uilding to get a look at the situation below.

A young male officer hung up his phone and said something to the officers around him before walking over to the couple who found the body. 

The young woman was shaking in the man’s embrace, crying.
She was very upset and afraid.
The man was about the same, but he was faring a little better than the weeping woman.
His complexion was pale, and he seemed like he might faint at any moment.

“What are your names?” The male officer didn’t dare to go inspect the bloody corpse, so instead he took out his notebook to make a few routine inquiries.

The man’s body trembled lightly, and he said softly, “I’m Wang Changyuan.
My girlfriend’s name is Peng Xiaoyue…”

The male officer patted his shoulder and said, “Don’t be nervous.
Describe how you found the body.” 

Wang Changyuan took a deep breath and said, “Today is a holiday, and my girlfriend and I didn’t have work.
We wanted to do something in the morning, and she said we should go for a walk.
I took her and her cat out for a walk.
When we got to the trash can, there was something wrong with the little british shorthair, but we didn’t pay any attention and just picked it up to carry it.

“After leaving the garbage area, the cat didn’t make any noise.
At that time I was holding the cat, but the fur made it hot to hold, so I put it down.
After walking for about half an hour, we came back without thinking about the trash area.
When we came back, the cat immediately jumped into the trash bin.

“I saw that the trash was dirty and wanted to get it out from inside, but when I stretched my hand in, I felt something ice cold.
The cat still hadn’t come out, so I took a look inside and what I saw made my knees go weak.
There was a dead child stuffed inside.

“After I came to my senses, I immediately called the police.” 

Wang Changyuan finished speaking with a white face.
He furtively glanced at the child covered by a white cloth and said to Fang Zhi, “You have to catch the killer.
This child is too miserable…”

The officer nodded.
“This is our duty.
Do you know what time it was when you found the body?”

“It was about 10:20.
I was very scared after I found it, and immediately called the police when I came to my senses!”

Si Yu drove straight to the scene. 

Because of the murder, the surroundings were densely packed with people.
Everyone was especially agitated, and they talked incessantly.
The police who blocked the road stood at the police tape and frowned, guarding the crime scene.

The crowd grew larger and larger.
Si Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at the dense pile of people on the street.
He was uncomfortable.
These people were just watching a good show.
He pulled the car over.


Gu Xizhou was woken up by Si Yu.
After he rubbed his eyes, he saw the flashing red and blue lights and heard people nearby discussing in a low voice.

“This killer is really a beast! When he’s arrested he should be executed by firing squad!” 

When Gu Xizhou heard the people outside cursing, his heart couldn’t help but sink.
He pushed open the car door and got out, and Si Yu did, too.
Gu Xizhou closed the door and asked, “Why are you getting out, too?”

“I’ll accompany you,” said Si Yu, as if it were a matter of course.

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