Ch158 – Gu Ge, Are Messing With Me! (Sweet?)

Translated by Dust Bunny

Edited by Crooked 

Si Yu was by Gu Xizhou’s side the entire night.

Gu Xizhou was planning to go to sleep but Si Yu wasn’t very well behaved.
He pulled open his clothes revealing strong muscles and pale skin.
The firm muscles of his abdomen were full of strength.



Out of habit, Gu Xizhou closed his eyes and let Si Yu hold him.
Maybe it was because he was used to it but their intertwined position didn’t bother him.

The heavy gasping sound was low in Gu Xizhou’s ear, water from Si Yu’s hair dripping down his neck. 



“Say my name,” Si Yu lowered his head using his sexy voice to whisper magnetically in Gu Xizhou’s ear.
Then he hugged him, slipping a hand into Gu Xizhou’s clothes.

“En… Si… Yu…” A low erotic groan sounded in his ear.
Gu Xizhou’s gaze swept of Si Yu’s cheek, although he didn’t like being held down, because it was Si Yu, Gu Xizhou felt that maybe it was less difficult to accept.

After midnight Si Yu didn’t do anything else but hold Gu Xizhou as he slept, but Gu Xizhou felt relieved by his company.


In the morning Gu Xizhou entered the bathroom in a daze.
After washing up he tidied his things and immediately went out.
Maybe it was because Si Yu had held him the entire night, but Gu Xizhou didn’t have those dreams.

Gu Xizhou spent the morning shift in his office.
It was a rare day of leisure, there were no cases.

Du Lei and Wei Ming had already been handed over and were ready to go through the judicial system and wait for the court to convict them.
Gu Xizhou didn’t expend any extra energy on them.


Sitting in the office, Gu Xizhou took out the die Si Yu had given to him and shook the transparent box gently.
The die wobbled for a moment before tipping. 

It was a ‘6’.

Gu Xizhou put the die on the desk and hit the wood tabletop gently with his hand.
At that moment his phone went off.

Gu Xizhou opened his phone to see he got a message from his work group chat.

“I was bitten by a stray dog on the way into work today! Wuwuwu, I won’t be able to come into work for a while.
Jiayou everyone! qaq” 

“Yuanyuan is too miserable, ba.”

“By the way, does this count as a work related injury?”

It should, ba.
If I remember correctly if you’re injured on the way to work or on the way home it counts as a work related injury.
Go ask, ba.”

“En en.” 

The message was sent by a civilian colleague who was a part of the criminal police team.
Seeing the other person’s dog photo, Gu Xizhou thought about his dog son at home.
Originally Gu Xizhou had brought the dog home because he was afraid Ji Ji would be lonely.
He hadn’t seen the dog for a long time, plus he was thinking about the silly dog.

Gu Xizhou thought for a moment before clicking on Si Yu’s WeChat: Do you mind raising a dog?


Si Yu: The one at your home?

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Xe Wlhtbe: Sc. 

Vl Te: Qf mjc ub ab sbeg qjgfcar jcv qlmx la eq, yj.

Xe Wlhtbe: Ktja’r bxjs, P mjc vglnf wsrfio.

Vl Te: Tbe kjixfv ab kbgx.
P’ii qlmx sbe eq atlr fnfclcu.

Xe Wlhtbe atbeuta obg j wbwfca yfobgf rjslcu: Ktja kbgxr. 

Qtfc Vl Te qea vbkc tlr qtbcf, atfgf kjr j rwlif lc tlr fsfr.
Lf vlvc’a gfjilhf tf kbeiv yf gertlcu ab yf Xe Wlhtbe’r mtjeoofeg fnfgsvjs, yfobgf tf kjr ralii oeii bo mbwqijlcar.

Inside his office, Gu Xizhou picked up his phone just in time to see a notification pop up.
He glanced at the content.

“Last night at 6:44 a bus spontaneously combusted on Lianhua Road, crashing into the surrounding vehicles…”

Gu Xizhou wouldn’t have cared, but he’d asked Ma Qi to help him investigate Li Yan. 

Because they had Li Yan’s phone number, he was easy to investigate.
Li Yan was someone’s real name.
Gu Xizhou casually glanced at the photos, which looked almost the same as Li Yan from the mission world.

Li Yan, 31 years old.

The age wasn’t exaggerated, Gu Xizhou thought while looking at the report.
Then Gu Xizhou looked carefully at Li Yan’s life experience.
He was actually a doctor which Gu Xizhou wasn’t expecting.

Gu Xizhou carefully read the report on Li Yan and found no abnormalities. 

Sitting in the office, Ma Qi also looked at the data, looking at Gu Xizhou curiously.
But Gu Xizhou didn’t say anything, so he didn’t continue to ask.

After Ma Qi left, Gu Xizhou shook his head lightly.
Li Yan appeared to be an ordinary mission taker.
Compared to Ye Shu, his age was pretty normal.

After work, Gu Xizhou walked out the door and got right into Si Yu’s SUV.
He leaned back in his chair and somehow fell asleep again.

“En… Help…” 

Hearing Gu Xizhou’s murmuring, Si Yu glanced at him in the rearview mirror as he drove.
He knew Gu Xizhou was dreaming again.
He woke Gu Xizhou up and asked him about it, but Gu Xizhou didn’t want to talk to him about what happened in the dream.
Si Yu couldn’t help it, seeing Gu Xizhou’s half-hearted demeanor he didn’t continue to ask.

When the car stopped in Gu Xizhou’s neighborhood, Gu Qing was already waiting downstairs with Gu Xizhou’s dog son and things.


“Hello Uncle,” Si Yu called to Gu Qing politely.

When Gu Qing heard Si Yu, he looked him up and down.
Gu Qing looked very serious when he didn’t speak.
Due to the stiffness of his face, even though he was obviously handsome, when people first looked at him instead of seeing his handsome face they saw his distinctly oppressive air. 

Gu Qing sized him up, his gaze sweeping over Si Yu before smiling and turning to Gu Xizhou, repeatedly impressing on him the importance of eating well and not working too hard.
Finally he added, “Your mom asked me to tell you that.”

Gu Xizhou hadn’t answered yet when Si Yu rushed to reply: “Don’t worry uncle, I’ll take good care of him.”

Gu Qing made a strange face and ‘en’ed.

After they left Gu Xizhou’s phone went off with a message from Gu Qing.
Gu Xizhou glanced at it before putting his phone down with a strange expression. 

Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou as he was driving and asked, “Who was it, ah?”

Gu Xizhou, “My dad.”

What did the message say?

Gu Xizhou, “…” He asked me to take good care of you. 

A few days later at lunch, Xiang Yuan took a sip of soup and said, “Why have the circles under your eyes been so heavy lately? Is your night life with President Si intense?”

Gu Xizhou, “……………………”

Fang Zhi, “……………………”

Because Gu Xizhou had told Xiang Yuan that Fang Zhi knew about him and Si Yu, Xiang Yuan would often make jokes in Fang Zhi’s presence. 

“Will you ever learn to shut up?” Gu Xizhou asked.

“Haha! Are you blushing?” Xiang Yuan tipped his chin at Gu Xizhou, overjoyed.
“You can take it easy, your health is important.”

In reality, Gu Xizhou wasn’t blushing at all.
Recently, he’d been plagued by nightmares and hadn’t been sleeping well.
The scene of his death was replayed over and over in his dreams like a movie and he was often woken up in the middle of the night by Si Yu’s embrace.

He didn’t know what was going on.
It seemed like neurasthenia and the contents of the dream were becoming more and more realistic. 

In fact he didn’t lie to Gu Ji Ji about one thing: he died the first time as a police officer.

Xiang Yuan stared at Gu Xizhou blankly.
He thought that Gu Xizhou was lost in thought and winked at him, his voice bringing Gu Xizhou back to the moment.
“You can take it easy.
Don’t worry, President Si can’t take it.”


“People who work in offices are not the same as your criminal police.
You run around all day, when I run I’m out of breath.
My physical quality is really different, I feel super old,” Xiang Yuan sighed.

Si Yu’s face was so deceptive that these two thought Si Yu was a bottom. 

Gu Xizhou suddenly loved himself and Si Yu.
People who hadn’t seen Si Yu’s muscles felt like he should be on the bottom.

Even though he’d seen Si Yu’s upper body, he still thought he should be on top, what a pity…

Gu Xizhou regretted the day he’d been drugged by that substitute driver.
He’d been dizzy that day.

Xiang Yuan wasn’t afraid of death and said, “I say Lao Gu, just because you suddenly started eating meat doesn’t mean you have to torment others, right? If you torment others, you yourself will also become unbearable, ah.” 

Gu Xizhou was half a head taller than Xiang Yuan.
Looking down at him, he swept his gaze over Xiang Yuan.
“Shut up, ba.”

“Aren’t I just concerned for you?”

“You’re not.”

“You are cold and heartless, you might as well not have any emotions.” 

Gu Xizhou had learned that Xiang Yuan would always talk one way or another, he really couldn’t understand his nonsense.
“I just have had insomnia recently, not what you said,” Gu Xizhou said, lowering his voice.

Xiang Yuan clicked his tongue, “You have insomnia? Why?”

Although Xiang Yuan wasn’t in tune, he really did care about Gu Xizhou.

Gu Xizhou lowered his voice.
“I always dream, so long as I sleep I will dream.
I often wake up in the middle of the night.” 

“What do you dream of?” Xiang Yuan asked softly, furrowing his brows.

“It’s,” Gu Xizhou thought for a moment, “a case from before…”

Xiang Yuan looked at Gu Xizhou, mistakenly thinking he was talking about the cases he’d been on before such as the case of the child murderer.
In the follow up case they discovered that some people really believed the propaganda from that cult.
That case made the whole police station feel unwell.
Xiang Yuan pretended to be relaxed and said, “Then should I introduce a psychologist to you?”

“That’s okay.” Gu Xizhou shook his head hurriedly.
“It’s not necessary.” 

Xiang Yuan nodded, brows furrowing slightly.
“Pay more attention to adjusting your mind.”

“If you really need it, I can introduce you.
Some of my classmates are pretty good.
I was originally going to introduce them to you to be your girlfriend, so it’s still embarrassing to see them,” Xiang Yuan said, looking up at Gu Xizhou with a smile.


Hearing Xiang Yuan’s joke, Gu Xizhou set down his chopsticks wiping his mouth unhurriedly.
“You’d better shut your mouth, ba.”

“I can’t, I just can’t!” Xiang Yuan said recklessly.
“You dare to ban me from talking?” 

“You…” Gu Xizhou glanced at Xiang Yuan out of the corner of his eye before turning his hands palm up to show that he couldn’t be bothered to force him!

Off to the side, Fang Zhi giggled, knowing Xiang Yuan’s jokes contained no malice.
He just wanted Gu Xizhou to feel better.
During this time Gu Ge might not find himself lost in thought so frequently.


Fang Zhi thought about it, but he couldn’t think of a reason Gu Xizhou would be having nightmares.
Maybe it was an older case! 

A week later Fang Zhi took a day off.
After getting up and washing up he went straight to the city center.
The reason was simple: Gu Ge and Si Ge had moved to the city center.
He needed to enter the mission world, and he needed Gu Ge to take him.

According to the address, Fang Zhi turned down a couple streets before finally arriving in the quietest corner in the city center.
Two tall rows of wutong trees were planted, and there were practically no people around.

In the face of the evils of capitalism and convincing himself not to hate the rich, Fang Zhi finally walked up to the front door of Si Yu and Gu Xizhou’s house.
He suddenly caught sight of Gu Xizhou pressing Si Yu up against the upstairs window.

Pure as a sheet of white paper, Fang Zhi immediately flushed when he saw them.
Gu Ge… he was really struggling with Si Ge, ah! 

In reality, in that room, Gu Xizhou was pressing Si Yu against the french windows and saying in a low voice, “Keep your hands to yourself.
Wait for Fang Zhi to get here.”

“I know.” Inside the room, Si Yu’s eyes were bright, looking at Gu Xizhou with a smile.

Under Si Yu’s gaze, Gu Xizhou felt a little uncomfortable.
His expression was a little too… suggestive.

While watching the door for Fang Zhi, Gu Xizhou heard him say in embarrassment, “Gu Ge, am I too early? You were just…” 

“No,” Gu Xizhou said, explaining himself.
“I didn’t need to do anything but talk to him.”

To talk… they needed to be pressed up against the window?

Gu Ge is messing with me again!

Fang Zhi thought for a moment and decided that he shouldn’t expose Gu Ge.
When he looked at Si Yu, his line of sight couldn’t help but fall on his ass.
Was Si Ge hurt or not, ah? 


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