e some sounds of walking upstairs at first, but afterwards the voices gradually stopped, as if the people upstairs had fallen asleep. 


In the middle of the night, Gu Xizhou blearily heard a strange noise.
After getting up from the bed and rubbing his eyes, he found that Fang Zhi was awake, and only Si Yu was still lying on the bed.


Fang Zhi was hiding in the bed, and when he saw Gu Xizhou wake up, he pointed outside.






Fang Zhi heard this voice in the middle of the night, felt both horrified and strange, and almost stopped breathing altogether.


Gu Xizhou wrinkled his brow and directly got up, opening the door to try and find out what was happening.


“Gu…” Fang Zhi’s words were interrupted by Gu Xizhou.
He only saw Gu Xizhou making a silent gesture to him before he walked out.



In the darkness of the night, the “hohoho” sound continued.


In the kitchen, Lin Meng’s lips were red and bloody.
She was sharpening a kitchen knife.
She was holding a knife in her hand, and two kitchen knives were placed beside her.
She closed her eyes and laughed while grinding the knife against the corner of her mouth.
She carefully sharpened the three knives in her hands, as if looking at their lover after a long while, as if very gently, and the entire picture was very strange. 




At night, such strange noises made everyone in the other rooms feel their backs grow cold, but no one dared to open the door. 


Lei Ge squeezed his palms and finally decided to go out and take a look.
Accompanied by Dong Chao, he walked to the side of the corridor, and tentatively raised his head.
Looking ahead, a man’s back blocked his vision.


“Are you sick? Getting up to grind a kitchen knife in the middle of the night?”


The owner of the voice was obviously a little angry, and Lei Ge quickly heard the owner of the voice continue, “Can you go to your room to grind? You’re interfering with my sleep!”


Lei Ge: “…” Just listening to the voice and I know it’s that guy named Gu!


He wanted to leave first, and maybe tomorrow he would still be able to visit Gu Ran’s body, but right as he turned back, he saw a shocked expression on Dong Chao’s face.
Lei Ge froze, and a figure floated past him.

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When seeing the back of the leaving woman, Lei Ge subconsciously swallowed. 



Fang Zhi, who had watched the entire process with Gu Xizhou, finally moved, but he also didn’t know what to say.
He dryly asked: “Gu Ge, you, are you okay?”


Gu Xizhou: “It’s okay, she’s actually quite reasonable.”


Lei Ge: “…”


Fang Zhi: “…”


Dong Chao: “…”


The next morning, before everyone had gathered together, Gu Xizhou heard a few new players quietly discussing something.


“Did you hear that strange noise yesterday?”


“Yes… do you think… someone died?”


Lei Ge and his group came over.
The whole group had black expressions on their faces, and there wasn’t a single person in their room who had a good mood, but their emotions were still somewhat stable.
Once they came, they confirmed the number of people.
Twelve people, not one less. 


Lei Ge looked at Gu Xizhou, and couldn’t find any words.
How should he describe this?



Last night… they heard from their room the sound of a kitchen knife being sharpened for the whole night!!!


He couldn’t understand.
Lin Meng actually listened to Gu Xizhou and returned to her room to sharpen the knives.
Their room, however, was directly below Lin Meng’s room, so they could clearly hear the sounds of a knife being sharpened for the whole night. 


It was really so fucked up, if he… No, wuwuwu, he was too terrified, he didn’t dare to go up to tell the woman to go somewhere else to sharpen her knife.
Who knew if this woman would suddenly choose to hack him in two. 


Lei Ge and his whole room knew that it was Gu Xizhou who told the woman to go back to her room, and they were a bit aggrieved, but as they looked at Gu Xizhou, none of them knew how to open their mouths to speak.
They just felt that this person was… a bit abnormal. 


The people who got up last night briefly explained what they had seen last night.
Afterwards, Gu Xizhou noticed that many people’s gazes had landed on him. 


Gu Xizhou: “What are you looking at me for?”


Everyone: …you should know why!


“I think you are mistaken.
It doesn’t matter how many people are in the room to hear the voice upstairs…”


The new players that had spent the night with three people in a room said that they didn’t hear anything last night, and suspected that their judgment was wrong.
A few other people expressed their suspicion, and then–


“Maybe I’m mistaken.” Si Yu said indifferently, a face full of unconcern.

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After breakfast, Lin Meng came down again, and as usual asked: “Does anyone want to accompany me to sketch today?”


Gu Xizhou and his group, along with Lei Ge, and a man and a woman went with them to accompany the woman to the reservoir.
After the woman drew the same sketch as yesterday, she made the same request as yesterday as well.
“I want to draw three people in my painting.
Does anyone want to be inside?”


Just when Gu Xizhou, Fang Zhi and Si Yu thought it would be the three of them again, the girl suddenly raised her hand.
“Draw me!”


“Okay, there are still two people.” Lin Meng said happily.


Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi re-entered the painting.
Like yesterday, it took quite a while for the painting to be completed.
The three people in the painting today were quite different from the painting yesterday.
Compared with yesterday’s painting, Gu Xizhou and Fang Zhi looked like they had simply been reprinted on the canvas by a printer, but the girl’s skin was a deep color, and the expression on her face wasn’t anger, but it looked emotionally broken, as if she had seen something terrifying. 


Seeing a few people look at it seriously, Lin Meng suddenly asked, “Do you see the difference between this painting and yesterday’s one?”


“No, can you help me draw a painting with the three of us?” Si Yu replied. 


Gu Xizhou looked at Si Yu’s shining aura, and the corners of his mouth twitched.
The pretty boy was coaxing people again.


Lin Meng was very happy to hear such an invitation and immediately said: “Okay!”


Gu Xizhou quietly asked: “What exactly are you doing?”



“Confirming something.” Saying this, Si Yu pulled up Lei Ge and the other man to stand together, uncaring of their wishes…


Gu Xizhou, even from a far distance away, knew that Lei Ge was forcing the smile on his face.
At this moment, who knew if Lei Ge had actually greeted Si Yu’s ancestors for eighteen generations in his heart. 


After about an hour, the painting was done.
Si Yu and Lei Ge were full of anger, while the other man in the picture had tears and snot on their face, and their skin was dull.


Si Yu carefully looked at the paintings, and complimented Lin Meng with a few sentences.
It was obvious that Lin Meng was very pleased to hear his praise, and even allowed him to take pictures with his mobile phone in the end.


On the way back, Si Yu called over Lei Ge.
The four of them simultaneously slowed down and walked more than ten meters behind the other three.


Lei Ge stared at Si Yu and let out a frosty gaze.
In his heart, he was screaming, I didn’t go and find you, but you still insisted on finding me?!


“I was killed by you this time! How could you let her paint us? If you want to die, don’t pull me in! Fuck, the two of you are seriously sick!”


Si Yu glanced at him and said lightly: “Shut up.
If I’m not mistaken, Lin Meng’s painting isn’t a death condition, but is a hint.”


Gu Xizhou paused: “A hint?”


Si Yu nodded, and took out the mobile phone that he had used to take the pictures earlier, and pointed at the girl in the picture: “It’s not that these two days passed without anyone dying.
Instead, the dead people are still mixed with the living people.”

soya: i’ll be taking a break for a while because my exams are coming up ;;;; Gu Ge, Si Yu and Fang Zhi will be back soon QAQ


soya 2.0: omg… i uploaded the wrong one… here’s the correct chapter 19!!!

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