Ch150 – Move In With Me, Ba

Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

Drunken light filtered through a small crack in the curtains, the light falling on Gu Xizhou’s eyelids and dyeing them pink.

His body was tormented with an unspeakable ache all over, waking him up instantly.



Breath hit his neck, making it itchy.

Gu Xizhou rolled over, and his whole body woke up at that moment! 

He was sticky.
It didn’t hurt too bad, but it was uncomfortable.


Turning his face, soft with sleep, Si Yu seemed to feel that the person in his arms was awake through his closed eyes, reaching out instinctually to hold Gu Xizhou, lips pressing gently against his forehead.

Gu Xizhou was about to be angry when he was placated by this sudden move.

Gu Xizhou looked at the ambiguous marks on Si Yu’s body and looked back at himself, but it wasn’t any better.
The only question was—why was it daytime, ah!



You brought me over just to sleep together!

Gu Xizhou massaged his forehead.
His brain was muddled.
Yesterday Si Yu said seriously, ‘he gave him his life.’ Gu Xizhou blushed to think of it.
How was this man so sappy? He just opened his mouth and words came out.


“Are you still feeling unwell now that you’re awake?” 

Si Yu’s husky voice was subdued as if he was suppressing his emotions.

Gu Xizhou attempted to get out of bed only to sit right back down.


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Pa gfjiis tega! Memx! Oslcu vbkc, la kjrc’a rb yjv, yea rlaalcu eq gfjiis tega. 

“Gbfr la tega j iba?” Vl Te jrxfv, ifjclcu jujlcra atf yfv jcv meqqlcu tlr pjk lc bcf tjcv.

Xe Wlhtbe tfjgv Vl Te’r defralbc jcv ugla tlr affat, uijglcu ja tlw.
“Tbe ags yflcu bc atf ybaabw.”

Si Yu glanced over at Gu Xizhou casually, his brows raising in a smile.
“I did try it yesterday,” he said, then added:

“In the car.” 

Gu Xizhou: …fuck!

Seeing Si Yu’s shit-eating grin, Gu Xizhou seriously thought about the meaning of his sentence and abruptly ignored him.


It really hurt to sit.
Gu Xizhou laid back down and that eased the pain a little.

Si Yu kissed the crook for Gu Xizhou’s neck, pulling back the quilt to show where his body was arranged.
“Do you want to take a bath together?” he asked, lowering his voice. 

“No need.
You can go first, I can go later.”

Si Yu watched him for a moment, clearly disappointed by his rejection.
“Okay, ba.”

After Si Yu left, Gu Xizhou glanced around the room.
He was at Si Yu’s villa.
When he saw all the clothes strewn about the room, pants… underpants, he couldn’t help wincing.

He really went crazy last night, ah! After saying yes, he didn’t say anything else, he just slept with him in the car the whole way home. 


Gu Xizhou cursed silently.

“Woof, woof, woof!” The barking of the dog gave Zhou Xinyue a headache.
She looked down at her dog son with knitted brows.
She knew that it wanted to go out, but she didn’t know why.
Her heart was always in disarray and was always waiting for something to happen.

Last night Si Yu answered her son’s phone.
Her son knew him from work, and he’d sent him home several times.
She’d also met him a few times, and he seemed like a very cultured young man.
To her keen senses he was gentle, courteous, and good tempered. 

“Woof, woof, woof!”

Her dog son was wagging its tail so hard it was about to snap.

When Zhou Xinyue saw it in such a state she had no choice but to find the leash and take it out for a walk.

After getting up, Gu Xizhou went to take a bath and came out dressed in Si Yu’s clothes. 

Gu Xizhou ate to replenish his strength, revitalizing his spirit.
He’d just finished when he suddenly remembered that he hadn’t called Zhou Xinyue or Gu Qing to let them know that he wouldn’t be going home.

“Where’s my phone?” Gu Xizhou asked, furrowing his brows.

Si Yu chuckled.
“Don’t worry, ba.
I already called your parents to tell them that you’re with me.”

“Oh…” Gu Xizhou said, the tension leaving his voice. 

“Here, your phone,” Si Yu said, handing it to Gu Xizhou.

“Why do I have an insane number of messages?” Gu Xizhou’s expression sharpened, his eyes full of doubt.
When he opened his phone and saw the We Chat messages, his face froze.


Xiang Yuan: Lao Gu, I heard that your substitute driver drugged you yesterday.
Lao Gu, you can, ah!

Xiang Yuan: Did you know that the driver tried to argue that he didn’t try to rape you but just wanted you to sleep with him? 

Xiang Yuan: Aiya, I can’t do it.
Hey, hey, hey, Lao Gu, where are you?

Xiang Yuan: Take care of me, ah!

Xiang Yuan’s messages were followed by others.

Wang Ao: Xizhou, why did I hear that you were… er… that.
Did you go to the hospital for an examination? It didn’t hurt you, did it? 

Fang Zhi: Gu Ge, are you alright? I heard you were drugged.
Are you okay now? Where are you? Did you go to the hospital?

Gu Xizhou winced.
Based on his understanding of Xiang Yuan, that gossip probably heard the news somewhere and then turned right around to tell the entire police station.

“That wasn’t necessary.
This guy’s louder than a horn.” Gu Xizhou’s expression was hopeless.

“Your parents know you are with me.
You might be in trouble if they know this.” 

“What should be known will always be known,” Gu Xizhou said calmly.
After all, he had very little feelings for Gu Qing and Zhou Xinyue.
He only wanted to call them because of Ji Ji.
“Worst comes to worst, I’ll have to move out.
I don’t really want to live at home anyway.
I am too unfamiliar with them.”

“Then move in with me, ba.”


For a moment Gu Xizhou was stunned.
Where did this come from, ah! 

But Si Yu was very serious.
His expression was earnest.
He was obviously not joking, but seriously discussing this matter with Gu Xizhou.

“Move in and live with me, ba,” Si Yu said, resting his chin on Gu Xizhou’s shoulder.

Gu Xizhou rubbed his forehead and replied, “Alright.”

Hearing Gu Xizhou’s reply, Si Yu’s eyebrows lifted into a smile as he looked at Gu Xizhou affectionately, his joy filled eyes clearly saying: I am in a very good mood. 


Gu Xizhou’s face was covered in black lines.
How was this person getting more and more sappy? Just looking at him made him feel warm and fuzzy all over as if a small feather was brushed all over his skin.


Drawn to him, Si Yu came over to him, dropping his head to bite his earlobe, licking over it gently.

“Pu… You… What are you doing, ah…” 

“Doing you.”

Gu Xizhou’s face went blank, at a loss for what to do.

When Gu Xizhou got out of bed it was already noon, and he went straight back until sunset…

Gu Xizhou rubbed his tired eyes and dozed off.
He really didn’t want to move.
He was worn out. 


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