the door, saying, “Thank you, Dage.”

The driver Dage inclined his head.
Before leaving, he shouted, “And also, ah, don’t be so superstitious! Feudal beliefs are out of fashion; nowadays you have to believe in science!”

Gu Xizhou: “Dage…” I’m not, I didn’t!

Before Gu Xizhou could retort, the driver Dage had already driven away. 

Gu Xizhou: “……”

Returning home, he opened the door.

Gu Xizhou was still holding the dice he bought for 50 yuan when he left the KTV.
Usually, when he came home, his dog son would throw himself at Gu Xizhou, wanting to be held up high by his master, but tonight the dog took a sniff of the stench of alcohol covering his body and disdainfully walked away.

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The shunned Gu Xizhou naturally didn’t notice this detail.
He just thought his dog son was a lone wolf today.
He didn’t need to turn on the lights because Ji Ji would flip them on at night. 

“Ji Ji, look!” Gu Xizhou walked into the living room and raised the dice in his hands.
Then, he tossed them.

Gu Ji Ji: ……

Gu Ji Ji: Drank too much… Went mad drunk?

Gu Ji Ji stared at Gu Xizhou.
Just like the taxi driver, he immediately thought Gu Xizhou was insane. 

Gu Xizhou almost died of anger after seeing Gu Ji Ji’s note.
He said, dumbfounded, “Look at the number on the dice!”

Gu Ji Ji glanced at them: Two 6s, so what?

Gu Xizhou didn’t reply.
Instead, he rolled the dice again.
This time, Gu Ji Ji finally reacted.

Gu Ji Ji: Still 6… 

Today when Xiang Yuan pulled me to drink and told me to roll the dice, I discovered that no matter how I do it, the number’s always 6.
I think that when Fu Yiran said ‘6 means life, 1 means death’, it was about dice,” Gu Xizhou explained his guess to Gu Ji Ji in a low voice.

Gu Ji Ji sighed, and his restless soul calmed down a little.


They tried to reason it out, but they didn’t know what the connection between life and death or 6 and 1 with dice was.
They still hadn’t come to a conclusion, so Gu Xizhou simply gave up and said, “Tomorrow I’ll let Fang Zhi and Ma Qi try it out and see what their numbers are.”

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“Ji Ji, how about you test it?” 

Gu Ji Ji: I’m already dead.
There’s no need to try.

Gu Xizhou: “……”

“You’re right, forget it.
I’ll go take a bath and go to bed.” Gu Xizhou was almost speechless.
“I still have to go buy vegetables for lunch tomorrow.
We have to talk about it before I go buy them; you have to help me! I can’t do it well.

Gu Ji Ji: En. 

Gu Xizhou relaxed.
After all, the main purpose of inviting Wang Ao and his family over for dinner was to let Ji Ji see that Wang Shu was alright with his own eyes, but if he was inviting people over, he was too embarrassed to order takeout… Otherwise, it would be too insincere.

The sound of water crashed, and behind the glass shower door, a figure could be faintly seen.
The ghost glanced over before slowly looking away.
He’d seen everything there was to look at on that body.
It was his, after all, and he knew it thoroughly.

Every inch of flesh, every fiber of muscle, he knew it all.

Inside, however, was a different soul.
It felt different. 

The ghost bowed its head, and its hands couldn’t help but stretch toward the dice on the table.
He lightly threw the dice, and when he saw the numbers he couldn’t help but feel a little stunned.

Two ‘1’s.

The ghost didn’t hesitate to throw them again.

Still two ‘1’s. 

After several continuous tests, the ghost suddenly felt a sense of defeat.
Was it because he already died in this world that he could only throw the number ‘1’ forever?

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