now Gu Ge, so I believe him.” 

Shen Bo saw Fu Yiran crying so brokenly, and he looked at Gu Xizhou’s trio, calling their names.
“Gu Ran, everyone is under suspicion, and you’re speaking so unpleasantly.
Li Yan is also suspicious.
He said he received the phone call and that’s what was said, but who knows whether it’s true or not? What if the floor sign would have moved on its own?”

Fu Yiran looked at Shen Bo gratefully, immediately encouraging him.
He continued, “Everything needs to have evidence, right? If you doubt this little girl, that’s no problem, but shouldn’t you take out some evidence?”


Gu Xizhou was furious.
Evidence, it wasn’t like he could drag out the female ghost to let him see for himself, right?

Tang Xiaoshi saw Fu Yiran, who was also a ‘schoolgirl’, sobbing and hesitated before she spoke up, too.
“Gu Ran, Shen Bo is right.
We’re all under suspicion, but we can’t confirm a young girl like her did it.
A heavy thing like a conviction needs human and material evidence.
Anything that immediately convicts someone like that can’t be considered lawful.” 

Fu Yiran wiped away tears sadly and thanked Tang Xiaoshi.
Then Fu Yiran said to Gu Xizhou, “Gu Ge, you arbitrarily accused me.
If you can take out evidence, it doesn’t matter, and I can confess, but if there’s no evidence, you must apologize to me.”

“Right, apologize!” Shen Bo looked like a belligerent rooster, puffing out his chest as he spoke.

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“Apologize? Do you deserve it?” Gu Xizhou looked at Fu Yiran with a raised eyebrow.

Now Fu Yiran seemed determined to fight this battle to the bitter end.
Fu Yiran burst into tears, then said, wiping them with a bitter expression like a victim of fierce bullying, “H-how am I undeserving? If there is no evidence, then please apologize!” 

“Evidence?” Gu Xizhou looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Good, I don’t have any evidence.
After all, you put the floor sign on the 7th floor.
But I have a witness.
You all wait here for a moment, wait and don’t scream and run away!”

At last, Gu Xizhou was angered by Fu Yiran.
You need evidence, ba? Okay, let the ghost come stand witness.
Even if it was a little strange, it wasn’t impossible.

Seeing him go inside the room, a few of them couldn’t help but follow Gu Xizhou.

“Gu Ran, where are you going to find a witness? It’s the middle of the night, and the NPCs are all asleep.” 

“I don’t know, ah… who actually was it? It’s already so easy for something bad to happen in the mission worlds, and someone is still in here acting like a demon! Really!”

After Gu Xizhou entered the room, he pushed open the window and looked down at the crying female lust ghost.
He noticed that a snowman was beside it and frowned.
He yelled, “Hey! Lust ghost, you come over here.
I’m looking for you.”

“Why are you looking for me?” The female ghost’s cheeks bulged like a little goldfish, but it was a scary little goldfish with bloody tear tracks flowing from its eyes.
It felt very aggrieved.

Just now, it was in the same room with the man it liked, but before it stayed long, they were discovered, and it had no choice but to flee like a mistress caught in the act and secretly disappear outside.
Even its confession was interrupted! 

So angry, oh! Really hateful, why couldn’t he pick another time to come in!

“Be a witness for me,” said Gu Xizhou.

The female lust ghost tilted its head and spoke in a silly manner, “But I’m not a person, I’m a ghost!”

Gu Xizhou held his forehead and said, “Then be a ghost witness for me!” 

The female lust ghost smiled craftily.
“I can, but I have a condition!”

“En?” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow, and his anger had yet to dissipate.


The naive little lecher ghost floated over to Gu Xizhou outside the window and winked at him shyly, saying, “If you kiss me, I’ll be a ghost witness for you!”

The corners of Gu Xizhou’s mouth twitched.
Sure enough, its lecherous heart wasn’t dead.
Gu Xizhou pinched its neck and hissed from behind his clenched teeth, “You.

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The little snowman outside saw Gu Xizhou pinching the female lust ghost’s neck and hurriedly chucked a snowball at him.

“Pa Ta.”

“Pa Ta.”

The little snowman was anxious and glared at Gu Xizhou! 

The ghost whose throat was grabbed: qaq

Gu Xizhou looked down at the snowman disdainfully.
This snowman was a weak chicken that couldn’t even enter the hotel.
He asked the female lust ghost, “Do you still want me to kiss you?”

The fierce ghost shook its head: Dont, don’t dare.

After waiting for Gu Xizhou to let go—— 

It: “Wuwuwu, you invite this one to be a ghost witness, but when this one has a teeny little request, you refuse.”

Gu Xizhou: “You’ve still got so much nonsense? Need to be put in your place?”

It: “This one loves you!”

Gu Xizhou: “…Shut up!” 

It: “I won’t!”

Gu Xizhou: “Lust ghost.”

It winked at Gu Xizhou: “This one only lusts for you!”

Gu Xizhou: “……” It’s a desperate pickup line. 

Surrendering to Gu Xizhou’s violence, the female lust ghost seethingly entered Gu Xizhou’s room.
When it floated in, the people at the doorway looked at it in stupefaction.
They just heard, they heard, this female lust ghost say… this one loves you!

The female lust ghost brushed its hair behind its ear and looked just like an average young woman.
It wore what it believed to be a benevolent expression and waved to them.

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