Ch17 – Seven Days

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“Fuck, why didn’t you guys fucking say so earlier!” A man scolded, apparently bearing a grudge over having had to climb through the dog hole just now.


Gu Xizhou rolled his eyes at him and coldly said: “Did anyone force you to go with a knife?”




“Are you looking for a fight?” The man’s temper was terrible, and he rushed forward, clearly intending to give Gu Xizhou his fist and teach him a lesson.


At this moment, a figure flickered slightly, moving like a flowing cloud and running water.
In the blink of an eye, the man was easily captured, and the man’s hands were twisted to his back by Fang Zhi, with bright dangling handcuffs placed on them.



The man screamed: “It hurts, hurts, hurts… You, what are you doing?!”



Fang Zhi glared at him, and asked in return: “Should be asking what you were trying to do.”


The surrounding people didn’t expect for the babyface before them to be so skilled, and they were all dazed for a moment.



Lei Ge touched his nose, and saw that Fang Zhi was casually carrying handcuffs.
They weren’t sure if Fang Zhi was a new player or an old player, so he was very polite as he went up to say to Fang Zhi: “Young people don’t have a good temper, please give me some face and let him off this one time.”


Fang Zhi ignored him, and instead turned to look at Gu Xizhou, waiting for Gu Xizhou’s reaction.


Lei Ge frowned slightly.
His gaze landed on Gu Xizhou, and was a bit hesitant, but said: “Brother, give me some face.”


Gu Xizhou waved his hand.
“Xiao Fang, let him go.”


After that, Gu Xizhou glanced at the embarrassed young man.
If they were outside, he could still accuse him of attacking a person, oh, no, it should be attacking a police officer, and report him for attacking a public servant.
However, now they were in the mission world.
Putting the law aside, it was expressly stipulated that no mutual killing was allowed. 



Just as the two sides were settling this unhappy affair, Lin Meng acted as if she hadn’t seen anything, and said as she walked: “You can sit down and rest for a while, I’ll go up to see if my little sister is awake.”


Upon seeing her go up, a few people gathered around and discussed in low voices.


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Lei Ge said: “Calm down, don’t act impulsively.
We are the people who will experience this world together, don’t make things unpleasant.
When you die, you won’t even know how you died!”


“Okay, don’t fret, proper things are more important.
First, we should determine how many people are new in the mission world.”




“Me too.”


“I’m also new…”


Several people successively raised their hands.
Five of the nine people who came in with Lei Ge raised their hands to indicate that they were new.
Then, Lei Ge’s gaze fell on Gu Xizhou and the two others, asking and explaining at the same time.
“Don’t misunderstand, I just want to determine the difficulty of this mission world.
The more new players, the easier the tasks.”


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Lf qblcafv ja Mjcu Itl jcv rjlv, “Yo atf atgff bo er, bcis Wljb Mjcu lr cfk.”


Ofl Xf kjr j ilaaif regqglrfv.
Lf vlvc’a fzqfma Wljb Mjcu, ktb kjr rb rxliifv, ab yf j cfk qijsfg.
Lf atbeuta obg j wbwfca, jcv mbcmievfv: “Ljio bo er jgf cfk qijsfgr, tjio bo er jgf biv qijsfgr, atf vloolmeias rtbeivc’a yf abb tjgv.” 



Twelve unfamiliar people, after a brief conversation, started to exchange names.


The man who tried to attack Gu Xizhou just now was called Dong Chao.
His character wasn’t too good, consistently scolding in the villa, and every sentence was dirty.


“That Xiao Fang… Can you accompany me to the toilet? I’m scared…” Fang Zhi was silently sitting next to Gu Xizhou, eating an apple, when a pretty girl suddenly came over.
Her eyes were filled with crystal tears as she looked at him pitifully. 


Fang Zhi: “Okay.”


After he agreed, Fang Zhi followed the girl directly to the toilet on the other side of the corridor. 


Seeing this, Si Yu quietly whispered in Gu Xizhou’s ear: “There will be a good show to watch later.”


Gu Xizhou looked at him in confusion.


“There.” As soon as Si Yu’s voice fell, Gu Xizhou heard Fang Zhi’s voice coming from the other end of the corridor, with a doubtful tone–


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“Hey, what are you doing?! Why are you pulling at my clothes?! Let go!”


Then, Gu Xizhou saw Fang Zhi escaping from the corridor with an embarrassed and panicked look on his face, desperately clutching at the collar of his shirt, and there was even a lipstick mark left on his face.
He looked incredibly pitiful. 



Gu Xizhou: “…”


Si  Yu glanced into the dark and said to Gu Xizhou: “This is because she saw that Xiao Fang had good skills, so she wanted to hug his big thigh.”


Gu Xizhou recalled that earlier, when Lei Ge asked who was or wasn’t a new player, that girl didn’t raise her hand, meaning she was someone who had experienced other worlds.
Whereas Fang Zhi was a new player.
An old player was trying to hug a new player’s thigh? Hugging me would be a bit more appropriate.


“Two kinds of people are the most popular here.
One kind is those who are physically skilled.” Si Yu pointed at his head.
“The other kind is like me.”


Fang Zhi, who had just escaped from the tiger’s mouth and heard Si Yu’s words: “…” Why was this person so shameless?! Praising himself!


Gu Xizhou turned to look at Si Yu, and fluttered his eyelashes at him: “Oh, then what about a person like me who combines both advantages?”


Si Yu: “…” It’s still you who are the most shameless.


Fang Zhi: “…”


Xiao Yu tidied up her clothes, and walked out from the darkness, glaring at Fang Zhi, who was sitting on the sofa and trembling.
She ignored the disdainful expression on the other two girls, and arranged her clothes, before continuing to mingle with the others. 


At this moment, Lin Meng who had just went upstairs, came down with a baby in her arms.
As she walked, she spoke gently to the baby.
“Don’t cry, don’t cry, Jiejie is here.”



After she came down, she sat on the sofa with the baby.
Several people saw the appearance of the baby.
It was very cute, a small baby with pale skin, like an adorable porcelain doll. 


“My parents will be home in ten minutes, and they will eat when they return,” Lin Meng explained a little apologetically as she comforted her sister.


Lei Ge and the rest nodded.
Waiting for ten minutes meant it would be exactly seven o’clock, and eating dinner then wouldn’t be considered too late.
After a brief conversation, Lei Ge and the rest finally got Lin Meng’s name, and the relationship between the people of the house, recording it down. 


“Lin Meng, why did you come back this time?” Lei Ge pretended to ask unintentionally. 


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Lin Meng, who sat by the side while holding her sister, looked at him doubtfully.
“Didn’t I just say? This time we came back to visit our relatives!”


“Then when do you plan to leave?” Lei Ge asked again.


“I don’t know, it depends on how my father arranges it.”





The door at the entrance opened,  and at the same time, the pendulum clock in the living room also rang out a “Dong, dong, dong”.
It was exactly seven o’clock, and Gu Xizhou saw four adults walk in.



Lin Meng’s father was very handsome, and her mother was very beautiful.
Standing together, they looked like a model couple that was made for each other.
The other two elderly people had white hair and kind and warm expressions.


“Hello, we welcome you to play at our house!” Lin Meng’s father behaved gracefully and nodded slightly at the twelve young people.
He took off his coat and handed it to his wife. 


The dinner was very rich, but several people only ate a bit.
They didn’t have any mood to eat, and sat in the living room for a while, chatting with the four adults who had just returned.
They didn’t really gather any useful information, the only piece of useful information was that Lin Meng’s father had bought plane tickets for a flight seven days later. 


The television was showing a TV drama.
It was a drama that had been extremely popular over a decade ago.
After a while, the master of the house seemed a little tired, and apologised as he got up.
“I’m a little tired, so I’ll return first to sleep.
There are beds in the empty rooms downstairs, so you can freely choose.”


The master left with his family members, leaving only the twelve of them in the living room. 


“The family will leave after seven days, which means that the end of the mission will be seven days later.
Surviving for seven days can be added to the conditions for leaving here.”


The man continued: “Later, everyone should look wherever that can be investigated, and see if  there are any clues.”


This, Lei Ge was right.
The other nine people searched, and Gu Xizhou, Fang Zhi and Si Yu were no exception.
They searched through the entire villa together, but found nothing.
They searched until it was about eleven, twelve at night, and everyone was tired, so they began to divide up the rooms.


The host had prepared four rooms for the twelve of them, with an average of three people per room.
Gu Xizhou didn’t care how the other nine people allocated themselves to the rooms, but Si Yu, Fang Zhi and he would be in one room together.
The four people who were with Lei Ge wanted to stay with him, so the other three rooms became five, two, two, this sort of grouping.


Entering the room, Gu Xizhou took a closer look.
This was much better than the dormitory in the first world! Three large beds were placed in one room, similar to the standard rooms in hotels outside. 



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They had already searched this room earlier, and didn’t find anything special. 


Gu Xizhou sat on the bed, and told Fang Zhi: “I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.
If anything happens, call me.” Afterwards, he buried his head in his pillow.


Fang Zhi, who had experienced an entire day, asked: “Gu Ge, is there really ‘supernatural phenomenon’ in this world? But today, we haven’t encountered anything…”


Si Yu took off his coat and laid down on the bed, pulling up the thick blanket.
“When you meet it, you won’t think the way you’re thinking now.”


Fang Zhi: “…”


Fang Zhi still wanted to talk to Gu Xizhou, but he heard an even breathing sound.
Looking back, Gu Xizhou was already asleep.


In the middle of the night, Gu Xizhou heard something break and suddenly woke up. 


He faintly heard the sound of porcelain shattering on the floor, accompanied by the cry of a baby.
He opened his eyes, and realised that Fang Zhi and Si Yu had also discovered the situation.
The three of them woke up at the same time. 


“Isn’t this irritating? This little thing is always crying at the smallest thing, do you want anyone to sleep in the middle of the night?” The master sounded furious.


“She’s only noisy when she’s hungry, she’s usually very good!” At the same time, a female voice carried over.
“This is your daughter! How impatient are you?!”



The master: “Tch.”


The man and woman were noisy for a long time.
The man got frustrated, and went over to the next door.
At about four in the morning, Gu Xizhou only faintly heard the door open.  Someone entered the room again.
At this time, the baby that had been crying upstairs finally stopped crying. 


The next day, the three of them sat with dark eye circles at the dining table.
The others saw the three of them and were a bit stunned.
Lei Ge smiled as he passed the rice over to Gu Xizhou.
“Why didn’t you sleep well last night?”


“Tch, I think you were only pretending not to be afraid yesterday, today your true colors were shown!”


At this time, a mysterious noise sounded.
Gu Xizhou looked over, and it was from Dong Chao, the man who wanted to hit him yesterday. 


He was a little speechless, and it ended up being Fang Zhi, this upright boy who was a little bit aggressive, who silently yawned.
“Did you not hear the quarrel upstairs last night?”


The nine people looked at him at the same time with stunned faces: “???”

soya: poor Fang Zhi… i laughed a little when that happened… i’m sorry mister policeman 

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