Ch127 – I Just Like You a Tiny Bit, That’s All. 

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Translated by Crooked

Edited by Dust Bunny 

Crooked: Enjoy an extra long chapter!

Be a driver?



Gu Xizhou was shocked at Si Yu’s words.
He hastily responded: No need for the trouble.
I’ll just call for one to go.

Si Yu ignored him and sent three words: Wait for me. 

The bar was noisy.
Gu Xizhou rubbed his head and turned to look at Ma Qi beside him.
This man who struck fear into the hearts of drug lords burst into tears, his eyes reddened as he slung back cup after cup of wine to drown his sorrows.


In the corner of the bar, a waitress saw Ma Qi like this and couldn’t help but pity him, wondering what happened to him.
What could have happened to make this straight-backed middle-aged man with a soldierly bearing weep like this?

Ma Qi originally had two unwavering and sharp eyes, but now they were filled with tears.
His Adam’s apple bobbed faintly, but he didn’t speak.

After forty minutes, Gu Xizhou’s looked sideways at Ma Qi, who was laying drunkenly on the counter.
Ma Qi had been continuously drinking, so he got drunk very quickly.


Gu Xizhou took the wine cup from Ma Qi’s hand and then picked up his own.
He pursed his lips, the flowing line of his forearm showing off his beautiful musculature as he lowered his head to take a sip of wine.
Now, he was a little drunk.

His other hand lightly kneaded his forehead.
Spinning his stool around, he faced the dance floor and languidly swept his eyes over the couples on it.

Gu Xizhou was handsome.
With razor-sharp lines, keen eyes, and ink black hair, he was actually somewhat dazzling.
His eyelids narrowed, and his eyes deepened until they were like a bottomless abyss.
He attracted many gazes.


“He’s mine; don’t rob me.” Among them, an extraordinarily alluring woman in a backless dress stared at Gu Xizhou.
She held a wine cup in her hands as she spoke to several of her sisters. 

“Yan Jie, someone’s already a step ahead of you.”

The woman called Yan Jie raised the curtain of hair on her left side and looked over.
She saw a sweet looking girl with a style entirely unlike hers speaking to the sexy man she wanted to hit on.
She raised an eyebrow.

She wasn’t able to listen to their conversation because of the cacophony surrounding them.

The man who the girl hit on shook his head and said a few words.
Then, the sweet looking girl seemed to be very disappointed.
She looked back at him as she left. 

“It seems he’s still mine,” said Ye Yan gleefully.
However, as soon as she finished speaking, she noticed her target waving at the entrance to the bar, like he was greeting someone.

“WTF, so handsome!”

“It’s that hot guy’s friend who just came!”

Ye Yan listened to her friends and turned to Si Yu with a slightly cold expression.
This man was dangerous.
That was her first impression.
As for his appearance, there was no need to sigh over it because her sisters were already gossiping quietly. 

“My god, ah, isn’t this too handsome?”

These girls were all from rich families, and they could also be called attractive.
Their standard for “handsome” was much higher than average, and because they had such high standards, finding someone that made their heart beat was naturally very difficult.
She also inadvertently caught sight of the indolent man drinking at the bar, and he inexplicably made her heart skip a beat.


In an instant, her heart beat “badump badump badump”, like it was going to leap from her chest and straight into the man’s hands.

In the noisy bar environment, Si Yu saw Gu Xizhou languidly beckon him over.
There was a smile in his eyes, and his steps quickened. 

Gu Xizhou sat on the barstool.
Si Yu and Gu Xizhou were about the same height, but now Gu Xizhou was about at his waist.
His gaze swept over the wine cups, and he looked at the dead drunk Ma Qi.
His eyes narrowed as he looked at Gu Xizhou.
“Still want to drink?”

Gu Xizhou raised his cup that only had a little wine left and directly drained it in one gulp.
His adam’s apple rolled as he drank, showing a peculiar sort of sex appeal. Bang, Gu Xizhou slammed the cup down onto the bar.
He moved close to Si Yu’s ear and whispered softly, “Driver, you’re here.”

Si Yu locked eyes with him and shook his head helplessly.
With a smiling gaze, he said, “En.
You called for a driver; I’ll send you back.”

“Good.” Gu Xizhou got off the stool and pointed at Ma Qi.
“Send him back first.
I know where he lives.
I’ll give you directions.” 


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Si Yu nodded as he helped Gu Xizhou up.
They carried Ma Qi between them as they walked out.

Ye Yan saw Gu Xizhou was leaving and wanted to step forward, but in a moment of carelessness, her eyes met a cold gaze.
The owner of the gaze seemed to know her intentions and swept across her face like a knife.
It wasn’t until the other person withdrew his gaze that the invisible pressure lifted.

“My god, he’s so handsome I can’t close my legs!” 

“Yan Jie, why didn’t you go up and talk to them?”

“Right, ah, Yan Jie, those two just now weren’t bad.
Actually, that drunk one wasn’t bad either; he was just a bit older.”

Ye Yan shook her head without speaking.
She just felt like if she really did go up and flirt, nothing good would come of it.

Leaving the bar, Gu Xizhou supported Ma Qi’s left side and looked across his body to meet Si Yu’s gaze.
He asked, “Where’s your car?” 

“Have you ever seen a driver bring his own car?” Si Yu asked with a smile.

Gu Xizhou: “En… I haven’t.”

Finding his own car, Gu Xizhou and Si Yu put Ma Qi in the back seat.
Gu Xizhou handed the keys to Si Yu and opened the door to get into the front seat.
His drooping eyes sized Si Yu up as he opened the driver’s side door.

After Si Yu got in, he frowned.
He wasn’t familiar with Gu Xizhou’s car… 

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Xijcmlcu ja tlw, tf jrxfv mjrejiis, “Rba erfv ab atlr rbga bo mjg?”

Vl Te gfqilfv, “Sc, tjnfc’a vglnfc la wemt.”


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“En.” Si Yu started the engine with a calm expression and said, “Just because I bought it doesn’t mean I can drive it.” 

Gu Xizhou looked at him.
He really can pretend.
“Ok ba, when I took the car in, the mechanic told me that someone at the 4S store bought the same model with the highest specifications the day my car had an accident.”

Si Yu didn’t say anything more on the subject.
He stared out at the road, conscientiously focusing on driving the car.
Gu Xizhou saw that he didn’t speak and leaned back, the streetlights on the roadside quickly flashing by beside him.

Darkness and light replaced each other in turns, the mottled shadows intertwining on Si Yu’s face, segmenting it.
His thin lips were pursed into a line.
His slender and defined hands were placed upon the steering wheel, and his profile was like a finely carved statue.
The refined line of his neck carried a hint of sensuality, stretching down into his collar.

After sending Ma Qi home, Gu Xizhou’s drinking was finally catching up with him.
His mind slowly became muddled.
He broke the silence by saying abruptly, “Ma Qi’s teammate died.
Who do you think will die first out of the three of us?” 

Si Yu glanced over at Gu Xizhou as he drove and was silent for a moment before he answered his question.
“No one will die.”

Gu Xizhou smiled, but it seemed more like a silent sneer.
He wasn’t optimistic at all.
He was already a bug, but he nearly died in the snowman world.
Although Ma Qi’s loss of control today was unexpected, his words… Gu Xizhou thought they made sense.

Dying wasn’t scary; an accident may happen tomorrow without anyone knowing.

But the mission takers were different.
The countdown in the sky incessantly reminded them of their impending deaths. 

Gu Xizhou stared out at the nighttime scenery, lost in thought.
‘Now, death is not the end, so there’s no need to fear death.’ Gu Xizou recalled the female ghost’s words and mumbled to himself, “Death is not the end… don’t tell me it’s the beginning?”

Gu Xizhou didn’t understand.
Si Yu didn’t take up the thread of conversation either.
He simply quietly drove the car all the way back to Gu Xizhou’s house and parked downstairs.

Gu Xizhou rubbed his forehead dazedly.
He was about to undo his seatbelt and get out when he suddenly saw a handsome face right in front of him, helping him with his seatbelt.

A man’s distinct fragrance suddenly drew close, beginning to envelop him until his surroundings were filled with the smell.
Gu Xizhou met Si Yu’s deep gaze and saw his own reflection inside. 

Gu Xizhou leaned forward, softly pressing his lips against Si Yu’s mouth.
After the fleeting touch, he saw Si Yu’s dazed expression and grinned.
“You wanted to kiss me.”

“En.” Si Yu didn’t deny it at all.
He reached out and touched the corner of Gu Xizhou’s mouth and kissed him again.

It was different from Gu Xizhou kissing Si Yu.
Si Yu’s kiss was more like a relentless onslaught, all-engulfing as the tip of his tongue gave light caresses.
He could hear the sound of his heartbeat and feel his scorching hot breath.
He gradually forgot how to breathe in the midst of the kiss.

The gasps gradually grew more pronounced as the burning breaths passed through their ears. 

Gu Xizhou wanted to follow his heart and get closer with the man before him and do even more intimate things, but when his eyes inadvertently swept across the 7th floor of his building, his body went rigid.

It was already very late, and the one bright light on the 7th floor suddenly hit him like a slap in the face, shocking him awake.


Gu Xizhou grabbed the hand Si Yu stretched around his waist and dropped his head.
His voice was tight with repression as he said, “I’m really tired.
I want to go home and sleep.”

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Si Yu’s hand paused, and after a moment, it slowly released him.
He leaned his head on Gu Xizhou’s shoulder and said softly, “Okay.” 

After another minute, Si Yu helped Gu Xizhou upstairs.
Gu Xizhou cracked the door open.
The lights in the house were on.
After Gu Xizhou stepped in, he said to Si Yu behind him, “You go back first, ba.
I can do it myself.”

Si Yu’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Gu Xizhou.
With a deep breath, he suddenly took a step forward and grabbed Gu Xizhou’s hand, lightly holding him in place.
He spoke quietly in Gu Xizhou’s ear: “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“En,” Gu Xizhou replied quietly.
He pushed Si Yu away and turned around, walking inside to get a change of clothes…

In the living room, Gu Ji Ji leaned his head against the wall and frowned, scrutinizing Si Yu. 

It was this person who sent the demonic cultivator home last time, too.
His heart sunk a bit.

Gu Xizhou asked him that question before just for the sake of this man.

Gu Ji Ji fell into thought, staring shamelessly at Si Yu’s figure, sizing him up.
Then, Si Yu turned, and their eyes met.

Gu Ji Ji’s heart fell to the bottom of a gorge, his mind going blank.
This was the second time he felt like the other person could really see him! 

At the same time as he began to panic, Si Yu’s eyes slid away naturally, as if it had only been a coincidence.

After Si Yu left, Gu Ji Ji frowned.
The first time could’ve been a coincidence, but twice? Every time the demonic cultivator’s teammate came to his house, they always make eye contact!

Gu Xizhou bathed for a very long time tonight.
As soon as he finished, he came out to see that Si Yu had already left and seemed to sigh in relief.
Then, he went back to his room to lie down.


Gu Xizhou lay down on the bed and couldn’t help but hate himself.

Then, the strength of the wine and the drowsiness coupled with Si Yu made him take the initiative to raise his gun and prepare to go into battle.
But then, he saw the lights on the 7th floor and interrupted what should’ve happened without finishing it, extinguishing the flames decisively.

Gu “Scumbag” Xizhou collapsed onto the bed, despising himself in his heart.
But then in his head he remembered Gu Ji Ji… remembered that the body was Ji Ji’s, and it was like a bucket of ice water had been poured over his head.
There was no more fire in his body, and he was left with the water.

The next day, Gu Xizhou dazedly opened his eyes to find that he slept until dawn. 

Gu Xizhou rubbed his drowsy eyes.
After washing up in the bathroom, he went to the living room and sat on the sofa.
Raising an eyebrow, he said, “Ji Ji, you got up at dawn to watch the news?”

Gu Ji Ji: I can’t?


Gu Xizhou shook his head and said, “It’s not you can’t, but I feel like you’re too bored, like a retired grandpa.”

Gu Ji Ji: …… 

At that point, Gu Xizhou’s cell phone rang.
The phone on the table lit up, and Si Yu’s name appeared on the screen.

Si Yu: Is your hangover okay?

Gu Xizhou picked up the phone and tapped away on the keyboard: Better.

Si Yu: What do you want to eat later? 

Gu Xizhou heard a clang, and the remote on the sofa fell to the ground.
He watched as the remote was very quickly picked up by the ghost.
Gu Xizhou hesitated and replied: How about we don’t have a meal today.
I still want to rest.

After a long wait time, the other side finally responded with ‘ok’.
Gu Xizhou slightly relaxed upon seeing that Si Yu didn’t ask much, but he looked down on himself even more in his heart.

There was an added line in the notebook on the table: The one who sent you back yesterday was Si Yu.
Your relationship is very good.

Ji Ji wrote it. 

Gu Xizhou looked at the words in the notebook.
He couldn’t see Gu Ji Ji or his expression, and he didn’t know if he was uncomfortable, watching him fall in love with someone else using his own body.
With a chaotic heart, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

The pen on the side moved to write: I saw him downstairs kissing you.

Gu Xizhou pursed his lips and said, “Kissing in the car… you saw it?”

Gu Ji Ji: Not with my eyes, but I could sense it.
I can sense what people nearby are doing. 

Gu Xizhou: “I…”

One person and one ghost suddenly sank into silence.
Gu Xizhou didn’t break the silence until after lunch, apologizing to the empty room.

Gu Ji Ji: ……

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Gu Ji Ji wrote: It’s fine. 

Gu Xizhou faintly ‘en’ed and looked at his phone for a while, but he didn’t continue to respond to Si Yu’s texts.
Their conversation stopped at ‘ok’.

The day heated up crazily.
The sun was red overhead, and a dog lay down listlessly in the shade of a tree, panting with its tongue out.
Everything seemed to be melting.


In one meeting room, however, the temperature seemed more like ten degrees below zero, and everyone in the room couldn’t help but shiver in the cold.

As long as the big boss swept his gaze over, it felt like their surroundings had become an icebox, and their bodies were chilled to the bone. 

Yu Yang was under pressure to report the shopping mall’s sales earnings recently, and when he saw that the big boss occasionally cast his gaze away from him, he couldn’t help but gulp, always feeling like there were chills down his spine.

They could all see that the big boss wasn’t in a good mood today.

Everyone was extremely nervous about making a mistake and making the big boss more unsatisfied.
Obviously, the big boss was about the same age as their sons, but his aura pressed down on them so harshly that they didn’t dare to speak.

“My report concludes here.” Yu Yang let out a turbid breath, striving to remember whether he’d made any mistakes.
He thought secretly in his heart: There shouldn’t be any, ba. 

The gloomy big boss looked through the file wordlessly.

Yu Yang: …Am I going to go cold?

All of the other meeting attendees quietly looked at the big boss and stealthily exchanged glances, feeling an invisible pressure.
It really made them gasp for air; what happened to the big boss?

Anger pressed down on his heart, making Si Yu irritable and uneasy. 

He looked at the phone on the desk.

Yu Yang also looked at the phone, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead.
Who was it, ah! Not responding to the big boss’s text, look how angry he gets…

After waiting for a very long time, Si Yu started to look over the reports.
His tapered eyebrows raised slightly, and his tone was a little annoyed.
“Meeting adjourned.”

Finally, it was over. 

Trembling with fear, everyone helplessly sighed in relief.
They’d finally passed the calamity safely.

Originally, the big boss had already finished inspecting the company’s businesses, but for some reason he suddenly demanded to inspect them again.
They were all shaking with terror, afraid of making any mistake.

“President Si, should we eat together…” It was already noon, and Yu Yang saw that everyone had left.
He had no choice but to harden his scalp, but before he was finished speaking, he was interrupted.

“You don’t need to care about me.
I’ll stay here for a while.
You go.” Si Yu said, massaging his forehead with fatigue. 

“O-okay…” Yu Yang was relieved.

In the empty office, only Si Yu was left behind.
He picked up his phone and looked at the time.


Gu Xizhou, this guy, didn’t say anything when he got the slow reply, and he still hasn’t answered his phone!

On that evening, he was forced to extinguish his fire and didn’t get angry.
The next day, he was stood up and also didn’t get angry.
As a result, this bastard still wanted to ignore him? 

He’d always restrained himself, and it was obviously Gu Xizhou who kissed him first.
Why did he regret it now?

How can he be this kind of person, fuck!

Si Yu couldn’t help but curse in his heart.
He’d never seen someone so unreasonable as Gu Xizhou.
After teasing someone and stirring them up, he turned his back and neglected them!

If you need him, then you can let him do something and toy with him? 

Doesn’t that explain it?

“Fuck!” Si Yu threw away his composure, unable to resist cursing.
He left the meeting room without taking anything and stomped down to the parking lot.

Leaves swayed in the tree branches, coated in dust.
The floor was illuminated brightly, and one’s shadow stuck close.
The sun beating down made it hard to breathe.

Walking along the road outside, Gu Xizhou felt like his feet were burning. 

Everything seemed like it was melting.
Hot wind blew over his body without bringing the least bit of relief.
Instead, it only brought another heat wave.

“Gu Ge, Ma Ge asked his teammates and when they threw some dice, they got the same numbers as I did.
They were all 1-6 randomly.” Fang Zhi shooed away a mosquito as he talked to Gu Xizhou, but he didn’t get a response.

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Fang Zhi waved a hand in front of Gu Xizhou’s face and asked, “Gu Ge, did you hear what I said?”

“I heard,” said Gu Xizhou.
“I don’t know what’s going on either.
Anyway, I think there’s something wrong, but as long as the number isn’t 1, it’s fine.
Buy some dice to keep at home and throw them a few times when you’re free.” 

“Ah…” Fang Zhi scratched his head.
“O-okay, ba.”

Fang Zhi discovered that Gu Xizhou was looking at the doors in front of the police station.
He followed his line of sight and saw a somewhat familiar fancy car parked in front of the department.
A man got out of the car.

The man was tall, and his skin was fair.
His handsome, distinct features and his deep, jet-black eyes were cold.
He closed the car door heavily before striding toward them.

Fang Zhi stared blankly and whispered to Gu Xizhou, “Gu Ge, Si Ge is coming.” 

Gu Xizhou: “……” He saw it.

Fang Zhi cheerfully raised a hand and waved at Si Yu.
“Si Ge!”


After Si Yu walked over, he nodded to Fang Zhi and said, “I’m looking for Xizhou for something.
Fang Zhi, you can go inside first.”

“Okay!” Fang Zhi agreed without a second thought, his face lit with a brilliant smile.
“Gu Ge, I’ll go back… first.” 

Seeing Gu Xizhou glare at him, Fang Zhi stared back helplessly.
What did he do? Gu Ge actually glared at him.

The pitiful Fang Zhi suddenly felt somewhat anxious.
He turned around and quickly left Gu Xizhou and Si Yu behind, fleeing to the police station.

Si Yu’s dark, inscrutable eyes reflected back Gu Xizhou’s faux-innocent expression, and he spat out two words from behind his gritted teeth: “Come here.”

“Oh.” Gu Xizhou didn’t want to argue about this with Si Yu in this kind of weather either.
Anyway… he was in the wrong, so he shouldn’t suddenly open his mouth first! 

What a headache.

If he could change bodies and return this one to Ji Ji, he wouldn’t have given Si Yu the cold shoulder these few days.
It made him uncomfortable to go silent, and he still felt like he was a dead scumbag.

Following Si Yu to a cool and dark corner, Gu Xizhou waited for Si Yu to speak, but instead of waiting for words, he got a kiss.

The man unexpectedly pressed him against the wall and kissed him. 

Thin lips fell onto his lips, and he was tightly held.
He felt like the kiss was like being crushed, the scalding breath teased his neck, and his lips were nibbled.

Was he being forcibly kissed?

After Gu Xizhou showed a bit of bewilderment, he was finally unable to resist the seduction and directly kissed back.

Receiving a response, the kiss grew deeper.
Both people closed the distance even further.
Gu Xizhou could even hear each of Si Yu’s pounding heartbeats deep in his own chest, heavy and hard. 

After an unknown amount of time, Si Yu let him go.
Both of them were gasping.
Si Yu’s deep eyes held a smile.
“You like me, too, so why are you ignoring me?”

Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes.
He snorted, “Fuck you, who likes you?”

“You, ah, otherwise why did you kiss me back?” Si Yu eyes narrowed at him as he continued, “Is this something you can’t admit? You see, I know I like you, and I’m even especially fond of you.”

Fang Zhi, who’d left with a pained mood in his heart, felt like something wasn’t quite right and didn’t enter the office building.
He wanted to turn and go back and ended up seeing an unforgettable scene! 

Si Ge pressed Gu Ge into a corner and kissed him!

Wait, is no one around?


Fang Zhi subconsciously looked around and made sure that no one else saw.
Then, he turned and made eye contact with Gu Xizhou.
Fang Zhi instinctually moved his eyes away and pretended like he was looking at something else.
Then he turned around and left without Gu Xizhou.

Gu Xizhou: “……” That brat Fang Zhi is too unreliable. 

“Don’t paw at me, someone will see.” Gu Xizhou glanced at Si Yu with raised eyebrows.
“This is the door of the police department.”

Si Yu let Gu Xizhou stand up straight and said, “My next mission world is in two days.
I’ll wait for you at home.”

Listening to Si Yu’s confident tone and his expression that seemed like he wanted to eat him, Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the awesome luxury car as it left.
“Narcissistic! You look handsome, so Laozi couldn’t help it! Who likes you, ah?”

Heh, I just like you a tiny bit, that’s all. 

The author has something to say: The next world is about to start! It’s a very interesting world.

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