Ch139 – I Thought You Picked Me

Translated by Crooked

Edited by Dust Bunny 

Leaving the elevator, Gu Xizhou kneaded his forehead.
This whole day was like fighting a war.
First he looked for Si Yu to enter the mission world together, and after experiencing a certain death world, there was still no time to rest.
He turned his mind to the case.
He was so busy his head was spinning.

When Gu Xizhou was reaching for his keys, he felt a die in his pocket, and he pulled out the transparent case.
Gu Xizhou scrutinized it carefully.



The surface of the die wasn’t glossy at all, and there were even some strange notches.
He took it out from the transparent case and lightly rubbed it with his thumb and index finger.

Some of it scraped off in his hands. 

It wasn’t made of plastic or jade.
Gu Xizhou examined it.
This die looked like it was made from some type of bone, and he could only be certain that it was not ivory.


Returning it to its case, Gu Xizhou pulled out his keys and opened the door.
After going inside, he saw the chair in front of him shift with a creak.

Gu Xizhou knew the noise came from Ji Ji, and Ji Ji wrote something down on a note: Why did he send you back?

Gu Xizhou explained guiltily, “I told you Fang Zhi and his sister went back to their hometown, but they didn’t have a car, so I lent mine to Fang Zhi.
I took a taxi to Si Yu’s house today and he brought me back home…”


Gu Ji Ji: Does he need to hug you if he’s just sending you home?

Gu Xizhou lowered his voice.
“I admit it.
I like him.”

Gu Ji Ji: ……


“Do you know what the mission world was like this time?” Gu Xizhou explained the circumstances of the mission world, not quickly and not slowly.
“I watched the others die in front of me one after another. 

“I don’t know why, but finally, I threw a 6, and it got a 1.

“But when I thought I would die and he embraced me, I felt very safe.”

Gu Ji Ji: ……

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After Gu Xizhou finished talking, neither of them spoke. 

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“P’w rbggs.
P vbc’a atlcx P mjc vb la.”

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Lf abgf bea atf qjuf jcv mgewqifv la: Vjs, lr atf bcf tf ilxfr sbe, bg lr la wf? Ktf rtfii sbe’gf erlcu lr wlcf, joafg jii.

Gu Xizhou was stunned.

The invisible ghost smirked, and his earlier unhappiness was swept away.
Looking at Gu Xizhou’s blank expression, he felt much better. 

Gu Ji Ji: Heh.

After Gu Xizhou took a bath, his head was filled with what Gu Ji Ji had written.
He was laying in bed when his phone buzzed a few times.
He picked it up and saw Si Yu had sent him some texts.
Suddenly, his brooding mood vanished!


Si Yu: Remember to put the die away carefully.
Don’t let other people touch it.

Si Yu: Rest early, don’t tire yourself. 

Si Yu: …Why aren’t you replying?

Si Yu: Already sleeping?

Si Yu: Okay, you’re tired.

Si Yu: Good night ^_^ 

Si Yu sat on the side of his bed and used his slender fingers to knead his forehead.
He still didn’t completely understand Gu Xizhou’s situation.
Suddenly, the cell phone in his hand buzzed.
He thought it was Gu Xizhou replying, but when he opened his phone, it was just a push notification from an app.

Gu Ji Ji, who’d successfully hindered them, stood at the doorway watching Gu Xizhou sleep for a while.
He was cheerful, and his lips were slightly curved.

He originally wanted to tell Gu Xizhou that Si Yu might be able to see him.
If Si Yu could see him, then he was really curious about what he saw when he looked at Gu Xizhou.
After all, from beginning to end, the demonic cultivator looked exactly like him in his eyes.

Even from the very beginning. 

He walked over to Gu Xizhou’s bedside and looked at Gu Xizhou with drooping eyes and a helpless expression: Demonic cultivator, in the beginning, I thought it was you who picked me.
Until you revived… only then did I know that I picked you.

Gu Ji Ji looked at the die beside Gu Xizhou’s bed.
This one was much smaller than ordinary gambling dice.
He didn’t reach out to touch it because Gu Xizhou told him about this die prop’s function.
He was really an unlucky ghost.
If he threw out the die he would get a 1.

He couldn’t help but laugh at himself.
If he was dead, then how could he be unlucky?

He reached out and touched the transparent case.
Then, Gu Ji Ji pulled his hand back like he’d been shocked. 

It was still better not to randomly touch things from the supernatural world.

What’s he supposed to do if ghosts are unlucky and he ends up dead?

If the die landed on 1-3, it meant bad luck.
4-6 meant good luck.
To be honest, in the hands of Gu Xizhou who always threw sixes, it was just like a luck buff.

But he couldn’t be certain about the results while it still hadn’t been used. 

This die…

It was also something Si Yu brought back.


Gu Ji Ji looked down at the die.
After a short moment, he turned to leave.
As soon as he left, the formerly still die in the transparent case suddenly stood up and began to spin swiftly, like there was an invisible hand rolling it around!

After rolling at high speeds, it slowed and stopped on ‘6’! 

The early morning sun shone down.

Gu Xizhou was awakened by noise, and he listened in a daze.
He turned over in bed and grabbed his head irritably, cursing in his heart!

Which bastard was being so loud this early in the morning! He thought angrily.

He got up and changed into his work uniform.
After he went to wash up in the bathroom with half-closed eyes, he was ready to leave, and he couldn’t help but complain to the ghost in the house, “Gu Ji Ji, what’s wrong with your neighbor? He’s crashing about making noise so early in the morning!” 

The notebook on the desk by the door moved as a pencil scratched on its surface: What noise?

“That clanging racket.” Gu Xizhou complained for a bit and then went to work.

Yesterday’s case was just about handled.
The only thing left to do was to hand it over to the judicial department.
Because Liu Cai didn’t have any friends or relatives, the surviving boy was taken to an orphanage.

As for that cult disseminating those superstitious posters with a phone number, he heard that five members had already been arrested in the city.
From now on, catching the others was only a matter of following the vine to the melons. 

Gu Xizhou stretched.
There was nothing to do today, great!

Taking the elevator back up to the seventh floor, Gu Xizhou discovered that the noise from the morning had disappeared.

Gu Xizhou opened the door and spoke casually to Gu Ji Ji.
“That clatter is finally gone.”

Ji Ji didn’t seem to want to pay attention to him.
Gu Xizhou walked in and yelled, “Ji Ji! Ji Ji, where are you?” 

Gu Xizhou shouted for a while.
Maybe growing annoyed by Gu Xizhou’s yelling, Gu Ji Ji moved a pen and wrote: Bored.

“So you ignored me?” Gu Xizhou laughed.
“I think you’re just lonely!”

“Woof woof woof!” Their dog son cheerfully dashed over to Gu Xizhou’s feet, crazily shaking its tail.

Gu Xizhou smiled lightly.
“Look at you wagging your tail.
It looks like Ji Ji is starving you.” 

After just getting back, Gu Xizhou didn’t want to move an inch, so he put his dog son off to the side on the sofa.
Gu Ji Ji seemed annoyed by the dog.
He picked it up and put it on the ground.

The dog son ran over to Gu Xizhou again, shaking its tail with all its strength!


“Woof woof woof!”

Suddenly, Gu Xizhou clenched his fist.
He just heard a loud rattle.
It was the same sound he heard this morning when Gu Ji Ji got up! 

He was intimately familiar with this sound.

It was the sound of chains sliding!

Gu Xizhou’s mind was blank.
This sound only appeared on ghosts in the mission world!

He hadn’t even said “Ji Ji” when an invisible hand grabbed his.
Then, he felt a familiar dizzy sensation. 

The author has something to say:     Welcome, come on in——to Ji Ji’s world.

The die indeed belonged to Si Yu.
It was often mentioned that he had something square in his pocket.

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