Ch159 – Can I Make a Phone Call?

Translated by Crooked

Edited by Dust Bunny 

Si Yu noticed Fang Zhi looking at him and asked, “What are you looking at me for? En?”

“No, it’s nothing!” Fang Zhi immediately tore his gaze from Si Yu’s lower body and turned to Gu Xizhou to say, “Gu Ge, did you have another nightmare last night?”



Gu Xizhou “en”ed and Fang Zhi replied, “Gu Ge, You should find a doctor to take a look.
You’ve had dark circles under your eyes recently.”

After Fang Zhi stared at Gu Xizhou and earnestly persuaded him to see a doctor, he entered Gu Xizhou and Si Yu’s house with them.
This was his first time visiting, and he looked around curiously. 

“Actually,” Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou, “you could tell me…”


“It’s the past, there’s nothing to tell.” Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu with a slight smile and bright, bent eyes that reflected Si Yu’s figure.

Being looked at like this, Si Yu didn’t continue to question Gu Xizhou closely about his nightmare.
He just said softly, “I wish you would rely on me a little.
If anything happens, you must tell me.
Don’t keep it bottled up.”

Gu Xizhou agreed with a smile.


They sat on the sofa and chatted for a while.
Half an hour later, Gu Xizhou opened his eyes again to find that he had already smoothly entered the mission world.

The sun was a little dazzling.
Gu Xizhou opened his eyes and found that he wasn’t holding Si Yu and Fang Zhi’s hands.
He stood in place and slowly acclimated to the blinding sun.

Gu Xizhou was standing in front of a clearing.
The white t-shirt and loose pants he was wearing were automatically exchanged by the mission world for a white shirt and black suit pants.
The white shirt was covered by a long white coat.


A doctor? 

The air smelled like disinfectant.

Gu Xizhou subconsciously looked for Si Yu in the crowd.

If Si Yu was wearing this outfit, he’d be bursting with sex appeal.

Gu Xizhou felt his heart actually begin to race. 

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It was at this time that Fang Zhi bravely drilled out from the crowd.
He saw Si Yu holding Gu Xizhou’s hand and the tips of his ears turned a little red.
Gu Ge and Si Ge were really too handsome.
Did single dogs have no human rights? 

Gu Xizhou in a white lab coat had an even greater effect on Si Yu.
Even though Gu Xizhou was a police officer, he seldom wore a uniform because he was in the criminal police unit.
And now he was wearing clothes like these…

Gu Xizhou was tall and slender, with thin lips curled into a handsome arc, deep features, and two gloomy eyes.
It really gave him the aura of a cold male god.


Pushing away Si Yu’s hand, Gu Xizhou carefully listened to the forty year old man in front of them admonishing his subordinates.

After he scolded them, he told them to take several days to practice their medical skills and repeatedly warned them to go to sleep after a meal because, starting from today, they’ll be working the night-shift. 

Gu Xizhou looked at the other people around them to determine the number of people in the mission world.

Eighteen people.

There was no hospital here.
From the middle-aged man’s scolding, Gu Xizhou discovered that this was a sanatorium specialized in caring for elderly patients suffering mental disorders.

The sanatorium consisted of two buildings, each with four floors.
One of the buildings was for the mental patients and the other was for the sick elderly. 

After everyone was familiar with each other, Gu Xizhou and the others went straight to the cafeteria.
After they ate, they could lay down for three hours before the night shift started at ten o’clock.

The NPC mentioned many times that they must work the night shift and had them rest early, so they paid special attention to it.

On the way to the cafeteria, Si Yu looked at Gu Xizhou with a calm expression before suddenly getting close to his ear to say, “You look really good in those clothes.”

Gu Xizhou: “……” 

Where are his manners?

Gu Xizhou thought for a moment, then, inexplicably, he said to Si Yu, “You look really good in them, too.”

Si Yu seemed to be considering something.
“If you like them, I can wear them every day,” he said.

Gu Xizhou: “……” That’s really not necessary! 

There were two buildings they had to work in, and they formed groups for each floor.
There were only eighteen of them total, and Gu Xizhou directly formed a three-person team after they ate.

They returned to their room.
At some point, there was the sound of water falling.
There was a man’s figure faintly visible in the bathroom through the frosted glass.

Si Yu felt thirsty.
After Gu Xizhou came out, he forced himself to turn away.

Gu Xizhou came out wearing only his boxers.
His shirt was barely draped over his shoulders, and he hadn’t buttoned it yet, showing his strong arm muscles and tight abs. 

Gu Xizhou casually wiped off his body and spoke to Si Yu: “You should go wash up and get some sleep.
We have to work tonight.”

“Okay.” Si Yu shifted his gaze.
He didn’t dare to really do anything, but…


Si Yu glanced at the entirely ignorant Fang Zhi and narrowed his eyes as if was displeased.
Suddenly, he spun around and entered the bathroom.

After waiting for Si Yu to go in, Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi were left behind.
Fang Zhi lowered his voice.
“Gu Ge, why is Si Ge unhappy? Did I provoke him?” 

Gu Xizhou buttoned up his shirt and shook his head.
“No, he seems fine to me?”

“Oh…” Fang Zhi’s heart was in his throat.
For some reason he felt like Si Yu’s expression suddenly went cold when he looked at him, unfeeling and disdainful.

Fang Zhi shook his head.
He felt like that was definitely an illusion!

The sound of water gradually stopped, and Si Yu walked out from the bathroom.
Not seeing any steam waft out, Gu Xizhou raised an eyebrow.
“Did you take a cold shower? Aren’t you cold?” 

Si Yu lowered his head and ‘en’ed.
“Big fire.”

Gu Xizhou: “……”

After laying down to sleep, Gu Xizhou was woken up by the alarm clock.
He looked at the time.
It was already time to go to work.
They drew lots in the afternoon, and their trio was going to the third floor of the elderly building.

Braving the dark night, Gu Xizhou and the other two quickly walked to their assigned floor.
Their first job was to do the rounds at the shift change. 

Gu Xizhou took the rounds form for the sanatorium staff and followed the NPC to each and every room for the inspection with an earnest expression.
At the same time, the NPC gave them a simple introduction to this floor’s five inhabitants and their circumstances.

Because Gu Xizhou was really working, Si Yu and Fang Zhi just followed behind him.

Gu Xizhou was wearing a white coat and had a solemn expression.
Furthermore, he also wore a surgical mask and carried a clipboard in one hand and a pencil in the other.
He looked just like a real doctor recording a patient’s condition.

Gu Xizhou really was writing down these five elderly patients’ situations, mainly because he wants to know if there’s anything important. 

This floor had eight rooms, but only five were occupied.

“This is Song , she suffers from dementia.
She’s a bit troublesome on our floor.” The nurse working the previous shift warned Gu Xizhou.

After looking around the room, Gu Xizhou had just walked to the office when he saw Song Nainai, who the nurse who repeatedly warned him about, appear in the doorway.
She rubbed her hands together anxiously, as if there was an emergency.

“Doctor, can I make a phone call?” 

“To who?” Si Yu asked coldly.

Song Nainai: “To my son.”


Si Yu pointed at the landline and said, “You can use that.”

Hearing Si Yu’s assent, the old lady’s face was filled with a wide smile, like a child who’d just gotten candy.
Her sweet joy was overflowing into the air. 

After picking up the landline and making a call, Song Nainai said, “Son, when will you come bring me home… I don’t want to be here; I want to go home.”

A man’s faint sigh came from the other side of the call.

Gu Xizhou didn’t know what the man on the phone said, but finally he watched as Song Nainai’s expression looked desolate as she turned and left the office.

The three people exchanged glances without speaking. 

After half an hour, Gu Xizhou noticed a rustling sound outside the office.
He opened the door and saw the old lady again.

Song Nainai: “Doctor, can I make a phone call?”

“To who?” Gu Xizhou was surprised.
Didn’t the old lady just come here?

Song Nainai: “To my son.” 


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