Ch134 – I Want You

Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

It’s so dark.





It was raining outside, and the woman glanced out of the open-walled hallway.
The rain was blown into the hallway, soaking the wall.
The woman in the red dress was a little cold.
She had fallen just now, and her skirt was damp. 

Gu Xizhou found that the woman didn’t seem to care about that detail.
Her brain was full of her daughter’s medical expenses.
They were still short of money for the bills, and that damned stinky man had disappeared from the picture as soon as he found out that his daughter had a heart disease.


The woman’s mind was cluttered with thoughts.
Gu Xizhou quickly followed the woman’s memories through her worry.
She returned to her home in a hurry.

Gu Xizhou followed the woman’s line of sight and realized that this was the neighborhood from the mission world.
The woman must have lived here.

She returned home and changed clothes before hurrying to the hospital.


“Doctor, can my daughter’s illness be cured?” the woman asked the female doctor in the white coat tentatively.

The doctor had a kindly appearance and said gently, “That’s not a problem.
The main problem is the cost of the surgical procedure…”

“I’m only five thousand short of the operation fee! I almost have enough!” The woman said anxiously.


“That’s good, the sooner the better, ba,” the doctor said softly before pointing to the door of the ward.
“You’d better go and see Miaomiao first, ba.
She wakes up everyday demanding to see you.” 

The woman pushed open the door.
Following her line of sight, Gu Xizhou saw the Miaomiao the doctor spoke of.

A little girl about three years old.

“Mama! I missed you, you finally came!” The little girl grabbed the woman’s arm acting spoiled.

After entering, the woman thanked the patient in the bed next to her for taking care of Miaomiao. 

“Good Miaomiao, you can leave the hospital after the operation.
Mama will be with you the whole time.”

Miaomiao: “En!”

The woman was telling Miaomiao a children’s story while she lay on the hospital bed when the woman’s phone rang from inside her bag.
The woman glanced at the number and left the ward quickly, returning home to change clothes.

The female ghost was apparently fond of the color red because she changed the skirt and it was still red.
Then she put on high heels, grabbed a purse, and rushed out of the neighborhood. 

Standing outside of a door, she knocked impatiently.
Soon, a man opened the door.
He looked a little like the man he saw in the photograph before.

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Gu Xizhou had a few misgivings and followed the woman in with his eyes.
The man in the photograph who didn’t have a face stuck to his looked very similar to the second person.


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Just as the woman was about to take off her clothes, Gu Xizhou suddenly felt a wire tighten around his neck.
The woman was stunned and didn’t know what was going on.
Her eyes widened as she looked at the two men. 

“And ask our Ge for money?” one of the men sneered, he grabbed a paring knife and held it up to the woman’s neck, “We’ve been watching you for a very long time.
You’ve lived in this courtyard for over a year.
You’re a prostitute; you must have a lot of money, ba.”

The two men tied the woman to the bed with the iron wire.
After that they taped the woman’s mouth and eyes shut before patting her down and finding a ring of keys.
One of the men left, and the woman laid on the bed for a long time before he returned with a book of her accounts in hand.

“Ge, there’s 70,300 here.
This woman has made so much money, ah!”

It’s so dark. 

Gu Xizhou followed the woman with his eyes.
The woman’s eyes were now covered with a piece of paper wrapped in tape, so she couldn’t see anything, she could only hear the two people talking.

Hearing the two men talk about the amount of money in the woman’s account book, the woman’s heart trembled.
Who knew how long these two had been watching her?

She didn’t have the strength to lie on the bed.
It was dark, endlessly dark, she couldn’t see anything.
A feeling of intense fear crawled from the depths of her heart and slowly swallowed her whole.
At this moment a voice sounded in her ear, “What’s your banking information? Tell me!”

The glue was torn off her mouth in an instant and the woman whispered, “I’m begging you, please let me go, ba.
That’s for my daughter’s surgical fee.
I really can’t give it to you…” 


The slap to her face disoriented her and a low steady male voice said, “When Laozi asks you a question, you answer.
Don’t say those fucking usless words, or I’ll stab you to death!”

Hearing the man’s nasty tone, the woman’s body was struck motionless, tears falling from her eyes.
The two men remained unmoved.
Taking advantage of their distraction, the woman opened her mouth to yell:


Her voice had barely left her mouth when four hands pressed over her mouth all at once and her mouth was once again closed up with tape.
Cigarette butts burned the backs of her hands, and her hands shrank back in pain.

“Motherfucker! You’re not obedient, are you looking for death, ba?”


After several days and nights of torture, the woman finally let go and gave them a string of numbers.
Fortunately the two men left the room at the same time and closed the door.

The woman’s whole body hurt badly from head to toe.
Her arms were covered with cigarette burns and the place where she was strangled with the wire was bloodied.
The woman was trapped in a corner of the balcony, tied up with a rope.
She couldn’t see anything.
With great effort she moved her injured body to hit the railing with all her strength. 

“Bang, bang, bang!”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Over and over and over again.

Finally, Gu Xizhou heard a creaking sound.
Apparently the woman heard it too, redoubling her efforts. 

Kuang dang!

The railing and the woman crashed to the ground.
The woman’s body was very cold, but her mind was clear.

Who can save me…

Who can save me? 

The woman struggled to free herself of her bindings.
Tearing at the rope with her teeth unceasingly.
The numbers she gave the two men were fake, those numbers were her daughter’s patient ID.
She knew that if she told them, those men would still kill her!

It hurts.
My body hurts so much.
The woman’s body had already suffered many fractures and the blood on it had already begun to congeal.

She didn’t know how long she had been lying there.
It seemed to be a very long time, but it also seemed very short.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her, and the woman was elated.
Someone came! 

“Fuck, take her up quickly before anyone sees her!”

Just when she thought she was saved, she heard the voice of a wicked demon.
At that moment the woman didn’t cry.
She didn’t even feel fear, or pain.

She smiled.

Laughing at herself. 

She had lost the bet.

Seeing that the woman had died without giving them the information, the two men tore the paper from her eyes.
Grabbing her by the hair he picked up the paring knife, slicing open her neck.
Blood flowed from the blade, dripping down to the ground.


At last her body gradually become cold, but Gu Xizhou’s mind was unusually clear.
Inside his mind there was one question— When the blindfold fell from the woman’s eyes, did she ever see inside her neighborhood?

With the woman’s death, Gu Xizhou gradually lost consciousness, and his vision gradually became clearer. 

He was deep inside the bright and spacious villa.

He still hadn’t recovered when he saw the blurry silhouette of a man looking down at him.
The man’s breath enveloped him as he bit his ear and said heavily, “Let’s make good on your promise.”

Si Yu pinned Gu Xizhou’s wrists, hugging his waist firmly.
With great strength, he pressed Gu Xizhou into the sofa, the muscles in his back tightening like a bow.

Seeing Si Yu’s eyes burning like fire, Gu Xizhou’s heart pounded fiercely. 

Gu Xizhou tried to turn over, wanting to change positions with Si Yu, but found Si Yu’s hand pushing up his shirt, revealing a beautiful intramuscular line.
The lines of his body were smooth, and the muscles were not too thin or exaggerated.

There was a ripping sound as Si Yu tore the T-shirt from Gu Xizhou’s body.
Gu Xizhou was startled when he realized his hands were tied up!

“Fuck! You let Laozi go!” Gu Xizhou cursed.

“Absolutely not.” Si Yu didn’t even want to spit out two words, licking his lips subconsciously.
His voice was magnetic and filled with repressed desire.
“Just now I said I also want to.” 

The sensation of fingertips pressing lightly against the neck made one’s body unable to resist trembling.

Gu Xizhou cursed, “You want to fart!”

Si Yu winked at Gu Xizhou and said in complete earnesty, “En, I want you.”

The words stuck in Gu Xizhou’s throat, and he was left speechless. 


Gu Xizhou cursed in a low voice.
Si Yu buried his head in Gu Xizhou’s neck, making it itch.

In an instant, the muscles on Gu Xizhou’s arm flexed along with the sound of fabric tearing and the cloth around Gu Xizhou’s wrist broke.

Si Yu raised his head slightly, a trace of astonishment visible on his handsome face. 

Gu Xizhou threw the rag to the ground angrily.
Seeing Si Yu’s astonished expression, the corner of his mouth curved upward mockingly as he suddenly flipped Si Yu over, pressing him into the couch.

Gu Xizhou sat on top of Si Yu, eyelids drooping slightly, “Now do you know what’s wrong?”


From underneath him, Si Yu gave a low laugh, resting his hands on Gu Xizhou’s waist, dark eyes smoldering as he licked Gu Xizhou’s fingertips.

Startled by the warm, wet touch, Gu Xizhou jumped, withdrawing his hand abruptly.
Taking advantage of Gu Xizhou’s distraction, Si Yu surged upwards causing Gu Xizhou to fall to the other end of the sofa, reversing their positions once again. 

Si Yu: “I said, I also want to.”

Gu Xizhou: “…”



Gu Xizhou heard his phone vibrate from where he’d dropped it on the sofa and he regained a little bit of his rationality.
He felt for his phone carelessly and picked it up.

“En… En, okay… I understand… En, I’ll be there right away.”

Hearing Gu Xizhou answer the phone, Si Yu’s eyes darkened as he looked towards Gu Xizhou.
Grinding his teeth he asked, “Is there a case?”

Gu Xizhou pressed his fist lightly to his lips and said, “ En, a homicide.
You should get up first.” 

When Si Yu heard what Gu Xizhou said he raised his eyebrows slightly, and the word “displeased” was practically carved into his face.

The author has something to say: The Ji Ji thing will get resolved soon… En, don’t panic, hold on!

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