Ch133 – Gu Xizhou, I Also Want To

Translated by Crooked

Edited by Dust Bunny 

When Si Yu finished speaking, everyone’s frenetic mood slowly calmed down.

“It’s daytime now, and we can go search that room again to look for any clues left behind,” suggested one of the girls, a woman with a round face and glasses.



“En, then let’s go take a look.”

Gu Xizhou watched the others go upstairs one by one and turned to Si Yu.
He asked, “Should we go, too?” 

“I’ll listen to you,” Si Yu said mildly, looking at Gu Xizhou.


Once they went upstairs, Gu Xizhou saw Wu You, Hai Jun, and the others with bloodless faces.

Hai Jun’s legs trembled.
Sure enough, no matter how many times he looked at the fierce monsters in the bedroom, he was still terrified.
He didn’t know how Gu Ran and Si Yaoxing could be so fearless.

These two lunatics! Who knew how many mission worlds they’d experienced to be so cool-headed!


Hai Jun’s trio was still in relatively good shape.
After all, they went into this room last night.
Others, however, weren’t doing so well.
Some were so scared they fainted.

They didn’t find any new clues inside the room.

Hai Jun asked reluctantly, “What do we do now? Do we just do nothing and wait until the last day?


“Si Yaoxing, Gu Ran, you were the first to find it.
Do you think we can wait like this?” 

Si Yu didn’t look at him at all and said indifferently, “You could search this entire building, but you wouldn’t find a single clue.
You already know it, so why ask us?”

Hai Jun closed his mouth and looked at his other companions, hinting for them to say a few words.

Before Hai Jun could speak, the round-faced girl spoke up, asking quietly, “Si Yaoxing isn’t wrong.
There really aren’t any clues.
How about we wait for tonight and look again? Maybe something will happen in the evening?”

Everyone gathered in Gu Xizhou’s living room.
They discussed in low whispers, but since there were no ghosts or strange noises, there was nothing they could do.
However, some people clearly weren’t optimistic about the next few days. 

They stayed until dinner time, when everyone had to split up and go home to cook.


Gu Xizhou closed the door.

“They’re finally gone,” Si Yu said with annoyance. 

After eating, Gu Xizhou washed up and left the bathroom to see Si Yu watching TV.
“You’re watching TV again… What’s so good about it?”

Si Yu gave Gu Xizhou a deep glance.
“There’s nothing good about it; it’s not as good as watching you.”


Gu Xizhou gulped and said, “I think you’re actually crazy.”

Gu Xizhou didn’t want to continue with this subject, so he said indifferently, “Say, are we really waiting until the final day like this? Will it work?” 

“Then what do you want to do?”

Gu Xizhou walked over and sat beside Si Yu.
He thought about it and said, “That female ghost’s words were really confusing, and now it’s completely gone.
I think there’s something off about it.
Other mission worlds let us enter their gambling games directly, so why do we have to wait until the last day for this one?

“I suspect the female ghost wants to mislead us.” Gu Xizhou lowered his voice as he explained his guess.

Si Yu gave Gu Xizhou a deep glance and said, “There’s actually another possibility.
It’s not trying to mislead us, but…” 

Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow, pursing his lips as he motioned for Si Yu to continue.

Si Yu met Gu Xizhou’s eyes and said, “It was its last bit of benevolence to let us live a few more days because the final game of chance certainly won’t.”

“That’s what you think?” asked Gu Xizhou, surprised.
He didn’t expect Si Yu would say something like that.

“En, more or less, but it’s just a guess.” Suddenly, Si Yu said, “Gu Xizhou, if these few days left really are our final days left to live, what do you want to do?” 

“Our final days?”

“En.” Si Yu smiled, and his eyes darkened, hiding his mood.
“If these are our final hours, what do you want to do?”

“This isn’t a good guess.
I don’t believe there’s a world with certain death,” said Gu Xizhou, raising an eyebrow.

“…Okay, ba.” Si Yu smiled helplessly at Gu Xizhou, unable to refute him. 

After that, Si Yu suddenly moved sideways, hesitated for a moment, then extended an arm to hold him.
He said, “We’ve already done what we want to do.
Just wait for the last day.
Believe me.”

“Compared to running around blindly like headless houseflies, I would rather spend my final days with you.”

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“Coafg kf ufa bea, P’ii ajxf sbe ab atf tbrqlaji obg j qrsmt fnji.”

“Ursmt fnji?” 

“Tbe’nf yffc boo ijafis.” Xe Wlhtbe uglccfv.
“P rerqfma atja P ygbxf sbeg ygjlc klat ws xlrr.”

“P gfjiis jw boo.” Vl Te rkfqa tlr ujhf bnfg Xe Wlhtbe, fsfr vjgxfclcu.
Qlatlc tlr tbiv, atfs mbeiv offi fjmt batfg’r ybvs afwqfgjaegf.
Qlat j ibk nblmf, tf rjlv, “Vlcmf P’nf ilxfv sbe, P’nf agfjafv fnfgs vjs jr ws ijra vjs.
P vbc’a xcbk ktfc P’ii vlf.”


Gu Xizhou felt like Si Yu was a bit different from before.
“Why are you suddenly so pessimistic? Haven’t you always been arrogant and prideful?

“I believe that not only can you live well, but you’ll live longer than me.
Haven’t you always bragged about your good luck?” 

Si Yu dropped his chin to Gu Xizhou’s shoulder and hung his head, not speaking.

For the next few days, the female ghost seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

Early in the morning, Gu Xizhou got out of bed after the sun woke him up and saw Si Yu making breakfast.

“Just in time,” said Si Yu, coming out of the kitchen after hearing him move. 

Gu Xizhou nodded calmly in response, but his heart gave a thump.

These last few days, Si Yu was the same as before, but occasionally he would expose his sorrowful mood, giving Gu Xizhou no room to doubt whether this was a certain death world and that Si Yu might know something.


Gu Xizhou tore out the last page of the calendar.
Today was the final day of the mission world.
Following the female ghost’s pledge, there were no more deaths. 

It was finally the last day, and he didn’t know what would happen.

After breakfast, everyone implicitly decided to gather in Gu Xizhou and Si Yu’s living room because it was the final day.

Hai Jun said softly, “Let’s wait together for the last few hours.”

“Okay,” the others agreed. 

The time arrived.

There were three seconds until 3 pm, the time written on the two train tickets in their room.




Everyone counted silently, and when they got to one, the outer wall suddenly seeped blood, dripping down in thin rivulets.


“Grab my hand!” Si Yu shouted.

Gu Xizhou looked at him and gripped his two fair hands strongly.
After a second, they experienced a dizziness similar to going through the wooden doors.
When he opened his eyes, his sight slowly became clear.
Gu Xizhou was surprised to find himself in a very gloomy environment.
There was a lantern on top of his head that issued a strange, soft, red light.
There was a soft carpet on the ground and a table in front of him.
More accurately, it was a gambling table. 

Seventeen chairs surrounded the betting table, with a person occupying each chair.

Gu Xizhou took back his gaze and looked down at the table.
There was one die on it.

Gu Xizhou was a bit muddled.
Could this gambling game actually be related to Fu Yiran’s note, ‘6 means life, 1 means death’?

“Wh-what is this?” 

The speaker had just finished when a low laugh emanated from the dark abyss.
Immediately afterward came a strange and sharp voice:

“I want to gamble my life with you.
You want the door, so you want me to die, but I’ve already died once.
I don’t want to die, so if you want the door, you’ll have to win my life from me in a bet.”

Everyone was stunned into silence.
Finally, someone asked uncertainly, “Betting life?”

“Right, betting life.” Its pleasant tone was completely emotionless.
“Win and live, lose and die.” 

Hai Jun’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he asked, “What are the rules?”

“The rules are simple.
There’s a die on the table.
We’ll see who rolls the bigger number, and whoever rolls lower than me will die.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay.
What kind of rule was this?

If your number is smaller than the ghost’s, you’ll die.
I-isn’t this an equal chance of living or dying? 

Gamble with the female ghost…

“I won’t gamble! I won’t gamble!”

One of their companions suddenly stood up from their chair and tried to leave the gambling game.
He had just got up when… suddenly his head was split from his body.
Blood spattered onto the cheeks of the nearby teammates.

The headless corpse sat back in its original position, and the head clattered onto the gambling table.
Hai Jun was stunned.
He shivered as his hands gently wiped his cheek.
The blood spatter was boiling hot, like liquid magma on his face. 

The female ghost didn’t kill him, the rules did.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you: if you don’t join the betting game, you’ll also die,” sneered the gloomy voice.
“Okay, now let’s begin.
Don’t waste time.
If you leave the table, you’ll die, if no one casts a die for thirty seconds, you’ll die, and if your number isn’t bigger than mine, you’ll die.”


Although the rules were very simple and rough, and the odds of living or dying seemed evenly split, they couldn’t help but shudder when they looked at that die.
A few of them looked deathly pale, like they would faint at any time.
A few others looked like they were going to break down in tears.

Who dared to be the first to bet their life? 

The round-faced girl with glasses suddenly shook.
A well-manicured, purple and white hand with red nail polish was placed on her shoulder.
She heard a voice speak softly in her ears, “Okay, one last rule, we’ll start with you and rotate clockwise to throw the die.”

Its tone was filled with contempt.
Hai Jun shuddered all over.

Gu Xizhou noticed that the round-faced girl with glasses was sitting on Si Yu’s left.
In this rotation, Gu Xizhou would be the 16th to roll, and Si Yu was last.

The female ghost’s words were still quite credible.
As they arranged to enter the final gambling game, Gu Xizhou’s hands were tense.
There was actually a trap in the female ghost’s words.
If their number wasn’t bigger than the ghost’s, they would die.
In other words, if they rolled the same number, they would die. 

Even if he rolled a 6, as long as the female ghost also rolled a 6, according to the rules, he would die! Fuck!

The round-faced girl was scared out of her skin.
She was shaking and her heart was thundering.
This mission world was nothing like the ones she’d survived before.
After passing the first part, there wasn’t any danger.
There was only the final betting rule.

Placing her life on the betting table was absurd.

Staring at the die that held her heart in its palm, the round-faced girl’s hands trembled. 

It kindly reminded her, “There are five seconds left.
If you don’t throw it, you’ll die.”

Taking a deep breath, the round-faced girl picked up the die and glanced at the headless corpse of her companion who’d tried to leave beside her.
He couldn’t leave the table even if he was dead.
She was unable to hold back her tears.
She bit her lip desperately, not letting herself make a sound, and closed her eyes as she threw the die.


“It’s a 1…” Someone among them muttered the total. 

The round-faced girl kept her eyes closed and couldn’t stop her tears from falling heavier.

“Ze ze ze.” Strange laughter echoed from the darkness around the room, like mockery from the ghost.

Soon, the die on the table suddenly stood up by itself and spun swiftly.
After it rolled, it eventually came to a stop.


It rolled a 2.

After a second, blood spattered onto the tabletop.
Everyone looked at the round-faced girl once more.
Her head was instantly split from her body and fell onto the betting table with a ‘thump’.
Her eyes were tightly closed, and a look of fear was frozen on her face.
There was nothing else.



One after another, bloody heads fell onto the betting table.
Some had open eyes and some shut, but without exception they were all decapitated and placed on the table, as if they were waiting for the final result to see who could beat this game of chance. 

“Ah!” After a bitter yell, Hai Jun unconsciously shut his eyes.
He’d already seen his teammate Wang Mu roll a 5, and it rolled a 6.
It was always one more than the mission taker!

It was manipulating the dice!

Hai Jun gave up hope.
He didn’t stop his tears from flowing.
This world meant certain death… it was inevitable!

“It’s your turn.” A hand softly patted Wu You’s cheek.
The tone was gentle and soft, right in his ear like a faint and tender whisper, but it sent shivers down his spine.
Wu You’s back tightened, and he barely managed to pick up the bloodstained die with his shaking hands. 

After Wu You threw the die, he subconsciously closed his eyes.
He felt like he had lost all his strength and sat paralyzed in his chair, rigidly biting his lip until he broke the skin without feeling the pain at all.
All he felt was fear, endless fear.

“It’s 6! It’s 6!” shouted Hai Jun sitting next to Wu You.
Hai Jun saw the number on the die and excitedly grabbed Wu You’s hand.

Wu You slowly opened his eyes and looked at the number on the die.
He looked down at his hands in disbelief.
He choked, “It’s… It’s a 6! I-I won’t die!”

“En, it looks like your luck is pretty good, ah.
But——” It sneered, clicking its tongue. 

Gu Xizhou stared unwaveringly at the spinning die on the table.
As expected, when the die rolled to a stop, it also landed on a 6.

Hot blood sprayed out, and Wu You, who had just felt like he’d survived a calamity, died instantly.
His face was filled with astonishment.

Hai Jun lost his calm.
He nearly collapsed.
With a shaking voice, he asked, “Why… did he die? He rolled a 6! Why!”

“Because I also rolled a 6.
His number wasn’t bigger than mine.” 

A gloomy and cold voice echoed from the dark.
Those hands landed on Hai Jun’s shoulders, and a quiet voice said, “Those who leave the betting table die, those who don’t throw the die within 30 seconds die, and those who don’t roll a bigger number than me die.”

Hai Jun carefully repeated these rules in his mind, and he suddenly felt all his strength leave his body.
His despair transformed into fury.
This meant all of them would die!

After a moment, Hai Jun used his shaking hands to pick up the die on the table and loosely threw it out.
He didn’t have any hope.
After he saw his own number, he laughed bitterly and said to everyone, “This is… a world of certain death.
No wonder it left us alone until the last day to participate in this game of chance.”

The ghost threw the die and its number showed up.
As before, compared to Hai Jun’s number 4, it was one bigger at 5. 

Gu Xizhou turned his head to look at Si Yu.
His breathing grew heavy, and his pulse raced.
He asked, “Did you already know? That’s why you asked me that?”

“En, I guessed it vaguely.
For the ghost, breaking through the railing and jumping down was its gamble, and it lost the bet, so it died.
While gambling with us, it’s in control of its score, and it doesn’t want to lose.
This world… is doomed.”


Si Yu swept his pitch-black eyes of Gu Xizhou and the five people ahead of them.
Using a tight hand to hold onto Gu Xizhou, he whispered, “I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have let you come in with me… or else you wouldn’t…”

Gu Xizhou straightened his body and met Si Yu’s deep eyes.
Hearing Si Yu’s extremely repressed words, his heart pulsed fiercely.
He mocked, “What ‘I’m sorry’? It’s just dying early.
And didn’t that perverted female ghost say something before? Now death is not the end.
Actually, I think… I’m not afraid.” 

“Hey,” Gu Xizhou suddenly called to Si Yu.
“Before you asked me what I wanted to do if these were my final days, right?”

Si Yu dropped his gaze and lightly ‘en’ed.
Suddenly, he was grabbed by the lapels and Gu Xizhou ruthlessly bit his lips.
He scolded, “You fucker, you actually said it was a certain death world earlier.
Laozi should have fucked you until you weren’t able to get out of bed!”

“Gu Xizhou, I also want to.”

Si Yu’s eyes were lit up like a blaze by Gu Xizhou’s words.
When he very earnestly said this sentence, his voice grew heavy and hoarse. 

“Di da.”

“Di da.”

Fourteen people’s heads were arranged on the table, dripping with blood.
Aside from Gu Xizhou and Si Yu, there was one man left.
The man’s mood had already collapsed, and he directly gave up rolling the die.
His tears fell endlessly.
When thirty seconds passed without throwing the die, the man’s body was decapitated, and his head fell into Gu Xizhou’s hand with tears still flowing down his fearful face.

Slowly, two hands caressed Gu Xizhou’s cheek and a disembodied voice spoke gloomily in his ear.
“You’re up.” 


Along with the sound of shattering bone, a mournful scream came from the pitch-black space.

Gu Xizhou flipped his hand to grab the two black hands extending from the dark.
When he squeezed, the sound of bones breaking echoed in the room.
“Don’t touch me.” Gu Xizhou said coldly.

Si Yu gave Gu Xizhou a deep glance but didn’t ask anything. 

“You’re up… You’re up…” The two hands put on Gu Xizhou’s face were snapped in an instant, and it withdrew its hands with tiny shivers, returning to the darkness.

Gu Xizhou cussed, “You’re fucking up, there’s still ten seconds left, what’s the rush?”

It: “……”

Si Yu bluntly covered Gu Xizhou’s foul mouth, kissing him fiercely. 

The two people kissed.
Gu Xizhou tried to push Si Yu, cursing, “Let go, aren’t you afraid that if I die you’ll be left holding a head in your hand and have a shadow in your heart?”

“Gu Xizhou, I like you.” Si Yu gripped Gu Xizhou’s hand, putting it on his heart, and said, “I’ll give all my good luck to you, so you definitely won’t die!”


Gu Xizhou gave Si Yu a funny look.
This person also had his childish moments.
This ghost could obviously control the number on the die.
He threw the bloody die and unexpectedly got a 6.

“Ge ge ge.” More strange laughter.
The die on the table slowly stood up and began to spin. 

Gu Xizhou pushed Si Yu away.
He didn’t want his blood to splash Si Yu and his head to fall into his hands when he died.
That was too horrifying.

After pushing away Si Yu, the die on the table stopped.

Gu Xizhou’s pulse raced.
Could it be a 1? Fu Yiran gave him the note, ‘6 means life, 1 means death’.
No, why was he raising his hopes? It could obviously manipulate the die.
Every time the others like Wu You threw a 6, it always matched it.

This world meant certain death, and only the last person could be protected by the will of the world and leave this mission world alive. 

Recalling that Si Yu was the final person, Gu Xizhou suddenly felt a bit happy.
At least Si Yu might still live.


A small voice trembled in the darkness, full of doubt.

Gu Xizhou looked disbelievingly at the die on the table.
It rolled a 1! N-no way, it could manipulate the die, right! How did it roll a 1! 

Gu Xizhou still hadn’t understood when he heard a wretched partial scream from the darkness.
It lost the bet, so… it was killed by its own rule?

Gu Xizhou turned around and vaguely saw a door appear within the darkness.

A black door.

Gu Xizhou hesitantly twisted the knob.
It was pitch-black inside the door.
Si Yu took a step forward and embraced Gu Xizhou, burying his head in Gu Xizhou’s shoulder.
Gu Xizhou was just about to speak when the man pushed him down. 

“Heh…” Si Yu gave a low laugh and strongly kissed Gu Xizhou.
The kiss was deep and unrelenting.
Si Yu didn’t release him until Gu Xizhou was struggling to breathe.
Pulling his hand, he licked his lips and spoke in a husky voice, apparently not fully satisfied.
“So, you want to fuck me here until I can’t get out of bed?”

“You…” Gu Xizhou pushed Si Yu away, looking at him like he was insane.
There were still fifteen heads sitting there in this ghost realm.
Was he that demented?!

In order to avoid Si Yu, Gu Xizhou entered the door.
Before he lost consciousness, he vaguely heard a gentle laugh.

After Gu Xizhou left, inside the gloomy room. 

A handsome man turned his head and returned to the side of the betting table.
He cast a sidelong glance at the bloodstained die, and a mocking look flashed through his eyes.

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