and spirit were gone.
This was after only a few minutes.
Gu Xizhou was distressed.
Suddenly, he remembered something.
He said urgently, “There’s still a way!” 

Gu Xizhou remembered the other use of the previous world’s missing person poster! As long as he filled in the correct information, someone would call him!

Right, the missing person poster has to work, it has to!

“What way?” asked Wang Ao.

Gu Xizhou grabbed Wang Ao’s hand and ran out to his car.
“Let’s go to my house first!” 

Gu Xizhou drove Wang Ao straight home.
There were still two missing person posters in his house.
They could definitely be used! The mission world was a ‘world’, and reality was also a ‘world’.
Since the mission world could let people ‘live forever’, then it should be possible to find someone in the real world!

From Qiao Jian’s killing technique back then, his merciless cruelty was obvious, and you could envision how twisted his heart was.

Qiao Jian evasively drove the car all the way out of Ningqing City, to the region he was most familiar with.

He said he wanted to get revenge, and he’d do what he said.
He was arrested twenty years ago.
After he got out of prison, he returned to his hometown, but his arrest was popular gossip.
All his old neighbors knew about it, even his son. 

After he killed someone, he always thought that as long as the police didn’t catch him, he would never kill again.
He thought he was lucky and didn’t leave behind any evidence.
He thought everything was fine, but he didn’t expect Wang Ao to actually remember his first assault case.
Thus, he was locked on as a suspect and arrested.

His family’s frightened expressions and eyes filled with loathing gave him a sharp stab of pain.
He was sent to prison for twenty three years, and his family didn’t visit even once.
His family didn’t even come to pick him up when he was released.

He used everything at his disposal to find his relatives, only to be met with his son’s disgust and disdain.

“Please go away.
I really don’t want to see you.
I already consider my dad to be dead! If my wife knew my dad was the ‘Castrator’, how would she see me? And what about my daughter? I beg you, don’t come back again!” 

His son’s words were like a needle pricking his heart.
He was shunned by his family.
Qiao Jian’s heart was filled with hate and rage.

He quickly put all the blame on the police.
If that little police officer hadn’t connected his assault case with the homicide back then, he wouldn’t have been caught! Everything was that officer’s fault!


If he hadn’t been found, he would still be living together with his family and not despised by them!

Qiao Jian wore a sickening smile.
“Just wait to experience a real nightmare.
I’ve chosen a very interesting death for you.
I guarantee you’ll be surprised!” he said to the tied up Wang Shu and her child who was less than four years old. 

Wang Shu lay down in the back in despair.
Her son, similarly tied up, was lying down next to her and looked at her in fear.
Wang Shu’s tears couldn’t stop falling.

On the other side, Gu Xizhou violently pushed open his door.
At home, Gu Ji Ji was watching TV in boredom when he saw the two come barging in and was startled.

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Gu Xizhou had to fill Gu Ji Ji in at home.
He rushed into the bedroom to find something.
After he found the two missing person posters, Gu Xizhou picked up a pen and a poster and quickly told Wang Ao, “Uncle Wang, tell me the information.

Wang Ao had no clue what Gu Xizhou wanted to do.
He numbly gave his daughter’s information to Gu Xizhou, watching him quickly fill in the missing person poster. 

After Gu Xizhou filled in the information, he directly stuck the missing person poster on the wall outside the door.

Gu Xizhou gripped his phone hard enough to hurt, staring down at it.
He chanted in his heart: It must be ok! It must be ok!

A few seconds later——

“Ding ding ding——” 

The cell phone rang!

Qiao Jian talked to himself the whole time, talking about his experience being looked down upon after leaving prison as he drove all the way to his destination.

Outside an abandoned factory on the outskirts of Ningqing City, Qiao Jian got out and carefully looked around.
After verifying there wasn’t anyone around, he took Wang Shu and her son inside the factory.

There were fourteen barrels of water in the long-abandoned factory, all filled with 18.9 liters, a few chairs, and a water dispenser. 

Wang Shu didn’t understand why this killer had put so much water here, but her intuition told her… she probably didn’t want to know.

“Do you want to know why I put so much water here?” Qiao Jian grinned, taking a hose out from behind his back.
He said, “See this? It’s a tube.
Just wait for me to stick this tube down your mouth and put the other side in the water dispenser.
I’ll see whether anyone can be filled to the point of bursting.

“If you really die, remember not to blame me.
Blame your dad.
I’ll fill you till you burst for meddling in others’ business.”

Wang Shu looked terrified, shivering all over.
Her frightened expression pleased the deranged Qiao Jian. 

Qiao Jian chuckled and said, “It seems you quite like my murder method, right?”

Wang Shu shook her head frantically.
“Mm… MmmMnnnn…”


“Do you want to go fast, or your son?” Qiao Jian asked with a grin, ignoring Wang Shu’s disagreement.

Wang Shu wept silently.
She moaned against the tape for a long time. 

“Let’s do it like this.
If you want to go first, nod your head once.
If you want your son to go first, nod twice.”

Wang Shu resisted the urge to cry under her taped mouth and nodded once, not moving her head an inch more afterward.

Qiao Jian clapped his hands and said, “Ok, touching, very touching.
Then you’ll go first.”

“Now I’m going to tear off the tape on your mouth.
Let me remind you, there’s no one around.
No one will hear you even if you scream, so I advise you to be well-behaved.
If you aren’t, I’ll let your son go first.” Qiao Jian patted Wang Shu’s cheek.
“Got it?” he sneered. 

Wang Shu nodded woodenly, her tears flowing down.

Her son was put on a wooden stool to the side, and he looked at her, crying.

After Qiao Jian tore away the tape on Wang Shu’s mouth, Wang Shu spoke through her tears.
“I won’t scream, but I beg you, don’t hurt my son.
I promise… I won’t scream.
I beg you…”

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When they’d arrived, she saw that there really wasn’t anyone around.
This area had already been closed, and the nearby residents were long gone.
It was only due to planning delays that this place had yet to be rebuilt. 

Even if she really did scream, there was no one to save her.

Qiao Jian looked at her coldly and said, “Don’t try to negotiate with me; it’s futile!”

Wang Shu teared up and looked at Qiao Jian pleadingly.
“I’m begging you.
I’ll do what you say.”

Qiao Jian gave her a cold glance, not understanding Wang Shu’s request.
He put the water dispenser on top of the chair.
After ensuring that it was taller than Wang Shu, he attached it to the hose and slowly walked toward Wang Shu. 

“En… Ma… Ma…” Wang Shu’s son, tied up over on the stool, saw the devil slowly approaching his mom.

Wang Shu looked at her son.
Choked with emotion, she opened her mouth to say, “Son, close your eyes.
Don’t look.”

Then, her mouth was stopped up by the water pipe.
Water poured down her throat into her body.

Water, so very much water. 

The author has something to say: Xiaojiejie will be fine!

Crooked: Below the author plugged another series, I straight MTLed it because I didn’t want to put that much effort into an ad.
Afaik, there’s no ENG translation of this one 


There’s no CP article in “I’m tattooing totem in the alien world”.
It’s V already.
Let’s have a look at the cute ones who are interested!


The ronin who lost their totem gathered together to keep warm with each other and lived a life of insufficient food and clothing until one day they found a man from the earth.


Through the strange world, Lin Xiao looked at the primitive world with a confused face.
Every tribe in the world has its own totem.
Only the person who lights the totem can become a totem warrior.
Therefore, he silently picked up his job – tattoo artist.


Lin Xiao: brother, can’t you light the totem?


Tribesman:… You want to die?


Lin Xiao: it doesn’t matter.
I’ll tattoo one for you.
It can also be used!



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