Ch132 – Win and Live, Lose and Die

Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

Si Yu lowered his eyes as he watched Gu Xizhou raise a chair and bring it down on the head of one of the ghosts.
The ghost who was black and blue all over fell to the ground.
Gu Xizhou flipped the chair around to hit another ghost crawling toward Si Yu to try and escape.

“Why are you running?” Gu Xizhou stepped on the monster’s forehead and the monster immediately went rigid all over as if it had been grabbed by something terrible, its whole face twisted into a tearless grimace.



Si Yu got up from the sofa, bowing his head to look at the monster on the floor, saying lightly, “If a mission taker is afraid of them, then they can kill them.
What a pity to meet you.”

Gu Xizhou turned and said to him with a smile, “You aren’t even a little bit afraid?” 

Si Yu straightened up, “I’ve seen a lot, so I’m not afraid.
If I wasn’t there for your first mission world, I wouldn’t have believed it was your first time.”


Gu Xizhou glanced at him and said, “Aren’t you only in your twenties?”

Si Yu: …right, ba.



“You flaunt it in front of me everyday, If I put you in your place, I won’t be able to bear it! How do we get out of this damn place?” Gu Xizhou stepped on one of the ghost’s heads.

“Gu gu!”

Gu Xizhou heard the monster coo twice and furrowed his brows, picking up the chair to beat it up again.


Finally under Gu Xizhou’s fist, the two of them pointed simultaneously to the woman who was tied up. 

“The key to leaving is her?” Gu Xizhou asked, raising his eyebrows.

The two ghosts noded smartly.
Because their method of killing relied on fear, if the other person was completely unafraid, they could only make themselves look small and pitiful in front of them.

Just like people in modern society, they only dared to bully the small and the weak, but when faced with someone strong, they could only bow their heads.

Gu Xizhou lowered his voice, “You’d better not be cheating me, otherwise when I’m done with her, you’ll be next.” 

The two ghosts: “Gu gu!” We didn’t lie to you!

After beating up the ghosts that relied on fear to kill, Gu Xizhou moved his gaze aside to the wall where the female ghost was tied up.
It really didn’t have a shadow.
Gu Xizhou walked over and took the tape off of its mouth.

The female ghost leaned against the wall weakly, it shook its fist and said in a thin voice, “Great, I’m finally saved.
Can you untie me?”

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Gu Xizhou lowered his gaze to look at the female ghost and said softly, “You have no shadow.” 

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“Qts rtbeiv P yfilfnf sbe?”


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Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows and turned to the two ghosts to ask, “Really?” 

The two ghosts were silent for a moment before shaking their heads vigorously.

One of the ghosts stretched out a hand desperately to grab Gu Xizhou.
Gu Xizhou turned over his hand, crushing it in his grasp and the ghost let out a pitiful whine.

The other ghost wrote on the ground in blood: You can’t let it go, otherwise we will all die!

The female ghost wept, “You have to believe me.
If you let me go I promise they won’t kill anyone until you leave!” 

Gu Xizhou heard the female ghost’s words and raised his eyebrows looking to Si Yu for his opinion.

“You wait.” Si Yu glanced at the female ghost and got up to go to the bedroom.
The bed in the bedroom was soaked with big bloodstains.
On the desk were the many small cards Gu Xizhou had picked up in the hallway.

Si Yu picked up one of the cards and looked at it for a long moment before turning to open the wardrobe.
The wardrobe was not empty.
It was filled with many different kinds of women’s clothes.
These clothes all had one thing in common: they were all very revealing.

Outside, Gu Xizhou guarded the two ghosts along with the female ghost, waiting for Si Yu.
Several minutes later, Si Yu came out of the bedroom and strode past Gu Xizhou.
He crouched down and set to work immediately untying the female ghost. 

“Gu gu!”

“Gu gu!”

Gu Xizhou heard the sounds coming from the depths of the two monster’s throats and turned to look at their faces which were unexpectedly filled with fear.
The two monsters tried desperately to get off the ground, even going so far as to try and attack Si Yu!

Gu Xizhou punched the monster and was pressing it down when he noticed a streak of red to one side. 

Si Yu grabbed Gu Xizhou and pulled him aside.

Gu Xizhou saw the female ghost grab one of the monsters and drag it into the room.


Terrible animalistic screams filled his ears as the two monsters screamed in fright.
At the same time, Gu Xizhou heard the sound of bones breaking coming from the room. 

“Are they enemies?” Gu Xizhou asked Si Yu, raising his eyebrows thoughtfully.

Si Yu ‘en’ed, taking out a photograph and handing it to Gu Xizhou.
In the photo the two men made double peace signs while taking the selfie.
However, the photo was somewhat gruesome and terrifying, because one of the men had a human face pasted on his own.
That face bore a remarkable resemblance to the female ghost’s.


“Those two monsters killed the female ghost.” Gu Xizhou understood, looking at the photo, that their relationship was like the one in Lin Meng’s world.
The female ghost’s obsession should be to kill these two monsters.
Only Lin Meng’s world wasn’t so simple.
After all, in that world, the monsters could still come out of the mirror to kill people, and these two monsters…

No, it wasn’t that these two monsters weren’t powerful, but that they could only kill people when they were afraid.
If someone wasn’t afraid, they couldn’t kill them.
Gu Xizhou was never afraid of these playthings, so their rules for killing were useless against him. 

Si Yu said lightly, “Do you still remember the little card you picked up?”

Gu Xizhou, “En, what about it?”

Si Yu whispered, “Just now I found many different women’s clothes, shoes, and bags of all different sizes in the room, not belonging to the same woman.
I also found many small cards in the room.”

Gu Xizhou bowed his head to look at the photograph in his hand.
In his head he had already made a rough outline of what had happened between the female ghost and the two monsters.
The female ghost should have been a sex worker.
These two men used the phone to make appointments with prostitutes so that they could bring them home and murder them. 

“Then we can leave the female ghost to kill those two monsters, ba?” Gu Xizhou asked thoughtfully.

Si Yu lowered his gaze, “I don’t know, let’s wait and see.”

After Si Yu finished speaking, the screams in the room finally stopped and the female ghost opened the door covered in blood.

The room was filled with broken limbs.
The two monsters were torn into eight pieces, their faces peeled off and stuck to the female ghost’s face.
Holding a camera in its hand, it walked over to Si Yu and asked him quietly, “Can you take a picture of me?” 

Si Yu reached out and took the camera from the female ghost’s hand.
With a click, he took a picture for the female ghost.

The female ghost admired the photograph for a while, her eyes revealing a faint smile.

Gu Xizhou waited for the female ghost’s body to crumble, but it didn’t dissipate like he imagined it would.
The female ghost pinched the faces stuck to hers and threw them on the ground carelessly, sticking out its tongue to lick the blood from the corner of its mouth.
It sized up Gu Xizhou and Si Yu, snapping its fingers lightly, saying, “Since you’re the one who untied me, I will allow you to enter the last gambling game.
I wish you luck.”

“What game?” Gu Xizhou asked, raising his eyebrows. 

The corners of the female ghost’s bright red mouth curled upwards as it said lightly, “Life or death.”

With those words, the female ghost retreated into the darkness, vanishing without a trace.

Gu Xizhou’s brows pinched slightly.
When the female ghost came up next to him just now, he clearly heard the sound of chains, but this female ghost didn’t disappear, and the door didn’t appear from its body!

That proved that what the female ghost wanted the most wasn’t to kill those two monsters, but something else, which should be the gambling game it was talking about. 

At the moment, the faceless monster in the room clearly didn’t have a head, but its body was still moving, blood dripping onto the ground from its broken neck, spreading across the floor.

The two monsters opened their eyes at the same time, and one of the monsters dipped its hand in blood, writing on the ground.


Gu Xizhou and Si Yu exchanged a look before entering the room together.
After the hand finished writing, all signs of life abruptly stopped.
On the ground were three characters—Everyone must die.

Gu Xizhou looked at the two faceless monsters kicking them in the head as he cursed them out, “You’re dead and you’re still trying to scare people?” 

After the two returned, Gu Xizhou sat down on the sofa and said to Si Yu, “What do you think this gambling game is that it was talking about? Life or death?”

Si Yu said lightly, “We’ll know when the time comes.”

Gu Xizhou thought for a moment.
That’s right, we’ll discuss it again tomorrow morning.

The next day, Gu Xizhou got up early.
He’d just eaten the breakfast made by Si Yu and was staring out the window of the bedroom at the neighborhood, bored half to death, when he suddenly caught sight of a figure! 

“Someone’s here!” Gu Xizhou turned to look at Si Yu.
No sooner had Gu Xizhou finished speaking when the two people went straight downstairs.

As soon as Gu Xizhou came down the stairs he saw the man take two steps back, apparently frightened.
Seeing the man’s reaction, Gu Xizhou realized that he wasn’t a NPC, he was a mission taker!

An hour later all the mission takers had assembled in the center of the neighborhood.

“Strange, why can we suddenly see each other? I wasn’t able to see you before.
Have any of you done anything?” 

“It’s not us.
We saw two monsters that night and were too afraid to go out at all!”

“So were we!”

“The three of us actually went out, but after seeing those two monsters we didn’t dare follow them up.”

“Hai Ge, Wang Ge, and I went upstairs.
After we went we saw a room covered in blood and those two monsters were already dead, but there was no door.” 

Gu Xizhou glanced at the yellow haired guy who was the last one to speak and thought that he was braver than expected.
He also went upstairs, yet they didn’t meet.

The yellow haired man was obviously an amiable person, and after introducing himself to everyone else he walked over to Gu Xizhou and Si Yu and said in a low voice, “Hello, I’m Wu You.”

Gu Xizhou reached out and shook Wu You’s hand gently, saying lightly, “Gu Ran.”

Si Yu: Si Yaoxing 

Wu You was stunned and asked, “Just now I asked everyone else if they wrote those notes.
Were you the ones who wrote the notes?”

Gu Xizhou nodded slightly and explained simply that the female ghost had killed the two monsters, “At the time we didn’t notice, we just treated her like a normal person.
We didn’t think she wasn’t human so we saved her.
After that she started hitting…”


Si Yu heard Gu Xizhou’s words and kind of wanted to laugh.
Gu Xizhou said that those two monsters were really scary.
Did he really think he’d completely forgotten what happened last night?

When Gu Xizhou told them about the female ghost’s gambling game, everyone started to panic. 

They only had one question in their hearts: What gambling game?

“In the supernatural world, every choice we make is a game of life or death,” Si Yu said  carelessly, shooting a glance at the panicking crowd, “Win and live, lose and die, that’s all.”

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