ady be dead, or that he’d run into some situation that delayed the call.
If he wasn’t dead, he would call himself no matter what.
But now it was already past three forty-five in the morning, exceeding his own rule of calling before three.

Li Yan laid on the floor with a lingering sense of fear.
He tossed and turned, but he didn’t dare voice his fears.
He was more willing to believe that someone would call him if he waited just a little bit longer.
Right… just a little bit longer, a little longer…

Li Yan couldn’t sleep.
Finally, he sat up, his heart feeling extremely tormented.
Finally, he got up, grabbed a cigarette, and opened the door to outside, squatting on the ground to smoke. 

Gu Xizhou and Si Yu slept in the bed.
That evening, he did indeed feel a little tired, but for now he couldn’t sleep.
He still had some doubts about Fu Yiran’s information.
He had to find a ghost to make sure.

Gu Xizhou laid down for a while.
After hearing the sound of Si Yu’s even breathing, he looked at Li Yan crouching by the door waiting for the phone and Shen Bo tossing and turning on the floor, shaking his head slightly.


Going into the bathroom, Gu Xizhou turned off the light and sat by himself for a while, staring blankly.
Suddenly, he silently undid his collar, revealing his collarbone, well defined pecs, and faintly visible abdominal muscles.

For a while, he tried his best…to be seductive. 

But after a long time the female lust ghost still didn’t appear.

Where was the promised pervert? Tainted heart and charming insides?

He’d already divulged so much! Did he have to take off his pants, ba?

Gu Xizhou felt a little frustrated and was about to give up when he watched as a hand with red nail polish grabbed him by the collar and gently dragged him backwards.
Gu Xizhou grabbed the wrist behind his back, turning to see the female lust ghost’s startled expression. 

“Hello, ah!” Gu Xizhou said with a light smile.

Female lust ghost: “He-hello.”

Gu Xizhou: “Did it feel good when you groped me last time?”

“It felt very good,” the female lust ghost replied earnestly. 

Gu Xizhou: “……”

Ten minutes later, the female ghost stuck out its tongue, gagging as its neck was grabbed.
Its nose was blue, and its face was swollen, its originally beautiful face all deformed.

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It sobbed in a very small voice, wiping the blood flowing from its eyes with its hand.
“Wuwuwu, you’re more or less correct.
8002 is the room my Yeye died in.
He was frozen alive, but that’s just what that damn bastard told the public.
In fact, you should have guessed it was that bastard that killed my Yeye.”

As it turned out, the tour guide had fallen for the female lust ghost, and the two quickly fell madly in love.
The tour guide himself had a family.
After getting together with the female lust ghost, he cast aside his wife and proposed to the female lust ghost.
However, the female lust ghost’s grandfather objected on the grounds that his character was bad… One day the old man accidentally found out that the female lust ghost was still sneaking around with the tour guide and suffered a paralyzing stroke in rage. 

This time, between the tour guide and her grandfather, the female lust ghost chose her own grandfather, giving up her feelings for the tour guide.
But before long, the female lust ghost’s grandfather was frozen to death, and the tour guide asked if they could get together again.
The female lust ghost thought that her grandfather was dead, so she chose her own true love…

But she increasingly felt that her grandfather’s death was strange.
Everyday she felt strange.
Later she simply suspected the tour guide.
During an argument, the tour guide actually admitted to killing her grandfather before strangling her.

This scene was inadvertently caught on camera by the people in the tour group.

When Gu Xizhou heard the female lust ghost’s story, he felt that it really was a fool…it rushed to throw its life away, taking its grandfather’s head with it.
But sending the head wasn’t enough.
Several people inadvertently saw this scene while heading up the mountain and sent their heads too. 

Think carefully, this person cast aside his wife for a new flame.
Did you really think he wouldn’t abandon you for someone else?

A lovesick brain was truly hopeless!


According to the information provided by the female lust ghost, what Fu Yiran said was true.

It was weird that Fu Yiran wasn’t lying, but how did he know? That waiter NPC was definitely already dead. 

Gu Xizhou furrowed his brow slightly and seemed to be thinking of something before he asked, “Did you put that chair there yesterday?”

The female ghost: “ It wasn’t me.”

Seeing Gu Xizhou open his mouth to ask something else, the female ghost quickly added, “I didn’t close the door! I didn’t do it!”

“It wasn’t you? Then who was it?” Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows. 

The female ghost shook her head: “After I scared that girl to the 8th floor, I just…en…”

“You just what?”

The female ghost was a little shy and said to her fingers in embarrassment, “I was following you and went into the room with you.
I saw that you were very cold, and I tried very hard to keep you warm by holding you, but you were getting colder and colder and eventually you became colder than me.”

Gu Xizhou was speechless, “…” Unbelievable, this female ghost still loves him, ah… 

Love brain…it’s still a love brain even in death.
It’s hopeless.

You couldn’t kill anyone with this IQ, right?

Gu Xizhou was a little speechless.
This female ghost even went so far as to lay with him in bed yesterday.
The heart of a lust ghost was unchanging!

It winked at him flirtatiously, blood flowing from its eyes, and Gu Xizhou felt that it was a pain in the ass.
This female ghost was dead as she still wanted to seduce him.
It really wasn’t clear-headed and deserved a beating! 

Gu Xizhou asked: “Do you realize how horrifying it looks to be bleeding while making eyes at someone, ah?!”

The female ghost was stunned and wiped the blood off her face.
Holding her face in her hands, she stared at him with big eyes and pouted, feeling extremely wronged, “I’ve wiped all the blood from my face!”

Gu Xizhou: “Eh…en, it’s gone.”

The female ghost heard him and winked at Gu Xizhou with a charming glance. 

Gu Xizhou silently covered his own eyes.
It was too hard on the eyes!

“Okay, okay, stop winking.
We can’t get up to the 8th floor anymore, do you know why?”


The female ghost cocked her head, and said to Gu Xizhou, “Yi? You don’t know? That pretty woman in your group took the 8th floor number sign.”

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Floor number sign?” 

The female ghost nodded and said, “When I was following you, I saw the 8th floor number sign in her hands.”

“Wait a second, if you were following me, how did you see Fu Yiran holding the 8th floor number sign?”

The female ghost looked at Gu Xizhou and whispered, “When I was following you, I saw her sneaking after you.
When you were on the fourth floor she took the 4th floor number sign and switched it with the 8th floor one.”

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“So when the 4th floor number sign is switched with the 8th, the 4th floor becomes the 8th floor, so when Li Yan said he wanted to go to the 8th floor, the elevator stopped on the 4th floor and wouldn’t go up,” Gu Xizhou furrowed his brows, feeling puzzled. 

The female ghost nodded like a chicken pecking grain and said naively, “That’s right, ah, I think she already knows how to kill that bastard! I’ve suffered for so long!”

Gu Xizhou: “???” How are you suffering?

Seeing Gu Xizhou’s expression, she hastily said, “Don’t worry about it, I’m just suffering and can’t see you anymore!”

Fine by me, you don’t have to love me.
Gu Xizhou just didn’t know what to say to this silly little love-addled ghost. 


The ghosts in this world certainly had a lot of personality.
There was a silly little female lust ghost, and a cute little idiot snowman.
Fang Zhi’s task worlds were so much happier.

Gu Xizhou thought it over.
Fu Yiran certainly wasn’t following him unintentionally; it was on purpose.
Then, when he was on the 4th floor and he went in to search a room unsuspectingly, would Fu Yiran shut the door behind him and lock him inside?

Gu Xizhou thought it over for a very long time.
There shouldn’t be so much enmity between him and Fu Yiran, right? 

Would Fu Yiran go so far?

He did expose Fu Yiran as a dalao in women’s clothing, but no, to be precise, although he said that the other was a dalao in women’s clothing, no one besides Si Yu and Fang Zhi believed him.
What he said didn’t matter!

Not only that, but in the first mission world, he seemed pretty normal.
After Si Yu had pointed it out, Fu Yiran had generously admitted that he was a man.

The female ghost watched Gu Xizhou for a while before she grabbed his hand and said tenderly, “Death is not the final destination, so I’m…” 

Before the female ghost finished her sentence, the door was suddenly pushed open.
Gu Xizhou whipped around to be met with dark eyes.
Si Yu looked at him faintly, before shifting his gaze back, his brow slightly pinched.

Gu Xizhou felt a little uneasy.
Wait…how was he supposed to explain this?! Him and the female ghost were in one room together!


Should he grab for Si Yu’s hand, and turn around afraid, pretending to be especially terrified and helpless, ah?

“You were in the bathroom for so long, I was beginning to think something had happened to you…” Si Yu’s helpless voice betrayed a hint of worry. 

Hearing him, Gu Xizhou turned around and found that the female ghost had already vanished!

“You…you don’t see anything strange?” Gu Xizhou asked cautiously.

Si Yu looked at him sideways, “What strange thing?”

Gu Xizhou saw his vacant expression and quickly shook his head, “It’s nothing…” 

“By the way, I know why the elevator keeps stopping on the 7th floor,” Si Yu said mildly, “It’s because the 7th floor is now the 8th.”

Gu Xizhou, “…” President Si, couldn’t you have thought of that sooner? I just beat up a ghost! I just interrogated it! Your time reward has already been deducted because of me!

Meanwhile, outside in the snow, a female ghost who’s last sentence had just been interrupted was crouched on the ground drawing a circle.

Pa Ta. 

Pa Ta.

Red blood fell onto the snow.

Wuwuwu…I’m so angry, I’ll draw a circle to curse you!

While the female ghost was in the midst of feeling wronged, it didn’t realize that there was another little snowman next to it.
The little snowman took off its scarf and handed it to the female ghost to wipe the blood flowing from her eyes. 

In the room—

“Ding Ding Ding—”

“Ding Ding Ding—”

The PHS in Li Yan’s bag finally rang, and he let out a long sigh of relief, answering the phone automatically.
He heard his future self say gravely, “Tell Gu Ran that the floor number sign is now on the 7th floor.
Let him violently throw the tour guide into room 8002 and the door will open so you can leave!” 

“Let him throw an NPC violently? Won’t that be a problem?” Li Yan asked incredulously.

“No, I left that way.
You left the mission world quickly.
Although there was no problem at the time, I still feel a little uneasy.”

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