, until recently he heard news of the veteran’s death.
It was said on the forum that he entered that legendary world that meant certain death.
For this reason he was depressed for a long time.

What is eternal youth? What is immortality? Who could guarantee that he would never die? Who was lucky enough to escape the mission world every time?

If even that veteran wasn’t able to outrun his death, how could he escape it?

Even if he had a special prop… fate was still out of his control. 

From that day forward, he told himself he would follow his heart.
So long as he didn’t break any laws and didn’t need restraint, he would strive for whatever he wanted, whether it was sex or money, so long as he liked it and was happy.

Everyone dies.

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Li Yan smoked as he walked.
He returned to the third floor first, where their rooms were, to find that his other teammates hadn’t come back and frowned slightly.

They’d talked about going up to the 8th floor today.
Maybe his teammates were up there? 

Li Yan thought for a moment before walking to the elevator, intending to get inside.
He pressed the button and waited for a while, but the elevator didn’t come.

“Why are you coming down from the 8th floor and then stopping on the 7th?” Li Yan raised his eyebrows pressing the button again impatiently, glancing around to make sure there was nobody there.

Li Yan glanced at the time, five minutes later the elevator was still on the 7th floor.

He snuffed out his cigarette with his bare hands, and was preparing for the slow climb up the stairs when— 



It was the sound of a phone ringing.
Li Yan startled, and hurriedly took the phone out of his pocket.

Looking at it closely this wasn’t the iPhone that was just in Li Yan’s bag, but a PHS, a cell phone that was popular in the early 2000’s. 

“Hey! What’s wrong?”

A terrified voice came from the other end of the phone, filled with hysteria and despair.
“8th floor, go to the 8th floor, 8002! Save Gu Ran, save him! Save him! He’s dying!”

Hearing his voice on the other end of the phone, Li Yan was stunned.
His brain wanted to ask questions when he realized that the person on the other end of the phone was crying, “Yesterday’s me, hurry and save Gu Ran! He’s dead, he’s dead! Everyone’s dying, everyone’s dying!”

“Save him, quick—” 


Followed by desperate screams, there was no other sound on the other end of the phone save for the sound of ‘drip’, ‘drip’, ‘drip’.

It was blood.

Frightened by his own thoughts, Li Yan trembled all over.
Although he didn’t know what had happened, he had never heard his future self make such a hysterical, desperate sound.
He felt like his feet were not his own anymore. 

This PHS was a prop he got from a world.
Its function was very simple—to allow him to talk to his future self.

Actually he didn’t tell everyone the truth.
This wasn’t his eighth world.
Actually he wasn’t sure how many worlds he had completed, but it was definitely more than eight.


Relying on this prop, he’d saved a lot of people, and figured out many rules.
With this prop he had been invincible, but today… he knew subconsciously—that this was the sound of his voice before he died.

This was his breathing before he died. 

Why does everyone die if Gu Ran dies??

Li Yan’s brain was filled with all sorts of questions.
But currently his future self was already dead… no one was there to answer him.
If he couldn’t save Gu Ran, then he really would die tomorrow.

He ran up the stairs frantically, exhausting all his strength.

Just a little bit faster, just a little bit faster. 

His heart went faster and faster and so did he!

Climbed up to the seventh floor as fast as he could, he rushed over to the elevator.
Someone had placed a chair in front of the elevator, and it just so happened to block the door.

Who put a chair in front of the elevator? No… no, now wasn’t the time to think about that.

Li Yan pushed the chair to the ground with a clatter, rushing into the elevator and pressing the button for the 8th floor like mad! 

“Come on! Go faster!” Li Yan’s hands were shaking as he pressed the number.
Hurry up, hurry up, you can’t die, you can’t let Gu Ran have an accident!

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