Ch118 – There’s No Need to Fear Death

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Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

Apparently, Tang Xiaoshi was scared silly.
She shrieked wildly, screaming, “Aaaaah…”

Gu Xizhou looked at her with raised eyebrows and said, “Shut up, why are you screaming? Didn’t you say you wanted a witness?”



“…” The ghost stared at Tang Xiaoshi, making her scalp instantly go numb.
Her whole body gave out, and her legs went soft.
She felt that her heart would jump out of her chest at any second it was beating so fast.

She gripped the wall tightly with one hand.
She wanted to run, but she didn’t dare to because that female ghost was standing right next to her, blood flowing from both eyes as it watched her mildly. 

By now she was already jumpy and didn’t dare do anything.
Shaking and trembling with her back to the wall, she looked to her teammates, on the verge of collapse.
She found that although Li Yan’s face had gone pale, he had no intention of running.


“Peng, peng, peng.”

Li Yan could hear the sound of his own heartbeat, and the muscles in his back tightened.
He just finished talking to his future-self on the phone, and his future-self had said not to run when he saw the female ghost, but he still wanted to run.

There was blood flowing from both of the female ghost’s eyes, its eyes were like that of a demon from hell.
Even if it had just acted spoiled in front of Gu Ran and told him, ‘This one loves you’… its appearance really was a little too scary, ba!


Who could fucking stand this, ah!

Li Yan’s heart almost collapsed, but he’d told himself on the telephone not to run.
He really didn’t dare run.
He was worried that the female ghost would follow whoever ran! Just the fucking thought of it was scary!

Frightened, someone next to Tang Xiaoshi turned and ran faster than the hundred meter champion.


The female lust ghost watched Shen Bo’s retreating back and looked to Gu Xizhou, confused.
“He ran away!” 

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“What are you looking at? Hurry up and stop him!” Gu Xizhou said bluntly, raising his eyebrows.

The naive, sweet little lust ghost cleverly said, “Oh.”

Shen Bo didn’t get far before he collapsed.

“Aaaah!!” Shen Bo cried out as he ran, frightened.
When the female lust ghost appeared in front of him, his legs went soft and he collapsed to the ground, crawling on all fours as he cried bitterly, “Help me… help me!” 

His voice trembled slightly, coming straight from the depths of his soul.
Shen Bo crawled forward in despair, but the female ghost was right next to him.
“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!!!!”

Shen Bo had snot and tears all over his face and was trembling all over.
He was weak, pitiful, helpless, and desperate.
Like this, he was brought before Gu Xizhou by the female ghost like a chick.

Shen Bo put both his palms together, sobbing dementedly as he begged Gu Xizhou for mercy, sniveling and crying, “I beg you, let me go, ba.
Just treat me like an old fart…!”

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“Did you believe me? Just a moment ago you didn’t seem very convinced, ah.
I specially found a witness.
No, a ghost witness.” Gu Xizhou shot him a mild glance. 

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The female lust ghost smiled at Gu Xizhou immediately pointing at Fu Yiran, saying, “It was her.
The prettiest one of all of you.
I saw her take the floor number sign with my own eyes.”

Fu Yiran looked at the female lust ghost with a face trembling in fear, looking weak and pitiful while trembling all over.
“Gu Ran, have you already been killed by this female ghost? Wuwuwu…” 

Next to Gu Xizhou, that person’s face paled slightly.
Fang Zhi was already frozen in place.
He didn’t know what was happening!

Just a moment ago he’d heard the female ghost confess to Gu Ge, then he’d heard Gu Ge order the female ghost to catch Shen Bo.
He felt that this was all too much, but these things really had just happened right before his eyes.

“Wait a minute, what’s wrong with me being a ghost? I’m a ghost, but I’m a good ghost, ah!” The female lust ghost said resentfully with its hands on its hips.
“I didn’t hurt him!”

Fu Yiran refused to acknowledge the female ghost immediately falling to the ground and beginning to cry again, “Wuwuwu, is this how I die? Wuwuwu…” 

The female lust ghost seethed, “I don’t kill people, okay! Do you want to die here?”

“Oh, you don’t kill people, ah,” Still sitting on the ground Fu Yiran abruptly raised a tearstained face and said, “You said earlier that you scared people, wuwuwu.”

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Female Lust Ghost: ???

Apparently, Fu Yiran was no longer afraid.
He dusted himself off, and looked at Gu Xizhou before turning to Si Yu and winking.
“Si Yaoxing, do you think Gu Xizhou is a person, a ghost, or something strange?” 

Si Yu, who hadn’t said a word until now, raised his eyebrows faintly and looked at Fu Yiran.
Then he stopped paying him any mind in favor of turning to look at Gu Xizhou.
He arched one eyebrow, clearly asking Gu Xizhou.

Gu Xizhou winked at Si Yu and began reciting the core values like usual, “Prosperity, democracy, civility, and harmony.
Advocating freedom, equality, justice, and the rule of law…”


Si Yu heard Gu Xizhou recite the core values of communism.
This guy would always try to hit him with this.
Even so, his mouth said resolutely, “Person.” 

Smoke came out of Fu Yiran’s ears after hearing Si Yu’s reply and glared openly at Si Yu.

“What are you staring at me for? I’ve been on a team with him forever.
Don’t you believe him? Do you believe yourself?” Si Yu couldn’t help mocking him and said, “At most, that female ghost likes him and decided to help him, that’s all.”

“I’m helping you.” Fu Yiran even forgot to use a false voice.

Si Yu glanced at him mildly, and a cold light flashed in the depths of his eyes as he said indifferently, “I’m not familiar with you, and I don’t need your help.” 

Off to the side, the female ghost spoke up, “Gu Ran really is a person.
This handsome guy is telling the truth.
I like Gu Ran, so I decided to help him.
He’s not dead! You’re dead!  Lue lue lue!”

Amidst the dialogue of several people, Fu Yiran’s baritone voice suddenly burst inside Li Yan’s head, his heart going, ‘WTF’ …In order to leave the mission world, Gu Ran would dare seduce a female ghost! What a model of our generation.


Fu Yiran gritted his teeth, shooting the female ghost a glare.
He bit his lip and turned to Gu Xizhou and admitted generously, “Fine, I took the floor number plate.
I’ll also tell you that I closed the door, and even placed the chair.”

His delicate face revealed a desperate and deranged expression of, “So what? You can’t exploit the rules to kill me.
No one understands the rules better than me.
I’ll always be one step ahead of you.” 

“Oh? I can’t kill you, but I can always hit you, ba.” Gu Xizhou rubbed his palms together getting ready to give Fu Yiran a healthy beating.

In the mission world, you could use the rules to kill someone, but you couldn’t kill them yourself, because that would be disastrous.
Fu Yiran had already made certain that the female ghost wouldn’t kill, and Gu Xizhou didn’t dare kill him.
That’s why he dared to be so confident.

After beating Fu Yiran black and blue, Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes.
He was still very irritated.

Kill him, to help Si Yu? 

What is this logic? Insanity!

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Could it really be that if he got together with Si Yu, he would eat him up?

Even if they were together, the one who’d get eaten would definitely be him, ah! Si Yu had a devilish mind…

Gu Xizhou thought this and punched Fu Yiran, putting two panda eyes on his delicate little face. 

On one side, the female ghost suddenly became aware that someone was staring at its back and immediately felt strange.
It turned to see the handsome man called Si Yu leaning over slightly.

It said glumly, “You’re staring at me.”

Si Yu glanced at it mildly, his brows slightly pinched.
Just now this female ghost had told Gu Xizhou ‘this one loves you.’ Thinking of this, he looked back over to where Gu Xizhou was beating up Fu Yiran.
This guy could hook up with ghosts in a mission world!

The man with inky black hair and handsome facial features lifted his gaze to glance at it, his eyes as deep as water. 

It showed its fangs: “…” I-I’m so fierce! Your eyes can’t frighten me!

Si Yu cast it a sidelong glance, his eyes as cold as water.

It: “…” No, my dignity as a ghost! I’m not scared! I’m not!

On the other side, after Gu Xizhou beat up Fu Yiran and gave him some panda eyes, he faced everyone and said, “I’m gonna take that tour guide up to the seventh floor.
You go to the door of the room first and wait for me there.” 

“Okay, okay…” Li Yan’s voice trembled slightly.
Even though he wasn’t afraid of Gu Xizhou, and thought that the one to one fight was not without divine calculation, Gu Xizhou did have a female ghost on his side that they were certainly no match for.

“Is it safe… for you to go alone?” Li Yan swallowed and asked.


Gu Xizhou glanced at the female ghost and said, “It’s coming with me, don’t worry, ba.”

When the female lust ghost heard Gu Xizhou’s words, its eyes brightened.
It had wanted to beat up that bastard for a long time, but it was no match for that guy.
It silently retracted its gaze and no longer looked at Si Yu.
Scrambling happily to Gu Xizhou’s side, it stealthily grabbed Gu Xizhou’s hem. 

Si Yu didn’t say anything but took a long look at the female ghost by Gu Xizhou’s side.

The female ghost released Gu Xizhou’s hem: Don’t look at me, I can let go! Your eyes really are fierce!

Two people went straight for room 2001.

Second floor, room 2001— 

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Seeing Gu Xizhou in the middle of the night, the tour guide’s eyes went cold as he turned to Gu Xizhou, “Why are you looking for me in the middle of the night?”

“Let’s go in and talk,” Gu Xizhou said.

The tour guide gave him a sinister smile, “Sure, ah.”

After he went in, the tour guide immediately closed the door behind him, looking at Gu Xizhou with a gloomy face.
His body slowly began to change, and in an instant he’d turned into a monster with eyes all over his body.
It was just itching to see the other person’s panic. 

Unexpectedly, when the man saw its true form he looked mildly surprised and even smiled at him.

It: T-this is scared silly?

Gu Xizhou rushed up and punched the ghost.
It really was the murderer all along.
This guy was the real monster.

“Jiayou, Gu Ran! Beat him up! Hit him!” The female lust ghost shouted happily at Gu Xizhou as he violently beat up the ghost. 

After that, Gu Xizhou wrapped the ghost up in a sheet and was about to leave when the female ghost grabbed a corner of his clothes and whispered, “Gu Ran, go throw it in room 8002, and you can get out of here.”

Gu Xizhou gave it a slight nod and gave the female ghost a strange look as if he wanted to say something.

As soon as Gu Xizhou entered the elevator, the female ghost came to a halt.
Gu Xizhou glanced at it, “You’re not coming up?”

The female ghost looked at Gu Xizhou and shook its head.
“When this world falls apart, I want to be with the snowman.” 

Gu Xizhou ‘en’-ed and just before the elevator doors shut completely, Gu Xizhou heard it say—

“Gu Ran, death is not the end anymore, so there is no need to fear death.


The author has something to say: Death is not the end anymore, so there is no need to fear death.

Focus on the key points _(:3∠)_ 


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