“You said you would move in with me.” Hy4XUd

“If you dislike living so far away, we can move to the city.
I also have a house in the city.”

Gu Xizhou, “I was just kidding.”

“Do you still feel like we’re too far away, ba?” Si Yu asked.

“A little.” zj5XT9

“Then let’s move tomorrow! I’ll pick you up after work.”

Gu Xizhou said in confusion, “It’s not too much trouble?”

It was easy for Si Yu to make such grandiose statements.

While they were eating dinner, Si Yu asked about the case.
Gu Xizhou didn’t go into the details, only talking a little about the girl’s parents mainly because the girl’s father had done something that made people feel cold. gNDQdZ


Gu Xizhou heard his phone ping and his brain instantly went as taut as a bow string.
He was afraid to look at his phone.
He was still eating and glanced at it twice.
Every time his phone pinged, it was for a case.

Not bad.

His phone didn’t go off because of a case.
It was a message from Gu Qing asking him to go to the hospital for an examination. wV1raH

Gu Xizhou thought about the substitute driver who had drugged him.
Because it was only an ‘attempted rape,’ and Gu Xizhou was a man, the other person’s punishment wasn’t that bad.
Gu Xizhou was very upset by this.

Gu Xizhou couldn’t help complaining: If he hadn’t been so strong he could have become a ‘fucked dog.’

He turned to glance at Si Yu quietly: He was also made miserable by the person who slept with him.

“Why are you looking at me?” Si Yu asked curiously, turning to Gu Xizhou. 6 peni

Gu Xizhou thought for a moment and didn’t forget to joke.
“You’re so handsome, ah.”

Si Yu: …

Chrysanthemum Garden.

The next day.

Gu Xizhou went in to the station early, listening to Xiang Yuan’s autopsy report while he ate. I pqRN

Sun Feifei’s fingernails contained traces of DNA.
After comparing them, it was clear that they were not Wei Ming’s, and he could be eliminated as a suspect.

The only question now was who the DNA belonged to.
Recalling the clues from Sun Feifei’s neighbors, Gu Xizhou quickly found the man they mentioned in her contacts.

The young man took a seat in the interrogation room and asked, “Officer, can you smoke in here?”

“You can,” Gu Xizhou said, nodding lightly. 2n4mUo

The young man took a cigarette from his bag, taking two puffs from it to light it.
After a moment he said, “I got to know that girl at a party.
I saw she was beautiful, so I decided to chase her.
I spent some money, and we got together quickly.
I went to her home once or twice.”

“Does your wife know?”

The young man tapped his cigarette to get rid of the ash and replied, “I’ve been divorced for over two years.
Before we divorced, we both had our own games outside.
But she was more ruthless than me and sent people to rape me.
I still feel angry talking about it…”

“Stop, stop!” Gu Xizhou said, raising his eyebrows.
“Keep talking about Sun Feifei.
“Other than you, is there anyone else she has an improper relationship with?” UATNcb

“Eh?” The man curled his lip angrily, correcting him.
“She and I have a proper relationship!”

Gu Xizhou gave him a harsh look and the man shrugged, spreading his palms out as he said deviously, “Actually, I’ve only known her for a month.”

“Oh, I remember, there was this time I was having dinner with her and she was constantly replying to text messages.
Later someone called her and she left for a long time to take the call.
When I went to look for her, she was arguing with someone.

“But I don’t know who it was.
I can’t say for sure who she was arguing with on the phone.
Anyway, I didn’t kill anyone.
I’m not afraid of you investigating.” DP NCB

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