trying to kiss me?

It wasn’t just a kiss; Si Yu’s lips fell on Gu Xizhou’s eyelids, too.
Gu Xizhou was baffled, but he had no choice but to close his eyes. 

Did Si Yu not see these monsters? But when they were upstairs, Si Yu obviously saw them! And why were they embracing each other in front of these two ghosts?

The two monsters didn’t attack them.
They were dumbfounded, scratching their heads as they looked back and forth between Gu Xizhou and Si Yu.

When Gu Xizhou opened his eyes, he saw that the two monsters wore that strange and sinister smile again, and they surrounded Gu Xizhou and Si Yu on either side.
They stared at them with their big, bell-shaped eyes.

Two Monsters: We’re watching you oh! 

Gu Xizhou: En.

Two Monsters: Aren’t you scared?

Gu Xizhou: Scared that President Si’s brain is abnormal.
I’m very scared.

Two Monsters: Fuck, look at us ah! 

The embraced Gu Xizhou was stared at by the two ghosts’ big bell-shaped eyes.
His mood was quite subtle.

The two ghosts waited for Gu Xizhou and Si Yu to finish kissing.
Seeing that these two didn’t intend to pay attention to them, they exchanged glances, and one monster scratched its head in puzzlement.

They issued that strange sound from the depths of their throats.






To roughly translate their words: 

“They’re not looking at us?!”

“S-so it seems!”

“Then how do we scare them?”

“I dunno…” 

After the two people closed the door to their room, Gu Xizhou glanced over at Si Yu and asked suspiciously, “Those two monsters followed us all the way to the door.
Did you not see them?”

“I saw.” Si Yu sprawled lazily on the sofa.
He was a bit jittery because they’d just escaped the monsters in the building.

Gu Xizhou was shocked.
He asked, “Then why did you say you didn’t see anything?”

Si Yu patted the cushion beside him and said, “Come sit.” 

Gu Xizhou ‘en’ed.
He sat beside Si Yu, then he heard him use his sonorous baritone voice to speak.

“This monster is very weak on its own.
They can deliberately manufacture terrifying scenes for mission takers to see, threatening them.
If the mission takers are afraid of them, then they can kill.
If they’re not afraid, then it’s fine.

“I’ve seen this kind of monster before.
All of my teammates died, except for me.”

“I really thought you couldn’t see them!” Gu Xizhou was dumbfounded. 

“They were acting too deliberately just now.
They obviously wanted us to see them, but I wasn’t sure they were this kind of monster, so I pretended not to see them to verify it,” said Si Yu.

Gu Xizhou lowered his voice.
“And you’re sure now?”

“En,” said Si Yu.
“They didn’t attack us, which means they weren’t able to attack us.
If not, do you think they would let us go?”

After that, Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou and said, “I was a little worried about you, so I wanted to kiss you to distract you, but it seems you really weren’t afraid of them.” 

Gu Xizhou: “You could’ve told me directly.
You didn’t need to kiss me to distract me…” I didn’t get distracted, and I was stared at by the two ghosts for ages…

Si Yu thought about it, then said, “Mainly, I needed distraction.
I was scared.”


Gu Xizhou: Like I’d believe your nonsense!

Seeing Gu Xizhou roll his eyes, Si Yu shrugged his shoulders indifferently.
With a helpless expression, he said, “Okay, I admit it.
I just wanted to kiss you.” 

Gu Xizhou felt Si Yu’s forehead, shaking his head.
“You don’t have a fever, ah, so why are you so worked up?”

Si Yu: “Because of you.”

Gu Xizhou: “……” He wanted a normal Si Yu.
He was wrong, he shouldn’t have kissed Si Yu.
This time, he was directly kissed foolish!

The next day, Gu Xizhou wrote down what he saw last night along with Si Yu’s judgment of the situation, copied it on eight slips of paper, and put one in each of the other rooms.
The only people who communicated with them were the three in Building 2’s 510. 

Wu You: Thanks for the information.
Actually, we didn’t dare to go out yesterday.

Gu Xizhou: Oh.

Nothing happened during the day apart from Si Yu’s abnormality.
Everything looked normal to Gu Xizhou.

During the night, Gu Xizhou found that instead of seven bright rooms across from them, tonight, there were only six.
In other words, mission takers had already died yesterday. 

For two consecutive days, nothing happened except for lights disappearing one after another.
At night, the ‘clang clang clang’ sound went off constantly, disturbing their rest.

Very late at night, Gu Xizhou fell asleep.
Once again, he heard the ‘clang clang clang’ sound.
Unsurprisingly, the woman in the red dress fell onto the silver van once again.
It was the exact same scene as a few days ago.

Gu Xizhou irritably got out of bed.
Out the window, the two monsters looked at each other and smiled at him again.

Recently, these two humans they stared at gloomily night after night made the monsters doubt their lives a little bit.
Fortunately, the other mission takers were still normal.
Even if they doubted life, they still had to keep smiling. 

Two monsters: We see you!

Gu Xizhou: I see you, too; wait for me! If I don’t clean you up today, then my surname isn’t Gu! Get ready!

“What are you doing?” Sitting up in bed, Si Yu rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at Gu Xizhou drowsily.

“Today is the fourth day.” Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
“Let’s go find those two monsters!” 

Si Yu stared blankly.
“Find them?”

“En!” Gu Xizhou said quietly.
“Didn’t you say that as long as we’re not afraid of them, they can’t do anything to us? I want to see what they’re up to!”


Si Yu: “?”

A half hour later, Si Yu was stunned. 

Si Yu: When I told you their characteristics, I didn’t expect you to beat them up.

Now, Si Yu sat on the sofa in Building 1 Room 713.
Soon, the two homicidal ghosts that relied on fear resembled two weak chickens… Gu Xizhou stepped on them.
In the face of Gu Xizhou, these two fear ghosts could be described in two words, “done for”.

The two monsters:



If this was translated, it would probably be:

“How did everything get turned upside down? Even if they’re not afraid of us, why do they still have to beat us?”

“How would I know! Aaah! It hurts!” 

The author has something to say:     Gu Xizhou: I think you’re out of your mind, and I have proof!

Si Yu: ?

Good night

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