e little snowman was frightened.
It urgently hollowed out its own body, discarding the bloody snow on the ground.
A hand, a foot, a head, and even… organs… It was really too nauseating.

The little snowman was frightened.
It was too dreadful! It was just a snowman, ah! It was made of snow, not blood! 

Its body shouldn’t be filled with these human limbs or these strange organs!

The little snowman covered the pit of its belly.
In the wake of a heavy snowstorm, its body was gradually submerged until snowflakes covered the top of the little snowman’s head.


This snowman’s life had run to its end.

It was dark all around Gu Xizhou. 

Two children pressed eyes into the head of a snowman.

Gu Xizhou could see, and he discovered that he was once again in the body of a snowman.
This time, the snowman was wearing a yellow scarf and a black cap.
Its nose was a carrot.
Its hands were still common branches.

After the two children worked together to build the snowman, they started a snowball fight.

The little snowman’s gaze bounced between the two children.
These two children had created it.
Even if it would disappear after winter, it didn’t feel sad about its short life because it was a snowman, and snowmen melt. 

Suddenly, the little snowman’s belly felt really uncomfortable.
It hurt so much, it hurt so much! But it couldn’t move at will because it was a snowman.
If it started to move, it would scare the two children here.

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In the afternoon, the two children were each called home by their parents.

“Little snowman, we’ll come play with you again tomorrow!”

The two children left, leaving behind the lonely little snowman standing solitary in a world of ice and snow.
It looked desolately at the passersby coming and going. 

Then, at night, the little snowman stealthily scooped out its own belly to examine its pain.
A woman’s head was in its belly! The little snowman was scared stupid.

It anxiously threw the head on the ground, but it thought the head could scare those two children, so it endured the pain and returned the head to its abdomen, wrapping it into a thick snowball so it couldn’t be seen.

The next day——

The two children didn’t come.
The little snowman was a bit disappointed, but this was fine.
This way, the human head inside its belly probably wouldn’t scare them. 

The next day, people walked by the snowman standing on the curbside.
All of them started to cover their noses.

“Why does it stink so much?!”

“Right, I’m gonna be sick.
It smells like a dead rat.”

“Blegh… It stinks, let’s go faster!” 

The little snowman in the yellow scarf listened to the words of the passersby.
It knew that its own body was emitting the smell.
The stench floated quite far.
The snowman found itself disgusting, and it felt terrified and inferior.

At night, the little snowman stealthily moved.
It walked over to stand in the corner.
It endured the monster in its belly and finally its life dissipated.
The water stains left behind after the snowman melted were colder than snow.


Some time later, Gu Xizhou opened his eyes, and it was still a snowy day.
He was still a snowman.

He had just opened his eyes when he saw a thirty year old woman spitting in rage, slapping the child who made the snowman angrily.
“How many times have I told you not to make snowmen?! You made a snowman again! The snowman is going to find you and eat you!” 

“Aaah——” The child heard their mother and opened their mouth to sob.
Then, they were pulled away by their mom.

The snowman with the rice colored checkered scarf opened its eyes with a lonely look as it watched the departing mother and child.
After that, it slowly lowered its head and put its hands on its stomach.

“Peng, peng, peng!”

It was a strong and vigorous heartbeat.
The little snowman freaked out.
There was a human heart in its stomach! It was too disgusting! 

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It was just a snowman!

The little snowman grew increasingly lonely.
It carefully listened to the conversations of the people around it——

“Did you hear the legend of the snowman? It’s about that hotel on the mountain.
It’s said that snowmen can eat people!”

“Every time, a snowman appears at the same time a person goes missing.” 

The little snowman perked up its ears to listen to the speaker.
It thought that everything was all because of that hotel on the mountain.

It wasn’t a man-eating snowman, and its body was not a burial ground for corpses.

Its flesh was made of snowflakes.

Gu Xizhou heard the sound of chains sliding.
The chains fell into the snow on the ground, growing cold. 

The next moment, the scene in front of him suddenly became bright.
Gu Xizhou opened his eyes and used his hands to block the light.
Gu Xizhou turned to look at Si Yu, who came out too.
Just now, when he left the mission world, Fu Yiran was still there.

Gu Xizhou asked, “What did Fu Yiran say to you?”

Si Yu’s eyes were filled with light, and his eyebrows rose faintly.

Gu Xizhou thought Si Yu didn’t want to say anything and was a little unhappy.
He curled up his lip and gave Si Yu a sardonic chuckle. 

Then he heard Si Yu’s indifferent voice.
“He told me not to fall in love with you.”

Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes.
“Tsk, why would you listen to him?”


As soon as the words came out, Gu Xizhou thought they were a little strange… Why did he think it was weird…

Si Yu “en”ed, and his eyes bent with a smile.
The corners of his mouth were raised just a tiny bit.
“En, don’t worry, I don’t plan to listen to him.” 

Gu Xizhou: ……

The dazed Fang Zhi: “???” I don’t think the atmosphere between you is right!


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