of the middle-aged man’s question just now, everyone was looking at Tong Jia.
Tong Jia rubbed her eyes.
“Didi, didi is sick again.
Mama said that it’s my fault.”

“Huh? Didi?” Tong Jia’s next door neighbor was surprised.
“You have a little brother?” 


The middle-aged man turned to look at Tong Jia’s mother.
If he wasn’t remembering wrong, Tong Jia’s father was an elementary school teacher.
He would lose his job if he had a second child!

The middle-aged man was only skeptical for a few seconds.
Then, they heard Tong Jia continue.
“I argued with my mother.
I wanted her to bring him back from our hometown, but Mama wouldn’t do it… She just hit me.”

“Where did she hit you?” Gu Ji Ji looked down and grabbed her hands, looking her over.
She wasn’t hurt! 

Tong Jia clenched her teeth and whispered shyly in Gu Ji Ji’s ear.
“M-my butt!”

Gu Xizhou frowned.
Could it be that Tong Jia died because of this? If it really was because of this, wasn’t Tong Jia a little too fragile?

At this time, Gu Xizhou heard a familiar siren from downstairs.
Gu Ji Ji hastily looked downstairs and said to everyone, “My coworkers are here; I’ll go get them.
Take care of Tong Jia.”

Gu Ji Ji walked out.
When he left the elevator, he ran into Li Yaomu.
Gu Ji Ji lowered his voice and said, “Tong Jia’s injured on her butt.” 

“Ah?” Li Yaomu stared blankly.
Then Gu Ji Ji entered the elevator and let the doors close.


Li Yaomu’s head hurt.
They just received a call that there was a man robbing one of the units.
How come it turned into a frail junior high student trying to kill herself when he arrived?

Once he understood the entire sequence of events, he realized that this guy had actually impersonated a police officer! 

The beaten junior high girl didn’t say a word.
Their initial inspection also didn’t uncover any injuries.
Finally, he remembered their freeloader in the police station last night and called over a female police officer to take Tong Jia to another room and had her take off her clothes to check for wounds.

When that officer came out, her expression had changed, and she was silent for a long time before telling him what she saw.

Pinpricks, some big and some small, were all over the little girl’s butt.
Some of them seemed very recent!

Obviously, they were all recent. 

He gulped and walked through the door.
He looked at Tong Jia, sitting on the bench and frowning in pain, and his heart couldn’t help but tremble.
He walked in and said softly, “Child, that uncle told me what you said.
Can you tell me about what happened now? Why were you going to jump?”

Tong Jia hesitated before she spoke.
“My grandma and my dad wanted a little boy.
My mom was often scolded by my grandma because I was born.
Later, I felt like my mom didn’t like me very much because it was my fault she got yelled at by grandma and hit by dad.”

“My grandma never liked me.
She pinches me all the time,” said Tong Jia angrily.

“Dad and mom don’t pay attention or talk to me at home.
In fifth grade, during summer vacation, we went back to my hometown.
My grandma used my hand as a pincushion for no reason.
I told my parents, but they didn’t care. 

“Every day, I hoped that vacation would end sooner.
Afterward, I learned that grandma used me as a pincushion because she wanted a grandson.”

Li Yaomu’s heart gave a jerk.
He’d heard of this saying.
Accurately speaking, it was an old feudal superstition.
Some people would stab baby girls with needles so their next child would be a son.

Li Yaomu’s fists were clenched so hard they groaned.
“And then?”

“After summer vacation, I went home… In the beginning, it was only if I did something wrong then mom would use me as a pincushion.
Later, for some reason, she became like grandma and would stab me for no reason. 

“Later, my mom went back to her hometown to give birth to my little brother.” The little girl slowly recounted her experience.
Who knew how her young heart had endured it all, but her voice was still light, and she was smiling.

Li Yaomu suspected that the little girl usually had a smile only so that she wouldn’t cry, so no one noticed her true feelings.

“I was happy when Mom gave birth to Didi,” said Tong Jia.
“I thought… now, they probably won’t use me as a pincushion anymore!

“I didn’t know why mom and dad wouldn’t let him come to the city and made him stay back in our hometown.
They also didn’t let me tell anyone I had a little brother… but later, Didi got sick, really sick…” 

Li Yaomu listened to Tong Jia’s story.
They finally uncovered this mystery.
It was the quintessential family that valued males over females.

The older generation believed in feudal superstitions, so when the wife got pregnant, they pricked the little girl with needles.
After they gave birth to a son, they hid him in their hometown to save her father’s job.


This child couldn’t go to the house without telling and had to be hidden.
If anyone saw something they didn’t like, they could report Tong Jia’s father and get him fired.

Taking the little boy to see a doctor was a problem because of his parents’ issues.
Finally, he had a temperature that reached forty degrees.
They used home remedies to lower his temperature, but his brain was overheated.
Now he was two years old and still couldn’t speak.
He had a clear intelligence defect.
This caused Tong Jia’s parents to collapse. 

They blamed it all on Tong Jia.
If Tong Jia hadn’t been there, they wouldn’t have sent their son to their hometown, and he wouldn’t have been boiled into a fool!

They didn’t think they were responsible in the least.

The two beat and scolded Tong Jia, but because of his occupation, her father didn’t let anyone see the marks.
So, this cruel couple used the girl as a pincushion again.

When people outside heard about this they were all shocked.
Among them was Wang Ao, who stood up and roared, “What the hell is this! Are they worthy of being parents?” 

“Exactly, it’s too disgusting.
What can this little girl do?” said the female officer, still wiping her tears.
“After the investigation, her father will definitely lose his job.
If this little girl goes back to that ruthless couple, she’ll still have to jump off a building!”

“First, gather evidence.
I’ll see if we can sue this little girl’s parents.
Even if they can’t be sentenced, we cannot let them continue to raise this girl or she’ll be further abused,” scolded Wang Ao with a cold face.

The people all answered: “Okay!”

“Oh, right, I heard in the interrogation that a police officer found the girl trying to commit suicide and saved her.
Who was it?” asked Wang Ao. 

Everyone waved their hands and declared: “Speaking of this, it’s really strange!

“The person who called the police said that a male officer saved this pitiful young girl.
When we went upstairs, we ran into a handsome man.
We thought he lived there, so we tried to block him.
Later, we found out that he’s actually in the same profession as us, but he’s not from our department!”

“Right, if it was our station, I would definitely know him!”

After Gu Ji Ji left, Gu Xizhou didn’t see the door.
He breathed a sigh of relief.
Saving Tong Jia didn’t cause Gu Ji Ji to disappear right away.
Was it because that wasn’t Gu Ji Ji’s full wish? Did he want to wait until Tong Jia’s matter had shown results before fading away? 

Several days later——

Gu Xizhou ate breakfast as he looked over Ningqing’s local newspaper.
There was a huge headline: Superstitious School Teacher Stabs Girl With Needles to Guarantee Having a Son.
What’s Wrong With This World?

Gu Xizhou read the article, and his eyes finally landed on the last section: Public security authorities will prosecute the family!

This event seemed to cause a big stir. 

Gu Xizhou rubbed his forehead.
He didn’t understand what Gu Ji Ji was thinking.
So what if Tong Jia’s story could have a happy ending in the supernatural world?

When Gu Xizhou complained about this in his heart, his body suddenly lost control again.
“It means something, it’s justice.”


After disappearing for a few days, Gu Ji Ji was back.

Gu Xizhou watched as the body stood up and set down money.
Gu Ji Ji left the restaurant.
The surroundings seemed to change dramatically.
They walked by a street corner, and Gu Xizhou was shocked. 

The screen on the street reported the time, shockingly: June 18th, 2010.

June 18th, 2010——It was the day before Gu Ji Ji’s parents’ death.

The author has something to say: You should be able to guess what this world means.

Pat pat Zhi Zhi. 

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