Ch12 – Floating Body

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Gu Xizhou lazily waved his hands and said: “Okay, okay, okay, I know it’s not you who’s managing it, okay?”


Si Yu: “…” What part of you shows that you believe?!




At the side, Wang Ao saw the two of them talking, and with some surprise, quietly asked Fang Zhi beside him, “Xiao Fang, Xizhou knows the owner of that mall?”


Fang Zhi smiled and said: “Oh, him ah, it was him who pulled Gu Ge back yesterday, else Gu Ge would be…”



He didn’t finish his sentence, but Wang Ao also understood.
Still, he looked at Si Yu with an expression that wasn’t quite pleased.
After all, it was the business in Si Yu’s hands that resulted in the mall, which resulted in causing people to be killed by falling objects in the sky. 



Since he wasn’t busy, Gu Xizhou accompanied the man, walking behind him as they went down.
It was 10 in the morning, and there were three times the number of people in the lobby compared to the earlier in the day, when trouble broke out. 


Si Yu muttered quietly: “It really wasn’t because of my mismanagement.
It was because the two of them failed to survive.”



“En, I know.
Right, how many worlds have you experienced?” Gu Xizhou lowered his voice and asked.
Yesterday, their meeting was too rushed, and he didn’t have time to ask more.
He had heard Si Yu mention something yesterday about how the death conditions in other mission worlds weren’t as demanding.


Si Yu glanced at him and said nothing.


Gu Xizhou laughed at himself.
“I was also just asking casually, if you don’t want to say, you don’t have to say.
You don’t have to look like you want to eat me!”


The two of them walked to the gate of the police station, but before Gu Xizhou had time to turn around, they heard Fang Zhi’s voice coming from behind them.
“Gu Ge, quickly, there’s an incident in Xichang Flower Garden! Floating corpses were found in the community pool!”


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“The deceased was named Yang Zhi.
He was a local,and came to Xicheng Flower Garden to have a drink with friends.
He didn’t return home that night, and was found dead in a pool this morning.
Yang Zhi is 1.85 meters tall, and the depth of the pool is less than eighty centimeters.
The preliminary investigation of the cause of death establishes it to be drowning.
However, due to the rain last night in the Xicheng area, no other useful clues have been found yet.


At the scene, Xiang Yuan was explaining as he investigated, squatting in front of the corpse. 


“This is too weird, he’s 1.85 meteres tall, but drowned in 80 centeimeters of water? That’s impossible ah!”


Xiang Yuan took over the conversation and said: “That’s not certain.
He drank a lot yesterday.”

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Mjcu Itl tfjgv atlr jcv ogbkcfv.
“Rb, cb wjaafg tbk wemt sbe vglcx, lo sbe kfgf vgbkclcu, kbeivc’a sbe xcbk?”


“Xe Xf, ktja vb sbe atlcx? Xe Xf? …”


Xe Wlhtbe rajgfv ja atf rkbiifc mbgqrf jcv ibbxfv jgbecv reymbcrmlberis.
Mjcu Itl rjk tlw ibbxlcu jgbecv jcv rtba bnfg.
“Xe Xf, ktja vlv sbe olcv?”


The Gu Xizhou who was being questioned: “…”


“Find his friends to interrogate them first,” Gu Xizhou hurriedly said, trying not to lose face in front of this little fanboy Fang Zhi. 





Fang Zhi respectfully saluted, and trotted all the way up to the unit at the side of the pool.


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Gu Xizhou: “…” What a large head.


Gu Xizhou, who was just thinking about using some underhanded means, did not find the soul of the deceased after looking around for a long time.
This time, it was difficult for him as a demonic cultivator.
He definitely wasn’t any sort of upright policeman, and he thought he could rely on the demonic cultivation to “question souls” to easily find the murderer, but now that thought turned into idiotic nonsense. 


Forget talking about ghosts, there wasn’t even the afterimage of a ghost!


Gu Xizhou carefully looked around and still failed to find any useful clues.
There was only the swollen pale body in front of him.


At the side, Fang Zhi yelled for someone to come down.
The person who had invited the deceased Yang Zhi to their house was someone who lived on the upper floors.
A married couple came down, the man was called Hong Yong, and the woman was called Liu Xue. 


“Comrade Police, really… you really don’t have to care about us, yesterday Old Yang argued with his wife so he came over to drink, and he left once he had his fill!” Hong Yong explained hurriedly. 


Gu Xizhou didn’t say anything.
Fang Zhi, who was holding a small book in his hands, waited patiently for about half a day, blankly staring at Gu Xizhou.
Gu Xizhou looked back at him, and they stared at each other for a moment. 


Fang Zhi suddenly felt like he understood Gu Ge’s unspoken words!


He recalled the method and style of Gu Xizhou’s investigations in the past, and started to question the couple.



Fang Zhi: “Do you have his wife’s phone number?”


Hong Yong shook his head.
“I’m not familiar with his wife, and Old Yang’s relationship with her wasn’t very good, so I’ve never seen her.”


Fang Zhi made an understanding noise, and then asked: “Did he say why they were arguing?”


Hong Yong: “No, he never said it.
It must surely be those kind of trivial arguments at home, which couple doesn’t argue every now and then after their marriage?”

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Fang Zhi: “When did he go downstairs? Do you remember?”


Hong Yong:  “It should be about 3.40 in the morning.”


Fang Zhi heard this, and measured Hong Yong up with his eyes narrowed suspiciously: “You can still remember this so clearly?”


Hong Yong was afraid of being misunderstood and immediately clarified.
“When I sent him off, I just so happened to meet my neighbour, and my neighbour is a hostess who goes out to work every morning at about 3.40 am, like she’s being dispatched, so it’s always a little early.”


Fang Zhi raised an eyebrow.
“When you were sending off the deceased, you still met other people?”


Hong Yong nodded like a chick pecking at a grain of rice.



“Was there anything unusual about the deceased?”


Hong Yong thought a little, then shook his head.
“No, his relationship with his wife has always been bad, but I’ve also never seen her, so I’m not very clear on his affairs.
I’ve only known for this short half a year.”


“Okay, we will investigate further.
We are responsible for informing the family of the deceased, and if you think of anything that might be helpful to the case, please call and report this.
This is my phone number.” Fang Zhi tore off a piece of paper that had his number and passed it over to the man.


“Okay, okay!” Hong Yong looked over with some worry.
“Comrade Police, I’m not responsible for this, am I? He’s the one who lost his footing and died…”


Fang Zhi glanced at him and said: “ We don’t know if he lost his footing or not.
The cause of death has to be figured out first.”


“Oh…” Hong Yong was a little disappointed to hear this answer.
It took his wife, Liu Xue, to resentfully pinch him twice, making him let out two strange, piercing noises. 


Liu Xue put her hands on her hips and loudly scolded.
“So unlucky, I told you not to bring over those ”fox to our house, but you refused to listen, are you happy now?!”

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“If his family wants to blame us for this incident, what are we going to do?”


Hong Yong was pointed at and scolded by his wife, so he reluctantly argued back softly: “Comrade Police just said, they aren’t sure if he lost his footing and slipped! The pool is so shallow, it definitely can’t drown a person!”


“One look and I can tell it’s murder!”



The small book that Fang Zhi wrote records in was kept away.
“Stop, what are you getting so excited for? Whenever your neighbour comes back, notify the police.”


“Okay, okay!”



Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi got in the car.
The car drove at a pace that was neither fast nor slow, swaying gently, and Gu Xizhou was rocked until he felt drowsy.


Fang Zhi was the one driving, and he was in an extremely good mood, asking: “Gu Ge, today I was learning from your investigation method, do you think I managed to replicate it?”


The Gu Xizhou whose spirit was wandering suddenly came back to reality: “…”


“A bit.”


After listening to Gu Xizhou’s words, Fang Zhi was visibly encouraged and said excitedly: “Just now, I kept watching your expression, but you didn’t say a word! I was so worried if I had asked something wrong!”


Gu Xizhou: “…” Not only do I not know how to investigate, we’re in a lawful, rule-bound society after all.
If I attempted to hold their souls hostage and forcefully read their memories… most people would end up with cerebral palsy. 


This resulted in him questioning one person, paralyzing another person… thinking about it was pretty frightening. 

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