at most I would give him another 2000 if he promised to stop threatening me.
I gave it to him… but before long he was back again!” 

Officer Lao Guo looked at this young student and shook his head helplessly.
Why were children so stupid these days? They’ll believe anything!

“Okay, he asked you for money, how did you transfer him the money?”

The student explained, “WeChat, I used WeChat to directly transfer him the money, but I don’t know whether or not the WeChat is his…”

Xiang Yuan looked at Gu Xizhou and said, “If you don’t go in now, the interrogation will be over.” 

Gu Xizhou glanced at him and shook his head, “The interrogation is already over.
Even if I go in, there’s nothing I can do about an online fraud case”

Just as Gu Xizhou finished talking to Xiang Yuan, he saw Ma Qi coming over.
Ma Qi lowered his voice and said to Gu Xizhou, “Team leader Gu, come to my office.
There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Oh, okay,” Gu Xizhou nodded and went into Ma Qi’s office with him.
Gu Xizhou keenly noticed a paper bag on Ma Qi’s desk.

Ma Qi pushed the manilla envelope towards Gu Xizhou and said, “You’ll definitely be surprised when you see what’s inside!” 

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“What is it?” Gu Xizhou asked in surprise as he took the manilla envelope from Ma Qi.
He opened the manilla envelope and pulled out several thin sheets of paper from it.
He glanced over the cover, “It’s about Ye Shu?”

Ma Qi nodded, “I found someone to investigate according to the address you gave me.
Open it and take a look.”


After Gu Xizhou read the second page of the report on Ye Shu, his eyebrows formed a single line.
He was silent as he read the information on the page, his eyes pausing the longest on the line with her age.
The number that was filled in was—126. 

“She’s? 126 years old?” Gu Xizhou looked at the information on the ID card and for a moment he couldn’t say a single world

“It really is 126 years old.
The strangest thing is that no one around her questioned her age or appearance.
Even the person who helped me investigate and gave me this information didn’t find anything wrong!” Then Ma Qi continued to say, “How many people in the world do you think are like her?”


Gu Xizhou shook his head, “If you don’t know, I don’t know either.”

“Can I take this with me?” Gu Xizhou thought and asked. 

Ma Qi whispered, “Feel free.”

Gu Xizhou thanked Ma Qi and took the basic information about Ye Shu with him as he left.
He went back to his office and layed out the three sheets of paper and took pictures of them to send to Si Yu.

Gu Xizhou: [picture] [picture] [picture] look at this

Si Yu was swimming in his pool bored to death as he listened to his assistant reading a report when he heard his cell phone go off.
He immediately got out of the pool and went to grab his phone. 

When he saw the pictures Gu Xizhou sent, his brow furrowed and he gestured for his assistant to be quiet, pressing a finger gently to his lips and wiping the water from his hands before replying: En, she’s a little old.

Gu Xizhou was on his way to the interrogation room as he waited for a reply.
After receiving this reply Gu Xizhou said: This is a little old? This is very old, okay!

Si Yu: Her existence confirms our theory.
So long as you can escape the mission worlds, the mission world can help people live forever.

Gu Xizhou furrowed his brow and replied: Actually, in the last mission world that female ghost said something to me. 

Si Yu: ?

Gu Xizhou: Death is not the end anymore, so there is no need to fear death.

Gu Xizhou: I’ve been thinking about what this sentence means.

Gu Xizhou: Please help me figure it out.
I’m at the door of the interrogation room now, so I won’t talk anymore. 

Si Yu: Okay.

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Gu Xizhou put away his mobile phone.
Actually he’d also asked Gu Ji Ji about that sentence, but he didn’t have any special reaction.
Additionally when he mentioned Fu Yiran, Gu Ji Ji shook his head to indicate he didn’t know Fu Yiran.

Just like before, everytime Gu Ji Ji tried to explain the reason behind his resurrection, Gu Xizhou found that time was moved forward by an invisible hand.
He would always inexplicably lose time.

After reading through the interrogation records and leaving the contact information of the student, Gu Xizhou had just started walking towards his office when he met Wang Ao coming out of his office. 

Wang Ao yawned and massaged his eyes.
These days his eyes were always twitching.
Seeing Gu Xizhou he smiled and said, “Xizhou, come to my house tomorrow for dinner.
The day after tomorrow is my birthday and my daughter, her husband, and my grandon are all coming back to have dinner with me!”

“Okay, Uncle Wang, I’ll definitely be there!” Gu Xizhou didn’t hesitate to agree directly.
Gu Ji Ji had a good relationship with Wang Ao’s family, so he should go anyway.
If he wasn’t mistaken, the day after tomorrow should be Wang Ao’s 49th birthday, so if the unit wasn’t invited out to dinner, they would definitely reserve several tables outside.


Hearing Gu Xizhou call him ‘Uncle Wang,’ Wang Ao smiled slightly and nodded to Gu Xizhou before leaving the police station and returning home.

He didn’t know why his eyes would twitch when he drove a car.
Additionally he also had heart palpitations and felt like something bad was about to happen. 

Wang Ao furrowed his brows.
After safely driving the car home, he immediately sat on the sofa.

Wang Ao’s wife gave him a strange look and wondered: why isn’t Lao Wang playing on his phone today and checking Weibo today?

Ever since he opened a Weibo for the Jinluo police department, he never tired of sending out a little fraud prevention information every day and happily interacting with netizens.
A serious middle-aged uncle was transformed into a smartphone addict who checked his Weibo everyday.

The most miraculous thing was—every time Wang Ao posted something, several traffic stars would like his post or forward his messages and comments.
As a result, Wang Ao’s Weibo account for the Jinluo police station was still on the hot search.
Without much effort Wang Ao experienced what it was like to be a star. 

“Why aren’t you a smartphone addict today?”

Wang Ao heard his wife’s question and shook his head wearily, “I don’t know why, but today I feel anxious.”

“Are you feeling unwell?”

“En… No, maybe I’ve just been too busy recently.
I’m just tired, ba.
I’ll be okay after I lie down.” Wang Ao saw the worry in his wife’s eyes and consoled her. 

The next day—

The blackmail case was solved with surprising speed because the WeChat account used to extort money from Jiang Jun was his own.
It was a dirty trick, he relied on the victims being too humiliated to speak out and didn’t even bother to hide his own identity.

It took the technology department only one day to track him down.
The awful thing was, in the other’s WeChat account they discovered that it wasn’t just Jiang Jun that was blackmailed, there were no less than 120 victims!

Many of these victims were too ashamed to admit they were blackmailed.
Only a few people were willing to communicate with the police and provide testimony. 

After a busy day, Gu Xizhou got off work and met Wang Ao in the same place.
They had barely exchanged two words when Wang Ao received a phone call.
After just a few words his complexion was off.

Gu Xizhou naturally noticed this change and asked him urgently, “Wang Ao, what’s wrong?”

Wang Ao furrowed his brow and looked at the time, “Your Ayi said that no one’s answering Xiao Shu’s phone.
Help me with that bag and I’ll try it.”

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