Ch15 – Fang Zhi

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“Who is it?” Fang Zhi froze for a moment, before asking insistently, rushing to keep up with Gu Xizhou’s steps. 


Gu Xizhou said as he walked: “We just notified the son of the deceased and Yan Li, Yang Wei.
The son’s mood must have collapsed, because after a while, he reported himself to the police station near his school.”




“Yang Zhi’s son?”


“Yes, that’s him.”



Fang Zhi glanced back, opened his mouth, but didn’t make a sound.



Yang Wei was quickly transferred to Jinluo Police Bureau, and the police in charge of the burglary and murder case 819 three years ago also arrived at Jinluo Police Bureau.


When Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi saw him, the boy who looked like he had just turned 20 had cold handcuffs on both his hands, and was handed over to them by two police officers without a word.



The prisoner’s fists were wrapped in gauze.
Seeing this, Fang Zhi questioned the two police officers who brought him in, and found that the kid hadn’t spoken from the moment he had entered the police station.
His mood was low, and he didn’t resist throughout the entire process.
He just didn’t talk.


The prisoner was put in the interrogation room.
Gu Xizhou stood outside, appearing as if he was unwilling to go in.
Under his gaze, Fang Zhi took a few difficult steps into the room, and started the interrogation.


In the interrogation room, the prisoner was sitting in a chair with a despairing expression.
His left hand was still wrapped in a thick white gauze, with a few blood stains on the gauze. 


Fang Zhi took a deep breath, sat across from the prisoner, and asked: “Name, age…”


This time Yang Wei was very cooperative.
Instead of saying nothing like before, he replied in a very organised manner, but his eyes were full of impatience. 



“Yang Wei, 21 years old.”


Fang Zhi asked him: “Why did you kill the deceased?”


Yang Wei silently looked at him, then looked down despondently at the white gauze on his wrist.
“He hit that woman.”

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Fang Zhi heard the specific kind of words that Yang Wei used, and felt a slight pain in his heart.


Fang Zhi: “As far as we know, your parents’ quarrels and domestic violence were done without your knowledge…”


“Hehe,” Yang Wei laughed coldly.
“How long can this kind of thing be hidden? About half a year ago, about when the school was celebrating its anniversary, I went home but didn’t tell them.
The door wasn’t closed, so I saw him grab that woman’s hair, and then kept hitting her with his fists.
I was terrified at the time, so I didn’t go home, and stayed at a hotel all night.”


“The next day when I went back, the two of them were as loving as before, hehe, it’s fucking disgusting.”


Fang Zhi glanced at the white gauze on the boy’s wrist, at the blood stains that appeared to be growing bigger, and asked: “Is your hand alright? Do you want me to find someone to deal with it for you?”


“No, I’m fine.” Yang Wei’s face was pale because of his excessive blood loss, and looked a little frail.

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“On the day of the incident, it was the same.
He beat up that woman at home then went to his friend’s house to drink.
I followed him all the way to Xicheng Flower Garden.
After he went up, I’m also unsure why, but I kept waiting outside.
Later, I saw him come out of the block, and there was a woman with him.
The woman left very quickly.
He probably drank too much, and swayed while walking.”


“He did drink too much, and was very confused.
I pushed him and pressed him into the pool.
He didn’t struggle too much, and after a while, he stopped moving.
I only intended to punish him a bit, but I didn’t expect him to die.
At that time, I was very scared, but I like to watch things like this.
From them, I learnt how to deal with this sort of event.
Maybe I was lucky, but it also rained that night…”


Fang Zhi made an affirmative noise, and proceeded to confirm with him a few more details.
“Why surrender?”


Yang Wei glanced at him, and didn’t answer his question.
“Comrade Police, I just want to go to jail quickly.
I will admit it no matter how I am charged.”


Fang Zhi sighed helplessly.
When he came out of the interrogation room, he saw Gu Xizhou and the others watching the screen of the interrogation room.
On the screen, the young man with both his hands in handcuffs was silently crying, his head slightly bent down.


Crying silently, mourning eternally.


Fang Zhi’s heart twitched a bit, and he felt uncomfortable.
He really felt sorry for Yang Wei and his family’s incident.


All this was just for the sake of an extramarital affair, but two lives were killed, and two families were destroyed.

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Xiang Yuan stood at the side and saw his restless expression.
He patted Fang Zhi’s shoulder and said: “Getting used to it is for the best.”


“The prisoner attempted to commit suicide after knowing the reason for his father’s domestic violence.” Xiang Yuan said as he glanced at the white gauze on the wrist of the young man captured inside the surveillance. 


This one line- no one immediately answered, and all of them fell silent for a moment.


As for Gu Xizhou, even though he lamented the situation in his heart, he didn’t see this as wasteful as a normal man like Fang Zhi did.
He took over the conversation, and said: “Everything happens for a reason, and we need to give the deceased an answer.
As for other people, it’s not our place to care for them.”


After Gu Xizhou finished speaking, he called someone to take Yang Wei out of the interrogation room.
When Yang Wei came out, he glanced at them, and faintly said: “Comrade Police, I have one request for you, and I hope you can promise to fulfil it.”


Fang Zhi: “What is it?”


“I don’t want to see that woman.
Don’t lock me up with her.”


Fang Zhi: “…”


Gu Xizhou signalled at the two police officers next to him and said: “Follow the rules and take him away.”


On the matter of whether he sees her or not, Yang Wei has the right to decide.
But for the latter request, it’s something that the judicial body will be deciding. 



As for Gu Xizhou himself… speaking truthfully, he was in a rush to get off work.
He wanted to go home, and was quite anxious.
After all, there was a ghost kind of thing in his house!


Yang Wei glanced at Gu Xizhou, didn’t say a word, and left with the two police officers. 


Fang Zhi said a little regretfully: “This is also… too terrible ba, he’s two years younger than me, but because of this incident, buried the rest of his life…”


Gu Xizhou glared at him and ignored him, turning to say to the colleagues beside him who had worked hard for the whole day: “That’s it for today, you can take the rest of the day off.
Fang Zhi, you’re in charge of liaising with the police officer who was in charge of case 819.”


Fang Zhi rubbed his forehead.
He knew that as a policeman, sympathizing this much with the criminals made Gu Xizhou unhappy, and quietly said, “Okay, Gu Ge.”


After making these arrangements, Gu Xizhou directly got into his car and went home.
After closing the door, he spoke into the air–


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“Yesterday’s case has already been solved.
The deceased was the murderer involved in case 819 three years ago, and the one who killed him was his son.
As for the reason, it was because the extramarital affair brought out numerous kinds of misunderstandings, resulting in the deceased being killed by his own son.”


“Hey, don’t you think it’s meaningless being a police detective? This kind of moral tragedy, isn’t it something you see all the time as a police officer?”




“Refusing to talk? Hey, just stop pretending.
You wrote so many annotations on the materials, do you still expect Laozi to pretend to not know that you’re in the house? I’m not an unreasonable person.
I know that I’ve taken over your body, but it’s you who brought me here after your sacrificial ritual, so I think that you have half the responsibility for this matter… No, 80% of the responsibility, I’m completely passive!”



Gu Xizhou looked around the room, but there wasn’t any reaction.
“Hey, I’m trying to reason things out with you right now.
You should come out, and we’ll have a good conversation.
You’re a ghost, but you’re still unreasonably afraid of me?”




The original owner simply ignored Gu Xizhou.
Gu Xizhou also couldn’t do anything, so he finally said: “I’ll move away tomorrow!”


Gu Xizhou was very annoyed.
When he got up the next day, he saw a post-it note on his door, with a few words written in pencil.
The words were square and neat, and the strokes were sharp.
“I will follow you.”


Gu Xizhou: “…” He was a demonic cultivator, being threatened by a ghost! Was this a moral loss, or a ghostly distortion?!


Gu Xizhou picked up a pencil from the side and wrote on the sticky note attached to the door: “You are such a shameless ghost!”


After writing, Gu Xizhou went out, closed the room door, and then quietly opened it again.
It was fine, there wasn’t anyone.
After trying it a few times, Gu Xizhou glanced at the time, and rushed off to work.


Nothing happened for a day.
Gu Xizhou drove home as usual, and when he arrived at the house, he saw an additional sentence under the note he left on the door — “Thank you for the compliment.”


Gu Xizhou: “…”


The next day, Gu Xizhou had just arrived at the police station when he met Yan Li, who was about to be taken away.
The woman’s red eyes glanced at Gu Xizhou.
Her hair was messy and she had nothing like the gentle aura of a few days ago.
With a yellow face and quite a few more strands of white hair, in the span of a day, she looked like she had aged no less than ten years. 



Gu Xizhou took just a few steps, when he suddenly heard a woman’s crazy scream coming from behind, just like the screams of a mental patient who went crazy.
“It’s all you, it’s all you, you lied to me!”


“My son… my son…”


Gu Xizhou turned back and saw that the woman wanted to break past the restraint of several police officers and rush at Fang Zhi.
Fang Zhi simply stood there, looking a little lost… A few police officers quickly forced the woman into the police car.
Seeing that Fang Zhi was still standing there in a daze, Gu Xizhou hurried up and patted his shoulder. 


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“You only did what you were supposed to do.” Gu Xizhou pointed at the police emblem at the entrance of the police bureau.


Fang Zhi made an understanding noise, and smiled at Gu Xizhou.


Just then, the two of them heard a harsh scream, accompanied by two male voices.
“Watch out, watch out and move aside!”


The woman sitting in the back of the police car had suddenly reached out to grab the steering wheel of the police car, reversed the direction, and drove directly at Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi-


At this moment, Gu Xizhou noticed a hand grabbing him, and in the next moment, his consciousness blurred.
In that dim haze, Gu  Xizhou saw the countdown of his life in the void.


He wanted to scold someone.


Didn’t this still have more than forty hours?




On top of the cascading mountain peaks, a villa could faintly be seen at the top of the mountain.


The road to the villa was the stone steps in front of it.
It was likely that a rain had just passed, and the air had a wet and sweet smell. 


There were two men in front of Gu Xizhou.
One of them looked handsome, while the other had a babyface.
The babyface looked blankly at the foreign surroundings, and his expression was stunned.


Babyface: “Where is this? Wasn’t I just in front of the police station?”


When Gu Xizhou heard the babyface’s words, his mouth twitched slightly, and he called a name with a little uncertainty: “Fang Zhi?”


Babyface: “How do you know my name? No, you look a bit like…”


“I am Gu Xizhou,” Gu Xizhou directly interrupted him, then turned to look at the tall man who hadn’t spoken, and raised a brow.
“Are you… Si Yu?”


The tall man nodded under Gu Xizhou’s gaze.

soya: two things to say 

1) si yu Finally makes a comeback… it’s been a long time without him…

2) suddenly i think the original owner and gu xizhou would be a pretty funny ship…

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