>What’s up?”

“Just as I thought,” Gu Xizhou smiled.
“You’re looking in the wrong direction.”

Hearing this, Ma Qi was obviously excited.
“What did you find?” 

“Help me investigate these cases first…” Gu Xizhou said, summarizing his experience in the mission world.
“As long as the circumstances are somewhat similar and all the data is collected, I want to confirm my guess before I tell you.”

“Okay, ba.
I’ll do it as soon as I can.
Last time, I entrusted most of the research to a few friends, and they looked for information from after the door.
Tomorrow, I’ll have them filter the material according to what you said.”

“I’ve troubled you, Ma Ge.”

Gu Xizhou hung up, eyeing the wine in the liquor cabinet.
He got up and took a bottle, handing it to Si Yu saying, “Open this bottle and sleep well after drinking.” 


Gu Xizhou’s brain was a mess while drinking.

Ji Ji’s death along with everything else might have been arranged by ‘heaven,’ and he wasn’t able to do anything about it, he was still powerless.

“I’m sorry…” 

Hearing Gu Xizhou repeatedly apologize and being used as a human pillow, Si Yu’s expression fell a little.
His mood was unreadable, he just hugged Gu Xizhou gently and sat with him for a while.

Si Yu rolled up his sleeves, exposing the clean lines of his arms as he lifted up the drunken Gu Xizhou and placed him on the bed.
He caressed his cheek gently, his deep eyes impenetrable.

He went over to the window and looked out at the night sky.

Sunlight spilled over Gu Xizhou as he rubbed his eyes sleepily.
When he opened them, he saw Si Yu’s handsome face.
He was still wearing his pajamas from yesterday.
Because of his hangover, Gu Xizhou rubbed his forehead in discomfort as he sat up and rolled out of bed. 

He found his phone in the living room of the hotel room.
When he opened the dark screen, Gu Xizhou was surprised.

It was already 10!


He was late for work!

He shouldn’t have drunk last night.
If Ji Ji knew that he hadn’t shown up to work and disappeared without a trace, he would rise from the dead out of anger.
Gu Xizhou hurriedly made a call. 

“Chief Wang, it’s me, Gu Xizhou,” he shouted hastily after the dial tone when the call finally connected.

In the police department Wang Ao was stunned when he received the call from Gu Xizhou and said, “What’s wrong with you, kid? You didn’t answer your phone, I thought something happened to you on the way to work!”

“Did you wake up with that voice, ah?”

Hearing what Wang Ao said, Gu Xizhou ‘en’ed vaguely and said, “Chief Wang, can I ask for leave today?” 

“Xizhou, as criminal police, we will see many bad aspects of society, but these bad aspects all need our effort in order to change.
You should try to adjust your mindset.
The death of that mother and child is regretful, but it can’t be helped.
Some people can’t wake up.
Society still needs improvement.
Sooner or later there will be less and less people like that.”

After saying that, Wang Ao changed the subject.
Chuckling, he didn’t forget to joke, “I will give you three days vacation, so that you can rest well, ah.
Don’t let your parents worry.
Every time your mom sees me she scolds me.
She says that I use the women in the station as men and the men as animals.
Am I really so cruel?”

“Of course not,” Gu Xizhou said.

Wang Ao, “Well, you rest well.
I still have to go to the city for a meeting, so I can’t chat.” 

Gu Xizhou hung up to find that both Fang Zhi and Ma Qi had sent him messages.

Fang Zhi returned his car to the police station when he returned yesterday.
When he didn’t see him at work today he called him several times out of anxiety.

Fang Zhi: Gu Ge, why aren’t you at the station yet, ah? You didn’t have an accident on the way here did you?

Fang Zhi: Gu Ge, answer your phone! 

Glancing at the messages, Gu Xizhou smiled.
He was about to reply when his eyes fell on Fan Zhi’s name and his hands froze.

The name he used when he entered the mission world was ‘Fang Ran,’ because the pseudonym Ji Ji used in the world he was revived in was ‘Gu Ran’…

Gu Xizhou shook his head, forcing these thoughts from his brain: I’m not feeling well today.
I already asked Chief Wang for leave, don’t worry.

Fang Zhi: That’s good.
Rest well Gu Ge! 

Gu Xizhou: En.

Switching to WeChat, Gu Xizhou found that Ma Qi had already sent him the results from the investigation.
After chatting with Ma Qi a little, Gu Xizhou opened the hotel computer and accepted the data.


Sitting in front of the computer, Gu Xizhou looked over the material carefully.
At that moment, Si Yu came out of the room in a bathrobe, the sun shining on his body, his eyes smiling faintly, handsome facial features and ink black hair dyed with the sun.
“Up so early?”

“En, Ma Qi sent me the information.
I was just reading it.” Gu Xizhou rubbed his tired eyes.
He’d read too much text and his eyes felt uncomfortable. 

Si Yu walked over swiftly, “I’ll help you.”

Gu Xizhou sat next to him and watched Si Yu work.
After a little bit, Si Yu printed out some information.
“Look at these.”

Gu Xizhou took the information.
‘Adopted daughter kills foster father’s whole family before committing suicide.’ ‘Ancestral temple collapsed to reveal countless horrifying faces underneath.’

This corresponded exactly to two worlds they had experienced.
Lin Meng had killed her adoptive parents in the supernatural world corresponding to the death of an adoptive family in the real world.
The female ghosts found their own faces in the ancestral hall, and in the real world their faces were discovered. 

Gu Xizhou looked at the photos of the corresponding places.
These were the roads and landscapes of the places they had traveled.
The people who had helped Ma Qi investigate before had already removed cases like this so they didn’t discover it.

Because he’d been painting with Lin Meng at the time, Gu Xizhou could clearly remember what the reservoir looked like, which was identical to the photo.

The mission world connected the past and could change the past or even the future!

Gu Xizhou’s heart began to pound. 

“We…” Gu Xizhou swallowed, and said, “should go look, ba.”

Si Yu looked down at him and nodded, “Okay, ah, now? I’ll arrange it.”

“We can go now?” Gu Xizhou looked up at him and asked.

Si Yu: “Of course.” 

Gu Xizhou took Si Yu’s car to the airport in a daze.
Sitting in the private jet Gu Xizhou stared in blank confusion, pointing at the plane and asking, “Y-yours?”

Si Yu ‘en’ed nonchalantly as if Gu Xizhou was asking about a toy plane.

Gu Xizhou bowed his head to hide his shock.
He didn’t think that the local tyrant would actually use his own plane.

In less than two hours of flying, Gu Xizhou could see with his own eyes the reservoir and mountain home from the mission world built by Lin Meng’s adoptive parents. 

“It’s really true…”

Gu Xizhou’s tone was saturated with powerlessness.
His and Si Yu’s theory might actually be true.


It was very likely that ‘heaven’ had controlled his resurrection.

Gu Xizhou revealed a confused expression.
His heart couldn’t help raising the idea that he might really just be a puppet.
Afterall he was just a person. 

The author has something to say: Later you cuties will see the title: xxxx*

That * is the reason for the mission world’s existence.

Anyway the use of the chains is very easy to guess, right ba! 2333

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