nly two of them have children.
The rest are couples who came here for work and left their children back at home.
Ai, it’s too troublesome to study in the city.” 

The old man chattered on and on, and Gu Xizhou could only lament that the old man was really too lonely.
Completely absorbed in the conversation while the rain continued, Gu Xizhou saw groups of two and three people returning home through the storm.

The place where the old man let Gu Xizhou and Si Yu shelter from the rain was near the stairwell.
Through the open door, they could see people going upstairs.
The old man’s relationship with them wasn’t bad.
Many of the men and women passing by would pause to say hello.


After about half an hour, the rain finally stopped.
After Gu Xizhou and Si Yu thanked the old man, they left quickly, walking to the staircase.
According to what they’d inquired about just now, they found the residents with children in the building and asked if any were missing.

“I haven’t heard about a lost child.
Officer, are you looking in the wrong place?” asked a dark-skinned, honest looking man, scratching his head. 

“No one around here is missing a child?” asked Gu Xizhou.

“No, everyone around here is a manual laborer.
Even if we aren’t familiar, we’ve at least seen everyone’s faces at the construction site.
If someone’s child really disappeared, the people at the site would definitely know about it already.”

The honest man added, “I personally sent my child to school today.
He’s definitely not missing.”

After asking a few households, none of them had heard about any missing children.
Gu Xizhou was a little frustrated. 

That suspect was definitely from around here, or else he wouldn’t disappear nearby.
But if no one around here was missing a child, then they could only let the guardians of children who’d gone missing come in to identify the corpse.

Gu Xizhou’s head hurt.

The visit took a long time, and soon it was 6 PM.
In the distance, Gu Xizhou saw a big group of men and women all dressed in the same uniform returning home.

Gu Xizhou had to make another visit.
He walked over to the door and knocked.
A thin and small middle-aged man opened it.
His face was filled with deep wrinkles, and his home was stuffed with trash collected from outside.
It smelled terrible. 

“Wh-who are you looking for?” he asked quietly.
The thin man’s expression was a bit fearful as he cowered.
He was clearly afraid of strangers.

“Hello, I’m a police officer.
I want to ask you some questions.” When Gu Xizhou said this, he noticed the thin man began to shudder from head to toe.
He couldn’t help but draw a question mark in his mind.
This man seemed to be terrified of police officers.
Is it because of his occupation or something else?

“G-go ahead.” The thin man nodded.

Gu Xizhou said, “I just asked your neighbor.
You have children in your family.
How old are they?” 

“One is three, and the other is eight.”

Three years old!

That corresponded with the age of the corpse.
Gu Xizhou asked hurriedly, “I just looked and didn’t see your children.
Haven’t they come back from school?”

The thin man shook his head.
“The little one went back home with my wife today.
The big one is still at school.” 

“Is your little one a son?”

“Yes, why?”


“That… have you contacted your wife recently? Are they back in your hometown?”

“Of course! I’ve been in contact with her.
A few days ago she went back and called me.” The thin man looked at Gu Xizhou vigilantly.
Apparently he was a little suspicious.
“Why are you asking that?” 

“Oh, it’s nothing.
I just wanted to make sure there were no missing children in the area.”

The thin man: “There aren’t.
I haven’t heard anyone say that.”

“Okay, thank you.”

After saying goodbye to the thin man, Gu Xizhou found his other coworkers and asked, “Did you find anything?” 

“No, there are no missing children from this neighborhood.”

“If this murderer really lives here, he must be wary after all of our investigating.” Gu Xizhou thought for a moment, then ordered, “Like this, notify the local police station and have them immediately carry out the first census.
All the residents must be recorded without exception.
At the same time, get in touch with the landlords here and have them pay attention to whether anyone has returned the rent recently.”

Everyone received their orders and immediately went to carry them out.
Gu Xizhou turned around and saw Si Yu looking at him.
Gu Xizhou went over and said, “I’m still busy today.
You’d better go back first.”

“It’s fine.” Even though it had just rained, the weather was still very hot.
Si Yu had found a white paper somewhere and was using it to fan himself. 

Gu Xizhou gave him an amused look.
He was about to suggest that he get in the car and use the air conditioner when his eyes swept across that white paper and froze.
He snatched it with a scowl.

The white paper was a black and white leaflet for spreading propaganda.
Gu Xizhou looked at it and saw that it was advertising some sort of evil cult.
There was a strange symbol in the center of the paper, and it was the exact same as the one on the dead child’s arm!

Gu Xizhou glared at Si Yu, asking anxiously, “Where did this come from?”

Si Yu pointed at a distant building and winked at GU Xizhou.
“It was too hot just now, so I casually pulled it out of the downstairs trash can.” 

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