Ch122 – The Death of Qiao Jian

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Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

CW: Torture

Water flowed down the tube and an ice cold sensation slowly permeated her body.
Qiao Jian stuffed the tube into Wang Shu’s mouth and down her esophagus.
Wang Shu was struck with waves of nausea.
It felt similar to getting a gastroscopy, but there was no anesthetic or medicine taken on an empty stomach in advance.
The physical discomfort of it made Wang Shu want to throw up over and over as water poured down her esophagus.



As a doctor, she knew that the things being poured into her would fill her until she burst.

When a person’s stomach was empty it would be about the size of a fist and about one centimeter thick.
As food entered the stomach, the stomach wall would gradually become thinner.
Once the expansion limit of the stomach was exceeded, the stomach wall would burst… and gastric juices would flow into her body damaging her internal organs.
Wang Shu knew this was an extremely painful process. 

But at this moment she was powerless to say or do anything to stop it.


There was a red mark on Wang Shu’s forehead from where Qiao Jian attacked her.
Qiao Jian had hit her with a brick and she had lost consciousness.
When she came to, she was already tied up along with her child.

Wang Shu sat on the chair and struggled to open her eyes to look at her son who was also tied to a chair.
Her son wasn’t obedient.
He had his eyes wide open and was looking at her.

Tears of frustration pricked her eyes.
Her father was a policeman and she was the daughter of a policeman.


From childhood to now she was proud of her father.
She was proud, she is proud, and she would be proud.

Wang Shu felt her stomach gradually expanding.
The water being poured into her stomach surged upwards in response to her stomach contracting.



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Seeing water pour out, Qiao Jian took out the stuff he’d prepared in advance to seal her mouth and cut it open before sticking the hose in and sealing it shut, going around Wang Shu’s mouth seven or eight times— 

“Shua shua shua—”

The sound of the tape being pulled off the roll was so loud that it made Wang Shu uncomfortable all over.
It took all her strength to hold on to her consciousness.
She opened her lips but the tape prevented her from speaking.
She looked at her son wishing that he would close his eyes and not look.

The boy had already cried himself silly.
With tears streaming down his face he struggled desperately to stand up from the chair.
Instinctively he knew: Something was wrong with his mama! Mama!

Qiao Jian hummed a little tune like a mailman as he wound more then ten circles around Wang Shu’s mouth, behind her neck, and the back of her head before he was satisfied and stopped. 

Seeing tears falling from Wang Shu’s eyes, Qiao Jian wiped them from her eyes and said with a demented smile, “You know, if you have to blame someone, you should blame your father, right?”

Wang Shu took one look at him and felt cold all over.
The man in front of her really had a human face and a beast’s heart.

When Qiao Jian saw Wang Shu’s desperate appearance, he patted her face twice before standing back to admire his work.
He watched the struggling child and Wang Shu who was slowly losing consciousness with great interest.

“Wu… Wu wu… Ah!” the little boy cried desperately.
He could only watch helplessly as his mama suffered.
This was more terrible and disparaging than a nightmare. 

Seeing his mother in pain, the boy struggled desperately to break free of the rope——

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“Bejcu Gjcu!”


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Qtfc Hljb Aljc rjk atlr, tf megrfv tlw jcuglis.
Lf kjixfv bnfg ab rijq tlw jmgbrr atf mtffx gfqglwjcvlcu tlw jcuglis, “Cgf sbe ibbxlcu obg vfjat? Zbatfgoemxfg!” 

Cr rbbc jr atbrf kbgvr ofii ogbw Hljb Aljc’r ilqr, j rtjvbk oijrtfv ys ilxf j utbra.
Ktf ilaaif ybs bqfcfv tlr fsfr klvf, cba vjglcu ab yfilfnf la.
Cr Hljb Aljc ragfamtfv bea tlr tjcv, tf rjk j wjc ygjcvlrt tlr olra jcv rwjrt la ragjluta lcab Hljb Aljc’r rxeii!

After being punched, Qiao Jian lost his center of gravity and fell involuntarily to the ground; a burst of dizziness lingered in his brain.
He shook his head.

Wang Shu opened her eyes with difficulty and saw a fuzzy outline of a figure.

Although it was only a shadow, it was as bright as sunlight driving away all darkness from its surroundings. 

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It wasn’t until the man ripped the tape from her mouth that she could clearly see the very familiar face.

Gu Xizhou knit his brows tightly.
He was already handsome, but the silhouette of his five features were like carved lines.
At the moment, his eyes were filled with worry.

Finally she heard Gu Xizhou whisper in an extremely soft voice, “Wang Shu, I’m here.
Don’t be afraid.”

Wang Shu opened her eyes wide, not daring to believe Gu Xizhou as tears streamed down her face.
Gu Xizhou tore the tape from her mouth and water gushed out instantaneously.
Wang Shu forced herself to throw up the water that had just poured into her stomach. 

Waves of nausea came over her again and again.
The same moment she vomited all over Gu Xizhou, someone ran in, panting.

“Xiao Shu! Xiao Pang!” Seeing his daughter Wang Shu, Wang Ao burst into tears.
A man with such an iron will sobbed as he examined his daughter’s condition step by step.

Wang Ao patted his daughter on the back and asked her to quickly expel the water from her stomach.
Gu Xizhou let the father and daughter pair speak while he quickly released Huo Xiaopang from his bindings.

Huo Xiaopang’s eyes were filled with anxiety.
As soon as Gu Xizhou released him Xiaopang hugged his mama’s leg asking her urgently, “Mama, mama, are you okay, ba? Wuwuwu…wu…” 

Head spinning from Gu Xizhou’s punch, Qiao Jian rolled around on the ground in pain.
It was only after gradually recovering from shock that he realized what happened!

Lying on the ground, he crawled up with difficulty picking up a chair next to him swinging it viciously at the person with his back to him——

“Watch out!” Wang Shu cried out in alarm as she vomited.

“Kuang Dang!” 

The chair hit Gu Xizhou squarely in the back, breaking into pieces.

Qiao Jian smiled proudly, thinking he’d already defeated one of his enemies and said with a sinister smile, “Wang Ao, you’re actually here too, hehe.”


With those words he took a knife out of his pant’s pocket and was about to clean up Wang Ao and the weak Wang Shu when he suddenly he noticed that the young man who he’d just beaten soundly didn’t look like he expected him to, and he felt a palpitation in his heart for no reason.

Qiao Jian didn’t turn around to deal with Wang Ao again.
Instead, he turned and escaped out of the window. 

“Are you okay, ba?” Wang Shu asked Gu Xizhou in a mechanical voice.

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Gu Xizhou shook his head and felt like his skull was about to split open, but it wasn’t anything worth mentioning to him.
Wang Ao was just about to chase after him when Gu Xizhou blocked his path and said, “Uncle Wang, you stay here with your daughter and grandson.
I’ll catch that bastard! I promise I’ll catch him and bring him back!”

Wang Ao saw that there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with him and frowned slightly.
Before he could say anything Gu Xizhou had already run out to chase after him.

The white-haired Qiao Jian ran without paying any mind to any obstacles in the road. 

Gu Xizhou shot after him like an arrow, chasing him down!

Qiao Jian was wearing a white t-shirt with holes worn into it.
Who knew where he got his clothes.

He ran like the wind, but even though he used all of his strength he was still nowhere near as fast as Gu Xizhou.
The distance between them became smaller and smaller until it was less than one meter!


Gu Xizhou shouted, “You can’t run away!”

Qiao Jian was sweating from head to toe and glanced at Gu Xizhou urgently.
When he realized he couldn’t throw Gu Xizhou off he stopped abruptly whipping around to stab Gu Xizhou with a knife.

Gu Xizhou quickly raised his hand grabbing Qiao Jian’s right hand holding the knife.
At the same time Gu Xizhou lost his balance.
The inertia of the two people carried them both to the ground and they rolled several meters stopping next to a pile of scrap wood.

The two rolled in a ball.
Qiao Jian attempted to throw off Gu Xizhou’s hand.
Qiao Jian’s position was much better than that Gu Xizhou’s.
Qiao Jian was on top so he used his foot to step on Gu Xizhou.
By now Gu Xizhou was burning with rage.
He shifted out of the way and used his advantage to turn him onto the ground! 

Gu Xizhou subdued him as he heard a series of footsteps, and he realized his colleagues had arrived.

An evil too unbearable to look at head on.

There are only two things in the world that cannot be looked at directly.
One is the sun and the other is a person’s heart.

And Qiao Jian’s heart was so dark that Gu Xizhou felt sick. 

Seeing this, Fang Zhi rushed over, handcuffing Qiao Jian with a sharp click!

Qiao Jian was pressed down while Gu Xizhou patted the dust from his body.
His eyes swept over the nails in the abandoned wood on the ground.
There was a dark look in the bottom of his eyes as if he was thinking about something.


“Gu Ge, are you alright, ba?” Fang Zhi asked the dazed Gu Xizhou in a low voice.

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Gu Xizhou took back his gaze from the nail and waved his hand.
“I’m fine.
How are Wang Shu and her son?” 

Fang Zhi replied, “I’ve already sent them to the hospital, Chief Wang went with them.”

Gu Xizhou ‘en’ed and turned to look coldly at Qiao Jian.

Qiao Jian looked like a deranged psycho and said madly, “How did you know I was here? How did you find me! Aaaargh!”

“How could you be so fast! Impossible! Impossible!” 

Gu Xizhou removed his gaze.
It really was impossibly fast, but he’d used the missing person poster and someone had called him!

Thinking of this, he remembered the look Wang Ao had given him at the time.
Gu Xizhou shook his head.
He didn’t know how to explain it.
Maybe he just shouldn’t explain it directly, ba….

Gu Xizhou said to Fang Zhi, “Let’s go, ba.
We’ll go to the hospital too.”

“Okay!” Fang Zhi nodded in response. 

Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi hurried back.
Before Gu Xizhou could open the car door, he suddenly heard a scream come from behind the building where his colleagues were escorting the prisoner!

The two people exchanged a glance before springing into action and running back.
It couldn’t be that they’d let Qiao Jian get away, right? Gu Xizhou secretly said something bad in his heart.

After hurrying back, Fang Zhi swallowed involuntarily.
Qiao Jian hadn’t run, but was lying on the ground with a piece of wood hanging from the back of his head…

“Gu… Team Leader Gu, he was walking when he suddenly twisted his ankle and fell.
When he fell down… He- he was unlucky on a board with nails and died!” 

“All of our colleagues saw it!” The two police officers holding Qiao Jian quickly explained, “Team Leader Gu, it’s none of our concern, ah!”

Gu Xizhou was stunned.
He…had looked at those boards with nails in it just now and thought… Right, he was thinking about how when he was fighting Qiao Jian he never hit his head on one of those boards.
In his heart he’d hoped that this scum would die, but… he didn’t expect…

Qiao Jian would really hit his head on a nail and die!

He just happened to fall and hit his head on a board with nails and die. 

The author has something to say: Gu Xizhou: I just thought about it and he died???

Si Yu: …en.

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