Ch141 – If You’re in Trouble, Find the Police! 

Translated by Crooked

Edited by Dust Bunny 

“You- don’t recognize me?” Gu Xizhou asked, frowning.
He looked at the little boy in front of him.

Gu Ji Ji scratched his head, a blank look on his face, and asked in confusion, “Should I know you?”



“Uncle, are you my dad’s friend? My dad is a police officer, too!” Gu Ji Ji fired off a couple questions in quick succession.

Gu Xizhou knitted his brows.
Wang Shu wasn’t here anymore, so Gu Ji Ji didn’t need to call him uncle.
He’s only said a few sentences and called him uncle.
According to Gu Ji Ji’s personality, he definitely wouldn’t call him uncle all soft and sweet if he knew who he was. 

Then, a couple entered through the neighborhood gate.
They spoke in low voices as they walked.
The woman wore a shallow smile on her face, and the man’s eyes were bent.
The man said something that made the woman cover her snickering mouth, and she lightly beat his chest with a fist.


With just a glance at their expressions, Gu Xizhou knew these two were definitely deeply in love, and they had a very good relationship.

The couple were both wearing police uniforms.
When they came in, they looked at Gu Xizhou and nodded politely to him.
Then their eyes trailed down to the little boy with his back to them.

The man’s jawline could cut like a knife.
He had a handsome silhouette, and his eyes shone like stars.
His handsome features were outlined deeply, and his back was perfectly straight.
On his body, the police uniform was a paragon of asceticism.


The woman’s hair was up in a ponytail, and her skin was fair and clear.
Her facial features were quiet and elegant, four parts beautiful and six parts gorgeous, in perfect harmony.

Gu Xizhou realized that this couple was Gu Xizhou’s parents!

Ji Ji’s father was called Gu Qing, and his mother was Zhou Xinyue.


Zhou Xinyue’s beautiful dark eyes fell on Gu Ji Ji’s back, and she called, “Xiao Zhou?” 

When he was called, Gu Ji Ji turned around and saw his parents.
He broke into a wide grin and ran over, immediately trying to help the woman carry her things.
“Mom,” he called in a clear and lively tone.

“Why aren’t you upstairs at home? What are you doing down here?” Zhou Xinyue lowered her voice and educated her son, telling him not to speak to strangers.

“Mom, what are you thinking… This uncle helped your son and Wang whats-her-face drive away those three older kids.” Gu Ji Ji pointed at Gu Xizhou and explained what happened just now to her.
“If it weren’t for this uncle, Wang whoever and I would’ve taken a beating!”

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Gu Qing gave Gu Ji Ji a flick on the forehead.
“What Wang what’s-her-face? How many times have I told you, other people have names!” 

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“Hello, thank you for helping!” said Gu Qing.
His voice was deep.
He extended a hand to Gu Xizhou, bending his eyes and smiling lightly.

Gu Xizhou grabbed his hand.
“Don’t mention it.
I did what I was supposed to do.” 

After simply exchanging a few more words, Gu Qing’s cell phone suddenly rang.
“Hello? En, go ahead.
It’s fine, I’m not busy… En, en.
Okay… The specific situation is…”

Gu Qing was tall and well-proportioned.
The lines around his eyebrows were very deep.
Even though he was extremely handsome, he gave off a very grave atmosphere.
While he spoke, Gu Xizhou stood off to the side and waited for him to finish.


“Okay, I’ll go over right away!”

“What happened?” Zhou Xinyue asked quietly. 

“An unidentified female corpse was discovered by the riverbank.
I have to go back.” Gu Qing frowned.
“You take Xiao Zhou back to eat.
Don’t wait for me.”

Zhou Xinyue nodded faintly and was about to say something when her phone suddenly rang repeatedly.

Her gentle voice seemed to repeat the same conversation Gu Qing just had.
Zhou Xinyue finished her phone call and spread her hands.
“I can’t get out of this one either.
They need my skills.”

Gu Ji Ji listened to his parents and puffed out his cheeks.
His seething expression looked like a goldfish. 

Zhou Xinyue patted Gu Ji Ji’s shoulder.
“Sorry, Xiao Zhou, we can’t eat with you today, either.
Take this food back first, and I’ll tell your Aunt Kong you should eat at her house.”

The couple gave Gu Ji Ji a few warnings.
They wanted to say more, but their phones dinged and forced them to speed it up.
They left in a hurry.

Gu Ji Ji took the food and stood in the middle of the courtyard, looking a little lonely.

Gu Xizhou looked down at him and asked softly, “Are you alright?” 

“Ah, it’s nothing.
I’m used to it.”

Gu Ji Ji’s expression was still full of grief he was unable to hide.
“Actually, I don’t know why my mom had to be a police officer, too.
My dad is, and he’s poor!”

“Why do you say that?”

Gu Ji Ji glanced at Gu Xizhou and stuck out his tongue.
“I’m not telling you!” 

After saying that, Gu Ji Ji vanished upstairs, leaving the disappointed Gu Xizhou all alone.
Gu Xizhou was about to leave when he saw Wang Shu come down from upstairs, led by a young Kong Yue.

Wang Shu saw Gu Xizhou and yelled happily, “Uncle! You haven’t left yet!”

Gu Xizhou thought, then said, “En.
I don’t know the way.”

Kong Yue saw that Wang Shu knew this handsome young man and was confused.
She asked Wang Shu about what happened. 

“That’s the uncle who saved Gu Xizhou and me that I told you about!”

“Oh,” Kong Yue quickly expressed her thanks to Gu Xizhou.
“Thank you, little brother!”


Gu Xizhou felt a little awkward about this address.
“No problem,” he replied stiffly.

Because she just got Gu Qing’s phone call, there wasn’t enough food at home, so Kong Yue wanted to go out and get some groceries.
Her daughter was coming along.
After she bought them, she found that Gu Xizhou was unexpectedly still by the gate, and he hadn’t left yet.
Feeling a little odd, she gave him a strange look and said hesitantly, “Little brother, do you still need something?” 

“I’m fine.” Gu Xizhou was sweating, and he felt a little embarrassed.
I’m going, bye bye.”

After Gu Xizhou left, he rubbed his forehead.
He didn’t understand the present circumstances, but he asked someone about the date and ascertained that tomorrow was the day Tong Jia would jump off a building.
On Friday, Tong Jia would be teased by Gu Ji Ji, and after returning home, she would fall, jumping to her death.

Gu Xizhou’s heart sank.
Even if Gu Ji Ji said he didn’t care about Tong Jia’s cause of death, it seemed that he obviously took it to heart.

Not only should this memory be very intense, but the time he was placed in this world was very subtle.
Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but wonder, could it be that Ji Ji was the same as those other ghosts, and that his obsession with Tong Jia’s death had broken his chains? 

In the worlds he’d experienced, there were two kinds of ghosts.
One ghost made no sound whatsoever, but the ones who had the door were accompanied by the clanging sound of chains

Every time the ghosts connected to the door would take a step, the chains around their feet would slide and clack together.

When he woke up for work that morning, he mistakenly thought the rattling sound was his neighbor making a ruckus.
Now, thinking carefully, that sound was more like the rattling of chains, but this sound was different from any broken ghost chain he’d heard after going through a door!

The chains on those ghosts were broken after the accumulation of negative emotion. 

The chains on Ji Ji were clearly broken for a different reason than those pitiful ghosts.

The question is, if he saves Tong Jia tomorrow, will he grant Ji Ji’s wish?

If so… if he grants Ji Ji’s wish, will Gu Ji Ji disappear like the other ghosts?

Gu Xizhou clenched his fists, and his heart sank.
“Ji Ji, are you there? Come out! I need to ask you something!” 

“Ji Ji?”

Ji Ji clearly wasn’t there because Gu Xizhou didn’t hear anything.
There were no chain sounds anywhere in the surroundings.

There was no NPC, and there was no one to even talk to him.

Hold on… this world wouldn’t leave him homeless, right? 

Gu Xizhou pondered over this problem.

The world before this one made him cook for himself.
Don’t tell him that in this one he had to sleep on the streets?


At around ten o’clock, after Gu Xizhou confirmed that this world would really let him sleep on the streets, he toughened his scalp and walked to the police station.

An officer on duty in the station saw him and asked, “Are you here to report a crime?” 

Gu Xizhou shook his head.
“I have nowhere to live and no money to eat.”

The officer looked at him, “so what?” written across his whole face.

Gu Xizhou said earnestly, “When there’s a problem, look for a police officer!”

Officer: “???” 

Crooked: …I forgor


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