When Gu Xizhou came out, he saw Wang Ao.
He thought about it and decided that he’d still better tell Wang Ao about Qiao Jian’s death.

“Chief Wang, there’s still something I need to tell you.” Since he wanted to talk about work, he changed the way he addressed Wang Ao.
He lowered his voice.
“Qiao Jian is dead.” 

Wang Ao was shocked.
He looked at Gu Xizhou with suspicion, asking, “How did that happen? Didn’t you say he was captured alive? How did he die?”

He could still remember how they found Wang Shu.
After Gu Xizhou went home, he took out a blank missing person poster and filled it out.
Then, he directly stuck it beside his door and before long… right, before long, Gu Xizhou’s phone rang and he told him where Wang Shu was and brought him straight there.
He didn’t know why… maybe it was just a fluke that he followed Gu Xizhou to that factory!


After they got to the factory, they heard the chair fall to the ground, and he saw himself watching the child Xizhou, all grown up now, rush into the building.

Gu Xizhou had no clue Wang Ao was thinking so much.
He explained, “Qiao Jian was indeed captured but while walking away, he tripped and happened to fall onto the tip of a nail.
The nail impaled his brain.” 

Wang Ao looked at Gu Xizhou and couldn’t help but gulp, apparently judging whether or not Gu Xizhou was telling the truth.

Then, one of the police officers who was there when Qiao Jian was escorted away saw Wang Ao’s look and said urgently, “Chief Wang, we really didn’t do anything wrong! Xiao Yuan and I were escorting the murderer, really, then he just fell and died all on his own! He was despicable, but we would never break the law on purpose like that! Please believe us!”

Wang Ao hesitated, then said, “It was you escorting Qiao Jian? Not your Leader Gu?”

“Ah? No! Leader Gu left first with Xiao Fang…” 

After hearing the police officer explain what happened, Wang Ao breathed a sigh of relief.
Clearly, his heart had returned to his chest.
Wang Ao turned to Gu Xizhou and said, “Xizhou, come with me.
I have something to ask you.”

Gu Xizhou nodded slightly, following Wang Ao to a corner of the hospital.

Wang Ao still couldn’t feel completely at ease.
He asked hesitantly, “Xizhou, did Qiao Jian’s death really have nothing to do with you?”

Gu Xizhou: “You heard it, too.
When he died, I wasn’t even there.
It had nothing to do with me.” 

Gu Xizhou thought: I only thought about it in my head, but it’s not illegal to just think about it!

Wang Ao believed that he understood Gu Xizhou as a person, and he believed in Gu Xizhou’s integrity.
He wouldn’t cross the line in a moment of fury.
He nodded to show he believed Gu Xizhou’s words.
Then, he asked, “Xizhou, what was that missing person poster you put up?”

Gu Xizhou took a deep breath.
He said, “Uncle Wang, there are some things that it’s better not to know.”

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Wang Ao frowned.
“I consider you as half a son, and I don’t want you to be involved in anything messy.
I feel like that missing person poster is something fantastical…” 

“Uncle Wang, don’t think about it.” Gu Xizhou’s voice was cold as he spoke.
“I have a sense of measure.”

Wang Ao seemed to want to pry further when Ma Qi, who’d been handling the precinct’s affairs, came out of nowhere.
“Chief Wang, it’s great that you’re alright.
Xiao Gu, you should hurry back to the department with me to write a report about the body.”

“Yes!” Gu Xizhou turned around and immediately followed Ma Qi out.
As he escaped, he said, “Uncle Wang, I’ll leave first! I have to go back right away!”

Wang Ao: “You…” 

Gu Xizhou was saved by Ma Qi.
He sighed in relief.
Ma Qi looked at him with a heroic expression and shook his head.
“I knew something was wrong.
After I learned Officer Wang’s daughter was kidnapped, I oversaw the department.
I remember tweaking my ears and scratching my cheeks, but as a result, you called and said you’d found Wang Shu in a mere half hour.

“What did you do?”


Gu Xizhou candidly and generously confessed.
“I just used a single-time prop——a missing person poster.”

Ma Qi stared blankly at him.
He knew about props, but hearing Gu Xizhou mention the missing person poster still stunned him.
“You got a prop in a mission world?” 

Gu Xizhou nodded.
He explained that he still felt this thing was strange.
“Several worlds ago, I got it as a clearance reward.
At that time I was just desperately trying to give medicine to a dead horse.
This prop’s description is ‘one use per world’, so I thought, the real world is also a world, and I used it.
I didn’t expect that it would actually work in reality…

“I just put it up when a man called me and told me where someone had spotted a suspicious individual…

“I used it in the last mission world, too.
Back then, a ‘thing’ called me, but this time I feel like it was a living man.
He was very flustered… like a normal citizen.”

Ma Qi was in complete shock.
“Fuck, what kind of supernatural thing is this mission world? Show me your phone.
I’ll try to investigate the person who made the call.” 

Gu Xizhou “en”ed and gave Ma Qi the phone number.

After Gu Xizhou left, he quickly returned home.
The atmosphere inside was very gloomy.
Gu Xizhou came inside and saw the chair was suddenly pushed out by a ghost.
A notebook was squeezed into his hand, reading: How is Wang Shu? Are she and her son alright?!

It was nearly illegible because of the writer’s anxiety.
Gu Xizhou said in his heart: Gu Ji Ji was really worried.

“Okay, don’t worry.
They’re both alright.
I just returned from the hospital…” 

Gu Xizhou didn’t talk about Qiao Jian wanting to use water to make Wang Shu’s stomach burst and die in agony.
He straightforwardly mentioned that they were both alright.
He would invite them over for a meal after Wang Shu recovered to let Ji Ji see them.

With this, Gu Ji Ji was convinced that Gu Xizhou wasn’t deceiving him, and he sighed in relief.

“Oh, and Qiao Jian is dead.” Gu Xizhou said indifferently.

Gu Ji Ji: What happened? 

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Gu Xizhou: “He fell down and died.”

Gu Ji Ji: …Karma.

Gu Xizhou: “En.”

After seeing Gu Ji Ji’s writing, Gu Xizhou didn’t mention the matter about what he’d thought coming true. 

One week later.

Gu Xizhou looked at the time on his wrist.
It was finally time to get off work.
He just started to get up when he saw Ma Qi enter his office with a mysterious cackle.
He said, “I investigated that phone call.”


Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
“What did you find?”

Ma Qi said, “The phone number belongs to a public phone near the factory.
I had someone look at the security monitoring.
The caller was a man called Hu Lian.” 

Gu Xizhou: “And then?”

Ma Qi said, “I went to ask him about it personally.
He was driving through when he saw Qiao Jian’s vehicle.
He saw him enter the factory and found it strange, but he didn’t think much.
He drove down the road when he saw the public phone and wanted to make a report just because.”

Gu Xizhou: “He called, ‘just because’?”

Ma Qi: “Right.
He said he called just because.
I asked him why, and he said he didn’t even know why.
He just felt like he needed to make that call.” 

Gu Xizhou: “Did you ask him about anything else? Like whether he enters the mission worlds?”

Ma Qi shook his head: “I asked, but his face was blank and he drove me out as a mental case… Relying on my many years of experience, I don’t think he was lying to me.”

Gu Xizhou frowned.
A prop could have an effect like this, so what actually was the mission world? He was more and more curious.

The author has something to say:     The real world is the real world.
It’s not a fake_(:3∠)_ 

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Good night.

Crooked: I forgot to post last week; it’s summer so time no longer has any meaning

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