u looking at me like that?” Gu Xizhou asked.


“Because in this world, I can see your real face,” Gu Ji Ji replied, raising his eyebrows.

Gu Xizhou narrowed his eyes and didn’t forget to joke, “Am I handsome?”

“Very handsome.”

Hearing Gu Ji Ji’s answer, Gu Xizhou couldn’t laugh. 

Gu Ji Ji changed the topic, saying, “Actually, I’ve been following you.”

Gu Xizhou fell silent for a moment.
Actually, from the moment Gu Ji Ji had said to him: ‘demonic cultivator, help me,’ he knew that he was following him.
The reason he couldn’t hear him before was probably because…

“Guardian spirit,” Gu Xizhou spat out the three words stiffly.
Ji Ji had a particular obsession with the guardian spirits, so after entering the task world, Ji Ji changed into one.

“Yes, exactly, a guardian spirit.” 

Gu Ji Ji extended his index and middle fingers, gently pressing them against Gu Xizhou’s brow.
“Demonic cultivator, I can actually always feel your presence.”

“The task world you were resurrected in was not my first world.
I went into a task world before that.
That old man had a will, and I got a will to satisfy my wishes, but it had to be posthumously.
My death was an inescapable condition.
It was as if someone arranged all this in the dark, but I don’t know who.”

“I’ve always been thinking about what you can do, you stupid demonic cultivator.
Before I entered this world, I didn’t know what you could do, but Gu Xizhou, you make everything meaningful.
Thank you.”

Gu Xizhou straightened up and Ji Ji said something very similar to what the female ghost had told him before, “Demonic… Gu Xizhou, death is no longer the end, but a new beginning.
Also you… be careful not to die because there will be no second guardian spirit to resurrect you.” 

Hearing Gu Ji Ji’s words, Gu Xizhou was shaken: Ji Ji had never called him ‘Gu Xizhou,’ calling him that was the same as ‘Ji Ji’ erasing his own existence.

After saying this, Ji Ji’s body instantly crumbled, and a door floated in midair before Gu Xizhou.


At the same time, Gu Xizhou caught sight of a folded piece of paper crumpled into a ball.

Gu Xizhou bent over, picking up the ball of paper from the ground.
His adam’s apple bobbed.
This light little sheet of paper was as heavy as Mount Tai.
He took a deep breath and unfolded the piece of paper. 

Gu Ji Ji: I know why you asked me this question.
Demonic Cultivator, do you know what a guardian spirit is? Think of me as a guardian spirit, okay? Follow your heart ^_^

Gu Xizhou remembered the question he asked Gu Ji Ji that day.
‘I mean, if… after all your body is mine now, if in the future I fall in love and get married, will you be uncomfortable?’ He really couldn’t guess what mood Ji Ji was in when he wrote down this answer.

Holding the note in his hand, Gu Xizhou couldn’t tell what he was feeling and said silently, “What kind of guardian spirit are you, ah! Other people’s guardian spirits follow and guard them, yet you’re gone before I have yet to die.”

Gu Xizhou opened the door.
After a dizzy spell he began to experience the world through Gu Ji Ji’s eyes. 

Gu Xizhou didn’t know what was happening, he only knew that he was shivering all over, the thirteen year-old wrapping himself tightly in quilts.
He had wrapped himself up very tight.

The thirteen year-old Ji Ji’s head was full of Wang Ao’s words.
Tong Jia had committed suicide by jumping from a building.
Her family was claiming that it was because of a school bully.

In the dark, the child cried quietly.

The feeling of self hatred drowned him.
It was like he was floating on a sea.
Unable to reach the shore, he would drown. 

Gu Xizhou wanted to squish him and pat Ji Ji on the back gently.

“Wuwuwu… T-tong Jia… I’m sorry…” Gu Ji Ji hugged himself, unable to stop his tears from falling.
Gu Xizhou really wanted to reach out…

In the next moment, his hands seemed to reach out to touch Ji Ji’s face.

Someone suddenly touched him, and Ji Ji started.
He got up from the bed hastily, obviously frightened.
“T-tong Jia, is that you?” He asked tentatively.
“Are you looking for me? …Wuwuwu.
I’m sorry, Tong Jia, I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry…” 

Seeing Ji Ji cry even harder, Gu Xizhou lightly patted him on the back, picking up a pen to write in his homework book: I’m not Tong Jia.
Tong Jia didn’t blame you.
She didn’t kill herself because of you.”



As Gu Xizhou patted his back, he heard Ji Ji sob, “Thank you, Mr.

Gu Xizhou: “….”

The picture changed as if time was being fast forwarded and Gu Xizhou saw Ji Ji rushing to the hospital.


Wang Ao’s eyes were swollen into walnuts.
When he saw Gu Ji Ji, his tears fell relentlessly.
Silent tears for silent grief.  There were officers all around him in a state just like his.

Gu Ji Ji rushed in, hands shaking, tears flowing down his face. 



The youth trembling in the corner of the hospital wouldn’t accept any concern.
He wept silently.
If he had known, he wouldn’t have fought with his parents.

Thick haze obscured his eyes and Gu Xizhou couldn’t help but want to embrace the crying child Ji Ji. 

Feeling someone holding him gently, the boy with his head hung quickly looked all around.
There was no one there, but he knew someone really was holding him.
“It’s you, ah, Mr.

“Long time no see.”

Ghost…” Ji Ji said after a long time.

Gu Xizhou wrote on his tank top: I’m here. 

“You said my parents saved people, but instead they were beaten to death by those children.
Why is there a profession such as the police in the world?”

Gu Xizhou: Because of responsibility.

Ghost, before you became a ghost, were you also a police officer?”

Gu Xizhou: Yes, ah. 


Gu Xizhou: Yes, I’m a police officer.

“Why did you want to become a police officer?

Gu Xizhou: Because I want to help people in need. 

“Oh, you’re just as strange as my mom and dad.
Don’t you regret your death?”

Gu Xizhou thought for a while before writing again: I regret… I regret not helping more people.


“Well ah, let me help you, ba.”

The scene changed again and Gu Xizhou wanted to open his eyes.
It was pitch black, two hands covering his eyes. 

“Ji Ji…”

Gu Ji Ji: “Don’t look, go out.”

With a gentle push, Gu Xizhou felt a wave of dizziness.

Inside the door, the scene was still going.
After his parents died the eighteen year-old quit school and was admitted to the police academy for a year.
After taking a solemn oath, he became a police officer. 

Back in reality, the sun was too dazzling for Gu Xizhou’s eyes.
Gu Xizhou sat numbly on the sofa, biting his lower lip until it bled.

He was gone.

Ji Ji was really gone.

Gu Xizhou covered his eyes with the back of his hand, leaning into the sofa as he mocked himself. Didn’t you think his existence was holding you back? And now you’re grieving… truly ridiculous.  

Leaning against the sofa, his mind was in disarray.
Suddenly Gu Xizhou heard the sound of footsteps and his eyes flew open, yelling anxiously, “Ji Ji!”

But the person behind him was a middle aged woman with a good temperament, a few signs of familiarity around her eyebrows and eyes.

Zhou Xinyue’s brows furrowed and asked worried, “What Ji Ji, ah? Did you have another nightmare?”

“You’d better resign, ba.
You didn’t used to want to be a police officer.
I don’t want you to die suddenly!” 

As soon as Zhou Xinyue finished speaking, Gu Xizhou heard a male voice.
“It’s not that serious.
What officer isn’t tired?!”

“Speak louder, I didn’t hear you.” Zhou Xinyue raised her brows.
Even though she was already fifty years old, her facial features still looked good.

Sitting to the left of Gu Xizhou on the sofa, Gu Qing shut his mouth and smiled.
“I didn’t say anything!”

“Let’s eat, ba!” Gu Qing leapt up and ran to the kitchen to fill his bowl with rice. 

Gu Xizhou stared blankly at the two extra people in his home before suddenly pinching himself.
It hurt a lot and was very real.
He was sure he’d left the supernatural world and his heart was pounding like crazy.

“Eat, ah, why are you just sitting there blankly?” Zhou Xinyue said, patting Gu Xizhou’s shoulder.


After eating, Zhou Xinyue looked at Gu Xizhou strangely and asked, “What’s up with you today? You’ve been preoccupied all day.
What are you looking at me for?”

“En…” Gu Xizhou said, falling silent for a moment.
“Is Tong Jia okay?” 

“Son, what’s wrong with you today, ah? Didn’t you say yesterday that Tong Jia is getting married? The wedding’s in a week, ah!”

When the original Gu Ji Ji said it was ‘meaningful’ he meant changing the past.

Gu Xizhou’s heart was heavy and it was difficult to bear.
It was already hard to breathe, so when he opened his mouth to speak he choked.
He wanted to tell them that he wasn’t Ji Ji, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.
He could only run out the door like an army deserter to escape that suffocating room.

The author has something to say: Ji Ji always thought Gu Xizhou was his guardian spirit, only to discover that he was actually Gu Xizhou’s. 

Okay, ba, Ji Ji really is pretty miserable, but he fulfilled his wishes… en… he changed the past.

Ji Ji can have a happy ending!

Yesterday this section was no good, it took me a long time to write.
Today I revised it.
I apologize and bow to you, love you.

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