Ch152 – Virtual Chatting

Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

“Wei Ming,” Gu Xizhou said quietly, repeating the name the school girl had mentioned to him.

“Call Wei Ming,” Gu Xizhou told the counselor seriously.



The counselor nodded, speaking up after calling Wei Ming, “It can’t be Wei Ming, ba.
He wouldn’t do something like that.
What did you say just now? Wei Ming tried to kill himself? Why didn’t I know?”

When the schoolgirls heard the counselor’s question they were speechless.
After a moment a few of them began to speak. 

Shu Yue didn’t look well as she spoke.
“Actually, my boyfriend cheated on me at the beginning of the semester before getting together with Sun Feifei.
Because I didn’t want to cause drama, no one knew about the drama between me and Sun Feifei, and neither did Sun Feifei’s boyfriend.


“Because my relationship with Sun Feifei was pretty good before, and Wei Ming was in the same class, we added each other on Q.

“Out of the blue I received a message from Wei Ming asking me what was up with Sun Feifei.
He didn’t know why she wasn’t paying attention to him and asked me to help him find out discreetly.
That’s when I found out that Wei Ming and Sun Feifei had broken up.”

Shu Yue spoke bitterly, pausing to look at the counselor who looked unwell before saying, “at the time I was very angry so I told Wei Ming about Sun Feifei stealing my boyfriend.
Wei Ming didn’t believe me, and then…


“I don’t know what happened afterwards, Sun Feifei probably broke up with Wei Ming.
He was heartbroken.
I figured we were both the ones who were cheated on, so I comforted him.”

“One day he sent me a message saying he didn’t want to live without Feifei.
When I received this message, I was very worried.
A few of my friends and I went to his dorm to find him.
His roommate told us he was staying in a hotel and hadn’t come back yet.”

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“En… my eyelids kept twitching.
I had to ask a few jocks to accompany me to find Wei Ming.
When we arrived we found Wei Ming [burning in his room!”


“Mbgaecjafis kf obecv tlw lc alwf.
Pa jiwbra rmjgfv wf ab vfjat! Vte Tef rkjiibkfv.
“Coafg atja kf jii aglfv ab qfgrejvf tlw atja rtf kjrc’a kbgat la.
Qtfc tf mjwf jgbecv tf kjr vffqis jrtjwfv jcv vlvc’a kjca er ab afii jcsbcf firf, rb kf vlvc’a afii jcsbcf firf lc atf mijrr.” 

“Later when Sun Feifei was dumped by that scum man, they got back together for some reason.
I said a few words to try and change his mind, but he wouldn’t listen so I deleted him.”

Talking about this topic clearly made Shu Yue upset.
Evidently she was still very angry about Wei Ming’s reconciliation with Sun Feifei.

Don’t mention her feelings, even Gu Xizhou thought Wei Ming was crazy.

Was this true love? 

Gu Xizhou couldn’t help roasting him in his heart.

“It’s good that it all turned out well.
Students will commit suicide over the smallest things these days.
Why is their psychological quality so poor?” The school president heard the last part and wiped his forehead of sweat.
He couldn’t help but feel glad, fortunately that kid didn’t die, otherwise the school would have already gone crazy.
It was enough of a headache now.

Gu Xizhou glanced at him without arguing with his comment and asked the counselor.
“How long until he arrives?”

He’s in the dorms so he should be quick.” 

“Oh.” Gu Xizhou nodded and didn’t say much else.

After waiting a while longer a young man came running in.
He was about 1.75 meters tall.
He was put together, with good features and a smile on his face.
It was hard to imagine that such a person would kill himself for love.


When Wei Ming came into the office he didn’t show any abnormalities, he just smiled and joked with the counselor.
“Tao Ge, what do you want with me, ah?” He asked casually when he came in.

“I’m not looking for you,” The counselor said, pointing to Gu Xizhou, “this officer is.” 

“Hello,” Gu Xizhou said, walking over to Wei Ming and taking him aside.
“Are you Sun Feifei’s boyfriend?” He asked in a low voice.

Wei Ming looked at Gu Xizhou and nodded, “I am.
Did… something happen to her?”

Gu Xizhou didn’t immediately break the news of Sun Feifei’s death to him, or answer Wei Ming’s question.
“Have you contacted your girlfriend recently?”

“I haven’t contacted her recently,” Wei Ming finally said after falling silent for a long time. 

Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why?”

“Eh…” Wei Ming glanced at Shu Yue and the other, clearly not wanting to answer.

“Why?” Gu Xizhou repeated.

Wei Ming’s expression suddenly turned ugly and he asked urgently, “Officer Da-ge, what happened to her? Was she beaten?” 

“She’s dead.”

“Dead? Dead??” Wei Ming was shocked, clearly unable to accept Gu Xizhou’s answer.
“How could this happen? How… how did she die?”

Gu Xizhou’s voice didn’t fluctuate, only saying flatly, “She was strangled to death in her home.”

“Why did you argue?” Gu Xizhou continued.
“Please answer my question truthfully.” 

“You suspect me, ah?”

Gu Xizhou spread his palms, “Until we catch the murderer, everyone is a suspect.”

Wei Ming’s forehead broke out in sweat, Adam’s apple bobbing gently.
He hesitated to say anything, but under Gu Xizhou’s watchful gaze, the student still opened his mouth.
“I accidentally found out that she and You Xi were going to sleep on the phone together.
I don’t know what others would think, but anyways, as my girlfriend I couldn’t accept this so we argued.

“She explained that there wasn’t anything between them, they just played games together and I felt like she was treating me like an idiot.” Wei Ming said in self deprecation. 

“Sleeping on the phone?” Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi exchanged blank looks.
What was that? Gu Xizhou even doubted life.

Seeing their confusion, Wei Ming scratched his head and said, “When you go to bed you just don’t turn off your phone and you fall asleep talking.
A lot of couples do this now.”


Bewildered, Gu Xizhou raised his eyebrows.

Could falling asleep this way make someone happier? It couldn’t! 

Gu Xizhou continued questioning him, “When did this happen?”

Wei Ming replied, “It should have been the weekend before last.
Wait a second, I’ll look at my phone, I messaged her!”

Wei Ming flipped through his chat record with the deceased.
“Here, look.”

Gu Xizhou looked at Wei Ming’s phone and confirmed that it was definitely from two weeks ago.
This didn’t help them narrow down the time of death at all.
It didn’t make anysense.
After the couple quarreled there wasn’t any communication after that day, exactly like Wei Ming said. 

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